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About Time Live Recap Episode 10

About Time live recap 10 Michaela and Doha are drinking alcohol
The noble idiot breakup is nigh. Michaela hopes to make Doha hate her in order to save him, y’all! There’s no use in just telling him straight up that she is a time syphon, she has to crush his heart THEN tell him when he won’t go away because his big ol heart is bleeding all over the curb and only Michaela and some alcohol can fix it. Brace yourself.

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: June 19th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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MC breaks up with DH. DH does not accept it, this is a one-sided byebye and he is not interested in it. But MC just says that she will not change what she says. She leaves and starts crying.

VO – Sorry that I loved you.

Last night, MC left a letter inside the ducks mouth. She told it that it should protect the secret and DH.

DH goes to his office and looks at the painting on the wall. It has already been 3 months so PWJ wonders if he should change the picture. DH is talking about MC, how can she change overnight? But PWJ thinks he is talking about the painting. DH storms out.

He walks the hall and runs into the ex outside. She asks him for a coffee if he does not mind.

MC is sitting on the floor in the practice room staring off into nothing. Everyone else is practicing their scales. SH comes in and tells everyone to rest. She rands her a juice box to awaken her. Then someone comes in and says that todays practice will be a personal practice. The team is all like, why is it personal? Aren’t we supposed to practice a new song? he tells them that the director hasn’t written the song yet so they can’t have the practice.

Outside, DH and the ex talk. She tells him that she had to be super courageous to come there. That night that he wants to talk about….it was okay, I was okay with bothering with my business, but i was just fired from all the jobs that I take, I couldn’t stand it.

DH says that he knew what his father did to her, but he couldn’t stop him, he didn’t know what to do to protect her. When he saw her in the emergency room with a broken ankle, it hurt him so much. She says that she knows that he begged and fought with his father when his appa was torturing her. She recieved money from his father, she told him, if you give me money then I will leave you. it is shameful, but I thought it was all I could do to at least protect my future. i am sorry.

DH thinks it is his fault, she had to choose that because he did not protect her.

She is sorry for everything, she wanted to go back, but maybe they have gone too far.
Meanwhile, SB goes to DH’s fathrs home and brings him a lot of supplements. She thinks he has suffered a lot after losing DS. He thinks he already feels healthy thanks to her pretty heart. But she says she still has more gifts to give him, she is sorry to make him wait long and she will accept his proposal. Appa is happy to hear about that. SB asks for his help.

Meanwhile, MC gets home to her mothers house. She has her luggage. Umma is a little taken aback to see her. MC says she wanted to see her so she is back, but umma just says, whatever, you never discuss anything with me anyway.

Elsewhere, JY is trying to write his song, but he is having the hardest time. He crinkles up all the paper that he uses and throws it all on the ground. His assistnat basically calls him a jashik and to clean up. He thinks she doe snot know how much he suffers to create, maybe his geniusness stopped there! She is all like, stop bragging! Pack up and call Mom, I am going to cut all your credit cards! You should go home! (Hmm, maybe she is his real sister).

There is a ding dong at the door. The sister thinks someone reported them because it smells so bad. She opens the door and sees The ex there. JY and the ex go to eat and talk. She says know she knows why he came to Korea, because of his sister, why didn’t you tell me that she is your sister? He says they are working together, it doens’t matter who his sister is. The conversation turns to his writing, hiw appetite went away. JY thinks sangyupsal is his soul food even though he usually only eats American food. he remembers eating samgyupsal when he grew up. No matter what country he goes to, he alwats wants to eat samgyupsal.

The ex toasts him and tells him that he will have a lot of inspiration from the samgyupsal. they toast and drink soju. He complains that it is sobitter, he can’t think of anything else besides it being bitter.

The ex starts talking about three different actors and how they would be good in this part. He asks her why she is talking about them. She says she is talking about Yun-hee (the main character in the musical)
PWJ waits for SH and asks her why she is so late, why isn’t she picking up the phone? SH says the phone is on vibration, why are you in front of my house? Are you following me? Are you a stalker?

He asks her if she can get in his car.

Are you crazy! Why would I get in your car!

