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100 Days My Prince Live Recap Episode 12 (Kdrama)

Historical robes at the crowning ceremony in Kdrama 100 Days my Prince
Though Lee Yool has gone back to the riches of his past, this episode might be the poorest of his young life. His love is in hiding, he is isolated in the palace, and everyone wants something from him. Hopefully the lonely despair does not last long. Unfortunately, the only way for this to end is to have his memories come back.

Also, how conniving is CE? He is really amazing. He realized that he overstepped his boundaries when the King tried to kill him, but instead of attacking the palace, he came “groveling” back in order to get on the Kings good side. His one ace in the hole is that baby that may or may not be a prince. One thing is for sure though, that baby definitely is not Yool’s.

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Rewind to when Hong was snatched from the market and carried away by a masked man. In the market, Lee Yool dos not know what i going on with these men in black in front of him and CE calling hima prince. He does not know that he is the prince and tells CE that the prince is dead and had a funeral. CE tells him that the prince is alive in front of him. Yool thinks he is looking at the wrong person, but CE says he is not. I am yur father in law that has not seen you in a long long time. You should go to the palace, the princess is waiting for you and pregnant with your baby.

Yool remembers a little bit about the princess, only the good part where she asked him to share his bed with him and he lightly touched her lips.

Meanwhile, Hong is abducted, Je-yoon witnesses it. Bok-eun sees him and asks why he is not preparing for the festival. Je-yoon grabs him by the arm and tells him that he has a request. The assassins search Hong’s home. Bok-eun and Yeon see this, but stay out of view. In the woods, Je-yoon follows Hong who is now inside a palanquin.

The next morning, everyone gathers for the ceremony to crown a new head prince. The ceremony starts and is filled with pomp and circumstance as everyone is dressed in silk robes of blue or red, their heads adorned in gold. The King sits at his throne with his ceremony crown on. The young prince is in front of him and wearing the same crown. The prince kneels to recieve his annointment.

But then, the Vice Prime Minister comes storming in and bows to the King. He tells him that he had an assassination attempt, that is why he could not come to the palace. Please stop this appointment ceremony. The King tells him that he started this, how dare you be against my order! But CE continues and says that Seowon cannot be the next prince in charge because the first prince is still alive.

Lee Yool comes walking in in bole attire. Everyone turns to look at him but he just walks with his head down and stops at the head of the ceremony. he lifts his head to the King; the King stands in disbelief.

Somewhere else, Hong’s eyes pop open. She sits up and looks around at her unfamiliar surroundings. She goes outside and cotninues to look around. She is in a modest yet large home with a straw roof. Her brother is standing outside to greet her. She runs over to him where he immediately apologizes for the circumstances. His excuse is that he was in a hurry. Hong is pleased to see him but has to leave right away and tells Yeon and WOn Deuk what happened so that they will not worry.

But Moo-yeon tells her that she cannot go back to that guy, she does not know who he is. She tells him that he will not care what kind of people they are. But the brother tells her that she has to forget him because – he is the prince. But not only that, he is the son of the man that killed their father. Hong is stunned and tells him that this is nonsense, I do not believe it. She will ask him, she will not believe it until she asks him.

But Moo-yeon tells her that she will not be able to see him because he is already int he palace and will meet his wife. Forget about him. It is time for you to forget loving him and living with him, you have to forget everything.
Meanwhile, the tension is thick at the palace. CE speaks to the King in front of everyone in the ceremony and tells him that he brought the prince back. The King finds this hard to believe. The subjects want to know how they can know that this is the prince, what if he is just a lookalike? The King walks to Yool and asks him if he is really the prince. Yool bows his head and tells him that he is sorry to make him worry. he bows his head. CE asks what he is going to do with this ceremony. The King tells him he will stop it because the prince is back, alive.

