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A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

Time to find out what happens after that awkward ending from the last episode. Seo-woo really looked like she wanted to melt into the floor.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open right at the moment where Ji-su AI says that Seo-woo likes Ha-won. The A also asks if Won doesn’t like it? Seo-woo awkwardly tries to talk to Ji-wu and looks at Ha-won like she wants to melt into the ground then closes her eyes and says, I really like to see him like you and miss you and putting an effort towards you as a human. I like it all. 

JS – Won does not know about your feelings right?

SW – Right, I hope he does not find out. Ji-su, you also did not know about much Ha-won likes you. I hope he doesn’t know about it.

They keep looking at each other quietly and uncomfortably.

Cut to Swo-woo tripping down the outside steps as she heads out to leave. He says that he will walk her home. She bites her lip in burning embarrassment.

On the walk, he starts to say something and she quickly cuts him off and says, don’t do it! He tries again, she says, don’t do anything!

She continues and tells him not to think about what Ji-su says. Don’t do anything. Ha-won says okay but asks what it means that she likes to see him.

She tells him that she is leave. But he follows and says they should go together. Should I not do anything for you at all? She asks, are you going to do something if I ask you? He says to tell him.

SW – I don’t want to, it is a big thing.

HW – Let me hear it first.

SW – You look happy. You are the reason for Ji-su’s tipping point, so that is why you are happy, right? Goodbye.

She hurries off. He smiles. She takes off running and muttering how much this drives her crazy.

he goes back home and starts to talk to ji-su, but Ji-su is not talking back to him. He asks if he should go back to the recording studio? It seems like he feel comfortable over there.

So he goes to the recording studio and sits on the couch with her. He tells her he is at the recording studio. You can listen around you. Is it too dark? He shines a light on her and her color changes a little.

HW – Why do you feel comfortable here? You said that the sound is comfortable? Ji-su, lets take it slowly. After I went to Norway, when you were scared to go back home alone you said you just decided it like a spell.

Flashback to her deciding to walk the path alone in Norway. She ends up running the path becasue seh is scared to walk it alone.

In the present, Ha-won tells her that they should take it slowly.

Meanwhile, Seo-woo can’t sleep so she rolls over and asks Ha-won if he talked to her. She puts it in a text message and waits. He tells her no, he can’t talk to her. I don’t know anything. Seo-woo burries her head in the pillow.

Cut to percussion musicians playing the xylophone and Seo-woo and Soon-ho working to make sure that it all sounds good. They are not in their recording studio. Afterwards, Soon-ho asks Seo-woo, what if they record these things in our recording studio? The hourly rate looks so expensive over there.

They talk about that for a moment. Seo-woo says this field is tough to be the main person, you might be 60 years old to do your first job. Seo-woo is happy right now though because at least she has a job.

They head back, Ha-won is still in the recording studio so Soon-ho tells Seo-woo that she can come back later. She sees Ha-won sitting in there and sneaks in for the Ji-su device then takes off running. Outside, she starts to talk to Ji-su.

As she hustles out, Seo-woo tells Ji-su that she went too far, she has to get her permission to say those things! Ji-su is confused and asks what she is talking about. Seo-woo says that she said all that in front of Ha-won.

Ji-su asks, you were in front of Ha-won? Seo-woo tells Ji-su that they were in his home. Ji-su playfully asks, ah, so what are you doing there at night?




Back in the studio, Soon-ho tells Ha-won to just wait there a little bit and not face her. It is better not to get to know each other too much. But Ha-won does not think that is a good idea. Soon-ho tells him that Seo-woo knows a lot about the Ji-su that he wants to know and Seo-woo wants to know about you the most in the world now. Whatever you guys wonder about each other, it ends up with Kim Ji-su.

She tells him that he talks about Ji-su the most.

Seo-woo goes to Ha-won’s place and tells Ji-su the address. She says that this place is important for Ha-won. He does a lot of work here as well. Ji-su says that this is the delivery address, that is why he wanted to have them here. I know I sold the dishes, but why did I sell you the dishes?