DH wants to see you! You are a violent and difficult person to deal with, you don’t listen!

SH goes and meets with DH, she asks him whta he did wrong. The only reason is visiting his girlfriends friend. So what did you do? Did you fight?

He says they didn’t fight, but seh wants to break up, she told him that she started to hate him, that was the only reason, he wonders if she has another reason. SH thinks it shouldnt be like that, she shouldn’t be away from him, is it because of that? Did you know that your family sent MC’s family money? You guys are too old fashioned as cheabols, in this era? Sending money to the family? MC has a lot of reasons to seperate. SB calls her all the timea nd your family sends her money, how do you think she would feel? She shouldn’ thave broken up with you, so I will ask her.

Scene changes to MC and SH at a playground. SH tells her that she really loves DH, but now she hates him all of a sudden, if you don’t tell me then I will go to your house and tell your mother about your time thing. i will just say it, I will say it and do it.

MC tells her that it was his.

What was his?

My time, his time transferred to my time. As much as my time increases, his time decreases.

Elsewhere, DH gets home and looks in MC’s old room. He picks up tha duck and tells him, hey duck, your eunnie left home. Why are you just sitting here and not doing anything? He sits in the room for a while and we fade out to the next morning.

PWJ isin the kitchen the next day. He greats DH happily and says that he is there becasue MC is not there. Did you stay awake all night? he says he couldn’t sleep becasue the house is empty.

JY calls PWJ, he wants to have an urgent meeting with him.

Cut to the ex and SB talking. She wants to cancel the deal. they already signed it. SB says she needs to think about the law, she can’t just break the contract. The e says that she has no reason to keep her there, she is teh ex, she should want her to leave right? SB says she is not that stupid to put personal business forward. They need her in the part. The ex says they have a condition that is teh actresses condition. She tells her that they can take this to court. SB asks, what if I tells DH? The ex tells hre that she already told him.

Then, the ex meets with the musical people as well as DH to talk about this. they have two months left until the play starts how can she just leave? The ex tells them that her throat is not good, it can be worse in two months. JY says that he knows about ehr throat, lets find a new person, it is the best decision.

Outside, Dh asks the ex if this is all about her throat. She tells him not to be so uncomfortable. It makes her uncomfortable to see him and MC together. She can’t be too cool about it like she imagined. that is part of the reason why SB recruited her. The more she thinks about it, the more she realizes that she shouldnt’ be there. When she thinks about him and MC, it moves her heart a little bit. DH loves someone else…that means you are getting over the pain that we had. Can I ask you a peculiar question? Do you like MC a lot?

I was worried, if I see you again then I might break again, but I feel more comfortable now, also , i can face how hard you were suffering because she is next to me.

Well, I feel strange and jealous, now I can just leave and live comfortably.

Sorry to hurt you when you were the prettiest.

I should have stayed in your memory. Didn’t I just ruin our pretty memory for showing up?

Thank you for showing up.

Protect MC, that Lee Do-ha is not good, but you can do it now.
Inside the hospital, MC waits for SN. SN shows up with her beau Park. MC says her practice was cancelled today so she just wanted to see her. SN says she also wanted to see her so God must have sent her to me today. Park says they went out to see some flowers. MC sees Parks time, he has 2 days left. SN also sees the time. park is the only one happy. They start to talk about the flowers, Park says that the flowers aren’t as pretty as her. SN tells her that MC might be jealous. they all laugh and Park leaves to let MC and SN catch up.

They sit and chat and talk about how SN looks like a spring flower today. SN says yes, there is nice weather, flowers, and she has a lover. What about your boyfriend? MC says that they broke up. SN wonders if he had an affair? yeah, those guys make you suffer, he was too nice to you, is he a playboy? She says it’s not like that. SN tells her that she should jsut sleep with him, life is too short (?). Why are you enduring it?

MC wants to do it, but seh misses him a lot also. SN stands and puts her flowers in a vase.