In her quarters, the Queen asks her son what happened with the ceremony, did it end? Her son, Seowon tells her that it was cancelled because Lee Yool came back. The Queen is stunned to discover this. She will check it out for herself. Outside on the palace grounds, The pricness waits to meet Lee Yool. She thinks back to him telling her that she is pregnant without him touching her once, her and her family are done. In the present, she cluctches her belly as she looks at this new Lee Yool from a close distance.

CE tells Yool that he should probably rest right now, so Yool passes by the princess without talking to her. Cut to the princess talking to CE. She wants to know what happened. CE tells her that she does not need to worry, he does not have his memory and only came back because he does not remember that he is the prince. Elsewhere, Yool steps into his elaborate princely chambers. Everything is strange to him.

CE tells the princess that this is a good chance to start over, she needs to try and get his heart. She is concerned about his memory coming back. CE tells her that they need to do something, they will change allt he people serving him to CE’s people. No one will be on his side. The only one that he can trust is himself.

Cut to Yoolbeing changed by all these people. He thinks back to CE who told him that the person that attacked him was the Queen. He tried to investigate it but the King said to stop doing the investigation. You should stop the appointment ceremony. If prince Seowon becomes the prime Prince then the Queen will have more power. You and your wife will not survive.

CE tells his daughter, I am okay with who you are now. i did not need the smart prince, I need a puppet. The princess asks how long he thinks this will last. CE tells her that he needs to survive until the baby becomes the #1 prince. he just needs to sit in his room until that happens, that is all that we need.

Yool gets his clothing put on him and thinks back to CE telling him that everything that happened in the village needs to be a secret. Otherwise the wife and father will be unsafe. We need to hide that you lost your memory, otherwise they will attack you with that. The palace is like a battle ground. You must not show any weakness. Forget about everything for your wife and your new son.
Back in the village, GooDol wonders where Hong and them are. Kkeut sits on the pyongyang quietly. Another oman asks her if she knows anything. Did they leave and pack a luggage? She says that she will go to the city office and tell the mayor. They get up to leave, but Sundo tells them that they should not look for the people that once lived there. Won Deuk is a big criminal. Whoever lives in this town should not talk abotu Won Deuk or Hong Sim ever.

Yeon and another person go to the back and wonder about the High treason that Won Deuk has. What about Hong? The woman tells him that he cannot go, high treason is horrible. But Yeon thinks that Won Deuk is like his son, he has to go! He runs out and runs right into Je-yoon who came to see him. He wants to talk to him privately for a moment.

Yeon asks Je-yoon to save Won Deuk. Please find a way. Je-yoon tells him that he does not have to worry about his daughter, she did not go to Seoul. She is with her brother. Yeon is relieved to hear that, but he is still stressed about Won Deuk, what about him? He is not the kind of person to commit high treason. If he did it then he must have a reason. He is a good guy even though he is nto polite. Will he die with this? My Won Deuk, poor Won Deuk. Je-yoon tells him that Won Deuk will be okay – because he is the prince.

Yeon is all like, say what? Je-yoon tells him that the palace sent him secretly and he should not tell him. But he just wanted to let Yeon know just in case he worried.

The King continues to go all batty. He wonders how CE could be the one that brought Yool back, he should know that I am the one that sent the assassin. Sa-yeob tells him to stay calm, the Vice Minister already commited a crime that should put him to death. Cut to him telling the politicians in court all CE’s wrongdoings.

1. He brought the wrong body
2. He lied to the King about that
3. he came to the autopsy but did not recognize the prince
4. He wasted their money with that big funeral
5. He shocked the citizens

Someone else says that he was the one that found the body, it was so decomposed that he could not recognize it. Even yang could not recognize it. it is an unprecedented unfortunate event. Our decedents will laugh at us about it. The diplomats from China are here, if they know about it then it will be a big shame to our country.

The King tells him he is the stupid King that had a funeral for a son that is still alive. He asks the Vice Prime Minister who he thinks should be responsible for it. CE tells him that everything is his fault. The King tells him that he should be responsible for this and should not be in any position and also be under house arrest. But Yool comes in and says, no.

