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12 Nights Kdrama Recap Episode 2

Man and woman shaking hands in Twelve Nights Kdrama Recap Episode 2
I am pretty surprised at the ending. It is not a big thing, just a shocking thing to me personally and I would assume to other people as well? But maybe not. Let’s gush together?

Character Chart: Kdrama Twelve Nights

We open with a montage of the previous episode’s happenings. Both our main characters want to get away. Yoo-kyung wanted to get away from her ex-boyfriend and left her group trip on her way to Nepal. Hyuno up and quit his job while in the middle of business travel. They meet by fate and keep meeting fatefully.

After the montage, we rewind to Hyuno drinking with Baek-man, the guesthouse owner. They both thinks it’s nice to drink together and continue to relax. But their drink is all gone. Hyuno asks if there is a photo studio nearby? Baek-man points in the direction of it and wants to give him more directions, but Hyuno just stands and says he will find it by fate. He runs off with Baek-man sighing about how being young is great. But he has something else on his mind as he tries to call the woman he might have impregnated years ago. But it looks like the number is wrong.

Hyuno finds the studio and is able to go inside before it closes. Yi-ri tells him that he can rest because she has to prepare somethings. So Hyuno walks around and finds himself at the front door where he sees Yoo-kyung. They are both shocked to see each other but instead of saying hi, she just bows her head a bit and walks inside. Hyuno is very happy about it and continues to think that he is a fated man.

Yoo-kyung waits as Hyuno gets his photo taken and actually imagines that she is the one taking it.

Later on, Yiri lets Yoo-kyung use her dark room to develop the film. They smile at each other as Yiri jokes if she can trust Yoo-kyung. But she must trust her fully because she leaves her to it. Yoo-kyung starts to develop all the film she took that day including the photo she took of Hyuno and hangs them all on the string. But Hyuno suddenly comes into the room which makes Yoo-kyung remove his photo quickly and then tell him that he should not come in – the light.

Hyuno says that he turned out the light outside and then starts to look around at the photos. There is one photo that he looks at, which might be Yoo-kyung’s, because he said that this is what she really looks like, but we don’t get a chance to see that photo and she also did not want him to see it. She moves her body slightly in front of it to block his view. But they are very close now and the setting is a bit intimate. He tells her he can help her remove her apron, but she says she can do it.

But Yoo-kyung is saved by Hyuno who tells her that she has to close up shop. They end up leaving together and walking together as well because YK is afraid of a cat that is in her way. While walking they talk about how he wants to be a dancer and why she was at the studio. She says that she couldn’t sleep. When they get to their final destination, Hyuno asks her if she is dating anyone, he wants to see her again, not as a coincidence.

She does not respond right away and then tells him that she does not date anyone too easily. He smiles and tells her that it is nice to see her again. then he extends his hand and gives her good luck as he also tells her that it was nice to see her again. She shakes his hand lightly and says it is the same for her. Then they part.

Yoo-kyung goes back to her friend, Chae-woon’s place and walks right into an argument where Pierre is getting kicked out. Chae-woon slumps on the couch and thinks that she needs to change her password. CW asks her where she went too so YK told her that she went to a photo studio. But it is jut small talk because Chae-woon starts to get comfortable on the couch and tells YK that she will clean up tomorrow.

Yoo-kyung ends up going to her room to write in her diary. She writes that she met a strange guy who is the same as as her and is also a traveler from Tokyo. He said he wanted to meet me again, I wonder if this is the Japanese way of flirting? He was not hitting on me, it was just like he was reading my heart. He is too cool, he does things without hesitation. But she does not continue writing and just goes to sleep.

Hyuno hops up early the next day and rides a bike somewhere. He might be going to the mountain where they met. Yoo-kyung also woke up early but went to the river to take photos. They both enjoy the sunrise in their two locations.

Back at the guesthouse, Baek-min calls a hospital to see if they do DNA tests. But he is interrupted by Hyuno who came back with the bicycle. Baek-min hops and pleasantly tells him that food is inside then quickly settles back into talking on the phone. Meanwhile, Yoo-kyung eats with her friend when her mother calls. But she does not answer because her mother tries to be supportive but is actually suffocating.

Yoo-kyung asks Chae-woon is she wants to go see their school again? Chae -woon smiles and says she can skip half her day and be brave like her. YK shirks and says that running away is not that brave, but her friend cheers her up and tells her that everyone cannot do that.

