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A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 7 Recap – Part 1

A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 7 Recap – Part 1

We are still hanging in there with this show! We know a few people still love it so we are going to still try and recap it. We loved the first episode, was kind of bummed with the sad turn of the second episode and then thoroughly confused with episodes 3-4 and we have stayed that way since.

But that’s just us. So, since this drama has been reduced to 12 episodes instead of 16, it isn’t too much work to try and finish it up. So long as the episodes don’t turn into 90 minute behemoths. But I don’t think they will??? Besides, the acting and cinematography are all wonderful so it isn’t the hardest thing to watch.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




On a dark street, Ha-won calls Seo-woo. He asks her to do something for him. Can you walk around here and there every now and again?

She is in her room and asks, um, so you want to see me every now and again?

HW – I can’t say what kind of emotions I have, but I need you Seo-woo, can you be there for me?

We see a flashback where he took the bandaid off her photo. 

HW – Please stay.

They hang up and she looks around hr room dumbfounded. She thinks, I need to be there for him! She takes off running right away. But her friend stops her and tells her to look at herself. Are you okay?

She is in sweats and looks like she just woke up. Seo-woo turns to change. But Chang-seob asks her opinion about these girls that are hitting on him now. He doesn’t understand why they are doing it now and needs advice on ow to deal with them.

She does not want to help him out right now and just tells him not to answer the phone when they call. She heads off to change.

He goes back inside so Eun-joo asks why he ran out on the phone just now. He makes up an excuse and says that he saw Seo-woo running outside so he went out and just came back. 

EJ is surprised to hear that Seo-woo ran out this late so she runs to her room and knocks on the door to see what is going on. She tells her not to think strange things, I heard you were running around like a crazy person. 

Seo-woo has to tell her that she is fine, nothing is wrong. EJ complains about this time of the year and how her heart is stressed. She tells Seo-woo to be sane and heads out.


Meanwhile, Ha-won tries to lift furniture into his place. He finally got a couch and coffee table and some other items for the house. These might be the items that AI Ji-su recommended he buy. He sets it all up and starts working on his coffee table.

In the morning, he leaves and heads to work. One of his employees calls him to talk about something. He gets a key and starts riding his bike around.

He goes to the studio and watches Seo-woo work quietly. She is almost sleeping and talks to herself about how she wants her umma and appa to hear this. He quietly leaves.

Seo-woo actually texts him and said that they should have dinner together. So he texts her to ask when she finishes work. She says that she actually just wanted to text him. How are you doing? How is the weather? I am happy if someone contacts me with unnecessary things like that. It feels like someone cares about me.

He texts her and says that nothing happens, but he just saw something that makes him happy so he is really happy right now. She looks around and looks bummed. Then she responds and tells him that she is studying what it will feel like to be somewhere with him (?). She says she is texting him for that same reason.

He asks if she needs anything? Like a little cushion since you always lean your chin on the desk? Or maybe a pair of slippers? I think you need something.

She looks at her feet and at the desk and then tells her that she is okay.

He tells her that she has a habit of something she says.

She asks what it is.

He tells her that she says she wants someone to hear something.

She puts her cellphone away and thinks back to her parents at their house. She thinks that she wants them to hear (though who she is talking about is not clear).




Soon-ho talks to In-wook on the phone about his studio schedule. he changes the subject and asks her about when she used to be a gardener and how he can get rid of vase pots? She asks why. He tells her his plants are dead.

She tells him to take a photo of them, she will see how they are. he does. She tells him that they are not dead. If it is difficult for you to raise them, can you send them to our farm?

She mentions the eucalyptus plant. He asks what that plant looks like? She tells him that they have the same thing in their studio. Seo-woo got it as a gift and I brought it back to life. he asks who gave it to her? Soon-ho does not know.

They hang up, In-wook wonders what the relationship is with Seo-woo and his wife.


He goes to the studio right after Seo-woo leaves. He just misses her. But he does see the eucalyptus plant. It seems like he might have bought that for his wife and she threw away the vase? Its not clear. 

But then Ha-won comes in so In-wook hides. Ha-won leaves a bag happily for Seo-woo and starts to head out. But he also sees In-wook leaving the studio when he gets his bicycle. So he goes back inside and looks around the studio.


Seo-woo is still walking around outside. She thinks about her usual phrase of “I want you to hear” and then takes off running to the bus station. Or maybe the train station? She looks at train times and then thinks back to when an ajumma asked her if she wanted to go home?

Meanwhile, Ha-won calls the shrink to talk about something with her, but the conversation is clipped. They get off the phone and we see the shrink looking at the device. It looks like it will be given to Min-jung possibly.