He addresses the King and tells him that the Vice Prime Minister did nothing wrong. Sa-yeob asks why he is on his side, CE made him stay out of the palace for 100 days. But Yool asks them what they did, they did not find him, did they not want to find him? Yool tells them that he had an assassination attempt and lost his memory, the one that found him was the Vice Prime Minister. I don’t want the Vice Prime Minister to become a victim of our political fight so please do not bring up anymore the 100 days where I disappeared.
Cut to Yools chambers where he is meeting CE. CE gives him medicine that should clear up his brain. He tells him that he was the perfect prince that was good at everything, but if he does not even remember the face of their ministers, then that is big trouble. take that medicine and come back to how you used to be. Yool drinks the medicine as CE tells his servants to greet him. He also tells CE that he has all these new people to serve him. All the people that served him died because they went to the ceremony. I picked trustworthy people so don’t worry. Please go to the princesses room, she is waiting for you. She could not even be sad because she worried about the baby, so please soothe her.

Hong’s brother calls her Yi-seo, but she says that this name is so strange to her because she has not heard it for a long time. She was wondering, what if he was really Won Deuk and she was really Hong Sim, what would happen then? But she apologizes to her brother and says that she will get some fresh air, she has been inside all day. She starts to leave but he tells her that their relationship is a badly fated relationship. She should cut it from her memory.

Hong hears this and continues outside. She sees the shoes that Yool gave her and starts walking to the woods with them in her hands. She stops at a certain location and stares at the shoes as a lovely song starts to play. Then she throws the shoes as deep as she can into the woods. But as she turns away, she thinks of the moment that Yool gave her those shoes. He wanted to buy one with plum blossoms but the man did not have them. She quickly turns around and starts looking for the shoes in the woods.

She finds them and breathes a frantic sigh of relief as she looks at the em for a moment. She picks them up as she remembers Yool telling her that he will be next to ehr forever, he is not going anywhere because he is her husband. She starts crying at the memory but tries to cover he mouth so she does not sob so loudly. But it proves impossible as she continues crying.

At the palace, Yool stands outside his princesses chambers to meet her. She stands to greet him as the door open and tells him to step inside.

Elsewhere, Je-yoon thinks about what has happened. He remembers back to Moo-yeon telling Hong that Won Deuk is the prince, she should forget about everything. Je-yoon thinks that she might not forget it forever because the love you can never forget is the love that you cannot have.
In the palace, Yool sits with his wife and asks her if she is not happy that he is back. She says that she was just surprised to see him, she never expected him to come back. The maid tells the prince that he should read to the baby. the best gift tot he baby is the sound of the fathers voice. She presents him a book. Yool asks for another book, he does not want to read that small book. the princess tells him that he can leave if he does not want to do it.

He tells her that everything is strange. She tells him that he is the same, they did not have a good relationship before. It was a political marriage but you did not lvoe me much. I was always lonely. I blamed you for that sometimes. But it was so lonely without you around because everyone wanted to kick me and the baby out and put Seowon as the prince. I am okay that you do not love me, but please love the baby.

Yool apologizes for hurting her heart and says that he will try harder in the future. he does not want to make someone with his baby cry. Meanwhile, Hong continues to cry her eyes out in the woods.

At the mayors place, Je-yoon meets with the geisha and tells Je-yoon that she pities the prince. He lives with someone that he does not like. Je-yoon asks why they have that relationship. She basically says it is for political reasons. The gisaeng tells him that the prince will take that other woman back to the palace. Sun-do bursts in and frantically explaims that Won Deuk was the prince! He is going crazy, especially because he shot the arrow at him. He did not know that he was the prince! What should we do? The prince will be angry at us. I need to apologize to him, otherwise I will be dead!

The King sits in his bed chambers and talks to his head butler about the goings on. The King wants to drink something so the butler tells him to drink with the queen because she is in shock with all that has happened. The King thinks that is a good idea and stands to do just that, but then CE comes into the room.

