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A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Seo-woo heads home, but it starts to rain all of a sudden. She does not have an umbrella so she runs intot he nearest building which is the AI building. She walks around the lobby and listens to the fancy AI message that they have. Ha-won owns this entire building. Seo-woo starts to recognize people on the video recording and starts to put two and two together with Ha-won and AI and personal history and the voice and all that. She puts it all together.

She now knows that this is not just about the voice.

Ha-won starts to walk out of the company. He walks down his secret hallway and sees Ji-su on the opposite side of the Norway Wall. She cannot see him because it looks like a virtual reality woods from her point of view.

She walks out stunned. he holds up an umbrella for her. She starts to talk to him quickly and says that he is the Ha-won that told her to find him but it was not him but how can it be possible? It is because it is Moon ha-won and it is the same reason why you needed Kim Ji-su’s voice, right? 

He gets her a taxi and takes her back to his place. He puts the AI in front of her. She starts to talk to it. Ji-su’s voice talks back. But it is robotic. ha-won says that this is only her voice, the functioning is regular. Seo-woo tries to understand, you put her life and voice in this database….

He asks what she is imagining?

Seo-woo tells him that he wants a real conversation with Ji-su. Then she starts to look around and says that she wonders if he has a CCTV here. He tells her that they don’t even have natural gas here. She asks if it is cold? He says it is cold. But he stays here. He should buy a stove. She tells him to connect the city gas line. If you are cold then they will come right away. He sys he will.

He also tells her that this is the safest place, no one knows that he is there. He asks her to tell him the last moment with Ji-su. She tells him that Ji-su came to the recording studio before she went to the airport. After she avoided you, she yelled at me. Maybe she was sorry about that. he says that Ji-su shouldn’t have yelled.

Seo-woo says that she didn’t point her finger and raise her voice, it was just a little higher than her regular voice.

He says that he heard that she talked to her last. Seo-woo thinks about Ji-su telling her that she was scared. She closes her eyes. ha-won tells her that he has a drink she can have, but only water or coffee. She asks how he can survive like that, you should eat better when you are having a hard time.

He says, if we met because of you, what will she tell me?

Seo-woo thinks for a moment then thinks, maybe…there is no maybe but maybe….because of my mattering, if you guys met (she thinks about what Ji-su said, which was to tell him everything, all of the difficulties that she is undergoing now and she will not go to the airport because she would be relieved). She starts to talk about the pottery instead and how to enjoy the vase and pottery and how pretty it is.

She called me from Norway. She said it was a good decision to come. She said, after arriving here, why did I live my life like that. My heart is all open. She was on the street where you two walked together.

He thinks about that street and walking it with her throughout the years.

She continues and ays that she was so nice and so happy, she said that she can live her life bravely. But in her head she tells Ji-su that she will only tell him this much.

Ha-won stays thinking about this. Seo-woo goes outside and starts talking to Ji-su. She asks why it is so dark like this. Ji-su sys that it is so dark and rainy today. Seo-woo is a bit startled that she is talking to her.

Ha-won comes out and asks if she would like to use the device? I can change the voice if you want. There is also no earphone jack, but you can use bluetooth. The last time Ji-su went to the studio, did she bring something? It was still wrapped in the studio.

Seo-woo runs back to the studio and sees the plant still in the bag. She is worried about it and thinks it might not have survived, but it did. There is also a note from Ji-su.

Note – 2012 Michilung photo (the hill she went to with Ha-won?) I kept it ever since that day. I am so happy that I can give this to you Seo-woo. Please keep it nicely. 

Seo-woo repeats the name, Michilung. 

SW – Ji-su thank you for your two gifts, the picture and the vase, I am okay.

She puts the picture next to her bed.

SW – This is nothing, I am recognized at work and some fun things happened.

She goes to work which looks like it is going well. She also walks to the house where Ha-won stayed. She ends up jumping the fence.

SW – I wanted to tell you all the good things. I am looking for nice things in my life.

Ha-won looks like he is not there today.

SW – The best thing is…well I will tell you next time. i want to learn more about Ji-su.

AI – it will be difficult to know each other right now, but we can continue trying to know each other.

HW sends her a text with the photo of the street and asks her if she knows the photo. She recognizes it as the street she is now on.


That night, Seo-woo meets with Ha-won on this street and says that she was standing here and Ji-su was over there. ha-won asks where she lives? he needs to know to get Ji-su’s location. She points to where she lives. Then she runs away and hides because her friend is walking up the street. ha-won covers her secretly and pretends like he is checking his phone.

He tells her when Soo-jung is gone. Seo-woo wonders why she hid. he says she should have a good reason since her body responded like that. He starts to walk away to find the place she was standing when she took the photo. he says she took it after seeing her. What were you wearing that day? Seo-woo asks if he needs that as well? he says yes.

So she tells him what she was wearing, including the boots. He mentions that Ji-su likes boots. SW says that Ji-su was wearing brown leather gloves even though it wasn’t that cold. He wonders if it was to precent something from slipping.

She tells him that he wonders about everything. He says that is his way of missing her. Then he kneels and looks up the street. She sits on the fixed broken chair.

We see a flashback of Ji-su taking the photo and kneeling on the street. Then we see ha-won kneeling on the street.

Seo-woo voices over to the AI that Ha-won misses her. But she says this person is wondering all about you. He misses you and loves you and likes you. All those words, his own language, I wonder.

Ha-won continues retracing Ji-su’s path. He goes to the cafe. Seo-woo meets him there. he tells her to come sit next to him. So she does. They both look at the ceiling, he tells her that it is coming now. As the sun rises, we see the shade of the tree on the ceiling. he tells Seo-woo that this is it. She says it is.