At the guest house, the little boy finds an egg and tells Hyuno that he heard that a cuckoo bird lays its egg in another bird’s nest because they don’t want to raise it. It seems like he is talking about the story of his life. He boy picks up the egg he is carrying and takes it inside. Baek-man watches, interested.

Yoo-kyung and Chae-woon end up going to their old school and happily look around as students are inside working. They eat there (which is a mess since everyone is trying to get something to eat), and they go to the library. They happily look through a book that they might have written. It looks like it is the letter that their teacher wanted them to themselves 10 years later. In a flashback, they think that they would be 25 then and wonder what they would be doing. College or married or studying in America? Will I be a famous writer? Would Shinhwa (boy group) fight each other for me? Will they still be together?

In the present, they read what they wrote. Later on, they walk around outside the school and talks about how the clothes are the same, but the kids are so young. But after resting on a bench, Chae-woon tells Yoo-kyung, after stretching, that she has to go back to work. Suddenly, her phone rings so she has to step away for a moment. YK starts to think about her letter. She wrote that she would be a great photographer. Someone that did not hesitate and took photos surely. She thought she would be super cool and would have a fateful love with a person who is tall with nice eyebrows and sparkling eyes. I will meet that person….but where is he now?

While she voiced over the letter, we see Hyuno riding the bicycle happily. he rides it to the Seoul Performance Ballet School (something like that, maybe Seoul City Ballet?). He goes inside and sees some of the students practice on stage. But another student says his name back stage (she is Park Sun-joo). She asks him if he is there to see her performance? they go outside for coffee. He tells her that he is there for a business trip. She tells him that she is a bit embarrassed that he is watching her practice. But you should see the performance since you are here.

She tells him that this kills her because she did not dance for 3 years so she does not feel like her body is her body. On top of that, she is also afraid. It feels like she is standing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You know how that feels right (you are somewhere and are so afraid because no one is around to save you). She tells him that she is afraid of the stage, what about you? Did you give up on performing? He snaps out of his thoughts (he had a little flashback panic attack to performing on stage while she was talking) and tells her no.

Baek-min and Goo-wall sit outside talking. Goo-wall says that the boy is hatching cuckoo eggs right now. BM is a bit confused on what to do, he tries to talk to the little boy, but he starts crying right away. GW tells him that his assumption about the boy is probably true.

But then someone that Goo-wall knows comes in. They talk for a moment and catch up, she asks him why he is there, he says he works there. He asks her why she came if it wasn’t to see him. She says that her AC is broken. She is also going to take a train from Moscow to Europe.

Elsewhere, Ki-tae (the ex) calls Yoo-kyung and tells her that another studio has an opening. She can send him some photos and he can send them on. Just think of the result, you know what I mean? But she just hangs up and gets off the bus. She gets a cold drink at a shop and ends up drinking with a woman that is already sitting there. (This person might be AR on our character chart).

They sit and talk happily outside. It looks like Yoo-kyung also went to Yoo-kyung’s high school but years after her. She lives in Busan now. But she is in Seoul looking for her ex-boyfriend(?). She thinks he is running away so she is trying to get his telepathy, so she can find him. they laugh about it. AR asks why YJ is drinking in the daytime. YJ says it is just to not think about things.

YJ ends up going back to the studio and gives YR a gift for letting her use her studio. it is a gift of tea. YR asks if she already drank today? YK admits to it and they both smile, though YR tells her that it does not seem like she drank for a good thing. YK ends up looking at all the photos while thinking about the new opportunity her ex told her about.

She ends up sitting with YR and asks her why she wanted to see her photos. YR says that it looked like she thought about her photo a lot as if she was thinking about giving up. YK wonders if the look was just a look of reluctance in giving up. YR tells her that she sneak peaked her photos, they were good. YK says she just took pictures. YR tells her that that is the key, you just took a picture, your body just moved.

Yoo-kyung things back to taking Hyuno’s photo and asks if her photos were really good. YR mutters that YK needs confirmation, you should trust yourself. Your pictures hooked me. YK asks if she can scan her film for her into a digital format. YR agrees and starts asking about the guy from last night, but YK tells her that she does not know what happened to him.

When she leaves, she thinks about Hyuno asking her if she dated anyone and what he is doing. She wonders if she did not see him because she refused to date him? At her friend’s place, she runs into Pierre who is holding flowers. But she does not let him in. inside, she tells her friend that she will find a room. She also tells her that she bumped into Pierre, he came with a bouquet of flowers, but she is not leaving because of that. She also thinks her friend should have her own alone time.