SN tells her that there is a poem called going back

The day you finish this picnic in theis pretty world
then I will go back and say that it is pretty

Do some find and seek and you will have a picnic and sometimes you will have a shower, life is like a picnic there are good things and bad things that happen. it is a blessing to meet someone to spend your life together. MC, I don’t know what the reason is, but don’t think about complicated things. If you like him, then just meet him. My friend MC can enjoy her picnic happily. Because no one knows when this picnic will end or how.

MC tells her that it is strange, she came there to cheer her up, but she is the one that always gets cheered up. SN says it doesnt’ matter who gives and who recieves because we are friends.
the younger brother searches the house for something. He wonders where it is. He checks his phone and comments that Sh is not picking up again. He calls her. In the living room, Umma lugs a hug box to the couch and starts looking though it. The son comes out to see it. these are all cosmetics, they have no ingredients(?). This sounds like a pyramid scheme. the son says as much. Umma tells him that they said this is multilevel marketing. The son is all like, that is a pyramid scheme, if noona knows about it then she will be angry. He gets up to leave and tells her that someone is running away from him so she is going to catch them. Umma yells, you should help me!

Meanwhile, SH is thinking about what MC told her at home about stealing DH’s time. She gets a ring at her door and opens it. The brother comes in, basically barges in, and hands her some icecream. Are you drinking alone? You should call me! Order some chicken, do you have beer? SH thinks about what happened when the brother looked cool on the street. She asks him why he is there. He says he is there because she won’t pick up his calls.

She says to tell me why you came and just leave right away. he tells her that she is strange, youa void my calls and kick me out. She tells him it is because she hates him, of course! Do you want me to just greet you? hello! He tells her that she remembers it, right? That night.

her heart starts beating. She tells him that she remembers nothing. He tells her that he remembers everything. She tries to go away and go to sleep. So she hurries and pushes him out. He bangs on the door for her to open it! He has to tell her something seriously! But seh is not opening it.
Sb and The ex are talking. The ex gave Sb a mirror, do you know that mirror are gods eyes with 4 corners?

So what?
Sometimes love is good, sometimes it is bad. To me, you are very pretty, but the bad love makes a woman with everything, pitiful
You are pitying me?

Look at yourself, you nervous mind destroys a confident and pretty woman.

I didn’t see you this way but you don’t know who you are, anyway, thank you so much for acalling me here.

SB thinks about this meeting later in her office. Someone comes in and tells her that the mirror is pretty. SB says it is pretty but she will leave anyway, but seh calls me pitiful or whatever, so it is strange to keep this mirror. So remove it.

At the musical, the team talks about the ex resigning. They think the play might be cancelled. The ex comes in with a knock, she overheard it all. Scene change to MC meeting with the ex. The ex gives her the script with her notes. MC asks why she is leaving. MC says that she said that seh loved DH so much, the ex thought back 5 yaers ago and wondered, what if she was a confident and bright person like her? then her and DH might be in a different position now. She can break up with DH, that could be the reality. But seh wants her to fight until the end. MC tells her that she was jealous of her. You are a very good actress and person, someone I can’t even imagine. The ex says she can’t say this if she knew how childish she was toward her. Dh is a good person, you two can become happy, stay next to him.

MC thanks her so much, sunbae. She takes the script and all the memos that the ex wrote about the musical. She flips through it, they are super detailed notes about the character.

Later at the company, SH walks around looking for someone. She wonders if she should meet DH and tells him everything, no, maybe she shouldn’t do that. MC would go crazy if she knew.

PWj shows up and wondres if she is looking for him. They speak so fast. he tells her that it desont’ make any sense that she accused him of being a stalker. This gives Sh an idea, so she pulls him out. He asks, why are you doing this to me now?

later, PWJ helps DH get dressed. he wants to know where he can find a replacement actress. PWJ says of course you can’t find one int his short period of time. DH gets angry and asks PWJ to change his habit, he has everything going wrong now, but PWJ still keeps his habit to follow him everywhere and adds more to his stress. DH asks him if he perpared his lullaby? PWj tells him that he found a solution.

PWJ AND DH get out of the car somewhere. SH told PWJ that MC does not hate him, she is just tired. So he needs to try, you have nothing to lose. I will wait for good news!

