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A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 6 Recap – Part 2

A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 6 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for A Piece of Your Mind!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Seo-woo prepares for her first recording. Kang In-wook comes in with another person. He is an engineer that has worked with him before. Seo-woo tells him that she heard with her manager that he was going to work with her.

Kang tells her that he never said that he would work with her. Please close the door behind you. She leaves.

Soon-ho asks her where she is going? Seo-woo tells her that she is going home because he brought his own engineer. Soon-ho is confused about it as well so she goes to talk to Kang about it. She opens the door and sees the other engineer in there.

Then she runs out and tells Seo-woo that he told her that he would work with her. Seo-woo thinks he changed his mind. I know how he is, he is not that kind of person. Soon-ho tells her that he is in a slump, so does that mean that he can abuse people? Do not yield to him changing his mind.

She tells her that she is okay with it. They can have a misunderstanding and mistakes, I am okay. She walks off looking bummed. But she isn’t angry.

Soon-ho goes back to the studio but tells her self to calm down before she goes inside. She thinks that if she takes this, then she can live in Seoul.

She calls Ha-won and tells him all about it. He asks where she went? Soon-ho tells him that she doesn’t know, he was just walking as if nothing happened. It makes me so angry. Seo-woo was on Kang in-wook’s side so much. I have this guy backstabbing us like this.

ha-won tells her that this Kang guy is bad. Soon-ho says that the most frustrating thing is that I am enduring it. She stands up and thinks, yeah, why am I? She heads to the studio, but sees the engineer walking out angrily. She goes inside and tells him that he said he would work with Han Seo-woo. You heard that.

In-wook mentions that Seo-woo will be angry, but he had his reasons. She tells him that he habitually screws people up. He says he will explain it. She tells him that he paid for the room anyway, so explain or play the piano or whatever. She storms out.

Meanwhile, Seo-woo keeps walking around and thinks that she needs strong healing right now. So she goes to the delivery house and lets herself in. She comments about how the door is always open and leaves.

She walks to the bridge, it is night now. She looks out over the bridge for a long while.

Ha-won is still working at work. But he is distracted. he looks out the window. Seo-woo hangs out at the bridge. At work, one of the employees closes the window that Ha-won is looking out of.

Then Seo-woo walks down the steps of the bridge and sees Ha-won staring at her from midway.

She looks at him for a moment, then continues walking away.




The piano guy looks at a calendar while he is at home. This makes him think of Ji-su in a conversation they had. She tearfully tells him that he should have hid this from her forever. He says it was a mistake, he did not mean it, just tell me it was a mistake, if you can do that then I will survive.

He goes to the studio and asks Soon-ho if she ha time, just for a moment. 

So they go for a dinner drink at a local place. She is not into it.

Seo-woo also goes to this place and sees they drinking together. So she decides to leave. ha-won walks in after her so she tells him that Mr. kang and her manager are together there. ha-won thinks they might be fighting because Soon-ho was super angry and called him. Soon-ho cannot tolerate a person who does not keep their promise.

Seo-woo thinks that she was sensitive about it. Ha-won tells her that it is not just about being sensitive. Because of that, she was at the farm for nine years and forgetting about the world.

Flashback to Soon-ho and ha-won eating. She laughs at him and asks, so as soon as you came home you were dumped? You just met her after many years and were dumped? She keeps laughing and wonders what the f is up with Kim Ji-su, this is so dramatic. You and I are the same. She keeps laughing.

But then she starts crying. He gives her a tissue.

VO – She promised to get married to her first love, but he hooked up with her best friend. She took me to the restaurant to comfort me, but she was the one crying a lot. After that, she left Seoul and became a gardener on the farm. She has a soft mind. Are you really hungry? I don’t know where to go.

Seo-woo looks at her, he tells her that he was worried about her.

Inside the cafe, Soon-ho takes a shot and tells him to say what happened. He doesn’t talk so she starts to talk about what happened. She says that it could be a misunderstanding. You found another studio for new recordings. He says that she takes care of Seo-woo a lot. Are you a good friend with her?

Soon-ho tells him that she does not have friends or whatever, I do not get attached to people. I try to live lonely.

He asks, why do you do this for Han Seo-woo?

She cuts him off and tells him, when people take care of another person, it is not because you like them or are good friends. This is just a promise. You did not keep your promise. Han Seo-woo was disappointed with that and I am angry about it.

He keeps asking about Seo-woo and asks, so you knew about her and kept going to the studio.

Soon-ho says yes, as soon as I came, she listened to my difficult request. I bought pottery but did not want to buy it with my name. She bought it. Kang realizes that Soon-ho and Seo-woo bought his wife’s pottery dishes. But she does not realize that the pottery was Ji-su’s pottery.

Kang tells her that he will work with Seo-woo next time. Soon-ho angrily asks if he is joking around? He says no. then he asks if she uses the dishes? She says she does not even use it, someone else asked her to buy it. 

She says something about the dirty side of life, he starts to laugh because it was nonsense.