Meanwhile, Goo-wall writes about fate and whether he is a push over, but he scratches it all out. In the patio area, Baek-min puts up a screen for a live broadcast (of the world cup?). SJ is there as well. He tells Goo-wall to buy some good things at the store, not just snacks. But then he says he can buy snacks (when he thinks of his maybe son). Goo-wall asks the woman, SJ, if she wants to go on a drive with him. Baek-man smiles so it looks like he might? But then he goes to the kids’ room and gets on all fours as if he is looking for hair for a DNA sample. His friend calls and says that it does not have to be hair, fingernails or a toothbrush is okay.

He sits at the desk and accidentally breaks the egg that the boy was coveting. He grumbles about it, but he also feels bad, so he tries to paint an egg blue to look like it. But that does not look like it is working so he goes to the patio to find another egg. Outside, the little boy asks Baek-man if he really hates him. he just wonders if he does. Baek-man is a bit defensive and tells him not to think that he is his father, even if he was, he will send him back to his mother. The poor liitle guy looks so sad. he ends up getting his backpack and luggage to leave.

Outside on the street, the boy rolls past Yoo-kyung as she looks for the guesthouse. They accidentally bump into each other but they both continue on their way. Inside, Baek-man regrets that he told the kid that he will not raise him. Why did he look so sad…~. He goes to his room, but he is not there, so he looks around for him a bit in the house, but he is not around. Hyuno gets back so Baek-min asks him if he saw a little boy? Hyuno tells him that he can help him look for him.

Baek-min leaves quickly just as Yoo-kyung gets the front door. But he is in a hurry, so he does not stop to talk and hurries off. She goes inside and sees Hyuno. they stare at each other for a moment. Hyuno tells her that the owner just left. He also stays there so she can pick any room she wants. He starts to walk away, but she asks why he did not pick up his pictures at the studio. She liked it.

He thinks that is great and tells her she can look around a bit, then he goes inside.

She stays put and sits on one of the benches to unload all that she is carrying. However, Hyuno and his words to her last night are on her mind so she stands and knocks on the door. He comes out. She tells him that he said he was not hitting on her so why is he so cold to her today? He thinks about smiling a bit then he sits. She thinks that his kind of smile showed it. She tells him that she should not ignore him. He asks her how much he should not ignore her? It will be difficult. You do not date someone easily, but we should not ignore each other.

She kind of argues with him a bit about how he did what he wanted anyway. He asks if he can do what he wants then? She says it is not like that! He starts to smile very brightly. She tells him that he is doing this on purpose to get his revenge. He asks if she wants him to get his revenge. She says something in Spanish and tells him that she did not know when she would use it, but it is good to study it. he says something in Japanese. She mutters that if he tells her what he said then she will tell him what she said.

However, she gets a text and checks it right away. Someone got accepted to this program maybe? It looks like a text from her ex asking her if she is still interested in the opportunity. She tells Hyuno that she forgot to send her pictures to someone and then goes inside one of the rooms. Inside, she puts the usb of her photos in her computer and looks at them. But she wonders if she will be embarrassed again. Yet she also wonders why she is this unconfident.

Meanwhile, Baek-man finds the little boy and tells him that he didn’t tell him to leave! I worried about you! The boy is at the corner store sitting on the bench. He saw that the egg shell was cracked so he mutters about it to Baek-man. Maek-man tells him that it was a mistake. Yoon-chan tells him that it might have been a mistake, but it still happened. BM starts to think back to the boy mom and how she told him about mistakes and wanting another chance.

BM tells Yoon-chan to give him a chance to make things up to him for his mistake. then he takes his luggage and tells him that they should go, it’s getting late. He also apologizes for yelling and says that he didn’t mean it. he extends his hand to the boy who takes it saying that he will trust him this time.

At the same time, Goo-wall shops with SJ. they playfully walk around and talk about how GW is still so obsessed with her. But it is a joke. She tells him that he should write again, all his friends are writers, so stop hiding at the guesthouse. He tells her that she is also running away. She gets a little upset and says that she is running away, but that is better than GW who is not going anywhere in life.

back at the guest house, Hyuno practices dancing outside. YK watches him and is stuck in a mesmerizing gaze. She is so stuck that she does not notice when he comes inside and is right in front of her face asking what she’s doing. She ends up muttering something and then walks away. He starts to use the computer to apply for a dancing thing and sees that she has not sent the email she was writing yet.