In her head, Seo-woo asks, you don’t know why you sold them? She remembers Ha-won saying that if she keeps talking to her then she will find the answer by herself. So Seo-woo keeps talking to her about the house and how it is a nice place to record. 

Ji-su agrees, she thinks there is good sound there. She asks to hear anything that is recorded here. She also tells Seo-woo to make her work an excuse and to spend more time with ha-won there. She asks, this place does not have curtains right?

Seo-woo tells her there are no curtains. Ji-su asks how much sun they can get? Seo-woo says the living room is lit with sunlight.

Ji-su tells her that Oslo does not have much sunlight and the daytime is short. When I saw a picture of Korea, everyone had curtains in the house. While looking at the picture, we wondered why people blocked the sun, it was so precious.

Seo-woo tells her that the sun is precious to her too, because she lives in a half basement. Ji-su asks if she ever went to where Ha-won lives? Seo-woo tells her no. Seo-woo wonders if she should go his place for her? Ji-su tells her that she has a lot of excuses, just show me around this place.

So Seo-woo takes a few photos of it and sends it to the device. Ji-su says that Ha-won is working and Seo-woo is taking pictures. Seo-woo smiles and tells her that she feels more relaxed.

JS – huh?

SW – i am very comfortable with you.

JS – Lets find good furniture to put here. Minimal things. Won doesn’t need anything unnecessary. Please?

SW – Then you have to listen to my wish.

JS – What is it?

Cut to Seo-woo walking back to her place. Ha-won is there waiting for her and puts out his hand for him to hand over Ji-su. Seo-woo does and says that Ji-su does not know why she sold her pottery. Ha-won asks why she sold it? Seo-woo says that she doesn’t know (but actually she does know, it has something to do with the doctor’s order).

Ha-won asks her if she lives here? Seo-woo tells him that she sent him mail. The delivery address is too empty, you should buy these things.

he looks at his phone which is filled with furniture images. She tells him that she picked these items with Ji-su, they are her taste. You promised to listen to my wish. Ji-su always worries about you.

he says there is nothing to worry about me, I worry about Han Seo-woo who lives here. The door is not secure and it looks like it is cold and wet. Hey, you are watching me too closely.

She tells him that he ruined her mood. I will not tell you that I had an important thing.

He asks, what is it?

She asks, what are you going to do for me.

You always tell me, what are you going to do for me. Just tell me anything.

I am telling you that you should do it for me. I wake up at 2 and 4 am all the time. I will call you during those moments. It is actually a lot to ask right?

I am always awake at that time. Call me.


he nods, she looks super happy. 

She says, Ji-su accepted a conversation. Tomorrow night. Are you moved? I did it, right?

He looks a bit moved and also hesitant.

She asks, what are you doing?

He says he is looking at her pitifully. (which is what she did to him previously). 

She scoffs and goes inside her place. He smiles. Then, through the door, he tells her, thank you so much, Seo woo. She hears.

He walks away pleasantly. She runs back out to look at him walking away.

That night, she falls asleep and wakes up at 2:04am, so she thinks about calling him.

ha-won gets a call from Seo-woo. He is awake, he looks happy to receive it and answers it to talk.


The mystery woman in the psychiatric hospital sits up in bed at a hotel. She is fully dressed and well dressed at that. Room service comes in and asks if she wants to extend her stay. She says no. He asks if she is working here again?

She says no, she is going to tour around their hotels by using al the free passes that she got. he tells her that she never had a break, so she should have a lot of free passes. have a nice rest.

He leaves. She leaves without eating the breakfast (this breakfast looks fabulous by the way).


Eun-joo and Chang-seob eat breakfast together. He tells her that they need to look nice for each other. Then he says goodbye and leaves. She looks at her shirt and thinks, but this is his shirt.




The doctor sees Min-jung eating outside the hospital and asks if she is coming to see her. She also notices her luggage so she asks if she is traveling soon?