They go to there normal coffee shop. he doesn’t have sandwiches but asks them if they want ramen. He says eating ramen at a coffee shop is actually the best.

Cut to them eating the ramen. The coffee shop guy is actually sitting them as well. He starts to mention how much Ha-won was waiting for that person and asks if he should mention it. ha-won tells him no, the person he was waiting for was a different person.

Seo-woo says she knows that person. The coffee shop guy asks if he met her since then? He says no. The coffee guy tells him that in his coffee shop, if you wait then you meet. Coffee shops have their own kind of luck. I get sad if I see my customers getting dumped. You will see her.

Ha-won starts to cry suddenly. he apologizes. But he can’t stop.

So he goes outside to cool off. The coffee shop guy tells Seo-woo that he shouldn’t have said that. But Seo woo says it is okay, he should have cried a long time ago. He mentions that she was sitting over there with another women. A woman that was looking at the ceiling, I remember her.

Seo-woo says it was that person. That is the person he was waiting for. He says that she came. He remembers her showing up and looking at Ha-won from the street and taking a picture of him. 

Seo-woo then remembers Ji-su telling her to tell Ha-won not to wait at the cafe. Seo-woo looks through her phone and then looks at Ha-won standing outside.



Later on, they walk up the street together.

SW – Are you the guy that said you never cry?

HW – Well, I cry.…this is the first time noticing it.

SW – And, you came because you worried about me?

HW – Um, I am not here to do this. 

SW – that is funny, why do I feel so good when someone else cried.

HW – Lets go.

SW – Where?

HW – Taxi!

he runs to catch one and waves his hand around.

SW – Ah, you are embarrassed. What are you doing to the empty air?

No taxi is around, lol.

He looks at her.

SW – it is nice to see you Ha-won.

HW – Can I be Ha-won from now on? Do you have anything to tell Mr. Early Morning? I do not think he will come back again.

SW – So this is the last moment with Mr. Early Morning. Well, I can’t say, don’t leave. Can you turn around?

HW – Just tell me.

SW – Because you are Mr. Early Morning.

She thinks for a moment and then give him a hug. He is frozen.

SW – Goodbye Mr. Early Morning, thank you so much.

Then she stops hugging him.

SW – All done. 

She runs off to hail a taxi.


Soon-ho goes to Ha-won’s house happily. But he is not there. 

he is on the way there because he is sharing a taxi with Seo-woo. he gives her an earphone to listen to in the car. It is music that she was listening to when he first saw her. We see a flashback to that day.

She tells him that she remembered it. She looked out the window and saw a man looking up at her. So she increased the volume so that he could hear it.

He says that he heard that sound and looked up and saw her so he went to the recording studio. She tells him that she remembers telling him that if your first impression is clear than you remember it longer. So I was super cool huh? My first impression of you was in the recording studio. It is different.

He says that he did that to make her happy and forget her hardships. But she says that she forgot all about what happened to her after she saw him crying. She holds back a chuckle. He walks off embarrassed and yet trying not to be embarrassed.

They get to her place. She runs in to straighten a bit before before he comes in. he tells her that it looks better than it does from the outside. she says that she lives here because it is nice. Eun-joo eunnie wouldn’t just let her stay anywhere.

he looks around a bit and sits on a chair. So she sits on her bed. She asks about the device. He says he destroyed it, though it is strange to say that. before, what Ji-su gave me was clear. I was happy to think about Ji-su. When I felt empty and thought about Ji-su, I could comfort myself. Ji-su was anchoring me with something. Now, when I think about Ji-su – I have a hard time.

You are right, it is time to quit. It is kind of a strange term to quit. Abstract things still have a way. I decided. I am going to find out how and what to quit. I am like that. Now it is your turn Seo-woo. You told me that you like to see. I don’t understand what you meant. for a long time, I did not value seeing. And also, I believed that emotions connect without meeting. But now I know what is seeing and what is good. 

Well, when I was having a hard time, it was nice to see.

She asks, what is?

We see a flashback of him looking at Seo-woo when he was having a hard time. But he doesn’t tell her that was it.

HW – And you didn’t quit?

SW – you do not have a subject again.

HW – 1% is big, you shouldn’t quit. 1% is everything. I am really curious about how your 1% will grow.

But then someone bangs on the door. it is Chang-seob so she runs out to see what is going on. He tells her that Jin-su can’t find his way up here so he will get him and you should go upstairs to help Eun-joo since it is busy.

He runs off.

She goes back inside and tells ha-won that they have a big dinner whenever they have a new tenant. I forgot about it. Eun-joo eunnie will kill me if I skip it.

So she lets him out. But outside, she tells him that she has one more thing. She thinks it is better to know everything when she made up her mind. What Ji-su wanted to tell you, there was one more thing. 

SW – Ji-su went to the place where you guys were supposed to meet.

Cut to Seo-woo going inside the house. Eun-sjoo is cooking for everyone so she helps. 

Outside, Chang-seob walks up with the medical school guy.