Meanwhile, MC is sitting at an outside drinking place, she is waiting for SH and texts her to ask where she is at. But DH shows up. he pours himself a drink and tells her, if I drink this then we are dating. If I don’t drink it, then we don’t see each other until we die. He drinks it and she leaves. DH says, I knew it! i will kill PWJ!

He runs off and grabs MC. They start arguing. She says that she told him that she hates him, he is the worst, she doenst’ like him. He says she is the one that made him like this with no explanation. She will tel him the reason, his family sent money to her family and SB calls her all the time. Dh apologizes, it is all his fault. he didnt’ keep his promise of protecting her, she can hate him, but trust him one more time. You like me right?

She says that she does not like him, his time is steady being transferred to her. She steps back. Dh tells her, fine, just one more time. MC tells him that seh does not need it, she lied to him, it is because he is rich and can give her eveyrthing that seh wants. But seh never liked him and she still doesn’t like him, she tried to get everything that she wanted to get and endure it all, but seh can’t endure it anymore because she hates him so much.

She walks away.

His hand kind of flickers and he starts breathing hard. He sees double vision as he watches her walking across the street. His phobia might be acting up, he starts to hallucinate seeing a truck, then he sees a light break. He can’t stand straight so he falls to the ground. Someone runs up to him and asks him if he is okay.

MC turns and runs back to his side as a group of people gather round. Later on, DH wakes up in his house? His doctor and secretary are there. PWj apologizes for doing it. DH wants to know about MC. They tell her that she didn’t want to come in. She was standing in front of the house so they called a cab to take her home. Just sleep here tonight, if something happen then call me.

Sh yells at her friend, why did you do this? Why did you send him there? He collapsed because of me today? Why did you do something I didnt’ ask you to? Sh says it is because she worried about her dying, DH has so much life left, you can borrow some time from him. She knows that it is bad, and she will be a bad person, but that is okay because she wants her friend. What should she do? Time is ticking. You are just….like this.

Both friends stop arguing, MC sits and tells her that she is going crazy. if she thinks that she came this far because she stole his time, what if she just dissapears one day? How hard would it be for him? I am afraid of that more than me dying. I shouldn’t have met him, I should just disspear when my time ends. I regret so much, don’t do it. SH wonders what they should do. She doenst’ want to let her die like this, what should she do? She starts crying. MC gives her a hug.
Dh broods at home as he thinsk about his moments with MC. he also thinks about his most recent moment with it. She told him that she was about to kill him, she is using him to survive. But then he remembers a happy moment when she said happiness is like this. he goes back and forth between happy and sad moments in his memory.

The ex rides with JY, she apologieses to him. they basically talk about being sorry and taking about her throat and buying him samgyupsal and soju on Broadway. Elsewhere, MC says she called SN to listen to her voice. She also asks about Park. Is he okay? SN tells her that Park collapsed. But don’t worry too much, he will be okay. She hangs up and sees a woman walking out looking stunned. She says he just went out from home like a regular day. SN tells her that she finally sees the daughter that Mr. Park bragged about so much. You are a good daughter and granddaughter, he always said that he was happy. Don’t cry, just go in and be brave. Stay next to your abogi.

The nurse runs out and tells the guardian to come in. The daughter runs inside. SN is left in the hallway with her emotions. She slowly stands and walks toward the door. While walking, she thinks about all her happy moments with Park. tears start to fall as she thinks about Park telling her that he was in heaven everyday because of her.

Later on, MC looks for black clothing in her closet and we see the funeral bouquets show up at Parks funeral. MC pays her respects to the family and goes to the dining area to sit with SN. She asks SN if she is okay. SN says she is okay, she doesn’t have that much life left so she will see him soon. She can just endure it soon and be brave and happy. She thought her tears all dried up, but she still cries. When you become this old….I saw a lot of deaths, but this heart ache is something that can’t be helped. But for him, he should be happy that he had a lot of good times with me.

MC tells her that he should be very happy.

