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About Time Live Recap Episode 1

Episode 1 Live Recap for the Korean Drama About Time starring Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon
Wow, it is already premier time for About Time! We’re flying by the seat of our pants today because I had zero time to familiarize myself with the characters names or the long trailer. Creating the Premiering Post did help out though. I’m excited by this one. Let’s go!

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Shorthand Shorthand Character Chart
Choi Michaela – MC | Lee Do-ha – DH | Bae Su-bong – SB | Jeon Seong-hee

Airing Time: May 21st, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Viki

Countdown: AIRING!…updates on twitter

We open on a laarge traveling bus. Our main lady, Michaela, is singing in the bus with shades on as she happily rides.

A woman says it is pretty chilly in another car. She is driving with her husband and they are arguing about a silly thing. She prepared a lot of food and comments on maybe she will get sick. They happily bicker back and forth about that.

But then there is a sudden car accident!

The bus MC is riding on suddenly stops. We cut to her standing outside as she watches the car scene with all the ambulances, cars flipped over, and people running around. She walks into the scene and looks at all the destruction.

Someone says it is difficlut to move the patient, let’s triage the patients.

VO – I can see peoples life spans, 50 years, 43 years, 79 years, 26 years, 48 days…

The 911 guys face has 48 days left on it, it is a lot less than all the people involved in the accident.

The couple from earlier is okay. They are still talking to each other. The husband is worried about his wifes arm, she is bleeding a little bit. MC comes up to them and says he loves is wife. But on his face is 1 minute and 48 seconds left.

She tells him to tell his wife that he lvoes her and not to get angry all the time.

The man has a sudden heart attack. The wife holds him, but she wants to get an ambulance. MC holds her hand and tells her to just stay with him. So she stays with him. The couple talk to each other and the husband thanks his wife for living with him. Then he dies.

The wife tells him not to joke as she tries to shake him awake. She calls for help. Someone help me!

VO – 167 days 4 hours and 7 minutes. This is the reminder of my life.
Cut to another day or time. MC is talking to her best friend, Seong-hee (SH) about her new job. They are best friends and talk about doing a good job and fighting and all those things.

They hang up and MC goes into a hospital room to talks to Soo-neyo (SN). She brought her a lot of Omeg3 vitamins and a new lipstick. Tada! SN is so happy to have this lipstick color. She tells her it looks just like he flowers in her flower garden. Then she tells MC to give her some make-up. She started to date someone here. MC says, you have a boyfriend on the first day!

MC says she will make her ten years younger. SN says 10 years is too much….7 years younger? MC jokes that she will charge extra for this makeup service. But SN tells her that she will pay it so long as it is good. They joke back and forth about how pretty her skin is and all those things. then her new boyfriend comes in, Mr. Park.

Park is there with flowers. He came by a little early because his friend is hospitalized. But MC sees his tine clock and he only has 67 days left. Her friend has 2 years left. SN introduces her friend MC who is like her granddaughter. She is 31 years old.

Elsewhere, Doha (DH) is talking with his doctor park Seong-bin, PSB. He says Flowers are the most dangerous things, they create allergies, I have evidence. PSB tells him that it is important to solve the cause of his phobias, he will have a different approach. But then he takes a phone call.

PSB starts writing on some paper, but DH starts to be bothered by all the tick tick noises that are going on around him. The pencils, the scratching on the paper, the emergency room siren. He has a flashback of a girl in a hospital. Blood is on the surgical equipment.

PSB gets off the phone and asks DH if he is okay. DH snaps out of it and tells PSB to come to his place during the weekday, he will cooperate with the treatment. PSB tells him that the first assignment is to drive by himself. DH grumbles about this new treatment as he leaves.

He is met in the hallway by park Woo-jin, PWJ. DH tells PWJ that he went to lawyschool and has a big salary, but he can’t catch how DH feels. He told him that he is driving. He feels like PWJ doens’t listen to him because DH is supposed to drive by himself but PWJ happily says he will ride with him. DH tries to tell him to catch a cab or something but PWJ just happily says he can ride behind him. Then PWJ frolics off.