The King asks him why he is there. CE tells him that he had an assassination attempt so he could not come earlier. The prince came back so no one will be able to hurt me anymore. If someone attacks me again, the father in law of the prince, I will not just let it happen.

The King goes to his Queens room where she talks about shaman things again. he looks annoyed so she tells him that she is just trying to do what she can. She is worried about the Vice Prime Minister. The King tells her that he is sorry about the circumstances but he is happy that Yool came back alive. The only problem is that the Vice Prime Minister is still alive.

Meanwhile, CE sits in his house and asks the assassins to find Moo-yeon and bring him back. Cut to an assassin talking to Mooyeon about all that is happening in the palace. He tells him that he found a ship to go somewhere secretly and has medicine for him. It is a miracle that he is still alive. Moo-yeon thanks him. The assassin tells him that he had to tell him something that he canot just keep to himself.

The person that shot you is Bum. The person that ordered it is the princess.

Moo-yeon sits in the woods thinking about his. he touches his injured shoulder when hong comes up and asks what happened to him. it does not look like a normal wound so it made me wonder, what do you do? how did you know he was the prince? Not that many people know his face, how did you know that he is the prince? Moo-yeon says he will tell her when they have a chance. Hong wants to know why he cannot tell her now.

Moo-yeon relents and tells her that he takes care of behind the scenes jobs. Some jobs he does are not great. So he just wanted to leave and start over, can you understand that? Hong agrees, she says that she wants to leave also. If she can leave then maybe she can forget as well.
Yool sits in his room with his very elaborate meal. He has dozens of dishes in front of him and asks his butler why he needs this many plates. Have you seen what the citizens eat? His butler tells him that he cannot compare himself to other citizens because he is the one that is taking care of the country. He imagines that hong is sitting in front of him and telling him that he can eat as much juk jeon that he wants. He need to eat all the yuk jeon and get strong. Are you complaining about that? Yool closes his eyes for a moment and tells his butler that he does not want to eat, he lost his appetite.

Later on, Yool meets with the young nobles in class. They are reading from a book in orer to memorize everything. Yool has another imagination of Hong. She thinks that she musused him to copy sexy novels since he is reading from important books like this. But you still liked my Grey man book right? She smiles brightly at him. Yool is lost in his imagination and does not notice anyone around. But when he is pulled from it he tells them all that he will pause this study section for a moment.

he leaves, slightly annoyed, as Soo-ji talks to him. But Lee Yool ignores him. His butler tells him that he is the brother of his wife so he should not just ignore him. But then they see Seowon walking around. Seowon says he wanted to greet him that morning, but he was not allowed to. Are you upset at me since I was about to take your position? Yool tells him that someone should take an empty position just like an empty glass should be filled.

Seowon tells him that he hate him because he has everything that he wants. Yool tells him that he does not have eveyrthing and he also cannot have what he wants. Seowon tells him that he looks different, he has his princely robes on, but he is a different person. Yool tells him that might be true, 100 days out of the palace was a long time.

Meanwhile, Je-yoon and Sundo meet CE. Sundo begs CE and apologizes about Won Deuk. He did not know that he was the prince! Give me a chance to apologize to him! Please! CE tells him that he cannot see him now, but why didn’t you recognize him. Did n’t you get the secret letter from the prince? Did you lie about it? Je-yoon tells him that he does not recognize peoples faces, he recognizes them based on their habits and clothing and mannerisms. he did not disclose it because it would affect his promotion. If I knew he was the prince then I would have told you and notified the palace. Then I would have gotten a big promotion.

Sundo vouched for Je-yoon and says that he also did not know that the prince would become that stupid. CE tells them okay, they can go home. Sundo is very thankful and says that he will do anything. But when they leave, Sundo tells Je-yoon that he has a great relationship with CE. He basically brags about it and asks Je-yoon if he wants to get something to eat. Je-yoon cannot at the moment because he has somewhere to go. Sundo is a bit affronted bit his.

