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6 Fun, Flirty, and Fantastical Korean Webtoons We Love

6 Fun, Flirty, and Fantastical Korean Webtoons We Love

Many of us are not quite out of quarantining yet, so if you’re looking for something to do in-between dramas, check out these 6 fun, flirty, and fantastical Korean webtoons available right now.

And the best thing of all is that all of them can be found on the app “Webtoon” FOR FREE!

I Love Yoo

6 Romantic Webtoons We Love

By: Quimchee

Genre: Drama

Status: Ongoing

Summary: Due to being abandoned by her mom and separated from her sister at a young age, Yoo Shin-ae distrusts people. She passes time with her one true love: food, and two friends named Maya and Rika.

One night Shin-ae’s friends convince her to go to a fancy party, and she bumps into two brothers who change the trajectory of her life forever.

Comments: Man, I can’t say enough good things about this webtoon. What it lacks in “flashy” artwork, it makes up for with a compelling story and relatable characters.

It’s truly a touching story of personal growth and learning how to let people in. Not to mention hilarious, so if you’re reading it in public, get ready to look like a…

Lore Olympus

6 Romantic Webtoons We Love

By: Rachel Smythe

Genre: Romance

Status: Ongoing

Summary: Based on the Greek myth of Persephone, this webtoon adds a modern spin and explores some heavy themes.

Comments: I love the vivid art style! Everything’s a riot of cobalt blue, magenta, and violet. It’s incomparable. (V – Aw, this artwork is so classic and adorable)

As for the story, it’s immersive, but contains triggering subject matter, so keep that in mind.

Midnight Poppy Land

6 Romantic Webtoons We Love

By: Lilydusk

Genre: Romance (with a side of grit)

Status: Ongoing

Summary: A bad day gets even worse when Poppy, an editor, crashes her moped into some trees and makes a shocking discovery. This discovery leads her to a mob boss and his mysterious (and hot) bodyguard.

Comments: Not gonna lie…the first few chapters reminded me of a mafia story I’d read on Wattpad. But after that it picks up and keeps you guessing.

Did I mention the bodyguard was hot?

True Beauty

6 Romantic Webtoons We Love

By: Yaongi

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Status: Ongoing

Summary: A shy comic-loving nerd learns how to catfish in real life when she masters makeup and becomes the school’s beauty queen overnight. Now she must keep her true self-hidden from her adoring peers and her crush.

Comments: The art style borders on realism and is ridiculously gorgeous! Think of your favorite members in a K-Pop group, then digitize them. That’s how good all of these characters look. In fact, True Beauty’s fans are convinced one of the characters is based off Got7’s JB.

What do you think? (V – yep, yep, yep!)

6 Romantic Webtoons We Love

Aside from the stunning artwork, the story’s hilarious and has a good message.

Siren’s Lament

6 Romantic Webtoons We Love

By: instantmiso

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Status: Season 1 (Complete) Season 2 (Ongoing)

Summary: Lyra’s an ordinary girl who lives an ordinary life. But all of that changes with the discovery of sirens, and a curse that threatens to unravel everything she’s ever known.

Comments: Watch out Ariel! This was one of my first webtoons, and boy is it a roller coaster. The world-building and the lore the author created are my favorite things about Siren’s Lament. The other is the growth the characters undergo throughout the course of the story.

Age Matters

6 Romantic Webtoons We Love

By: Enjelicious

Genre: Romance

Status: Season 1 (Complete)

Summary: Rose is a hopeless romantic who isn’t happy about turning thirty. Through various hijinks she becomes the assistant to a cold billionaire named Daniel Yoon. Together they navigate friendship, love, and life.

Comments: Rose if your typical romcom female lead. She’s extroverted, talkative, and a bit of a klutz. I found her annoying at first, but she grew on me.

This webtoon’s strength is how cathartic it is for anyone in their late twenties or early thirties. It makes you want to slow down and think about what’s really important. Especially with everything that’s going on. I definitely recommend it.

So there you have it! Six webtoons that’ll make you laugh, cry, and think. Plus, how can you not look at all that pretty! Have you read any? If so, which one was your favorite?

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  1. Sebba
    June 11, 2020 / 2:20 pm

    Heartfelt thanks for introducing me to a whole new world of joy and delight!

    • Adri
      June 11, 2020 / 2:30 pm

      No problem! Webtoons are amazing. Be careful because they’ll suck you right in! I’ve lost many hours and days to webtoons.

      • Anonymous
        June 14, 2020 / 8:52 am

        So true! I started reading this one vampire webtoon a few months ago and had to drop it because it was consuming all my free time (and pocket money) 😉

        Great list!

        • Adri
          June 14, 2020 / 4:11 pm

          You managed to drop it? You definitely have more will power than me haha.

          Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the list.

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