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A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 7 Recap – Part 2

A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 7 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for A Piece of Your Mind!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Seo-woo and Ha-won are at his empty house to start playing and listening to music. he plays the piano and she records it.

His playing is not that great so she tries not to laugh. She is able to keep it together.

Day turns to night and he finishes playing. They both try not to chuckle. He tells her that he never told her that he was good. He asks her to mix it well so it sounds good. She laughs.


Seo-woo took off the bandaid on her picture and then heads out to take a bus to her hometown. ha-won sends her a message – have a good trip.

It looks like he is driving there independently.

Seo-woo gets dropped off in the town and looks emotionally lost as she tries to take a step towards the town. But she ends up staying at the bus stop. Ha-won drives up and sees her sitting there.

She finally stands up and starts to walk towards her parents house. he watches her from his car.

She finally gets to her parents house which is all burnt. She starts to cry and can’t go inside. So she just crumples to the ground and cries. She pulls out her phone and plays the recording for them while outside.

SW – This is what I recorded, I am doing fine. Don’t leave. *tears*

ha-won walks up the street and sees her crying outside her parents property. He remembers seeing the parents happily working outside their house. Or maybe Seo-woo remembers it. She tells her parents that she is back. 

She turns around and sees Ha-won standing behind her in all black. She looks taken aback to see her. 

HW – You mixed it well. 

SW – *wipes her tears*

HW – The one asking “to stay” should follow the other one around

HW – Well, we came here separately. So is it okay to go back together?

They ride back together. She rolls down her window to look at the countryside while they are driving.

SW – I may like this time of year in the future.




The medical student moves to another room in the B&B so that Min-jung can stay in the room at the end as she was promised. Today is the day that she moves in. 

For some reason Chang-seob angrily tells Min-jung that he and Eun-joo are dating. Eun-joo thinks that is inappropriate but Chang-seob thinks it needs to be said. Min-jung looks like she really does not care and goes to her room.

Eun-joo apologizes to her medical school person and says she made him kimbap, but he quickly leaves for school. Min-jung comes in and says that she can eat it.


The psychiatrist keeps talking to the AI to try and wake it up. It is still talking  a bit like a robot. it is Min-jung’s voice though. The psychiatrist asks more questions but it seems worthless. She asks about the B&B which suddenly makes it come to life.

AI – I went to Eun-joo’s B&B to see Eun-joo. 

Psy – Who is Eun-joo?

AI – The daughter of my B&B when I was 20. She was an energetic girl. I thought if I see her again then I will be recharged. 

Psy – *shocked* How did you become Min-jung all of a sudden.

AI – it is me.

Psy – *hops up in alarm* Are you really Min-jung?

AI – I am.

Psy – *Super shocked and happy*

Scene change to Min-jung looking at Eun-joo, but she tells herself that she is actually more depressed when she sees her.


Ha-won gives Seo-woo a coffee at a rest stop. Then he drops her off at her B&B. But he gets a message while she is still int he car saying that he will move the mattress alone, it was just delivered. She tells him that they can do it together. So she goes to help him move the mattress inside his little house.

He wants to put it inside the living room, she tells him to put it in the bedroom. So now he has a room and a bedroom in separate spaces. She tells him that this is great, she actually didn’t like it when the spaces where together.

She happily lays on the bed and says that this is a good cushion. He is happy to see her happy.


Seo-woo actually falls asleep on that bed, lol. I guess she never got up? She wakes up covered in a blanket and is pretty embarrassed that she fell asleep all night long. So she starts to sneak out. But she is happy to see Ha-won sleeping on the couch.


Eun-joo eats alone at the kitchen table. Min-jung comes in and asks for breakfast, she would like to eat it today. So Eun-joo helps her out. But then she gets a call from Seo-woo.

Seo-woo tells her that she went to her hometown. EJ tells her that is great, she actually didn’t feel good since yesterday, that is great. You went there alone?

Min-jung looks at her on the phone and then decides to leave. She wanted to eat breakfast with EJ because she looked so pitiful, but now she heads out.




Soon-ho happily chats with her plants when Seo-woo comes back in. She mutters teasingly about how she did not go home last night.

In the house, Ha-won is still sleeping at the house. This might be the first time that he has slept this well in a long time. He yawns himself up and sees that Seo-woo left.

Jin-moo comes to the studio and says that she looks so energetic. She says that she went to her hometown. He is happy to know that since she got over her trauma. They both smile. Soon-ho doesn’t know what they are talking about.


ha-won’s friend asks him what he has been up to. he says he took a 5 hour return trip somewhere, his friend asks why he does things he has never done before, is that why you slept so long? ha-won smiles.


Meanwhile, the piano man is having a hard time as he sits outside someones house. He is in his car thinking about what Soon-ho told him about. he wonders how much Han Seo-woo knows.

Then Soon-ho sees him in the car and wonders why he is not coming inside. He tells her that he is so nervous. She asks if he can breath? It looks like you need to breath. He says he has someone he wants to avoid. She asks, at the concert, who? I will take that person away. Just breath. Come out and I can help you.

She takes his hand to pull him out and tells him that he can just give up the piano today. The world won’t break doing it.

He decides to go inside to record. Seo-woo is inside, he does not want to see her so he avoids her eye contact. She asks if he is okay? But he does not answer so she just tell him that everything is ready and steps away.