Cut to DH in his car. He is sitting in the drivers side and just looking at the streering wheel. Then he sees a feather and follows its journey as it floats closer and closer to him. But then someone honks and this makes DH send his car into reverse. MC is walking behind his car at that time which makes his car hit her.

Instead of apologizing, DH just gets out and argues with her about standing next to cars and watching where you walk. MC wants an apology, but seh soon realizes that she wont get it from him, so she just tries to walk off. But DH grabs a wheelchair and puts her in it because he is worried about her making this a big issue about a hit-and-run. He tells one of the nurses to take her inside.
MC is in the hospital and has to get all checked up. She will be late to her audition that her friend SH told her about. MC is finally able to go outside but it is raining. She is late and needs a ride. She wants DH to give her a ride, she is late because of him. But he thinks that he did everything lawfully and will leave. He gets in his car and MC gets right into his car along with him. She tells him, if you don’t give me a ride then I will be the big trouble that you are worried about.

Cut to MC driving the car like a race car driver. DH is in the passenger seat. They bicker about hit-and-run and how MC says she is a super great driver. She pulls up to the church and parks it very well. DH likes her parking skills. She grabs the car keys and takes off to the church.

DH wonders why she is running so fast. Then the car beeps becaues the key is too far away from the car.

Inside, MC goes to the changing room. But then she realizes that she accidentally brought his car keys too. She sighs, but then she looks in the mirror and tells herself that she can do her best. She checks her time clock with only has a 104 days left.

Jo Jae-yoo is sitting in the audience. He is bored with the performances at the audition. the lady that asked him about it thinks he is an A-hole. Then Michaela comes out, she starts singing her musical role in a bright pink dress. DH comes in at that time and watches her.

The song is about her liking someone, “Am I crazy? We are best friends. How can I remember you, maybe I went crazy, I shouldn’t fall in love like this but today I will love. My big love story is like the spring rain. Love like fate and meeting like fate.”

She strikes a pose at the end and DH looks at her like she is Heaven. JY talks to her and says she is good and different, but I think what you are saying is a lie. In this play, she loves the person, she doesnt’ just show off the singing part, you have to show off your heart in it……I am just telling you because I like your vocie. Next time, let me hear your voice with your heart.

I can show you right now, not next time!

What can you show me?


Okay, we have a one sided love test, seduce him, I will give you 30 minutes.

MC scans the audience and sees DH. She runs to him.

MC – I like you, Chae ji-woo.

She kisses him and the world spins. But then he pushes her away and says, who are you, are you crazy?

JY tells her that he buys her passion and bravery. But kissing is not enough, you have to seduce him, not just kiss a stranger. We will have a 5 minute break please.

MC starts crying a little bit.
MC leaves, she is so sad as she walks down the large steps of the church. DH tries to stop her, but that just makes her bag fall and scatter on the steps. She starts to pick them up and thinks about all the hard practice she had as she prepared for this audition. DH comes up to her in a rage, but he sees MC crying and stops.

MC gives him his keys back and apologizes.

MC – I am really really sorry.

She sniffs and walks off down the steps.

MC and SH sit on the rooftop apartment octapang. It is a sad melancholy evening as SH tries to comfort MC with her presence. MC says she will try again. She will cancel all her side jobs and get this roll with her name on it. SH asks her if she really doesn’t’ have enough time?

MC looks at her wrist. She only has 104 days. Sh can’t believe this, MC isn’t even sick, can’t she just stay home and hide? Then her watch will change. But MC says she can’t do that, ever.

Flashback of a little girl with only one minute left walking across the street. Teenage MC tries to block a car accident from happening. But the child died anyway by choking on her candy. MC runs up to her and watches the childs time count down.

MC – I couldnt’ do it. Whatever I try, I couldn’t change it by myself. Why is it me. I was angry. But I have no way Seong-hee.

