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A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




He starts to walk off the bridge with her.

HW – Why do you want me to find her?

JS – Of course it is for Han Seo-woo. She is just happy watching you, how do you feel?

HW – I don’t know.

JS – There is no, well, for Ha-won. I felt a little strange. Han Seo-woo and you kind of match.

HW – (There is someone that matches well with Ji-su).

He starts to walk off again. He sees Seo-woo in a shop and sends it to Ji-su. Seo-woo sees him and wonders what is going on.

He goes inside so she asks him how it went? She puts the head phones in her ear again. Seo-woo sighs and says this is uncomfortable. He says that Ji-su wanted him to do it.

JS – There are a lot of pretty things, I want to see from Behind were Seo-woo was standing.

Ha-won takes a video and send it to her.

JS – Seo-woo, what about in front of her and the upper shelf, you should buy that diffuser. it is my favorite. She also tells them that a candle on that shelf has a good smell. He says that he does not need a candle.

She apologizes. He says that they can leave. But she asks what the sparkly thing is behind them. Seo-woo tells her it is a sticker. They look at them.

Cut to them both standing on the bridge. Ji-su tells them that she is happy that they are on the bridge because it feels like she is looking at the same thing that they are. She asks if they are standing close to each other?

SW tells her that they have to because of the length of the earphones. Ji-su asks if they see each others sides? They start to talk about what part of the other that they can see. He says her face, because she is looking at him. She turns her head and says it is her side now.

She says that the last time she saw his face it was a side view at the cafe. Seo-woo mentions that she saw him, that is why she ran away. J-su says, okay, let’s make that true. Seo-woo asks what about it? 

Ha-won asks when she saw him? But Ji-su changes the subject and asks what they are seeing right now at sunset. So they take a photo to show her. She starts to talk about how great the sunset is there and how she wanted to see it.

We see a flashback of her on the bridge. She talks about how she went there when Seo-woo told her to go to a higher vantage point. And while there she said that she wanted to see the sunset from there. That is her last memory. After that, I have nothing.



She stops talking, it is night time now. They unplug their earphones and Ha-won starts to walk away. Seo-woo kneels on the floor and says that this was the last thing she knows, she doesn’t know that she went to Norway or anything after this.

Ha-won says that she will find it out. but Seo-woo says that she should not find it out.

He keeps walking away. Seo-woo follows him and tells him to stop talking to her, she will know everything when it all clicks. He wants to know why she sold the pottery. Seo-woo says that she tried to do anything.

he asks, so she sold the vase and went to Norway, it was all about unhappiness and you know why, that is the story right? Why did she have a hard time?

SW – Ji-su didn’t want to talk about it so don’t try to find it out.

He starts to walk away. She tells him that he will find out eventually so don’t do it. She tries to reason with him about it.

But he says that not seeing something does not mean that it does not exists, it exists to me. She tells him that is a hallucination that crazy people have. He says one-sided love is the same.

She doesn’t say anything and walks away.


Soon-ho goes home completely drunk. Ha-won helps her in. She falls asleep on the floor.

He leaves and wanders around. It looks like he goes to the studio then he calls Ha-won. it is 2:10am. She wakes up and looks at her phone. Then she answers.

HW – You have to understand, The thing I hear the most is to forget about Ji-su. To stop. But what should I do to forget and to stop? It doesn’t exist but it still exists to me. I can’t see her but she is still there. I don’t know how to explain this at all. So I don’t tell it to anyone. That is what I wanted to say. it is different from your one-sided love.

SW – Yes, it is different. I have one-sided love for my own happiness, it is very different from you. You can’t stand it if you have curiosity. She said that Ji-su’s husband made a mistake, that is why it was so difficult and she did not come out of the house. She wanted to do something, that is why she sold the pottery. That is all I know. This was the reason for Ji-su’s un-happiness to the world. That is what I am telling you. Don’t try to know anything. If she did not say it then don’t try to find out.

They get off the phone quietly.


The piano guy goes in to record and practice, but his team found another piano guy. It is a bit awkward between the musicians as to who was supposed to tell him that they replaced him. The main guy wants to blame everyone else. The pianist leaves.

He goes to the recording studio that Seo-woo runs. But Seo-woo and the pianist stand outside because the door is locked. She excuses herself to call Soon-ho who is still sleeping on the floor. She wakes up to answer but throws up right away.

Seo-woo hears her and apologizes to the pianist. She asks if he can go somewhere to wait, she will go find her. She hurries off.

But actually, ha-won is sitting inside the studio thinking about how he shouldn’t find out any more than what Ji-su wanted him to know.



