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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 9

Do Kyung-Soo in sageuk attire in 100 Days My Prince
I saw a teaser that showed we might have a kiss coming up either today or tomorrow! Y’all, this week I am so ready to sink into Kdrama happiness so lay it on me. Give me all the kisses, all the sweet moments, all the bashful smiles – I am ready.

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Yool walks to the house and sees Hong doing chores outside. She notices him and asks if he is back now, so how was the job? Thank you for going out there. He asks why she sent him there. She says he has to know something, that you are not Won Deuk.

He asks, if I am not Won Deuk, then who am I?

I don’t know.

Why did you like if you do not know who I am?

We had an order from the prince. I had to get married. I did not want to get married but I had two choices. Get hit and die or marry an old man. So I used you to pretend that I can get married.

But Why are you keeping me as Wond Deuk, so you don’t need me anymore? I am asking you to sleep with me so it gives you too much pressure?

If you want to then you can cut the garment and we are separated. Until you get your memory back, you can stay here, because I was wrong. I will do what you want.

What about my heart. What will you do with it.

Won Deuk…

DOn’t call me that anymore, I am not Wond Deuk.

He walks away. Hong sits at her table outside, unsure. Yool thinks about all the times he thought he was not Won Deuk. He thought the name was weird. he also thinks he is so stupid that he does not know who he is.

Hong is inside now, thinking. She remembers that Yool told her that he will not accept what she wants since he does not think he is Wond Deuk. But she told him all the lies about him promising her and loving her. She feels bad about it.
Hong sighs later on as she goes outside to see if Won Deuk is back, but he isn’t. However she turns to her left and notices something going on in one of the rooms. Yool is inside his room so Hong goes inside. he did not cut the tie on his jacket yet and is sleeping on the floor.

Hong gets out a pillow and puts his head under it softly. She also gets a blanket and puts it over him. But she does not prepare her bed and decides to leaves instead. the camera scrolls to Yool, his eyes open and he puts the pillow under his head a bit more.

The brother is still alive (goodness!). He is sleeping or passed out. The princess must have rescued him because he is at CE’s house in one of the rooms. The princess checks on him and then goes to talk to his father. She asks him if he is the one that tried to murder him. CE says if he tried to kill him then he would be dead already. The queen is the one that tried to kill him. I cannot say that the person who protects the princess is also the assassin.

I heard that you were with Moo-yeon without anyone. The pregnant princess should not be alone with a man. But the princess says that he did a big job for her so she had to repay him. Her father tells her to rest, if she loses the baby then everything collapses.

Yeon walks happily to Hong’s home. he has two eggs and tells her to eat one with Won Deuk. they are super warm. But Hong tells him that he told Won Deuk that he is not Won Deuk. Appa drops the eggs, WHYYYYYYY. Hong tells him that her brother came, she asked him for a few more days because of Won Deuk. She is going to leave soon and wants to repay what they did to him.

Hong walks away and Yeon runs off to talk to Won Deuk.

Yool is at home staring absentmindedly at the table with food on it. yeon shows up and calls him WD, but WD tells him that this is not his name, it is just a name that he called him. Yeon says yes, he did it or Hong. He rescued him when he first found him. Yool asks where he found him, should I go to the city office? Will you tell me then?

Yeon takes him to the woods were he found him. he went there to poop and saw him there so he brought him to the hut and rescued him. Yool asks if there is anything that he can figure out his identity. Yeon says not to look for it, he feels like someone wants to assassinate him, someone does not want him alive. That is what I feel.

Yool asks him if Hong was the same? Did you rescue her? Yeon says his parents were falsely accused of robbing something, everyone knew in our town that they did not do it. Hong is the same. I could not let her die for being wrongly accused. I also felt that same thing about you.

Yool asks what if he was a criminal that was running away? Yeon says he is old, at his age he knows how to read people. You did not commit a serious crime. I just want you to be Won Deuk, my son in law. Can you live like this?

Yool does not answer.

Yean – yes, nothing goes as I want. I have to go do my duty, but when I am not around, dont’ yell at Hong Sim too much. She was honest.
Elsewhere, Hong Sim and Kkeut harvest medicine in the forest. Kkeut notices that Hong is not wearing her flower shoes. hong thinks for a moment and says that she is treasuring them. Kkeut asks how their first night was last night? Yeon slept at our place to give you privacy. I wonder about it. Everyone looked down on us old women since we were not married, but now we are, the two of us, it is like a dream.