Sh is sad and frustrated. They both cry. Sh doesn’t think that audition matters. MC says time stops when she is on stage and she doesn’t’ think about anything. She will do what makes her happy until the end. SH yells at MC about being happy about it. But MC just tries to cheer up her friend and sings a song into her hand. Then she puts her hand-mic to SH.

“Let’s do it, let’s do it, even though no one recognizes me, let’s do it! “

They both stand up and start singing this song happily as they dance round the octapang.
Dh is sitting at a small table in a park. Su-bong comes up dressed like Audrey Hepburn and says the concept today is Audrey hepburn. DH wants to call her bae Su-bong, but SB tells him to call her Beth. he smiles and she sits. He gives her bouqet and tells her that they should get married. He presents her with a rose ring. He is proposing to her.

But she says no, he almost tricked her with this though. He asks her what she wants, she doenst’ like any ring he gives her. She has a handful of rings that he has given her. She starts to walk back inside to ahve dinner with his appa.

He calls her Lord of the Rings and asks her how many rings she is going to collect? he throws the flowers on the swing in frustration and then goes inside.

DH’s family sits for dinner. Lee Do-bin, DB is there with his wife, hae-young (HY) and pushes away some food that she gives him or his appa. This makes his wife pretty sad. Then DH and DB start to talk about the company. Appa tells them to give him a good result, he doesnt’ want to have a daughter in law that he doesnt’ like anymore. It looks like appa doesn’t like HY.

Later, DB and DH talk. DB says he gave some advice to Chi-ang, (CA). They are basically having a brother tension filled fight over ownership of the company.

DH storms into his room. He is with PWJ. PWJ is by his side and listening to him. Dh asks him why he is there, will he sing him lullabys? PWJ says he can’t sing, but he can fold all his clothes very well. DH gets upset and tells him that CA wants to do an activity with him, so prepare what to do! (This is important because DH wants to get money from CA for his cutural center)

DH sits in frustration, but then he watches the chandelier shaking back and forth. He talks about his pathological mental disease about being scared of everything. The chandelier falls and crashes right in front of DH. He shuts his eyes as he braces for it. But hen he opens his eyes and we see that it didn’t fall at all.
he goes to the fridge and sees MC inside. She hops out and starts walking aorund his place. She plays with the chandelier and does whatever seh wants.. But then she starts crying again.

DH wakes up suddenly, it was all a dream. His phone rings signalling that someone is about to come pick him up. He tells them to wait for 30 mintues. then he walks to his fridge and slowly opens the door in hesitation. He doesn’t see MC in there so he starts to drink something and talks to himself about being normal and stuff like that.

Elsewhere, MC is looking at insurance documents.

MC sits at the table with her brother and her mother. They talk about eating the soup that seh made and how MC should eat slower. MC talks about part-time jobs and how she has to go to China. Umma tells her to eat slower. her brother asks her how she can eat that. But MC just yells at her.

Then we see three guys leaving from teh airport. MC comes out of the airport as well and gets a ride from someone she knows who either picks her up or got them a rental.

DH, PSB, and PWJ are both together. DH doesnt’ feel good about this meeting because he has to be the one visiting (?). They all walk in together and go to a large sitting room. It looks like CA wants to go scuba diving with them. PWJ is so happy as he tells DH about how CA loves scuba diving. But don’t worry about sharks, there aren’t a lot of sharks there. He thinks DH shouldn’t go into the water though because of hyperventilating.

DH thinks he has to go there because Chinese relationships in business are more important than ability.

Chinese business people love those who were born in 1988 because that is a lucky number. MC is there for that reasong. Her friend says that is why she is there. her friend talks about how MC never talks about death and is bright. She checks his clock, he has 41 years left. A foreigner comes up to her and says he will introduce her to their crew. This is the scuba diving crew.

Later, Dh runs around the pool and sees MC singing “Appa shark do do do do “ song byt the pool. She is slightly drunk. DH stops and tells her that people will think she is a crazy person who might be thinking about killing themselves. But then he recognizes her as the car accident theater person. She is very drunk and thinks he is Chae Ji-woo (play character). It is so nice to see you again!

