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A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

I was pretty confused in the last episode with the storylines and the A.I. of it all. Though I am trying to overlook it. Hopefully the AI goes away and we focus more on the main couples relationship and less on all the side characters. Because, honestly, though the B&B owner is adorable, I do not need a play by play on everything going on in her life.

But I would like to know a bit more about the pianists life and why he is in this drama. He seems important to the storyline, right? The hotel woman also seems important, I guess? So hopefully it all gets sorted at least a bit more in this episode.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Soon-ho takes an order from someone while in her office. It sounds like she is talking to someone comfortable to her, like a friend. She tells this person that she is busy trying to catch someone, someone that she has to find. 

Ah, she might be talking to her grandmother. She is writing down medical and food supplies as she talks to her.

Cut to Ha-won talking to Soon-ho on the phone about her grandmother and how she worried about her. You should talk to her, she listens to you, I worry about her. He says that he will talk to her. he is sitting on the steps of the bridge and it is nighttime. She asks him where he is, it is so noisy.

He says he is outside. But he does not elaborate. She tells him to not walk around mindlessly. He tells her that things are so difficult. She says that he never says that things are difficult.

Then Seo-woo comes in so she asks her where she has been. ha-won can here the two of them talking. Soon-jo complains about In-wook to her. Seo-woo listens but then says that she will go home. She heads out.

So Soon-ho asks Ha-won if anything happened. He asks if the studio is empty? She says yes. So he says that he wills top by. She asks why? He tells her he had his best sleep over there recently.

Seo-woo is listening to all of this. Soon-ho reminds her that she said she was going home? You can go home. But Seo-woo says that she will leave the recording studio open. She hurries to straighten the recording studio and make it cozy for Ha-won.

She turns on the air purifier, plays piano music, and straightens a throw rug for him. Then she hides in another room and heard him come in. She peeks around to watch him in there for a moment.

VO – Stop, just stop your long one-sided love. You said that you don’t know how to do it. My one-sided love at least has a 1% possibility. Because they are still alive. You do not have 1% at all, so stop. Sorry, I will quit also. I will quit that little one percent thing. You should have ended it a long time ago.

Ha-won texts Soon-ho and asks if she turned on the music. Soon-ho tells him that this music is good for sleeping.

Outside the room, Seo-woo tells him to have a good nights rest and heads out. he sees her leaving.

The B&B owner stays awake for Seo-woo and meets her outside as she walks up. They hug and the B&B owner tells her that the new roommate comes today. They are all called roommates now, I do not want to give them personal feelings. So they are all roommates except you and Chang-seob.

The student comes. He is Bae Jin-soo, a med student. They are amazed that he is wearing a long warm coat in April. They chat a bit, he says he is on the medical school orchestra. Eun-joo asks if he has more luggage. he says he will have more delivered tomorrow. 

She tells him that his gown is so dirty, take it off right away, I will wash it. Doctors should wear clean gowns. He says he is just a student.

In his house, ha-won talks to the grandmother and updates her on all the other adopted kids. She asks him if he has any trouble? You are talking to me and reading me mail. He says that she caught him. She tells him that in that situation you can just read something, that is good for you. That is why I gave your and Soon-ho’s addresses, but Soon-ho never reads.

He asks when she is coming because Soon-ho worries about her. She says she will come when time comes. Tell her I will be there before it gets hot. Ha-won tells her that he is already happy.


At 4am, both Seo-woo and Ha-won are awake. But they do not call each other.

Ha-won goes to work in a few hours and hears Ji-su’s voice. His employee Jin-hwan is playing Ji-su’s voice recording. he turns in off and says that he was curious about it. ha-won asks what? He starts to talk about the center of a coordinate and how it still exists. There is a desperate thing that moves ha-won’s ability to its max. Perhaps it is this person. All this research started with Kim Ji-su. The test has ended and the hint is right here.