He prints the application and tells her that he will go see his friend ina play. She tells him that he does not hesitate at all. he asks her why she hesitates so much and shows her the email. He tells her that he is still afraid, but he is doing it. She just mutters that they are different and pulls her computer to him. Defiantly, he swings her computer back and sends the email for her.

It is a heated moment, she said she was hesitating because she is not confident in herself not because she wanted someone else’s confirmation. I lost my chance again. She rolls her eyes and leaves with her computer just as the owner comes back in with the boy. He wants to talk to her, but she just goes into her room.

BM starts to talk to Hyuno, but he also goes back into his room. the other two come back (SJ and GooWall) and also angrily go into their rooms. Yoon-chan wonders if they can still watch the soccer match. Baek-man tells him that this is the first game of the World Cup, so they are definitely watching it!

Inside, Goo-wall angrily cuts the food. Baek-man tells him to be careful but then opens the gate to another person who is there to stay, EP. They all get ready for the game and put on their red clothes to route for Korea. But all the upset people are still in their rooms so Baek-man goes to all the rooms to let them know that the game is starting. They all reluctantly come out to watch.

But the power goes out or something like that, so they try to figure out how to still get the game. They end up grabbing a radio and listening to it outside all together almost in a huddle. Korea scores and everyone goes wild! All the anger they all had is forgotten. The lights suddenly come back on again, so they turn on the big screen and watch the footage of the shot happily.

Afterward, they play a game to see who will clean up. But HO and YK don’t know how to play. They don’t know what is going on and end up losing, I guess? So, they have to clean the dishes and the other young guys clean up outside.

It is another intimate scene as he folds her sleeves back on one arm and asks if he can do it to the other arm. He does, but he apologizes for guessing about the email. She tells him that she would have sent it anyway, she just needed time. What you said helped me, I was a bit too complicated. But you shouldn’t do things like that. He looks closely at her and says something in Japanese. he says it twice. Then he says, “I want to know you,” that is what I told you. Would you like to go see the play with me? Are you refusing it? If you do, then I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight.

The lights go out again. Yoo-kyung tells him that she told him, “I want to know you,” that is what I said. They kiss, and a lovely song starts to play. They look at each other for a moment and then continue kissing. The camera pulls away.

Wow, I cannot believe that they kissed so soon and kind of love it. While watching that last scene O and I were joking about how they would go ahead and sleep with each other if this were an American TV show. I am so surprised that that is actually what might happen? I am so thrown and am really interested in what happens next. I could be getting ahead of myself though, they might have only kissed. Even though, it is still a pretty big thing for them to kiss so soon and so deeply.

HO – When did you take pictures?
YK – When I don’t want to let it go. When I don’t want to miss that moment. I take pictures at those moments.
KT – I don’t know who that man is, but the feeling you have to me is not over yet.
HO – I was truthful. The Kiss.
KT – I did my best for you. Is this what I get for my effort?
YK – You are crazy, Han Yoo-kyung.
YK – Sorry.
HO – Why are you apologizing to me?
YK – The person who called me was my boyfriend. It is okay for my heart to waver a little but the end result of this is obvious.

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  1. sashaa
    October 22, 2018 / 4:18 pm

    I was surprised, but not entirely surprised.

    I think he is living in the moment or made a choice to live so.
    She on the other hand is weighed down by her past and thoughts of future, which in turn affects her present – reflecting on her photos too. To meet someone who makes you rethink your life, during the most volatile period of your life can be very impactful.
    Not to mention the coincidental encounters (which he calls fate/destiny) which makes her rethink her beliefs.
    I am glad she was the one who initiated the kiss. It’s a clear sign she is willing to come out of her shell and relook at her self.
    am liking the show. Hope the male lead recovers well and we get to continue the drama in a few weeks.

    • V
      October 23, 2018 / 2:19 am

      Hopefully he has a strong recovery. I am not sure on this, but I heard that this show might be pre-produced? If so then he shouldn’t feel burdened and can concentrate on his health.

      • sashaa
        October 23, 2018 / 12:16 pm

        That’s good then. He can get more rest! I thought this was going to be another ‘Time’! Too bad people are falling sick. Schedules must be tough.

  2. Rose
    October 23, 2018 / 12:14 pm

    Is this drama good?

    • V
      October 23, 2018 / 7:44 pm

      So far, I like it.

    • V
      October 23, 2018 / 7:44 pm

      It is melancholy, introspective, and slow though. So if you aren’t looking for that kind of drama then this one is probably a pas.

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