I am here because they are giving mea lot of money, this is not my regular job. I wanted to be Seri who loves Cha Ji-woo. I am a musical actress, I haven’t had any real lines yet but I am a real musical actress.

She gets a bit solemn and looks like she might cry again. He asks her as much. Then he tells her that he was curious first. She jumped in his car and took it and did all the wrong things, so why are you looking at me like that?

DH thinks she looks too sad and sick as if she has almost finished her life, it makes him concerned.

She says, if you are concerned, then can you listen to my song? “baby shark do do do do do …” She tries to kick her sandals off, but she messes up and is about to fall. he quickly grabs her.

DH – Ah…you have a good ability of bothering me….this woman.

She passes out.

MC is waking up in bed. She is in a very nice hotel room and is on top of the covers with all her clothing on. She sees a mans clothes in the room and immediately checks her own clothes.

MC – Crazy, crazy! What did I do! Did I sleep in a mans room!

Then she remembers DH and hits her head in embarrasment as she runs out.

Meanwhile, DH is outside with his assistant, PWJ. He is frustrated though because he has to wait to meet with CA.

Cut to nightime, DH barges in on CA’s dinner. He says that they will go to the sea together tomorrow, so he wanted to meet with him today. He wants to introduce himself formally. CA says he is having a party with his friends so it isn’t a good time.

SB comes in and speaks Chinese. She says that his dan habit is the same. CA knows SB and happily talks to her. He wonders why she is there. She tells him that this handsome guy, DH, is her fiance. CA immediately changes his tune and says her fiance is a friend of his. He tells DH if he should congratualte him or hate him (?) for getting this beautiful woman as a bride. DH tells him congratulations is better.

SB sits at the table right along with DH and everyone else. She talks to DH and tells him that he needs to be careful and work had to get work from CA because he is prickly inside and out.

Scuba day! The entire team go on the boat to scuba dive. MC’s person tells her to check over everything to make sure that nothing is missing. But then DH grabs her and asks her if this is the job that pays a lot? He tells her this is three meetings. MC takes off her shades and tells him that she was sorry at the theater. He tells her that she greets him as if she hasn’t seen him in a long time.

Flashback. MC acts likea fool as seh rides DH’s back to his room and plops on his bed and starts singing the baby shark song again.

back to the present, DH tells her that she has to say sorry that she spent the night in his place and ran away because she was so embarrassed. That she was drunk and pulled his hair and sang. MC tells him that she doesnt understand what he is talking about, but she is in a hurry.

She tries to sneak by.

DH – You kissed me all of a sudden and cried and ran away and said you don’t remember….did you leave your manners at home?

Someone calls MC’s name so she uses that as an opportunity to run away right then. Then she holds her head and wonders how she could have slept in his bed. So embarrassing.
Everyone hops in the sea with full scuba gear on. The music softly plays as we see fish and scuba diving and swimming. DH is scared of the fish, but MC does a little show dance in the water. She is having a lovely time.

Later on, the instructors signal that they should go up. Everyone starts to go up, but for some reason DH can’t go up. Everyone gets out of the water. While on the baot, SB and PWJ wonder where DH is. MC says he was following her! She immediately hops back into the water.

DH is struggling in the water. he has a hard time breathing and passes out. Then he just drifts in the water for a moment. But later, he opens his eyes and sees MC swimming toward him. She extends her hand to him and he extends his as well. They take hands and she immediately puts his mouthpiece back inside. She takes his spare mouthpiece and breathes with it. They hold hands as they swim to the surface.

While helping him swim to the surface, she sees that her time stopped. She is dumfounded as seh stares at it. But then something happens and they are seperated.

MC wakes up in the boat. Her head hurts. She checks her time, it is still running so seh just shakes her head and says this doesnt make any sense. But then she sees it running slower and slower until it stops. She says, my watch stopped.

Just then DH opens her door and they stare at each other.

Fade Out

I like you
This is your fate
Pretty, rich, heir….
hey DH
I keep talking to you so you think my money and power and eveyrthing is easy for you?
I beg you

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