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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2 Recap: Episode 3

Recap for Hyori's bed and breakfast season 2, episode 3
In this episode of Hyori’s B&B, two more groups of guests arrive. One is a sister duo and the other group are three male friends who like to surf. So, so far there are a Judo team, two sisters, and three surfing buddies at the meenbak. The weather isn’t super bad so the three groups are able to go out. But a snow storm hits them all at the end of the episode.

The previous episode is recapped, lots of laughs to be had.

Through the clouds
the island with a misty nature
Even though the winter is cold
The sea is always blue
Unexplored land, Jeju Island
This winter, it particularly snowed a lot
Welcome to warm Hyori’s Meenbak
While customers are gone
there are three people who always wait for the customers
Smart and capable employee Im Yoona
Kind president Sang-soon
And…a little bit groggy chairman Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori wonders why her back hurts so much, she lays on the floor. Sang-soon lights a fire for Hyori and the house gets instantly warmer. This is all he can do for Hyori. Meanwhile, Soon-sim lays next to Hyori and barks. All other dogs go outside to bark, but Soon-sim barks while laying down. SS says Soon-sim is old and he tells Soon-sim to live long.

Two new customers who do not know the power of Jeju snow, arrive. But they are still bright despite the weather. Back at Hyori’s, they want to take a little break, but they get a phone call. The meenbak jip instruction #1 is to call the meenbak jip. The ladies say that they didn’t eat anything, so they will bring something, but Hyori tells them that they have some leftover clam soup that they can have if they want it.

Meenbak Rule #2: Hyori will text the address to them.

The customers decide to not get any food and to drive directly to Hyori’s. The weather is nice as they are driving, but it is windy at Hyori’s. At Hyori’s, the three main people are busy cleaning for everyone.

Sang-soon’s Task
1. Heat up clam juk
2. Couples blanket and topper

Sang-soon quickly executes the chairman’s order. He heats up the soup and takes the mattress out. But the jumbok juk (clam juk) is boiling by itself. Perhaps it is burning? The music is “longing…longing…” but on the screen, it says “the clam soup is burning…..really it’s burning”

But not to worry, Hyori rescues the soup and starts to stir it. The caption says, “Now appa will be punished.” SS comes back in, clueless, and Hyori tells him that the juk will burn very quickly if you don’t stir it. SS gets busy stirring the clam soup and all is well.

But it looks like something is about to happen…

Three men show up with some surfboards. It is the most luggage ever. They have a serious conversation in the bus but they are using unknown terminology. It looks like they are trying to figure out the best way to put their boards on the rental car. They succeed and call the meenbak.

SS answers and the three tell the president that they are the new customers. Three guys. SS tells them that it is snowing a lot so drive slowly. The camera follows the men driving through the snow with their suspicious luggage and western music plays.

SS is very relaxed, but Hyori is concerned, where will three men sleep? Hyori tells Yoona that three more guys are showing up and Yoona is shocked, where will they sleep?

1 PM
The sun comes out. Hyori tells Yoona to sit next to the window and just see the feel of looking at the snow and icicles. Yoona scoots over to the window and sits in the sun. Hyori thinks it is so pretty how the water splashes on the wood, it is almost like a fountain. Hyori falls asleep and SS starts to fix something. Then they hear the Ding dong of the bell. The customers are already there.

Hyori pops up, she is caught off guard, they came so quickly! She runs upstairs and starts to brush her teeth. SS goes out to greet the two women and the women think he is so handsome. One of the girls unconsciously makes a finger heart and SS gives them an elegant way to park the car.

SS takes their bags and they quickly run inside. They greet everyone and Yoona goes to quickly make some citron tea for them. At that time Hyori runs downstairs and says hello to everyone. Then they start to talk, these two women are sisters with a 7-year difference. The eunnie is 30 and the dong-sang is 23. But they are close, like friends. The oldest is a primary teacher and the youngest is a soprano.

