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A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

Still feeling good about this show. It is kind of turning into a feel good melo? So far they haven’t gone deeply into despair, which I can appreciate. They are just skirting the surface of being earnest and longing and also kind of moving on.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Seo-woo talks to Ji-su and tells the AI that she told her that she might see Ha-won, well that is right, I actually know him. He is the early morning renter. Ji-eun tells her that she thought so. So? Seo-woo pauses and then asks, would you like to talk to ha-won?

Ji-eun says, I don’t want to, don’t you remember? I ran away because I knew Ha Won was there? I was angry at you because of that.

SW – Ah, you remember all the details.

She looks at Ha-won and thinks of what else to say. Then she tells her to think of it again. 

JS – Don’t turn it off, you just turned me off. Let me prepare for it. Tell me before you turn me off. That what would be good….how about…Ji-su, please rest.

SW – I will….Ji-su take a rest.

JS – Okay.

She turns Ji-su off. Then she apologizes to ha-won and says it might be difficult for him to talk to her. He says he knows, he heard it.

SW – I am sensitive when you look at me like that. What should I say, I know you are trying hard. I don’t talk about my family, but why did I talk to Ji-su?

HW – Ji-su’s pictures, is that related?

SW – My hometown is nearby. After the accident, I did not go there. The picture was left in the studio

HW – You talked about the Mishirun hill with Ji-su at the recording studio?

SW – Yes, she said it was our secret, nothing to do with you, Ha-won. The hill and Ha-won, ah, so it is related. So are you happy?

HW – It has nothing to do with me. The recording studio and the picture of Mishirun. For Ji-su is is all about you Seo-woo.

Seo-woo leaves when it is dark out and takes a deep breath outside the gate.

VO – No, Ji-su’s tipping point was my one-sided love. My feels for you Ha-won. So you are the tipping point.


The piano man leaves the piano shop. Soon-ho runs right past him and goes inside. She asks the owner of the shop why that guy who just left came back again? The owner says that he just wanted to buy the same flower hat he bought last time, but I don’t remember what he bought.

Meanwhile Seo-woo walks up the street and stops at a convenience store. She sees the pianist in there and asks if he listened to her recording. He says that he did. She tells him that her manager was impressed with his playing. he tells her it was a sound proof room. She tells him that Manager Moon felt your passion. He bows and leaves.

back at the studio, Soon-ho looks after the plant that she is reviving when Choi Jin-moo comes in. He relaxes on the couch and chats with Soon-ho about how his studio is too crowded right now. he starts to talk about the piano guy and how he has been doing well recently. But now it has all been extinguished.

Seo-woo comes in and tells him that pianist Kang will come in soon. Choi thinks he might do something with his wife later, she gives him good support. He has his own suitcase for the plane and has different teas in his tumbler and he knows music well. They have a good relationship. But now he has no tumbler.

Soon-ho and Jin-moo keep talking about the wife. He is really impressed with her. SW tells him that he has good observations. Most people would not care about the hot water bottle. That is why you have so many famous musicians that like working with you.

They start the recording when the pianist arrives. Jin-moo believes that this new recording is a lot better than his other one. The pianist wants to know what is so different in detail. So Seo-woo starts to tell him what is different. 

She tells him that the cello is mellow but the piano is a bit too sharp. The pianist tells Jin-moo that even she can hear that. Jin-moo tells him that he has to know something, the he can find out what to do. So the pianist tells him that the two of them can talk. Seo-woo leaves.

The pianist tells Jin-moo what happened to his wife. Jin-moo is super sad about it. So is the pianist. The pianist says that he told her a certain story because he thought it would be good for her to hear. A certain person close to her was in an accident because I lied as a young boy. We see a flashback of him running to a closed door and peaking in and yelling. In the present he says it was all his fault. Jin-moo tells him not to tell anyone, don’t talk about the past. 

The pianist says he will not tell anyone. Jin-moo tells him that he will rearrange the date, do you think you can handle it? In-wook tells him yes and starts to mumble, why don’t you understand me and always worry about that guy.



Jin-moo gets a call while the pianist has drinks after drink. He starts to tell Jin-moo that a guy studying in America really liked his wife. Why did he come back to Korea? I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. I cant be in-between them.

His phone rings again. Soon-ho shows up right then. Jin-moo tells her to take care of him and then heads out to take the call. The pianist is too drunk to realize that she is there. She asks him if he is okay and pours him a water. Then she helps him stand up and helps him walk away.


Kim Hoon and Ha-won talk about work and the AI. Hoon thinks that as soon as Ha-won uploads it it will turn the world upside down. Then they start to think that whenever they fix a project it is always the two of them. Even though their company is this big now. Hoon says that it used to be fun to finish a project, but it isn’t fun anymore.

He mentions a GPS system that they made back then which makes Ha-won go to his drawer to look for something. He pulls out his cell phone from 2013. Then we hop into a flashback of Ha-won walking in the Korean countryside.

He sees a family preparing things for dinner and watches them from the road. He takes a photo. Then he takes a photo of the road and keeps walking. The wind blows through his hair. He turns around. Cut to him at the bus station or some kind of busy place. There is something happening on the news that is making everyone call someone. 

