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A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Seo-woo and Ha-won walk out together. It is dark out. They both say something at the same time. Then she asks him if he is okay. She also asks if he saw the fire? He sys no, he saw it on the news. Seo-woo tells him that half of that house in the picture really looked like her house. Her mother always dried food and listens to the radio and classical music when she dried veggies. She said that plants liked music. She didn’t know anything about classical music, she just liked the feeling. But all the houses looked the same.

Ha-won tells her that they used to talk about Korea a lot in Norway. We wondered about it a lot. What is the smell, how is the air, you know every country has their own kind of mood. Your hometown in the picture was the kind of town that I imagined. It was exactly what I imagined. Peaceful and warm. It feels like that exists only in Korea, I liked it.

She smiles and says that her town was peaceful….that is good. Then the bus comes so she tells him that she will take it and heads out. But he says that he will take her home. She is a bit shocked, but he pushes her lightly into the bus and they ride off together.

She sits on the right side of the bus and he sits on the left side. It is a bit awkward. They even play awkward music during this part to make it extra awkward.

When they get off the bus, he walks her up the street to her place. She tells him goodbye when they are almost all the way there. He turns to leave and sees something at the bottom of the hill. Or maybe he just likes the view? So he asks her if she ever looks down the street from there? It is luck y to look down the street right? Since Seoul has lots of hills.

Seo-woo mentions that she said the same kind of thing once to Ji-eun. To go to a neighborhood mountain or a high crosswalk and look down on the city. You know how when astronauts come back they say that all the worries on Earth are actually like little dust. She tried what I told her. Let’s look at her picture again.

They look at the photo which was taken looking down from somewhere. It looks like a bridge cross-walk. She looks at the photo closely, he looks at her.

Later on, she goes to her room and looks at her parents photo. She has printed the photo that Ha-won gave her and put it next to it. The photo that Ji-eun gave her is next to it.

VO – Ji-su, is it a coincidence that Seo-woo is between us? 

Ha-won walks away and tells himself tock tock tock and he does.

VO – Did you leave a message for me also?


In the B&B, Soo-ji and the other girl decide to move out. Eun-joo tells her to eat at least. But Soo-ji says she can leave. Eun-joo tells her she will wire her the rest of her money. But Chang-seob thinks that she should not give her the money. She is the one that violated the contract.

Soo-ji tells her to just give her half of what she owes her. Eun-joo asks what she should tell her mother? Soo-ji mentions that Eun-joo is like her grandmother in this town, timid and giving, and always yelling at others, no 35 year old does that. You are young, you have a future so be confident and don’t be dragged.

Eun-joo asks if she has a place to stay? Don’t just leave if you are angry. But Chang-seob stands up and asks if she thinks Chang-seob is easy? Soo-ji tells him that if he breaks up with her she will kill him. Then she leaves. Chang-seob yells, how dare she says that! But he isn’t all into it.




Seo-woo asks the two of them why they just don’t get married since this happened anyway. They say that they have no money and this is not their honeymoon house. I am going to work. He hurries off. Eun-joo also goes to her room.

In the morning, Ha-won works diligently at work about new testing for AI stuff. he and Hoon meet with a psychologist to talk about the AI and how it has the same personality of the patient. She is impressed. But they need more testing so they ask the psychiatrist to use it. She tells them to give it to her. Which personality will it be? Hoon or Ha-won? Let’s see this perfect result.

Haw-won tells her that they will share the result as soon as they get it, so she thinks it must be Ha-won. Hoon tells her that they are doing it right now. But she thinks that if they lose that AI then it would be like his head is hacked. Our hospital would also be in trouble.

They keep talking about the program. The doctor tells them that they have a project going on right now with a patient. the patient drew a half moon that looks like a letter D. They watch the video where the woman talks about thins that are good for older women and how she walked around a lot today. She is drawing something as she talks. But then the psychiatrist gets called way.

The woman stops drawing and starts to cry and reaches out her hand almost as if she sees her daughter right in front of her.

Elsewhere, Eun-joo walks back to the B&B and sees that the chair is back. She is so happy! She runs inside the B&B and starts dancing. Chang-seob is there so she gives him a big hug and lots of kisses, then hurries back out. But he tells her to stop and walks up to her. They walk back to the room together and start kissing enthusiastically.

Later on outside, the ajumma from the video came to Seo-woo’s place. She says she followed directions to get here to see the room. Seo-woo shows her upstairs. This woman’s name is Min-jung. She looks around the place and thinks that it is pretty outdated. She asks why two people left at the same time. Seo-woo tells her that she went on a date and that is is nothing.

Min-jung tells her that if the owner comes then she will take the last room. she goes outside and calls a young guy, he asks her if she decided. Min-jung tells him that the owner is not there, she is out. (hmm, this guy might be Chang-seob?).

Min-jung asks the age of the owner. This guy asks if she ate breakfast. He also tells her that she is 35. The food is really good and the B&B is generational so she has a sense of duty. It is very clean as well. The owner is also very pure and nice and is so cute when she laughs.