Min-jung says that she will see her at their appointment in a few minutes. She keeps eating her meal. The doctor keeps wanting to talk to her, Min-jung keeps politely asking for space.

Then Min-jung asks her if she would like to be in a test for an AI device that has your memory and personality? Min-jung tells her again that she will se her at her appointment time. Min-jung tells her okay okay, finish eating, I will see you at the office in ten minutes.


Eun-joo goes to Soo-ji’s workplace to see if she has a place to stay? Soo-ji asks if she came all the way here to ask her that? Soo-ji sits aon a separate bench and tells Eun-joo to go on her dates and not think about her.

Eun-joo mutters that she is super cool, then she fixes her name badge and heads off. Soo-ji asks her why she looks so depressed? Eun-joo tells her that she has less work to do. You guys ate the most.

Soo-ji thinks this is the Eunnie she knows, the one that is yelling now. Eun-joo tells her to just come back. Soo-ji tells her that she has some hair salon coupons. It is my gift to you. She goes back inside.


Elsewhere, Ha-won gets a message from Seo-woo asking when a good time to talk is. But he is too busy to answer. But he might have responded. She takes off from her studio and runs to a cafe so they can meet. They sit together and listen to Ji-su by sharing earbuds.

SW – Ji-su, what time today? Okay.

Seo-woo tells him that she will see him at 6p. fighting! Then she runs off.

It is a stressful day as they both wait for 6pm to arrive. But then Seo-woo realizes that they didn’t set the place.


Meanwhile, Soon-ho meets with Jin-moo and the pianist and one other person. She ends up asking him if his wife went on a trip and the conversation turns extra awkward as the pianist gets sensitive about the questions as to why his wife would travel alone He is also drinking shots. So he leaves.

She runs after him and tells him that he left something, she puts it in his jacket pocket and then asks why he is so angry with her. She keeps mumbling things about his husband just meeting friends and how his wife is cool and all that. He sighs and walks away.

At home, the pianist gathers all his wife’s things and looks at the phone number again.

Elsewhere, Seo-woo and Ha-won meet up to have their conversation with Ji-su. He puts the earbuds in her ear so she can chat with Ji-su. He hears a car honk so he covers her ear so she can hear better.

She asks Ji-su where the best place is to meet. Ji-su tells her that they should meet at the bridge. Then she says just one conversation. Seo-woo says that is not enough, but Ha-won thinks that is fine. So Seo-woo agrees and says she has to have at least one conversation with Ha-won please. Have a good rest.

he lets go of her ears. She tells him that he heard it, it will be one conversation. it will be difficult. He says that he has one thing he wants to hear from her and one thing he has to tell her. 

He leaves and goes to the walking bridge that overlooks the street. he puts in his head phones while there. Seo-woo follows him and looks at him on the bridge.

Ha-won puts Ji-su ont he edge of the bridge (um, she might fall off?). He seems perfectly fine with her balancing on this bridge and starts to try and talk to her. Seo-woo stands far away. Ji-su does not answer.

He keeps calling her name and waiting for her to respond. Seo-woo starts to walk down the steps and thinks about what Ji-su said about being unhappy and not talking to him. She hopes Ji-su will come out. 

Ji-su finally comes out.

JS – Ji-su, Ji-su, Ji-su, are you going to say that all day? Why don’t you say anything else?

HW – Um….

Seo-woo sees and is happy. She walks away.

JS – Only one conversation, what do you want to say.

HW – What should I say, I thought about this a lot.

JS – Only one conversation. I wondered what we would talk about when we had a chance to talk.

HW – You did this on purpose?

JS – Yes, if we only had one time to talk, what would Ha-won say to me. But you can’t say anything but Ji-su ya Ji-su ya, Ji-su ya. You kept calling me so I kept listening to it. Do you see the church with the blue top? 

HW – Yes.

JS – through the trees on the top, do you see the autumn goshiwon?

HW – What about the high school on the left side? 

JS – I don’t remember it.

HW – What about Han Seo-woo? I want to talk to Han Seo-woo.


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