He says this is the thing he looked at ever since he was young. We see a flashback of him and Ji-su looking at the ceiling and tree shadows on it.

In the studio, SW tells Ji-su that she doesn’t know what it is exactly and I am only telling you this, Ji-su but I like to look at him. He goes to the place you were and listens to the things you listen to. he wants to feel what you felt. I like to see him like this. I am falling in love with the him that is wondering about you.

AI – It is one-sided love.

Seo-woo hops up, startled. 

SW – What did you say?

AI – it is one-sided love (banmal)

SW – *gasps*

AI – You have nothing to be attracted, so you are attracted to him being attracted to me. Han Se-woo you are funny.

Seo-woo hops up quickly.

SH – Why are you so surprised?

SW hides the AI behind her back. Then Soon-hoo sees the plant and starts to talk to it like a little puppy and says, poor guy, you are almost dead. Jin-su asks if my eucalyptus is dead? Soon-ho asks, what? So Seo-woo has to ask if it is dead, to cover the tracks of the AI.

SH tells her that eucalyptus is a very picky plant to grow. SW asks if she should give water. The AI says that she should have given it before. SH asks what she is talking about. SW tries to turn off the AI.

SH starts to talk about the plant and how they need to revive it. SW is happy that SH can revive it with some love and care. They respond with your effort, so let’s do it. She finds a good place by the window to put it. SW wonders about the AI.


Later on, Seo-woo stands in front of Ha-won’s house. he taps her on the shoulder. She is a bit startled. Seo-woo tells her that Ji-su asked her to save her! The eucalyptus!

They go inside. Seo-woo finds out that she talked to her continuously so she woke her up. Ha-won tells her to think about what Ji-su responded to. he wants to know what the who what when where and why of the situation when Ji-su came out. Seo-woo basically ignores his question and is all in her own thoughts.

Ha-won says this is a conversation device, there is a lot of use for it. It can be used for psychiatric treatment and preventing dementia and to talk to someone for 24 hours. It is a treatment purpose. It is just a testing device. At least for me, it helps. Where did she answer?

The recording studio. (She remembers it was during the one-sided love part). She pretends like she does not remember. She touches her hand to her head. he tells her to touch her hand to her pulse and focus. She hears ONE SIDED LOVE. In her head and pops her hands away.

He says this is the heart beat principle. One piece can put all the other puzzle pieces of Ji-su together. If you keep talking to her then it will find it itself. We call it the response point/tipping point. If you tell me what kind of conversation you had then I can guess.

But she doesn’t want to so she says they were just talking about things, just things abut me and my personal life so I can’t tell you. He gets a notepad and asks what kind of personal talk it was? She says that they only had conversations between them and it was a continuous conversation.

She kind of mutters some nonsense things, but what she said in reality is that she likes him so much and is attracted to him wondering about her.

Ha-won writes down all the nonsense and asks if that is what she just said? This is this and that is that? She asks if he really wrote that down? Why are you writing that down? Ji-su is already out so what is the use of that tipping point? He says, just in case it is about me. To me, Ji-su was the definitive point/tipping point.

He starts to explain everything that happened before as he talked to Ji-su AI and made it come to life. So he wonders if he could be the reason for for this as well.

She starts to mumble, um, did we have Ha-won in the conversation? He asks if there was lighting or thunder? That is something that we knew since we were young. The thing you said unconsciously, maybe I was in there. If you tell me what kind of conversation you had, I will interpret it.

She asks, so if you are the one that brought her out, if you check it then can you forget her? 

He asks, why should I forget her?

Later, she leaves the house looking tired. She turns back to look at him through the window. he is taking to the AI. But she is not answering him.

SW – that person’s personality.

In a flashback, we see that Ji-su said that she should not see him.

SW- Of course she won’t come out.

Seo-woo comes back in and tells ha-won to be quiet. She picks up the AI and says it is me. Jisu asks, are you alone Seo-woo? How is my eucalyptus? Can you revive it? She says yes I can. She asks if she has furniture? The sound is echoing.

Seow-woo tells her that she came there in advance and has nothing. You sound very bright Ji-su. Ji-su says she is a bright person. I like the recording studio. It is a good place to talk secretly. our story was good.

SW- Um what, me? Um, I have a phone call, I have to stop now.

AI- About the Mishilung hill.

SW – Anyone can make a mistake, nature can make a mistake. My parents had a wildfire accident. I usually don’t mention it. I don’t know whom to blame. For awhile it was difficult. For awhile it was so painful that I was the lone survivor. Now I just live my life the best way I can. Today is my umma’s favorite season, now is my appa’s favorite afternoon, so I should treasure it. Nature can make mistakes, it is okay, it is nothing.

Seo-woo asks her why she is talking about it? You told me that I would meet Ha-won. You are right, It was true, the morning renter was that person. I knew it. 


Would you like to talk to Ha-won?

Fade Out


I think they came back from that bleak ending in the last episode to have a bit more comedy or at least lightheartedness in this episode, which I can definitely appreciate! I love that Ji-su basically knows that Seo-woo loves Ha-won now and all her reasons why. I mean, OMGawd, it’s like a toddler knowing all your secrets and blurting them out at the worst possible moments and not understanding why that should not happen evaaaaaaah. I love it.

So this show might actually be moving toward a lighter side? I welcome that because we can all have a few more laughs along with our pensive watches. Plus, I really like this show, but I don’t really want to watch tragedy after tragedy after tragedy. So cheers to the upside, show!

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