Seo-woo runs all the way to Soon-ho’s house and gives her hangover medicine then asks for the password, Mr. Kang is waiting. She looks at her phone frantically and then starts to text him the password. Then she looks around and wonders why she is here? 

Seo-woo tells her that she thought it was her house? Soon-ho says that she has no house in Seoul. Look at this place. Seo-woo tells her that she is leaving. Mr. Kang is so angry, I will call a cab.


The pianist lets himself in but sees Ha-won asleep in the recording room. He calls Soon-ho and tells her that someone is there. Soon-ho says it is okay, that is my uncle, just tell him to leave. I will go there to take care of it. I will be there in 5 minutes.

Seo-woo sees the same box that Ji-su brought to her as they are both heading out. This makes her want to look around the apartment even more so she tells Soon-ho that she is getting her cell phone and will meet her at the bottom.

So she starts to look around his house. She says, Ji-su, do you know where I am? Suddenly music tarts to play and the curtains go up. Then she says, ah…Ji-su, stop the music. The music stops.

So now she knows a bit more about Ha-won.

VO – You didn’t see Ha-won’s place, right? I saw it. What I saw in the house was that everything was Ji-su. But, this is not good.

Back to the pianist, he is having a mental dialogue with himself  and all he voices in his head of people he has talked to recently. He leaves and walks outside like a zombie. He repeats the phone number in his head and then goes into a cafe to use the owners phone.

But the owner says he does not have a phone. So he asks he bartender if he can call the number and check to see if it is a man or a woman? He hands over his phone. He says that if it is a man, can you ask if it is Ha-won? But then he apologizes and says he is sorry, he leaves money for him.

Outside, he tells himself that he just wants to be sad about it.

Meanwhile, Seo-woo goes to the studio. it is empty so she calls Ha-won. 

SW – If she is unhappy, he will come back to me. if she is unfortunate, she will come back to me. That is all just a little possibility. Just stop it. Stop your long one-sided love. You said that you don’t know how to end this. At least my one-sided love had 1% possibility. Because they are still alive. But you do not have that, so you should stop. I am sorry, I know that I am sorry. So I will quit also, I will quit my 1%. You should have given up long before.

She hangs up. 

Music kicks in as we see the pianist looking miserable. Then Soon-ho looking for Seo-woo and not seeing her. Seo-woo is sitting on the floor crying softly. Ha-won is walking around the neighborhood. He looks at the bridge.

HW – Unhappy.

JS – Have a good life. Enough happiness, enough unhappiness.

He thinks about Seo-woo yelling at him about just letting Ji-su go and how her one-sided love has a change because they are still alive.

So Ha-won pulls out Ji-su and stands on the bridge. He says he wants to hug her. I want to hug you and pat you on the back. You can scream.

JS – *Lightly chuckles* Why are you doing this?

HW – Just scream.

JS – *screams*

HW – More.

JS – *screams and laughs*

HW – When you wanted to have a conversation only once. I wanted to hear something from you and I wanted to tell you something. Well, I thought about a lot of things.

JS – So?

HW – I will tell you what I wanted to tell you. If I tell you this, I will feel like I am giving you a hug. When you are having a hard time or are depressed, that thing I used to do.

We see a flashback of little Ji-su and little Ha-won. She is crying. he says her name several times. She stops crying.

HW – Ji-su ya, Ji-su ya, Ji-su ya. 

he keeps repeating her name. 

HW – Ji-su ya, rest peacefully.

He turns Ji-su off and looks out over the bridge.

Fade out


Okay, this show lost me. It is still beautiful, but this A.I unit is giving me a hard time. I just don’t understand how it knows the things it knows when I don’t feel that the real Ji-su talked to Seo-woo that much. It is really throwing me off.

So hopefully this is the end of the Ji-su A.I. and the show can just focus on the lead couples relationship from here on out. Honestly, I was so confused this episode with not just the AI, but also with how the characters are fitting together. 

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  1. Jane M
    April 11, 2020 / 9:14 am

    I agree. I don’t think the AI “character” was well thought out and that is why its storyline is so confusing. If it was created from the snippet of voice recording only, how would it have so much “awareness”? If it is simply an advanced AI, it would not have all the memories and personality of a deceased person using only a voice recording. I also think this is taking away from the storyline. I hope the rest of the series drops the AI and just fills in the storyline of the main characters with the continued use of the beautiful cinematography and poetry-like dialog. I still have hope!

    • V
      April 11, 2020 / 11:27 am

      Right, it almost feels like they should have gone Black Mirror and had someone scan Ji-su’s brain in Norway and then try to scramble all the thoughts back together or something. I would have accepted that. But with just a recording and talking to it? Um…no.

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