They start to talk about the sexy leather jacket that the oldest is wearing. But then they get back to talking about the sisters and their plans. The sisters want to hike tomorrow at Hala Mountain. She thinks it is very pretty when it snows. Meanwhile, the men show up and the western music plays as they go to the bell.

Inside, they go to the video and get the door for the guests. Yoona levels up and gets to press the gate button. SS runs out and tells the second check-in of the day how to park. he greats them all and on the screen, it is written: what is their identity? Who are they?

SS thinks they have a lot of camping equipment? But they say that they brought their surfboards. the music changes to Surfing USA as the men go inside and sit with the women. But the women get up to eat in the kitchen and the men sit to chat. These men are 30 (physical therapist), 29 (coach), 36 (salaryman). Hyori thinks one of them looks like a rapper in Korea.

Hyori starts to tell them who all the guests are. they have several Judo players and two woman and now these men. the men haven’t eaten yet, so Hyori goes to help Yoona prepare the juk and SS stays to explain everything to the customers. One of the guests helps prepare the table, she already knows where everything is since she watched the show previously and smiles and thanks them for the food.

The surfers join the sisters at the table and they greet each other, check their names and ages, and they start to eat. In the kitchen, Hyori and Yoona thinks the young people are talking like they are at a club and she mentions that young people get close so quickly. The yin and yang harmony of men and women makes them get close so quickly.

Meanwhile, an old-fashioned sounding song that sings, “Yummy bulgogi…..sweet bulgogi…” plays as they make bulgogi for the guests. Feeding the guests food is a success.

But Hyori doesn’t feel too good and takes a break.

1:30 PM
The guests say that SS looks a lot more handsome in real life, he smiles and tells them to eat a lot. The two women are staying 2 nights and three days and the men are staying 4 nights and 5 days. SS tells them to all rest well and have fun.

But upstairs Hyori doesn’t look well, she looks a lot different than regular. She closes the shutters and cuddles in bed on a hot water mat. She might be feeling uncomfortable because it is her time of the month, but she also has a runny nose. It looks like SS isn’t thinking too much about Hyori’s condition throughout the day, but Hyori tried her best without showing that she was sick. But now she is very relaxed in bed.

SS gets up and goes to check on Hyori. he didn’t show that he was worried about Hyori to the guests, but he shows that he cares about her when he goes upstairs. He goes downstairs and makes her something, he doesn’t even leave it when he makes it. He gives her a heat pack and then he goes back downstairs.

Meanwhile, the guests help wash the dishes but Yooni tells them to leave because they are making her life difficult if they do the dishes. The guests happily leave.

But then SS gets another phone call, they might have another guest? But SS finds out that this sound wasn’t his phone, it was one of the guest’s phone. he thinks that he should change his ringer and goes to get his phone.

It is a little brighter outside so everyone goes out.

3 PM
Hyori is still in bed and everyone is concerned about her. SS checks on her again and tells her that he is going to the grocery store. They make a joke about Jang Bo Go (which is the name of a general but sounds like grocery shopping). Hyori thinks back to when she took the dogs out in the super cold. She tells SS that she is super important, they won’t be able to do anything without her. SS jokes, they are doing okay.

Yoona is working hard vacuuming downstairs and Hyori and SS notice the vacuum sound. When she is done, she takes a nap in the tiny room downstairs. meanwhile, SS makes Hyori a tea and Hyori thinks that she is sorry to Yoona because she is working harder than Hyori. But Yoona is downstairs napping.

Hyori and SS also take a nap upstairs. But Hyori keeps talking to SS which keeps him from napping. Finally, she tells him to take a nice nap, she will see him in one hour.

Meanwhile, the Judo teammates are driving and see that it is very snowy and windy outside like Frozen. They think no planes can fly in this weather. But they can drive so they go to the tangerine garden to pick some tangerines. Most of the tangerines are dead, but there are some inside the greenhouse that might still be good. They pick a few, but first, they find out which tree has the best tasting tangerines. After that, they start to pick a few.