Hong asks if she is happy, you did not like GooDol at first. Kkeut says that she does not like him sometimes, he talks too much. But he is a nice and kind guy. My late mother said that I should marry a kind person. What about Won Deuk?

Hong says that Won Deuk is trust worthy, I want to rely on him. I am used to living by myself.

Kkeut tells her to live bravely with Won Deuk, it is opposite to GooDol. You should have a boy like Won Deuk and I should have a girl like me. then they will not become old un married people. I don’t mean that Won Deuk is handsomer than you, though. Did that hurt your feelings a lot?

Hong is tearing up so Kkeut wonders what is wrong. What happened?

But Hong just starts to tear up even more and looks like she will confess it all to Kkeut.

Meanwhile, Won Deuk walks through the forest slowly. But then an arrow shoots at the tree next to him. He turns his head and sees all the soldiers walking around the forest. But it is a flashback memory. He closes his eyes tightly and when he opens them again all the soldiers are gone.

Back with Hong, Kkeut asks why she never told her before. Hong tells her that she did not want to complain that her life was harder than others, but today she feels pitiful. Kkeut asks how hard it was. hong tells her that it is okay, everything is okay. Kkeut tells her that she does not think Won Deuk will leave her, even if she gets her memory back.

They hug, Hong thanks her and tells her that she always thought that she was like her own sister. But Kkeut wonders why Hong is doing this, is it because she might be leaving? is is just an absentminded thought as she starts to tell Kkeut that they should play in the water, water is the best for lifting your spirits. So they both hop in and start to splash the water back and forth.

Yool walks up on them and secretly watches them with a longing look.
Later on, Yool waits for Hong outside their home. He asks if she played in water, why does she look like that? She says she did not play……But he asks whyshe is all wet. You made me worried like that but you were laughing?

She asks if she should cry? he says that crying is better, he does not want her to act normal. Sit down, I want to tell you something. She moves to change her clothing but he tells her to sit down, now. So she does.

She asks him what he wants to check.

How much you are lying and truthful. We saw each other at city hall, so we did not see each other at all before?

Yes that is true, that is the first time

So all that you told me about falling in love and getting married under a plum blossom is not true?

That is all not true.

Who did you build that memory with? The real won deuk?

No, it is just a story

What did you make up? Tell me everything.

Sorry, it is my fault I apologize.

Apologizing is not what I want to hear.

Should I kneel and beg, do you want that?


So what do you want?

I want the water mill.

Um, what????

We spent all night in the water mill, that is also a lie?

Why are you interested in that now?

I an jealous, tell me.

Abogi told me that there was a Wond Deuk in the next town that went to military service. I never met him.

You heard about him but never met him?


It is better not to meet him. The real Won Deuk is not good.

The face is not important, the heart is important.


Yes (but then she looks at his face)…well, it is not like it is not important at all….

Change your clothes first, you will get cold.

She bitterly stands up to change. But he tells her that she started this marriage, but he will finish it. Until he finishes it, she is his wife and he is her husband, lets be clear.
Je-yoon, Soo-ji, a geisha and another friend talk about Je-yoons promotion. One of them think it is strange that he is promoted. The geisha tells him to be a nice mayor when he goes to that town. Soo-ji tells him that they have a lot of things to enjoy in Seoul, but he does not have anything to enjoy in that countryside. HAHAHAHAHA. Soo-ji then starts to talk about a woman that he likes.

Later on, Je-yoon talks to the geisha about the letter. She says that she gave it to him as he said, but it hurt her feelings because he was touching her body. Je-yoon gives her a gift of a mirror. She says that she wanted to go see a flower but he tells her that her face is a flower so he does not need to see any flowers. Can you tells me what the Vice Prime Minister talks about and who he meets?

Yool hangs out in his room, but he cannot take it and goes outside to tell Hong that he has to talk to her. They go inside. He tells her that marriage is the most important thing in your life because it is important and a big event. We have to be very careful about it. We ride the same boat and go through everything together. I ruined this important thing. You used me. I married a stranger because of this lie. What should I do.

I told you I am sorry.

That is not enough. I am very uncomfortable and unhappy. What did you do to my sacrifice. Look at my sleeve. I saved your life but you put me in these kinds of clothes.

Okay…so what you want are new clothes?

Should I tell you the other thing that I want?

NO! I will make you new clothes! (she hops up to do that)

Wait, I am not done yet. I do not think Won Deuk fits me. So look at me and tell me what kind of name I should have.