Min-jung tells him to have a good date and hangs up. 

He looks at Eun-joo who is waiting in the restaurant for their date. He goes to meet with her and says that he found another person for the room. Eun-joo wonders what will happen if Soo-ji comes back. he tells her not to accept her back even if she comes. Then he says that it is weird to see her out of the B&B. When he sees her there it is almost as if he accidentally saw his mother at a restaurant.

She tells him that if she took that a wrong way then it would be super wrong. He says it is not like that, it is just that you are so comfortable. My mother just looks different outside the house. You know, a comfortable person looks like a stranger all of a sudden, it’s just like that. Let’s eat.




At work, ha-won sends Seo-woo a text saying that he wants to find that sky bridge. She asks back, are you going to search all of Seoul? She gives him a location that it could be and asks if she should ask Ji-su. He tells her that would be a super easy way.

So she asks, where would you like to meet me? You can pick the place. Then she smiles. He tells her to give him the address, he is sending her his phone number so tell me the most convenient time for you. She saves his number as “early morning person”

at work, Hoon talks to Ha-won about work and plans. Ha-won is not really listening and shows him a map on his phone. Then he asks, why didn’t I think about that? Before the recordings….


Soon-joo sees that the flower shop is closed early today. She wonders why. In-wook is there as well. So she tells him that they normal close at 10pm, but the plant that you wanted to know of before is a eucalyptus. That thing you gave to your wife. Are you buying another one? Yes, it is better to put them together. Your wife knows things. He walks off quickly.

In-wook goes home and grabs a drink to drown his sorrows. he looks at the floor where  some mail is scattered. So he puts that back in the chair and sees something else on the floor. This item might be of importance. He thinks back to Ji-su asking him to apologize to Won.

He must be holding his phone number in his hands. He starts to dial the number.

But this phone number is Seo-woo’s phone number. She is about to answer but he hangs up. Then ha-won calls her. She picks up. He asks if she knows of a bridge near the recording studio? She says there is one. He tells her that he is going there now. She tells him to let her know if he finds it. he says, I will.

He passes right by her place and keeps walking. She sees him from her door. So she decides to follow.

While ha-won is walking this street, we also see Ji-su walking this street too. But Ji-su’s flashback is in black and white.

ha-won sees the bridge and takes a moment to pause and look at it. Then he walks to stand on the bridge and looks at Ji-su’s photo. Seo-woo watches him from the street. A gorgeous song plays.

He takes his time on the bridge and looks out over the city. She keeps looking at him.

VO – How didn’t you know this kind of love? His wish is so earnest.

Later, he walks back, she follows him. He goes to the empty house that he owns. She goes inside after she sees him sitting int he window.

He stands up when he sees her and asks how she got in. She tells him that he never locks the door, you should be more careful. Then she asks if he found the bridge? he says that she met her and went to the bridge and then went to the airport. What was she thinking when she went there?

Seo-woo tells him that is why he does not look happy. I though finding the bridge would make you happier. It is good to find out one more thing of the person you liked. She asks if he wants the conversation right now? He says yes.

So they put in earbuds and she talks to Ji-su. She asks where she is. She says her house. She asks if she has headphone in? She says yes. Ji-su tells her that it is like talking on the phone.

JS – Do you see Won often? 

SW – Um

JS – You talked about Won when you brought me out.

SW – Um, back then we talked about the mishilung hill.

JS – NoOoOo, Won doesn’t know about that.

SW tries to take the earbud out of his ear. But he unplugs the earphones.

JS – He does not know that you like him.


SW – you shouldn’t say that so easily.

JS – You said that you liked to see him. One sided love exactly.

He looks at her slightly taken aback. She looks like she has been caught.

SW – I was um, sentimental that day….

JS – Not anymore?

SW – Well…*looks at him then looks away* I like him. I like to look at him and see how he treasures you and longs for you and puts a lot of effort into loving you, I like everything about him.

JS – Won does not know how you feel?

SW – He does not know, I hope he doesn’t know. Ji-su, you also did not know how much Ha-won liked you. *looks at him* I hope he does not know also.

They look at each other.


Ha-won walks up the street as he traces Ji-su’s steps in her photos. He rides the bus and sees the bridge from the bus. Then he goes to the top of the hill and looks down. He is also the person who found the chair hidden under some other items to be thrown away. he puts it back and looks at it happily.

Fade Out


The AI of this show makes no sense, but I am doing myself a favor and just going with it. Another great slow moving poignant episode!


English Translation

HW – By the way, what do you mean that you like look at me?

SW – I am okay now.

HW – I will just take it that I didn’t hear it.

SW – Don’t do anything, anything.

SH – Did I make a mistake?

IW – Who did they meet?

SW – What Ji-su didn’t tell you, it is right that you do not know

HW – Just stop, stop.

SW or JS – You should have just stopped from the beginning.

HW – Call me.

SW – I have one-sided love for myself to be happy.

SW – I am very differnet from you.

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