The surfers are out as well, but it is like Frozen outside. Super windy and snowy like there are in a movie. They can’t surf in this weather, it is too much. the sea is almost like hurricane conditions, but the surfers think that they will have some nice waves tomorrow. The wind will be the determining factor.

4:30 PM
It is super windy and super snowy. SS wakes up with the sound of hail and wind on the house. Hyori also wakes up and stretches a little bit. She wants SS to take the dogs out for a walk, but they aren’t sure if the dogs will want to go out.

Hyori checks on Yoona and Yoona wants to know if Hyori is okay. Hyori says she is okay, it is just women stuff. Hyori tells the dogs to go outside and Hyori pretends like she is going outside, but then she closes the door. the dogs catch on to her though and don’t go far from the house. Hyori thinks that she should hide so they will continue running outside, but the dogs stay near the home, Soon-shim and Mocha aren’t running away, they keep looking for Hyori.

It is hide-and-seek with Hyori, Mocha, and Soon-sim. Finally, Hyori opens the door for them, she tells them that they are killing her, but she will go outside with them.

SS is outside, but none of the dogs are with him, they are all with Hyori. Yoona is still inside as well with Go-soony. She asks Go-soony what they should do with all this wind and she tries to pet her. Meanwhile, outside SS and Hyori think they should go back inside, it is too cold.

They go back inside and the song Alaska by Maggie Rogers starts to play on the record. Yoona and Hyori start to talk about the song. You need a lot of feeling if you sing a song like this. they decide to put on Yoona’s song “When the wind blows” Yoona wrote this song. But Yoona is a little embarrassed to play it.

She listens to it with Hyori and Sang-soon at the table. They listen to it quietly for a moment and then they start to talk about the song. It is a pretty song actually. Hyori says that girls really like it when boys go anywhere they want. Hyori always told SS that she when she was drunk she would call her ex-boyfriends and say that she doesn’t know where she is and hangs up. Then the boy calls back and asks her if she knows where she is, what does it look like, what is around. But Hyori didn’t want to give SS a hard time like that. Is it because he was the guy that she wanted to marry?

SS says it is because they were together all the time, they were never apart.

Another song starts to play. Goodbye by Sohn Song-jae. The song is about a goodbye and when they see each other in the future they can talk about it again. He can’t see or touch her lovely face right now, bye-bye.

This song is a peaceful song and it even brings tears to Yoona’s eyes. Hyori says that singers have a lot of emotion and cry when we listen to music. But Yoona can get some cold air and feel better. Then Hyori says music like this gives people a flashback of memories. Yoona goes outside and tries to get it together. She stands outside quietly as she gathers herself. She decides to do some more cleaning and sweeps the snow from the deck. She tries to clean the ice as well. It starts to get dark while Yoona cleans and a gorgeous sunset is on the horizon.

6 PM
The judo ladies come back and they are filled in on the new customers. The judo girls feel comfortable, like it is there own home now, and they say that it is a very strange feeling. SS makes some rice for them and then they make sam-get-tang, chicken ginseng soup. But they also put clams in the soup as well. SS and Yoona prepare this meal together and Yoona jokes that she thinks she would be very good taking care of clams and vegetables.

They finish preparing and leave the soup to boil.

Meanwhile, Hyori sits with the judo players. they brought some sushi and chicken back and go to the kitchen to feed Yoona and SS the food as well. Yoona and SS think it tastes so good, so they go to the table to eat as well. Bring out the maekju. SS tells them that they don’t have to hide their face because it makes SS and Hyori feel like Ajusshi and Ajumma. They laugh about that and keep eating all the food. It is a happy night of eating.

The sisters come back and sit with everyone. Yoona makes everyone waffles as well with strawberries and bananas on top. Everyone thinks it tastes really good, like they are at a cafe, then the sisters tell everyone what they did that day. First, they went to a Korean war memorial that dealt with protests. They went to a cave where people lived as refugees during the war. They also walked around and saw some dolls that visitors left for kids who died during the war. The sister says that she was upset for not knowing about the history. A movie was made about it called Jiseul which is the word for potato in Jeju. The people hid in the cave and ate a lot of potatoes to survive.