DoDo? (cocky). You are always cocky.

That does not sound like a real name. Pick another one.

Lee Hwang (a super famous aristocrat).

That sounds like someone that is already dead. But I have a feeling of feelings that I have the last name Lee. I will tell you anything, you will write it down.

Cut to Hong writing name after name as Yool tells her character after character.

…Lee Jok…

…Lee Sam…

…Lee Yoon…


…YOON! I feel like it might be Yoon!

But Hong was barely awake and falls asleep just as he looks at her. Her head rocks to the side so he gives her his shoulder.

Yool – We are in the same room like this, but she falls asleep?

She curs up on his shoulder and they stay like this for a moment. But then he pushes her away.

Yool – If you want to go to sleep then you to your room!

Hong – Why are you so angry?

She sleepily gets up and goes to her room.

Yool does a bunch of squats in his room as he tries to relax.

Yang is not dead yet! Je-yoon has him in a secret room somewhere and tells the old doctor with him that he must save him no matter what. Whatever he must do, he has to save him. Tell me if he comes to, I will come right away.

Yool sleeps in his room. From the door, an assassin comes in, it looks like the brother. The brother pulls out his sword and slices Yool. Yool wakes up right away, it was only a dream. He thinks, this might be the same person. he thinks back to the day they were ambushed. He thinks that he has to figure this out and only then can he determine if he can stay next to her or leave her.
Bok-eum eats some of the food at the mayors office, he is a taste tester. he says it is good and tells the help to bring some more. But one of the men is hurt and cannot carry anything. BE tells them to grab GooDol and take him with him.

Yool shows up and tells BE that he wants to see the record of everything that happened in the village. BE tells him that he writes everything. Sometimes he writes all night long….but why do you want to see it?

I have to check something.

Why should I show it to you?

It won’t take long.

That is why I dont’ become anyones friend! When I am nice, people want something from me, I am a little stressed because the new mayor is coming, just leave.


Yool turns to leave and walks away like a noble with his hands behind his back. BE wonders how Yool knows that they keep a record.

At home, Hong is getting yelled at by the noble whose horse Yool stole. Hong says that she will find the horse! The noble tells her that if she does not find it by today then she needs to be carpet rolled (hit until you die, basically).

Cut to hong riding the horse, lol. She found it very quickly and rides it through the village. But it is out of control. Je-hoon sees her riding it and races his horse to go rescue her. he is able to grabs her from the horse and asks if she is okay, but she just hops up and asks why he did that. She almost got it!

he tells her that she looked like she was in danger. She tells him that she just wanted him to get out of the way! But then they recognize each other. Shea asks him why he is there? Are you crazy? You just met me once. he tells her it was a couple more times. But she tells him that she is already married, really, so go away. He tells her that he cannot leave, he is Hyung-gam. She tell shim that she does not care about his name. he is all like, I am Hyunggam, the mayor of this city (hyunggam = mayor).

She runs off, oh, what should I do! He looks at her and wonders if he should thank CE, since he will get married because of him.

In the mayors office, BE gets word that the new mayor is there without notice. He tells everyone to clean. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. But then Je-yoon comes in so BE has to go to him soon. He wanted to prepare a welcome party. But Je-yoon tells him that he did not want the people to suffer by throwing him a welcome party.

He then starts to memorize what BE looks like from how he stands to what his hands look like to what he says because he has a hard time recognizing faces. he asks him to show him around.

Yool comes at that moment and sneaks into the records rooms. he finds the record book he wants and starts to flip through it.

Book – We supported the soldiers from the palace.

Yool wonders, were they soldiers from the palace? But then the mayor comes in with BE so Yool hides. BE tells him that this is the record room, but Je-yoon notices that someone is hiding in there. he does not bring it up and just leaves.

However, he confronts Yool about it right when he tries to leave. He tells him to turn around and asks him why he was there.

They look at each other. Je-yoon does not recognize him. But BE tells him that this is Won Deuk, the person that found out the corruption. Cut to Yool kneeling in front of Je-yoon and receiving a reward from the King. Je-yoon asks him if he is happy about it, it is not everyday that this happens.

Yool tells him that he is happy and then takes all the silk packages with him. There is a lot of silk, so Yool has to carry it all away in a cart. he runs into GooDol while walking away, so GD tells him that they should have party to celebrate this. However he is going to the palace right now to take a present to the King (an annual gift giving event).