Ha-won tells him to erase everything in front of him right now. So Jin-hwan erases it all. But he doesn’t understand why. Hoon comes up and says that Jin-hwan still does not understand this with his good brain. It makes you upset right? Why don’t you go to the other team, they will welcome you.

Jin-hwan says no, he does not want to go anywhere without Ha-won or Hoon. I do not care who Kim ji-su is. Hoon tells him not to be interested in it. Then he pulls Ha-won to the side and tells him that Jin-hwan can figure things out, he is smart. He starts to talk about business thing.

But ha-won passes out for a moment and falls on the ground. Hoon checks his pulse and blood vessels. Hoon asks him if he can’t sleep anymore again? You need to sleep.




the B&B owner sees that the doctor student fell asleep wearing his clothing so she starts to take off his lab coat to wash it. Chang-seob runs in and says that he can take it off! So they both start manhandling the med student. He barely notices because he is so sleepy. EJ finally gets the lab coat and goes to wash it. Though she looks at Chang-seob strangely as she does.


Jin-moo talks about In-wook to Soon-ho. Soon-ho wants to know where In-wook is. Jin-moo tells her that he has a deal with a major music company and feels betrayed so he is having a hard time.

She says he can do it alone. Jin-moo laughs a bit and tells her that is an unexpected answer. We do not record when he is at his worst, we record when he is at his best.

She asks why he doesn’t set a target and practice hard until he reaches it? Jin-moo tells her that is easy to say. Why don’t you do it? She tells him that if the root is not rotten then everything can grow again. Where is he? He tells her he is in the studio.

So she goes to the studio and watches him play the piano for a moment.

But he is playing in partial darkness so she turns on the lights and asks him if he has something to tell her. He tells her to turn off the light. She tells him that he caused a huge issue when he asked to open the studio, she had to run like a maniac. 

he asks how long he was supposed to wait. She says 10 minutes. But he waited 20 minutes. they argue a bit about that. She asks him if he remembers Moon recording studio when he has a slump? You can record by yourself and record an album. I can help you in our business studio, you have my business card.

he is not listening, she keeps talking to him so he yells, I HAVE IT! She tells him that he looks more human when he screams like that. Call me.


Soon-ho calls Seo-woo and tells her that she found Kang In-wook and got a business deal. Did you check the schedule? She says no. Seo-woo then asks where she slept that night? Do you have a house in Seoul? Soon-ho says no. 

Seo-woo tells her that someone lives there. Soon-ho says she can stay there also. Seo-woo asks, hat about the person living there? Soon-ho tells her it is a family thing. Be sure to check the schedule. There is another voice recording assignment like Kim Ji-su. But we can make someone else do it and lend the recording studio.

Se-woo tell sher that she can do it.

Cut to Min-jung, the Hotelier, walking to the recording studio. She goes inside and asks Seo-woo if she can take a photo and put in on her instagram. Seo-woo remembers her.

Min-jung takes the selfie and tells Seo-woo to make sure she is out of the picture. Then they start recording her voice. She has to say simple vowels, consonants, and then speak in sentences.

The woman says that she heard this device can talk to her, does a device like this really exist? Seo-woo tells her that she cannot say anything about the recording, she has a do not disclose contract.

The woman asks to wear the headphones because they look cool. Then she starts to prepare for the recording. Seo-woo tells her that she will give her a sign to start reading. But as she prepares it, she sees Ji-su instead of Min-jung. The lady waits for the signal.

At the signal, she starts to say them too fast, so Seo-woo asks her to slow down. She says them too slow, so Seo-woo tells her to say them faster. She finally gets it right. She keeps recording and after awhile starts to read a poem. But she wants to take a break to post on her instagram because it is 1pm. 

Then she starts to read it again. She leaves when she is all done but remembers Seo-woo from the B&B and asks if the last room is still available. Leave it open.


Ha-won thinks about Seo-woo while at work. A post it on his computer is “Kim Min-jung for the name of the recorded file”. it is the recording that she just did.

She rests in the studio. Another post it says, “Where is Mr. Morning.” She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep. He sneaks in and sees her.