A clock starts ticking. MC’s clock stops. She turns her head and sees DH standing at the edge of the dining area. He is in all black and bows. SN tells her that she called him, they went camping together so he should at least show his condolences. MC gets up to leave. But DH stops her and tells her to leave a little bit, he will see Park and then see her. If she leaves then he will continue to follow her everywhere.

Later on, DH tells her that she is not showing him her true heart. He knows that she is suffering. His ex and his family and SB are all his fault. He knows he shouldn’t say these things, but it won’t happen again. Please, trust me one more time. i love you.

MC listens to all this. he tells her that he knows she is suffering because of him, should he just leave her? He thinks about it in his brain all the time. Though his heart says no. When she says that she hates him so much, it makes her about to suffocate. how did he eat and live before meeting her? He can’t live without her, so don’t run away, please.

Should I? Dn’t run away and stick with you and be with you everyday? then you will kill me.

Kill you? What are you talking about?

Not because of anyone, when I am next to you, my time gets shorter. When I saw you, time stopped and added, I don’t know why. But maybe you take my time away. So, just let me go.

DH looks stunned.

MC gets up to leave, DH grabs her.

MC – I beg you.

Dh lets go, his hand paused in the air. She keeps walking and goes back inside the funeral hall.

Fade Out


JY – Keep this (ticket?) as a secret between us.
SH – How dare you call Young Min-jung. She can’t even talk about how she feels, she has to endure when she wants to see him and misses him. You dont’ even know how she feels now. How dare you say whatever!
SB – I will accept your proposal. Lee Doha, your work and your future, do it with me.
SH – Really, there is no way accept breaking up?
MC – There is no other way. If I had another way, I wouldn’t like it.

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  1. Igotnotimeforthisshiz
    June 19, 2018 / 10:30 am

    Am still hate watching this show, so thanks a lot for the recap. The tropes are killing meeeee! Way to outdo yourself, writer nim. Sigh.

    • V
      June 19, 2018 / 10:31 am

      LOL! Hate watches can be a lot of fun, that is basically how I survived The Great Seducer 🙂 🙂

      • laure
        June 19, 2018 / 12:30 pm

        Ugh the Great Seducer… I had such high hopes for this show. Whyyyyyy. Now it seems like an encyclopedia for overused tropes in kdramas.
        Such potential… sigh

        • V
          June 19, 2018 / 12:54 pm

          I think I would forgive this show more if it wasn’t pre-produced, I can understand throwing in tropes when your short on time. But this is what they came up with in a pre-produced show. Boggles the mind.

          • Laure
            June 19, 2018 / 5:46 pm

            Exactly!! I couldn’t believe it when you said it was pre produced…
            I’ve been watching 20 again to make up for the tragic misuse of M. Dimples here.

            Thanks so much for the recaps, I can fast forward to only a couple of scenes thanks to you! <3

            • Lalaboom
              June 19, 2018 / 6:55 pm

              I second everything you all say.

  2. Shayri
    June 19, 2018 / 1:33 pm

    I dropped watching this show because I just don’t like the male lead. Also before she went crazy fiancé, I thought SB’s character had potential. Even for the 4 episodes I watched I felt more chemistry between the musical director & Michaela. I feel like the writer must have done something very wrong that I kept shipping all the wrong people. Nonetheless, I enjoy your recaps. ☺️

    • Lalaboom
      June 19, 2018 / 6:53 pm

      SB did have potential. I liked her in the opening episodes. Now, not so much.

      • V
        June 19, 2018 / 7:14 pm

        Right! I really liked her in the beginning. Too bad she turned typical.

      • Laure
        June 20, 2018 / 11:26 am

        Me too! Now she’s just joined the long list of characters that have let us down by behaving exactly the way we thought they would though we wished they wouldn’t (yes, there is such a list :D)

        • V
          June 20, 2018 / 12:24 pm

          I subscribe to that list and hate read it.

  3. Emily lambert
    October 31, 2018 / 9:26 pm

    Thanks to much dr_mack@ yahoo. com! He brought my wife back! I am very grateful..

  4. Emily lambert
    October 31, 2018 / 9:27 pm

    Thanks to much dr_mack@ yahoo. com! He brought my wife back! I am very grateful………….

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