Yool goes home and presents the silk to Hong. he tells her that it is very high quality. they can sell it for a high price and pay off the debt they owe the loan shark, but he has to go to HanYang (Seoul). She asks why he is going there, he tells her it is because he wants to recover his memory.
He says he has a lot to carry, so don’t pack too much. She agrees that it is a long way. he will get thirsty and his shoes won’t hold out for long. he takes his bag and tells her that he will be back. He leaves, but she runs after him and calls Won Deuk!

He turns back. She asks him why he turned back even though that is not his name. He says that name is familiar now even though it makes him uncomfortable. She fixes his clothes and tells him that she hopes he recovers his memory. he tells her that he should, then sets off again.

Hong goes home and sits on the pyongyang with the silk stacked next to her. Yeon gets home and wonders what that is. Hong tells him its all the silk that the King sent. Yeon is all like, whaaaaaaat. So Hong has to fill in what happened with the bribery book and the mayor and the King.

Yeon cannot believe that Won Deuk was that smart. Lets pay it all and pay off our debt! Where is he?

Hong tells him that he went to the palace. He was following the crowd that is going to give gifts to the King. But I don’t think he will be back. Yeon tells her that she should not have let him go! But Hong says it is good. She can pay off all the debt and not worry.

But Yeon knows Hong and tells her that she likes him, he knows that. I will go bring him back. But Hong tells her father that he cannot change Won Deuks fate…and…he is not Won Deuk
Je-yoon reads a letter by CE while he is in the office. There is a person names park Sun-do in that town. if you want to get my heart then you have to get his heart first.

he puts the letter away when BE comes in. BE tells him that he called all the citizens, they all came, but not everyone is there.

Je-yoon looks at the crowd outside his office and sees Hong in the crowd. She is the only person that he recognizes. BE tells Je-yoon that he should say hi. So Je-yoon greets everyone and tells them that he is young but hey don’t have to worry, he is the second son from and extra marriage. he is telling them this because he is the same kind of human as them and knows how people on the bottom live. So please look at me comfortably.

Our mayors office will be a friendly place. So please come by with whatever you need. that is all I wanted to say, it is short. Bye-bye.

The village people all leave talking about how great the mayor is. But Je-yoon asks to see Hong privately. they go somewhere quiet to talk. He asks if it is true that she is married? She says that she told him that. But he says that she had unmarried hair in HyungNam. She tells him that that was before she got married.

he wants to know how she could get married so soon. She tells him that it was the princes order, she had to get married. He is so annoyed, why did you do that my prince? BE is looking at them both secretly and mutters about how the mayor is looking for a woman as soon as he gets there. His future will be hard because none of the yangbans (nobles) came to see him.

Meanwhile, the village men got to HyangNam (Seoul). GooDOl thinks this place is super amazing. But they wonder where the palace is. Yool says it is not far away. GooDol wonders how he knows.

they end up going to the palace gates to deliver the gifts. Yool looks around at the gates. One of the guards looks at Yool so GooDol reminds him to lower his eyes.

Back in the village, Je-yoon goes to meet Sun-do. Sun-do has a dog that he says was a gift from China. Je-yoon tells him Nehow. But Sun-do tells him that he needs to be polite because this dog is an aristocrat. So je-yoon speaks to the dong in polite Chinese. he is asking to see Je-yoon because his well is drying up. He wants Je-yoon to fix it.

A woman is massaging Sun-do’s arm do to soldier pain so Je-yoon tells him that he will remove his shoulder pain (which I guess is due to the well).

Cut back to all the village people gathered at the mayors office. He tells them that he needs their help to fill Sun-do’s well. But the people don’t think this makes any sense. Je-yoon tells them that they can try because even a small water drop can make a hole in a mountain. Please hurry.

The village people change heir tune about Je-yoon that think he is worse than the other mayor. Lets do this before anything else happens.

Yool gets let into the palace to deliver the gifts. he looks around has has a bit of a flashback after looking at the palace guards. He ends up walking somewhere as GooDol delivers the ginseng.

Yool ended up following the guards that he saw. He follows them all the way around a corner and to another part of the palace where he sees Kwon Hyuk (KH). He ends up following KH, but he is stopped by other guards. They ask him what he is doing. Yool tells him that he has a question to ask that guy. But the guards think he is suspicious, come with us.

