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8 Korean Actresses with Deep Voices (Who’s #1?)

8 Korean Actresses with Deep Voices (Do you agree with #1?)

There isn’t just one kind of woman. Women can be smart, oblivious, funny, serious, tall, short, skinny, plump, dark, pale, and everything in-between. But historically having a high-pitched voice has been linked to femininity. Since International Women’s Day just passed, I thought it’d only be right to shed some light on women with naturally deep voices, because hey, they exist too!

Here’s a list of beautiful Korean actresses with equally beautiful low voices that prove you don’t have to sound like Minnie Mouse to be feminine.

8. Kim Ji-won

When it comes to this actress, her filmography isn’t the only thing that’s versatile. Her voice has a chameleon quality to it as well, and often sounds higher than it really is. But when she’s not in character or giggling with her co-stars, Kim Ji-won’s natural speaking voice is nice and low.

7. Lee Sung-kyung

Next is our favorite weightlifting fairy! Like most people, her voice gets higher when she’s excited, but when she’s speaking comfortably, it’s low. I loved when she made it even lower for comedic scenes in Cheese in the Trap and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo.

6. Song Ji-hyo

Number 6 is the Queen of Running Man herself! I’ve always thought her low voice fit her chill personality. (Don’t let her somewhat high-pitched greeting fool you. The longer you watch, the more you’ll understand why she belongs on this list).

5. Seo Ji-hye

As Seo Dan in Crash Landing On You, Ji-hye blessed our eyes with chic outfits, but she also blessed our ears with her soothing voice. (It’s hard to focus on her voice, because the other women in the video have low voices as well, but it’s just more to celebrate.)

4. IU

With impactful dramas like Hotel Del Luna, My Mister, and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, IU isn’t just a singer, but a successful actress as well. Her voice has such range, because she can hit the highest notes when she’s singing, but when she’s speaking it’s quite deep. Even next to a male co-star with a deep voice, hers doesn’t get buried.

3. Won Jin-ah

Now, we’re getting to the good stuff. At number 3, Won Jin-ah’s voice is so beautiful and deep, it’s all I can pay attention to while watching She Would Never Know.

Well…that and Rowoon’s face. (V – lol!)

2. Lee Joo-young

This list wouldn’t even make sense if the Itaewon Class actress wasn’t on it. I’ve been a fan of her voice since Weightlifting Fairy, and was so happy when she started getting more recognition after Itaewon Class. Her future in acting is bright, but if it doesn’t work out she’d rule the airwaves as a radio DJ.

1. Seo Yea-ji

Is it even a surprise that she’s number 1? Seo Yea-ji came for everyone’s hearts in 2020 with her amazing acting in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, and her exquisite voice. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Korean actress with a deeper voice, and listening to her speak gives me chills in the best way. If she was a children’s book author in real life, I’d gladly let her read me bed time stories every night.

I hope you guys enjoyed the list! I tried to find entertaining videos that showcased each actress’s voice. Do you have a favorite voice? Or is there another actress you would’ve added?

Most importantly, if you happen to have a deeper voice, I hope you’re proud of it and I hope you feel seen.

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