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A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

A Piece of Your Mind: Episode 3 Recap - Part 1

We are about a day behind on our A Piece of Your Mind recaps, but we did do this recap in our Live recap format so details upon details abound below! But I do hope we can keep up with the Review style recaps as well for those people who don’t want to read a novel in order to figure out what happened in each episode *smiles*.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Seo Woo goes to the studio looking all kinds of depressed. Soon-ho tells her that she has not been there in awhile. But Seo-woo ignores her and walks inside the studio.

VO – A leaf falls without notice.

She starts to walk out. Soon-ho sees her and stands up. Seo-woo stops and asks her why she asked her to buy the pottery! Why didn’t you buy it yourself! Now I can’t sleep at night! It was so difficult for me to overcome it! Why do you do this to me? I hear her voice every night. She says she is afraid but I can’t do anything! You don’t know what it is like just listening to the voice only!

Soon-ho tells her to take time off and come back. Seo-woo asks if Ha-won asked her to come back again? What is he going to involve me in now? Soon-ho calmly tells her not to do this. I am sorry to involve you in this, but do not say bad things to my uncle. You are like this so how do you think he is?

She asks where he is. Soon-ho tells her that he is nowhere.

Seo-woo walks around the street and goes to the cafe. He is not sitting there. She goes to the house he likes. The gate is open so she goes in. She sees him sitting on the ground right by the window. He looks miserable. She holds back a gasp. He doesn’t even notice she is standing there.

A delivery man brings a package just then. She grabs it for him. it is from Ji-su to Soon-ho. She leaves and closes the gate. But Knocks on it to let him know that the package is there. he goes out and sees it.

VO – I shouldn’t have left it there, if he sees it then he will have a hard time.

Seo-woo goes back to the studio and frets about that. 

Ha-won sits at the house and thinks about Ji-su.

Later on, he goes to the studio. Seo-woo hides from him. ha-won tries to log in, but it is locked. Seo-woo thinks that he won’t be able to open it. Ha-won looks at Seo-woo’s purse. He leaves. But he comes back with two coffees. However Seo-woo had already left.

He sends her a message saying he is at the recording studio. He would like the password so he can record her voice. She thinks that he should just give up. She ends up running back to the studio and erasing the voice file



Ji-su’s husband talks with his mother-in-law and says he left her there because she likes Norway.


Seo-woo wakes up in the studio with about three men in the room messing with her computer. ha-won tells her that he did not want to wake her up. They are trying to recover the file she erased. She tells them not to touch her computer but he says that it is a public computer, he rented it for the entire day. He asks her to step outside.

She does. A man comes out and asks her if she would like to remove the voice recovery file? It looks like they recovered it. So he asked if she wants to keep it? She tells him to erase it. The she yells at the team that this is for everyone! Ji-su is dead so stop being obsessed with her and her voice or whatever. She will not come back so stop doing this scary thing.

Ha-won says that he will tell him. I guess he does not know that she figured out that he is Ha-won yet. She storms out.

They all leave soon after. But ha-won stops and turns to her. In a flashback we see them talking in the cafe. She said that she would look at him far away pitifully. In the present, she says the same thing. he asked why it was from far away. She said it was so that he would not know that she was pitying him. She tells him that she is looking at him pitifully now. Goodbye Ha-won. He tells her goodbye.

Outside, one of the men talks to him and says that Kim Ji-su was the one that he wanted to find the voice for? You want to do this with that voice without consent from the guardian? ha-won says that he has to do something for him. Kim Hoon tells him that if something happens it will be a big problem. he also worried about Ha-won’s insomnia. Ha-won tells him that he just took a nap.

Flashback to his nap. He took one in the studio where he saw Seo-woo’s text telling him that she erased Ji-su’s file. She is sleeping in the room in the flashback. He also falls asleep.


Seo-woo walks to her apartment. The B&B owner is waiting outside for her. She looks worried. She ends up huffing and walking away. Soo-ji sees this and wonders who Seo-woo was with last night? Seo-woo says it was nothing, I just fell asleep in the studio. The B&B owner is upset that she can’t even call.

Seo-woo runs up to apologize to her. They go inside the B&B where Kim Chang-seob tells Seo-woo that they worry about the girl who is depressed and sad! of course we would worry about you! We worried so much! Seo-woo apologizes again.

She sits to eat something and Eun-joo starts to fix Chang-seob’s tie. But then Soo-ji comes in so they hop apart as if they don’t want to get caught doing something nice for each other. Soo-ji tells Chan-seob that she can fix his tie. She does and then heads off. 

Seo-woo tells Chang-seob to reveal that they are dating before she figures it out. he says that everyone is different, we have out style, we don’t have to follow others! Seo-woo thinks that is stupid.

He leaves for his day. Seo-woo rests her head on the table and starts to say that poem about one leaf falling. Then she asks the B&B owner about loving someone for 10 years yet living like a stranger from them. The B&B owner asks her if she knows a person like that? SW says yes.



Kang In-wook goes to the recording studio and starts to play the piano. he says he just needs 10 minutes. he starts to play a pretty aggressive song. While playing he thinks about his conversation with Ji-su about apologizing.

Then we see a flashback to Norway where Kang In-wook was a high school kid. He met Ha-won’s mother there possibly?

But we hop out of it back to In-wook playing the piano and sweating all over the keys. he screams when he gets to the end which startles Soon-ho. Then he storms out. She tells him that he sounded cool. He tells her that she didn’t hear anything.

Later on, Seo-woo and Jin-moo work in the studio recording an artist playing. Seo-woo thinks about Ji-su being in the studio happily. She took a photo of her pottery and asked if she could put it on her homepage. Seo-woo looks at the homepage and the ceramics that were there.

She then flips through Ji-su’s last day to day life on the phone.

Ha-won looks at the instagram posts as well. She looks at a street and wonders if it is in Seoul. he also looks at the street and wonders if it is in Seoul. She figures out that it is a street she walked up all the time.

While walking, she sees ha-won at the cafe. It appears that Ha-won and her are following Ji-su’s photographs. But they are doing it separately.


Seo-woo eats at the B&B with Chang-seob. he mutters that only the two of them are not doing well.

Meanwhile, Soon-ho finds Ji-su at home and hits him for not contacting her. She looks through his fridge but it is pretty much empty. he says he is okay. he has enough.

He goes to work and does work stuff. His friend Kim Hoon asks if Ji-su is talking? ha-won tells him no. So Hoon tells him to keep talking to her, then you will find a tipping point. he is talking about the AI.

That night, The B&B owner fixes a broken chair outside. Soo-ji tells her that she is so stingy, I can give you one. But the B&B owner wants to fix it. She also tells Soo-ji that it is her mothers birthday so call her. Soo-ji asks the B&B owner how she remembers those things? Eun-joo says that she just remembers, it is cold, go inside. It was so hard to get your job, iron your jacket, you should look sharp. I can iron it for you.

Soo-ji calls her mom and goes inside. Eun-joo keeps fixing the chair.

Inside, Chang-seob shows up drunk and walks into the room with Eun-joo. Soo-ji sees them and is about to get him, but then she feels like maybe she should not.


Seo-woo delivers a nicely ironed jacket to Soo-ji. She tells her that according to Eun-joo, the world collapsed because you left it at home. the conversation turns to Eun-joo and Chang-seob and how long Seo-woo knew about it. Seo-woo tells her to ignore it. Soo-ji thinks it is a betrayal


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