When she wakes up, he is still there quietly looking at her. Then he tells her that he is Mr. Morning. Do you miss Mr. Morning? He holds up the post it. She tells him that was the person from before. He says he is the person from before. But you just woke up so you might want coffee, which coffee?

She tells him that she didn’t sleep, she was thinking. He says okay, then makes her a coffee. He asks if it is okay to have a cup of coffee with Mr. Morning.

He prepares it and asks why she has this piercing gaze at Mr. Morning.

SW – You cried.

HW – No.

SW – you look like you did.

HW – I don’t cry.

SW – How can’t someone cry?

HW – I was eating cold noodles and Hoon put too much wasabi, that is how I cried. But I do not remember crying. 

he tells her the coffee is hot and to drink it. He tells her that he is early so he will drink it and leave. But she says she will drink it. However she burns her lip and mutters that it is hot.

They both sit and sip the coffee. he asks her if she is going to quit? She says yes. She is going to show him an example of quitting. She wanted to do it for herself. It does not matter ha-won is not an easy guy, he is meticulous. Well, not meticulous. 

HW – Why are you quitting, it is for yourself? Ha-won is ha-won, so let your 1% be free. Don’t give up. ha-won will follow what Seo-woo says, so don’t worry about him.

He starts to leave. She tells him that it is his time, Mr. Morning, so you can clean up after yourself, don’t touch my things and my bag and should I leave the door open. But he is already on the way out. He closes the door for her.

He goes to work happily.



Near the B&B, the hotel halmoni sits in the chair outside. Eun-joo tells her that it is dark outside, just in case you are scared. Then she hurries away to the B&B. 

Inside, Eun-joo and Seo-woo talk. Eun-joo mentions that Chang-seob is not coming back tonight, he has a family thing. She tells Seo-woo to come back late tomorrow because Chang-seob is not coming to work tomorrow. Seo-woo chuckles and says she gets it, you want to have a good time with him.

Eun-joo tells her that she can move upstairs if she wants, she can give her a discount. Seo-woo tells her not yet. Then Seo-woo asks if 1% is a possibility or a type of torture with hope. Eun-joo thinks it is more like hope torture. Seo-woo tells her it is her one-sided love.

She says that she will lure 1% and see if he survives or falls. I will raise him strong. Eun-joo asks if she is doing it or not? they both chuckle.


Soon-ho cleans her plants and then gets a message that pianist Kang In-wook wants to work with Seo-woo. She is so happy to tell Seo-woo this.

Seo-woo sends the pianist a message of introduction and tells him that she will see him in the afternoon. 

He gets the message and sees the phone number. He remembers it as the same phone number that Ji-su had. he wonders why she had her phone number.


In a cafe, Chang-seob and Soo-ji run into each other on their lunch break. he waits for her afterwards and says he had a good time back when she used to eat breakfast with them. He asks what she is doing now. They end up walking and talking about Eun-joo.

He tells her that she liked him, that is why she left. She calls him crazy. He talks about hoe everyone likes him at work. then jokes about how he is rethinking his choice after his value increased. She fakes hitting him.

Eun-joo see them together happily chatting and looks self conscious about it.

Then she gets a call from Min-jung about moving in to the room on the end. EJ tells her that she did not sign a contract with her. Min-jung tells her that that Chang-seob guy took her money, did you not get it?

EJ calls Chang-seob to confirm, he says that he did and wired the money to her. DOn’t be angry about it. EJ tells him that she has to see what kind of person they are. It is a mini argument. They both hang up.

EJ runs all the way back to let the woman in. She reminds her that she wanted the last room and yells that she told the recording studio girl. EJ jumps and mentions that she has someone in there now, I can refund you your money.

But the woman tells her that she is not going anywhere until she gets the last room. Ej calls Seo-woo and starts yelling into the phone before Seo-woo picks up. Min-jung covers her ears as if she thinks EJ is completely psycho.


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