In a corner, we see Ha-won looking at Ji-su’s instagram. He finds the photo of the cafe and zooms in to see himself sitting inside. he remembers that day> he went outside to help the owner with the door.

VO – If I turned back. Ji-su…finishing you means ending my long long regret.


Everyone starts to eat happily inside. Min-jung is not there though. Ej starts to talk about how So-ji likes japchae. But they change the subject. EJ tells the med student that she is dating Chang-seob.

Seo-woo excuses herself and runs out. But she doesn’t see HW so she calls him and tells him that she doesn’t quit. But she also doesn’t want or need anything from him. So you can find it out.

He says that he found out how to quit, but I want you to do me a favor. Can you walk by so I can see you?

She asks, are you saying that you like to see me? She covers her mouth in shock.

He tells her, I can’t say what this emotion is, but I need you so can you be there for me?

Back in her place, he removed the bandaid from Seo-woo’s face to show her super smiling face.

HW – Be there for me.

Fade Out


Okay, this episode was better than the last. But I do have some bad news for A Piece of Your Mind fans. It looks like tvN is ending this show at 12 episodes instead of its allocated 16. This might be because it has 1.2% ratings right now which is the lowest show ratings the network has had since About Time which had 0.8% ratings.


English Translation

SW – You want me to hear?

HW – I should use my skills. You will be super surprised.

EJ – In this season, my heart is super pumping. You say you die or not.

SW – Are you hiding something?

IW – I feel like everything about me is exposed.

HW – I left something

SW – Oh, your heart or something like that?

HW – My bicycle.

SW – Oh, that is cute, my type.

IW – The worst thing happened.

SH – You or me, at least one of us should survive.

HW – One person and 1%. Who wants to be with, should follow around (no subjects)

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  1. Sebba
    April 8, 2020 / 1:10 pm

    This show confuses me so much. Like I really want to love it. And there are scenes that are genuinely touching. Plus I can’t fault the acting of any of the main leads or rest of the cast.

    It’s just, it’s like I’m missing something big. Not the story but as though my feelings are way, way behind. So that when I see them cry or laugh, I’m yet to be there with them in that moment.

    It’s not even Ha Won’s unrequited love story. Like I get that – meeting someone who incites feelings in you that are both warm and familiar. Something so rare that moving on is impossible because where in the world can you go to find that again. Most people don’t even get their basic needs met, so finding a miracle twice in one lifetime is just beyond hope.

    It’s just I’m not on the same page. And as much as I try to catch up, I just can’t get to their level of feeling. It’s like walking into a room and finding a stranger crying. You feel bad for them. The more you learn of their situation the more sympathy you feel. However not until you build a connection with their person will you ache and hurt in your heart. And that’s the thing that confuses me because I do connect with Ha Won ad Seo Woo and I do wish them so much happiness. I really like both their characterizations. And I understand where they are coming from. So why the disconnect? I just don’t get where this drama is failing me… Help?

    • V
      April 8, 2020 / 1:42 pm

      Yes, everything here. Its like there is some kind of emotional connection that I want to feel but am just not feeling.

      I was not getting all the tears that Seo-woo had towards Ha-won in the last episodes (3&4) and knd of thought she should mind her own business? Even though she also had an emotional connection with ji-su the accisations with telling Ha-won to move on already seemed a bit premature? I don’t know. But I get all that you wrote!

      • Sebba
        April 8, 2020 / 2:14 pm

        Yes agreed. Even with Ha Won suddenly deciding to move on…and I was like what already? Just because Seo Woo said you didn’t even have 1% chance??? And then him looking at Seo Woo and again I was like already? Not faulting the acting because they are performing effortlessly. Which is perhaps why I’m trying so hard to be in that moment with them.

        Perhaps it’s that Ha Won and Seo Woo act as though they are something deeper than they are. Like in Melting me softly, when Ma Dong Chan begs the doctor to allow him and Mi ran to sleep together and I was like ‘this should be more epic’ than it is. Because to me it just came across as silly rather cheap. Like the potential is there, definitely but we are not there yet and so going back to that stranger crying. If I – another stranger enter and comfort them, they would feel happier perhaps BUT if I was their mother, or long lost sister or decades old lover or unrequited first love, THEN, then that moment would be deeper. ??? Perhaps.

        I just can’t for the life of me figure it out. When I compare it to Chocolate, Weather is Warm, or On the way to the Airport – I feel like I should love it the same but I can’t and yet I really, really want to. Bah! either it will surprise me or forever be a mystery.

        Thanks for the recaps. Are you planning to stick it out?

        • V
          April 8, 2020 / 4:47 pm

          Yep, the acting is great! That is what is so strange. The actors are really performing well so it is a mystery.

          We are going to stick it out, though! I think the last episode is moving in the right direction and they shortened it to 12 episodes so if it still continues to go South, at least it won’t be too much more to recap. 😜

  2. Anonymous
    April 19, 2020 / 8:58 am

    Pls upload 7th and 8th episode recap

    • V
      April 21, 2020 / 10:13 am

      Yes! I need to! Uploading episode 8 today!

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