Je-yoon ends up going to see the Prince, but he is not let in. However, Yool hears all the commotion and tells them to stop. Cut to Yool in his room with Je-yoon. he tells the last servant to leave so that he and Je-yoon can be all alone. Je-yoon is on his hands and knees apologizing to Yool. But Yool just wants to know what happened to Hong. He did not have a chance to talk to her in the market. Did she leave with her brother?

Je-yoon tells him not to think about her, forget about that town. Everyone will be in danger, Hong Sim and her father will be in danger just in case anyone knows what happened in that town. It woul dbe good bait for them. No one in the village knows that you are the prince, I covered it all up. It is safer that way and I came here to tell you this.

He stands to leave, but Yool tells him that he should be in shock right now. He told him that they can be friends. Je-yoon tells him that they cannot be friends anymore because he is the prince now. He leaves Yool all alone.
Meanwhile, Hong thinks about her happy moments with Yool. She remembers him telling her that he wants to marry her and he thinks he will regret it more if he leaves her. This is his sign (the bouquet of flowers). However she jumps when she sees Je-yoon sitting right next to her. He smiles and tells her that he wanted to rescue her very cooly. But it was her brother. He does not care about her past though, he only cares about her present. Now open this. He gives her a gift and tells her that he packed it for her because he worried about whether seh would have enough to eat.

Inside is a nice lunch box filled with deliciously prepared food. In the bottom is a parchment. She asks what it is. He tells her that she cannot live as Hong Sim anymore, so he made a document to change her identity. Her new name is Yong Hwa-bon. Flower = Hwa and pretty = Bon. So her name is pretty flower. It is pretty right? She tells him that it is old fashioned. He says that he had a lot of other names picked (none of them were so good). She smiles.

He tells her that it is nice to see her smiling. She asks if he can do her a favor.

In the village, Yeon is miserable. His friend tries to feed him, but he tells her that he cannot eat because he ruined Hong’s life. He just didn’t want her to be a second wife. His friend tells him that nothing is wrong with him. But Yeon thinks it is all his fault. She tries to comfort him a little bit as he cries. But then Je-yoon comes in so the friend has to run off becuase they were in a bit of an intimate moment. Je-yoon is all like, um…sorry to bother you two. He closes the door.

The Queen, King, Yool and princess all talk in front of the King. They have not been in front of the King in a few days. The King is okay with it but the Queen talks smack about the two of them and mentions that they did not have the best relationship. But Yool says they might not have had a good relationship, but he is warming toward her now. They also start to talk about China. The Chinese diplomats came so they need to tell them that the ceremony was cancelled.

They argue about this a little bit. The Queen wonders if the Chinese will think that the prince is normal enough to be Prince. She stares at him as if she just gave him an uppercut. CE and another politician are also there. He thinks it is better to show that the prince is strong and healthy.

In Yool’s chambers, he talks to CE and the other politician about this. CE tells him that the Queen is trying to make him look bad, he needs to do his duty as the prince and come back to his own self. But he does not have his memory, so how can he greet them? CE tells them to bring the books to Yool. Yool wonders if CE is worried that he cannot read this? CE says that the Chinese diplomats evaluate the next King based on poetry. Yool reads each title and then says that is in the book. It looks like he remembers all of this. he tells them that he lost his memory, not his knowledge, so just leave.

Meanwhile, the princess talks to her brother about a talisman to make the baby a boy. She tells him not to worry, she had a dream about it. They start to talk about Moo-yeon. Their father wants Moo-yeon alive.

Int he woods, Moo-yeon looks a bit sick as he sleeps. Hong holds his hand as he dreams about all his attempts to kill Yool. He wakes with a start. Hong tells him that he should go to the doctor. But he says that it is okay. he just needs to eat some cherries to recover. Remember, when father was angry at me you would always bring me cherries from the mountain. Hong agrees and happily tells him that they should go out.