He goes home and sees Seo-woo waiting outside for him. he is happy to see her so they go inside. He tells her that it is a big improvement that she went to the bus terminal since you never went there ever since. She nods.

he says he can go with her. She says no. She told her mom that she can bring her own recording since her mother always asked when she was going to bring it to her so that she could listen to it 1000 times. She said that she was going to go there when her recording present was ready.

Ha-won tells her to play what she recorded and he will pick the best one. She asks if he will know which one is best? He tells her that she will be surprised.

So she pulls it out and they both listen to it. He says the name of the classical music piece then tells her to play the next one. He says that one is not good. She tells him that this guy is really good but he has a slump so he is not so good anymore. Did you actually notice that?

he says that he will show her his skill, she must show her now. She asks if he plays? He says his mother was a piano teacher. She didn’t teach me because I told her that I don’t want to learn to play even though I like to listen to music. So I just learned how by watching her. Be ready. She tells him that she will bring her recording equipment next time and she is looking forward to it.

Then it grows awkward and quiet. They looked out the window. She says that it seems like he might not have slept. When your work is done and everything is solved, you will fall asleep. it will be a signal from your body that it all is done. All the difficulty ended. it is always difficult to feel that someone is gone. But you lose things as much as you have things and we have to have ways to take care of it.

He asks what her way is.

She tells him that she just needs one person to understand. Someone to talk to when she has a hard time. He asks who that person is so she tells him it is Eun-joo Eunnie. But eunnie is getting tired with it. She has endured it for a long time.

Ha-won tells her that she has her one person so she has everything. he smiles.



She heads out later. he walks her out and tells her that sh left everything at her recording studio, I also left something so let’s go there together. She jokes and asks if he left his heart? He tells her that he left his bicycle.

So they walk there together. She asks him if he likes her text messages? Does it feel like someone is there for you?

He says that it is not like someone is right there, it is like they are up in the air somewhere. It makes the air around me warm. So yes, your text messages work.

She is happy about it and tells him goodbye when they get to the studio.

But he doesn’t leave. She tells him bye again. He mentions that he has to get his bicycle. So she says okay and heads upstairs quickly for her things. When she gets inside the studio, she wonders what all these things inside are. 

He actually bought a lot of cute things for her like slippers. She yells out the window that they are cute! They are my type! He smiles and rings his bicycle bell and rides off.


In-wook rests with Jin-moo in Jin-moo’s studio. Jin-moo tries to tell him that he is tiring him out. But In-wook says that he just wants to sit there and not think about anything. Jin-moo tells him that unnecessary thinking is the worst thing, it eats you up. In-wook looks like he is thinking about something and tells him that it was just a vase, I feel like I am all revealed.


Seo-woo and Eun-joo have a small memorial service for her parents. They have it in Seo-woo’s room. She puts a piece of tape over her photo again (because she is still alive) and they both bow.

EJ talks to the parents about how Seo-woo still likes living in the basement apartment because she does not want to move to the upper rooms so don’t be mad at me. I can’t pull her up.

They start to talk about Chang-seob not coming home last night while they eat.


The psychiatrist asks Ha-won how long she has to talk to the AI in order to get to the tipping point? I have n ever talked to someone this long since I was in school. She thinks that her daughter should be the tipping point but she doesn’t tell me anything about it.

Ha-won says it can come out in an unexpected point. The psychiatrist keeps talking about how her daughter should be it. It seems like her daughter died from a disease. 

We hop into a flashback where the daughter asked the psychiatrist to meet with her mother once a week. 

Int he present, the psychiatrist says that Min-jung never talks about her daughter. Ha-won remembers Seo-woo explaining that you need one person to talk to when you are having a hard time.

The doctor keeps talking and says that saying something to someone is a sign that a person wants to keep living. But what can I say to have Min-jung come out, I don’t know.

Ha-won leaves and Min-jung comes in. He catches a glimpse of her.

She goes into the psychiatrist office and they have their meeting. The psychiatrist talks about if Min-jung’s address changed and if she is moving? She asks for her new address and then they start to talk.


Soon-ho goes to In-wook’s house and says that she wondered about his plant and if he is okay. She says that if the plants aren’t doing well than the owner is also not doing well. 

She tells him that the pianist is in a slump so he is not doing well and his plants are dying. I don’t know how to help people in a slump, but I know exactly how to revive plants. One of you guys should live right? 

He says he will take care of it. But she cuts him off and says that he is not taking care of anything. You are just running away. 

He lets her in and tells her that the neighbors know his wife well. So, he does not want an unnecessary rumor to spread. She asks if he even has a wife? But then she sees that his balcony is over in the other side so she walks right in.


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