The Judo people are affected by it, they didn’t realize all this history was there, they just played a lot today and enjoyed the food.

The owners wonder about the guys, when will they come back? Cut to the men driving. they never expected that much snow in Jeju island. One of them says that he always wanted to come to Jeju in the snow, but perhaps he shouldn’t come here twice in this snow.

They see a car that is having some problems, this car caused all the congestion. The three men decide to help the truck and push it. The truck has rear wheel drive so it is has a hard time getting up the hill. Someone finds some sand so they put it in front of the wheels and the truck is able to get some traction and leave. They saved the day, fighting! Now it’s time for them to go home.

Dishwashing battle. the judo people want to do the dishes but the sisters also want to do the dishes. But the Judo players are stronger and say that if the sisters can’t bump them out of the way, then they can do the dishes. The sisters concede.

Meanwhile, Hyori is laying down with a lot of back pain again. SS tells her that he will take care of everything while she rests and he goes outside to light the fireplace in the outdoor tent.

Hyori apologizes to the guests for laying down, but they don’t mind. The conversation turns to the soprano singer. the singer says that it is difficult to be a soprano singer and Hyori tells her that you have to be more than good, you have to be exceptional. Yoona tells everyone that she isn’t super good at anything and she isn’t super pretty. Hyori says that she was really good at making people laugh, but she wasn’t really good at singing or dancing so she worried about that a lot. The talk about how they don’t think that they are good, but Yoona says that it is better not to think of those things. It is better to not think them because there is always someone who thinks that you are exceptional and there is always someone who thinks that the next person is exceptional and up and up and up.

The surfers finally get home and introduce themselves to the judo players. Hyori makes the same joke about the Rapper that one of the surfers looks like. SS takes everyone outside to the tent and explains everything. They can bring sweet potato and put it in the fire and put all the pillows around. Yoona and SS say bye-bye and the judo players sit and enjoy everything.

Yoona goes home and SS walks her to the front. They talk about the weather and how the guests might not be able to leave tomorrow. he tells her that she can come to work later tomorrow if she wakes up late. Then we cut to Yoona listening to a song as she gets ready for bed. She puts icy-hot on her legs, massages them, and rests.

Back at the Meenbak, SS checks on the customers. All of them are in the tent now and he tells them to eat well and enjoy their time. He goes inside and the dogs follow him. Then SS makes sure that all the blankets and sleeping places are ready for the guests. Meanwhile, the guests are having a good time eating the sweet potatoes and talking and laughing in the tent. The surfers talk about surfing and they rearrange their seating so they are more together. They all say that they don’t want to go home.

Hyori is meditating and then lays down. SS asks her if she needs anything and Hyori tells him that she needs his attention and love. She hopes that she will not be sich when she wakes up, otherwise that means that she will be super sick. But if she wakes up and feels better then that means that she won’t be sick at all. They turn off the lights and they think that it is really winter. Hyori says that their love is winter also, but the spring will come soon, right? SS laughs.

Hyori sings a song about winter melancholy never stopping and we see all the guests going to bed. Hyori tells SS goodnight, have a good dream and SS tells her the same.

The night of the meenbak jip gets deeper
Where it has not been this crowded for a long time

But then there is a large noise. A sensor is going on and off at the house. No one is there, but the light keeps going on and off because of the snowstorm raging outside. The dogs are awake and SS and Hyori wake up.

It is a big snowstorm.

5:30 AM 3RD DAY
Hyori and SS try to go back to sleep, but everyone gets a cell phone warnings on all the phones. The streets are closed, only use public transportation and be careful for your safety.

It is like Siberia outside. Everyone is trapped in the meenbak. They are concerned about the food situation, but Hyori says that she will take care of it, even if she has to bring a carrier outside. But it is crazy outside. The judo players have to go to the airport, but the car isn’t going up the hill. Maybe they are trapped for real.

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