Ha-won’s team finds out that the psychiatrist had a break through with the AI so they talk to her over Skype/Zoom about it. The doctor thinks that self positivity is related to the tipping point. Like a happy memory. Possibly the healthiest experience in life. ha-won mutters, a persons half of a half. 


The piano guy starts to play at this house concert with about a dozen or so people watching. It looks like it is a private concert. He still cannot look at Seo-woo fully.

Seo-woo talks to Jin-moo about the sound. Jin-moo thinks it sounds good, perhaps he is back. Soon-ho asks, is it good? Seo-woo gives her a thumbs up. Soon-ho is happy and says that the person he shouldn’t see might not have come today.

He finishes up playing and everyone claps. 

Later on, Jin-moo talks to In-wook outside. In-wook says that he is still nervous but his confidence is connected to his nervousness. 

Seo-woo and Soon-ho come out with all the studio things so Jin-moo tells them that In-wook is paying today. In-wook asks Seo-woo to go with them. She says that she actually has to pack up first. She says she will do her best and then go meet them. He looks at her as she walks all the way tot he car.




Ha-won and his friend leave work. His friend asks where he slept last night. HW tells him it was that house so his friend tells him that that house is the best for him. Due to Quantum physics, maybe there is some kind of weight in that space that is good for you. he keeps talking about that.

Ha-won listens. His friend asks why he is walking so fast. ha-won didn’t notice he was walking fast and says he has an appointment. He takes off. His friend mutters that Ha-won does a lot of things he has never done before.

Ha-won goes to the studio and hangs out with Seo-woo who is working on the recording. But she didn’t notice that he went into the room. She finally does and asks when he came? Where you just watching me? He says he just came and he has been watching. She tells him that she felt like someone was watching him.

She also tells him that he looks good after a good nights sleep. You looked cranky before, now you look different. He was wondering why he slept so well. She says he was tired, he drove for so long. And maybe that delivery house fits you well.

He thinks about what his friend said about Quantum theory and hopes she doesn’t say the same thing. But Seo-woo starts to say the same thing. He tries not to think about it. He asks, is that why you felt me behind you?

She says yes, and that is why the delivery location is for you. he tells her she is sharp and nods along about the delivery location and how he should sleep there. Then he asks how she slept. She tells him she slept so well. I know why. The new linen on the bed was crispy and felt good. I just fell asleep.

He says he didn’t see her sleeping. So next time, let’s sleep together.

She is a bit shocked with that invitation. He tells her that it wasn’t like….does it make sense, sleeping together? She kind of nods, embarrassed.

They both leave later on, so she tells him that she has to go somewhere. He says he is going to the delivery location to check on things. He asks her why she is so awkward now?

She acts awkwardly.

HW – We didn’t even make a promise but I wondered if you were there. It was a strange and warm feeling.

SW – I like the words that you say.

But then her phone buzzes so she has to talk to the Piano guy. He is at the restaurant. he tells her that he wants to hear what she recorded at the studio. She tells him that she left already. 

he tells her that it was a strange experience for him. Even though it was a small performance, it meant a lot to me. She says she can spare ten minutes and then tells Ha-won that she has to let In-wook listen to the recording. ha-won tells her that he will wait.

So she goes back inside the studio. 

In-wook actually goes to the studio too so he listens to it in the studio. She tells him that it is really different. He says that there is a tension that nervousness brings. The nervousness of facing someone that I really don’t want to face.

She asks if he saw that person at the performance? He says no, that person didn’t come. But he says he will try it again and goes to the studio recording area to play.

ha-won goes back inside the studio and hears the piano music. Seo-woo runs to the stairs to tell him that it will be done soon. Ha-won asks if he is playing right now? Seo-woo nods and says he has a feeling. She is sorry about it.

But he tells her that they can listen to it together. So he looks at her from the bottom of the stair and she looks at him from the top of the stairs as he plays.



In-wook stops playing and looks up to see that she is not there. So Seo-woo runs back inside and motions to her phone saying that she had to take a call and then motions for him to continue.

He starts to play again. She sneaks out again to stare at Ha-won happily. He smiles.

Later on, they both walk up the street to Seo-woo’s place. She tells him that she will text him often since he likes it. She asks if she is really helping him? I feel like you are helping me more than I am helping you.

He tells her that is feels like giving is receiving and receiving is giving. She tells him that she really likes being comfortable like air. it feels like someone is next to me. I can be the one next to you like that. Not everyone can do it, it is only possible because it is me.

He asks why it is possible for her? She explains that Ha-won is like this and Seo-woo is like this, that is why it is possible. We share things we want to know. He says he will do it for her too. I will be that person who can stay for you. 

She smiles happily and they look at each other.


Ha-won plays the piano at his house. It looks like he might have practiced a lot before she came. He practices all night with his PPT drink sitting ont he piano. She came and saw him practicing.

Fade Out


The AI is starting to drive me insane. how can Min-jung’s AI know all of that about Min-jung? How can she know that the reason she went to the B&B was to look at Eun-joo? This is hurdle that I just cannot jump y’all.

There are some other issues I have with the show, but that is the main one. However I still appreciate how beautiful it is to watch.

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  1. Jane M
    April 21, 2020 / 12:54 pm

    I’m so sad that this drama is apparently another example of the sloppiness of some writers. I mean, was there ever any kind of actual story line for this? I just watched the episode after this one, and while I will finish the drama in kind of the same way you can’t take your eyes away from a car accident, I am so sad at what could have been. It is still beautiful to look at, but seriously – wtf?

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