But when they go outside the house they run right into yeon who is standing there, frantic and anticipating them. he is so happy to see Yeon, she is also so happy to see him. he says he can leave, he is sorry, but he just wanted to see her. Hong tells him, of course I dont’ hate you, I couldn’t help coming here alone. But…Won Deuk….Won Deuk….~. Yeon tells her that she does not have to say anything. he hugs her and tells her that when he thinks about Won Deuk, it hurts him like this. Let’s just forget about everything and start over as if nothing happened.

Hong cries but tries to nod in aggreement.

Back at the palace, Yool still imagines that Hong is sitting with him. She tells him that he needs to tell her the truth, he is not reading right? He is thinking about something else. Just have some fresh air if you feel depressed. I told you, whenever you arer depressed, you should move more. Why aren’t you looking at me, you don’t hear me, are you ignoring me Won Deuk?

he slowly turns his head to look at her.

You look very cool with prince clothing on, Won Deuk

I am not Won Deuk

I know

So it does not matter if you show up like this or not because I cannot go to you. I have a wife that I married a long time ago, and a baby.

So, I wanted to say hi. It is my last greeting.

She disappeares like dust. Yool is saddened and shocked. Tears fall on his face and then he stands. His servants ask him where he is going, it is time for dinner. But he just keeps walking out. He tells Eunoch Yang to prepare his clothing. They tell him that he is dead. he asks for his clothing. Do you want me to repeat this same thing 3 times?

he rides to teh door but they do not want to let him out. Kwon Hyuk is there though and tells them that the prince ordered for them to open the door. Yool asks his name so he tells him it is Kwon Hyuk. Yool takes off out the gates.

Hong – You are going to live like Won Deuk even though you are not Won deuk

Yool – I dont’ want to recover my memories because I want to be next to you.

He rides all the way to his old house.

Hong is there and sees him (or someone) riding up, she runs to hide.

Yool gets off his horse and looks around in shock.

Fade Out

Bummed that sadness is currently taking over this drama. Hopefully we only have one more episode before a semblance of happiness returns. Other than that, this episode was pretty good. CE is able to control Yool in the palace even though they are not lying to him about his previous relationship with the princess. It looks like Yool wants to take care of his responsibilities there. But I can see how things can hit the fan when his memory (or just that tiny memory of not being the father) returns.


Yeon – You shouldn’t do this, it will jsut hurt your heart.
Hong – But I can’t help it.
Yool – Find her and protect her. that is my order.
JY – Royalty or love, which one should I pick in order to have no regrets?
King – Did everything go okay with the Chinese diplomat?
Princess – Do you have a woman?
Hong – Are you going to take me as your second wife?
Yool – Well, I could do that.
Yeon – Please forget about Hong Sim. (or dump Hong Sim)
Yool – Where is she now?

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  1. letataves
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    • V
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      So many heartaches today 😭

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    • V
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      Right! Bring his memory back already!

  3. JoAnn
    October 16, 2018 / 1:37 pm

    I loathe seeing an intelligent person like Yool being manipulated like this. I hope this amnesia plot ends soon. It’s so dishonorable of KCE and his daughter to foist her illegitimate child on him without his knowledge or consent.

    As always, many thanks for the recap.

    • V
      October 16, 2018 / 5:25 pm

      For some reason this episode made me think that Yool isn’t being as fooled as CE thinks he is being.

  4. thistle
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      This news is so crazy. I literally just wrote a post about this. I will keep my eyes open as to where to watch shows. My guess is that Viki will pick up these shows, though I am not sure. On Demand Korea might pick up a few as well.

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        ODK picked up Terius and The Beauty Inside, still looking for The Third Charm and 100 Days My Prince. ODK won’t have ENG subs though. Kocowa.com has Terius with ENG subs but none of the others.

        • V
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          This is good to know!

  8. Mi
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    I think yool recovered his memory but is hiding it. He won’t remember Eunuch Yang otherwise

  9. Haleiwa Baby Girl
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