In the present, he thinks about what Seo-woo told him about how the accident ws around her home town so she hasn’t been home since then.

In the street near the B&B, Soo-ji kicks the repaired chair. It goes tumbling down the road. Then she goes to the B&B and is angry and sarcastic all through dinner. Seo-woo isn’t back yet. Soo-ji tells Chang-seob that this is an eye sore now that she knows things. he asks what about it?

So she tells them that he slept with Eun-joo eunnie. How long have you lived like that? I broke the chair because you two have so many secrets. Eun-seob asks, what did you do? She yells, I broke the chair! Eun-joo pulls her out and tells her to find it and put it back together!

Seo-woo comes up and asks what is going on. Soo-ji asks why she is angry at her if you are ashamed of your secret dating? EJ tells her that she is not ashamed. Soo-ji tells her to tell her the truth so EJ tells her that she likes him. But you need to find the chair, otherwise you cannot come back again.

Soo-ji tells her that she is not coming back! You should not do this! You are like a mom to me. Who can I trust living in Seoul now!

Seo-woo pulls her away. They go for drinks and eats at a local place. Seo-woo tells Soo-ji that her mother put that chair there. We see a flashback of Seo-woo’s mother putting the chair there in that spot. Someone had thrown it away so she picked it up. Eun-joo greeted her so the mother told her about it and said that she will sit there at night and watch the street because it is dangerous.

So the mother sits there and watches. Seo-woo comes walking up the road and sees her mother. She gives her a super big huggy. the mother keeps waiting there for Seo-woo and Eun-joo to walk up. She gives them kimchi and side dishes.

VO – When she came to Seoul once in awhile, she would sit there and wait for me under that light. it was like someone was always there. Do you know why my parents memorial day is the same? it is because they died on the same day in a fire. It was dry and there was high wind.



Flashback to that big event on the news. It is all about the fire. Seo-woo is one of the people that was affected. A woman asks her if she is okay and if she would like to go to her house? Seo-woo tells her no, I don’t want to go, I can’t.

She leaves this building in a state of shock.

Actually, the people that Ha-won took a photo of was Seo-woo’s parents house.

VO – The place I live had a front yard and my parents. It all disappeared at once.

Seo-woo walks up the B&B street and sees Eun-joo waiting for her in her mothers chair. Eun-joo cries and runs up to give her a hug. They both hug and cry.

In the flashback, Soo-ji shows up at the B&B with two other people who are moving in. One of them is Chang-seob. 

In the present, Soo-ji tells Swo-woo that she didn’t tell her that. Seo-woo asks, should I tell you about my entire history as soon as you walk in the door? I have more to tell you.

We go back to the flashback. In this one, Seo-woo is sitting in her room, devastated. She gets a bandaid and put it over her face in the photo of her parents. Then she starts to open a lot of medicine. But someone knocks on the door. It looks like it is Chang-seob. He knocks on her door and asks why she didn’t buy the bean sprouts. he keeps talking about bean sprouts through the door and how she should have bought it and thought about him.

Meanwhle, she is about to eat all these pills. he tells her that she should be responsible. Which makes her stop. She looks at her parents photo and puts all the pills away.

In the present, Seo-woo tells Soo-ji that ever since hen she never left Seoul and she definitely did not go to her parents province. I had insomnia and whenever I had a scary thought I went to the second floor.

We see another flashback of Seo-woo running to the second floor after screaming. Eun-joo runs to open the door.

In the present, Seo-woo asks, so what didn’t I tell you? Since then I don’t drink. I work three times harder to live my parents life also. In case I drink and think about bad things. So what else do I have to tell you? Back then I couldn’t tell you. Please understand Eun-joo eunnie also.

They leave and Seo-woo goes back to the spot where her moms chair used to sit. She thinks that she should have put this chair inside the house. Then she starts to think about Ha-won and thinks that this is the best thing about one sided love (because it improved her mood, I think).

He texts her just then also to ask about Mishirung Hill.

VO – I stayed near your hometown before and took this picture back then.

She looks at the picture in shock. Then we see that she ran all the way to his place to thank him for the picture. She says that she really wanted to see that town when it was normal. In March, I should have gone there for my mothers birthday. I always regretted it. If you want to talk to Ji-eun, I will always help you, anytime.

She starts to walk away. He asks if she is just leaving after saying all that? She tells him that she has to go somewhere. He asks, this late? She says yes, bye. Then she walks away happily.


She sees him the next morning in the studio. He reminds her that she said she would help him at anytime. he starts Ji-eun. 

Then he sees her again at the end of the day and tells her that he has stopped by after work. She asks if he want the conversation again? So they go inside to talk to Ji-eun. Well, she does all the talking, he listens happily. Ji-eun talks aout performing at a certain hall for a tryout. Seo-woo tells Ji-eun that she should have been super pretty. Ji-eun says that she got dressed and stood there, everyone was pretty like that.

Seo-woo tells her that she sounds so lively and bright. I am happy your are like that. You are kind and bright and have a lot of curiosity to the world. Ji-eun says she is always like that and asks her if she is at the recording studio? I remember that place. Did you put up my picture also? seo-woo tells her that she put it at home.

They start to talk about Mishilung hill and how Seo-woo does not go there anymore. Ji-eun also says that she can not go there anymore either.


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