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15 sec Teaser Breakdown for Crash Landing on You on Netflix

Crash Landing on you show theories and Trailer Breakdown
Crash Landing on you show theories and Trailer Breakdown

And we finally have a teaser and a consistent name choice for Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s new romantic comedy – Crash Landing on You! I must mention that the title is a very Kdrama-esque name (i.e. long, sentence-ish like, and on the nose), but it is a step up from many of the other names floated previously. Crash Landing on You is the Official Netflix title, though I have seen Crash Landed on Love as well.

Crash Landed Love is a romantic-comedy about a North Korean officer falling in love with a South Korean heiress who crash lands into his life via a hang glider. The original tease for the show said that she crash landed in North Korea so he has to hide her from his people and help her escape back to the south.

The teaser is only 15 seconds, but we get a lot of information in these seconds. First, it opens in Switzerland so we will get to see what all those leaked behind the scenes shots were filming a month or so ago. And second, there are a lot of easter eggs about what could possibly be going on!

Read ahead for the full breakdown. And of course, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


The teaser opens with Hyun Bin dressed in casual attire and taking a photo of the scenery in Switzerland with an old fashioned manual camera which makes me think that he could be a film hobbyist. Or it could clue us in to North Korean life as it might be difficult to obtain new technology like digital cameras. His hair looks very plain and his clothes look plain yet fitted as if he is trying to blend in as a tourist.

He is taking the photo near water and possibly on a bridge. He could almost be taking a photo of our heroine played by Son Hye-jin who we see briefly turning her head around toward his direction. But then we cut to him walking to the end of a pier in a completely changed outfit. He is now in a sharp button up black suit and his hair is coifed as if he just turned into a Korean version of James Bond.

He turns his head around now and the camera zooms out to show the beautiful Switzerland landscape along the river and quickly cuts to people hang gliding, which makes me think that perhaps Son Ye-jin hang glided into Hyun Bin in Switzerland and not into North Korea? Or maybe she learned ho to hang glide in Switzerland and tried it out in South Korea which led her to accidentally following a rogue gust of wind into North Korea?

Son Yejin continues to look at the hang gliders in awe and we see Hyun Bin walk up to her in equal shades of awe. In this shot is he is back in his casual wear, though he is dressed differently, wearing a wind breaker and sporting head phones as if he is a lot younger. Could he be in college here? She is sporting a preppy look as if she could be a on vacation from a university as well.

Then we cut back to Hyun Bin staring at the lake on the harbor, wearing an untucked white shirt and black plants. He has a large tan luggage to his side and in the near distance, we see a piano and other suitcases on the next pier in the same color as his suitcase which leads me to believe that they belong to him. Hmm, could his cover be that he is a musician moving to Switzerland?

The camera cuts back away to show more gorgeous scenery in Switzerland, this time focusing on the train swooping through a town and then cutting in on a city in Switzerland where our heroine looks out over a city bridge, looking very much as the laidback traveling heiress that she is.

The camera then cuts back and forth between shots of Hyun Bin and Son Yejin looking off at something before settling on the two of them looking at each other as they only stand a few feet away on the pier. he is wearing his white shirt and black pants and she has on what looks like it could be a Burberry raincoat.


Okay, what follows are 100% my guesses as to where this show might lead. It is just my mind trying to figure things out, but I might stumble onto something so spoiler warning if I am right about any of this.

So this trailer gives me so much to think about and dissect. It appears that Hyun Bin changed clothing three times in the trailer and that the clothing appeared to represent three moment in his life. From possibly college to becoming a well-known professional. Ye-jin’s clothing also changed possibly four times. One is the initial brief first shot of her from the camera click, then the preppy look she sported while watching the hang gliders, the third look was in the city in Switzerland where she looks a bit older and wiser, and finally on the pier where her and Hyun Bin look at each other.

With these outfit changes seeming to correspond, it makes me think that our couple might have met and shared an amazing vacation or some kind of experience together when they were young and then come back to Switzerland and re-met when they are older. Though of course, all these outfit changes could all happen during the same vacation to Switzerland.

Though I kind of want to believe that it happened in two different time periods because of the piano and luggage that Hyun Bin has in one of the shots. He looks older and more contemplative in that shot, very different from how he looked when he was using the manual camera in the opening seconds of the trailer. So it seems like a time change took place.

In addition, the camera he uses in the opening shot is a manual camera which is hard to find nowadays. So, he could have it because this is set in 1999 or 2000 or something of the like when those cameras where in every store everywhere. I am leaning more toward that. Though he could also just have it because he likes old cameras or possibly because it is hard to find digital cameras in North Korea so he uses this one.

So what do you think? Did they meet when they were young and innocent and then meet again as adults? Or could he be a pianist moving to Switzerland so that is how they had all these encounters? All of the above? None of the above? All theories are welcome.

The different looks of Hyun Bin in the Crash Landing on You trailer
The different looks of Hyun Bin in the Crash Landing on You trailer
The different looks of Son Yejin in the Crash Landing on You trailer
The different looks of Son Yejin in the Crash Landing on You trailer
A manual camera in what I think is the younger scene, though it could be unrelated.
A manual camera in what I think is the younger scene, though it could be unrelated.
Hyun Bin in Crash landing on You with luggage from 15 second trailer
Is that luggage over there in the distance his? or is it just randomly there? He is also wearing the same outfit as the closing scene. So this could be when they are older.


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  1. Cath
    November 2, 2019 / 6:50 am

    When I saw the first teaser, I was like how this is really good and then when the second teaser came out, I was not impressed but I will watch it still.

    • V
      November 2, 2019 / 2:05 pm

      Aw man! I haven’t seen the second teaser yet, I need to check it out!

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