However GooDol saves the day by running up yelling NOOOOOOOOO, he came with us. We brought gifts. His brain is cloudy so let him go. GooDol pulls Yool away and tells him that they will kill you so don’t look at anything. But as he is pulled away, Soo-ji sees him and thinks that looks like the prince, but he should be dead. Should I check?
GooDol pulled Yool back to all the other people and tells them that they should eat Gukbap and go home. But Yool tells him that he can eat guk bap, I have somewhere else to go. GooDol does not feel good about this.

Just outside the gates of the palace, CE walks by with his carriage. Yool walks right by him. CE stops and tells him that he is going to the gisaeng jip, so the carriage gets turned around, so Yool and CE do not see each other.

CE gets to the Gisaeng jip to meet with another noble. The gisaengs tell him that everyone is gone, so please comfortably discuss things. When the door shuts, a man stands up. This is a new man. CE sits and tells him that he is the right foot man of the queen, why do you want to meet? The man says it is better to be the tail of the dragon not the head of a snake. At least I can go up into the sky. Not everyone can ride the tail of the dragon. The queen is making plans.

CE says he does not trust him, maybe it is a trap. The right foot man says that they will have rumors spreading soon. The baby inside the princes womb is not the son of the prince. What do you think of that? is that good enough to be on the dragons tail?

Outside, our gisaeng overheard it all.

Meanwhile, Moo-yeon wakes up.

In the palace, Soo-ji paces outside and wonders if he should tell his father, CE, what he saw. But then he sees Moo-yeon and hops back. He wonders if he feels okay now? I worried about you, I couldn’t even sleep. You were protecting my sister and got shot.

But then he tells Moo-yeon that he saw a guy that looked just like the prince, it was as if the prince came back. Moo-yeon’s face falls, it shouldnt’ be. Soo-ji tells him, of course not. it is a guy that came from the countryside to bring gifts, but it bothers me, how can someone look exactly the same like that?

Elsewhere in the city, Yool follows a noble round. It looks like he is following KH around. He follows him through the market and then sees a bookseller. He remembers the bookseller and has a little flashback.

It is the bookseller that talked about the romance novel about a man and woman that had to get married due to the princes order. However, just then he sees Moo-yeon and starts to walk quickly away. He walks all the way to the woods and waits. Moo-yeon pulls out his sword and tries to stab Yool. But Yool is able to take the sword away.

He holds the sword to Moo-yeon’s head and tells him that it seems like he knows him, so tell me who I am.
At Sun-do’s house, Sun-do talks about how the vice prime minister sent a good mayor. Hong Sim is pissed. She tells Je-Yoon that they can make a fountain nearby so they don’t have to carry water all the way from the stream. She tells him to check to see if it is true. Go over there.

he walks over to the area she points to and falls into a deep hole. She pretends like this is such bad luck. Did people not fill this huge hole yet?

He tells her that she did it on purpose. But she says that she did not. He tells her that she is a good citizen, so get me out. She tells him, of course. Then she throws him a little stick and tells him that he can dig himself out with all his effort (just like he told them). He tells her that is nonsense so she tells him that he is the one that told them that nothing is impossible with hard work. She walks off.

he tries to get her attention again, but she is long gone. However, a rope is thrown into the hole not long after. She comes back and tells him that she thought he was a good person. She wanted him to be well because he made that lantern with a wish for her brother. She is disappointed in him, but she hopes that she will not be disappointed longer. She leaves again. He mutters to himself, what about my disappointment?

The queen tells two of her maids to spread that rumor about the princess not being pregnant with the princes baby. One of them says that it is too dangerous, she will be killed. But the Queen tells her that she is already dead since she had that relationship with the royal guard.

CE comes in at that moment. She asks why he is visiting her. he tells her that he wants to know the father of the princesses son. The Queen asks why he is asking her that. CE says that he thought she knew the answer. the Queen says it is the son of the prince, of course, that is a nonsense question.

he starts talking in banmal and tells her that the reason he put her in the Queen’s position is because she saw that she will not have any kids due to her fate. But you gave birth to a son. I did not do anything even thought I knew your father and you lied to me, because your father promised to me after crying that he would not do anything.

Are you threatening me with that? I am the Queen.

He pulls out his blank scroll with the Kings stamp on it and tells her that she should not do anything. that is the only way that she can stay alive.

Hong walks away grumbling about how Je-yoon is a bad guy. But then she runs into GooDol. She asks where Won Deuk is. GD says that he wanted him to go back first. But dont’ worry he will be back. I thought it was his first time there, but he actually knew how to get around.

Hong walks off to a pretty part of the town and wonders why she should do that. It is a fake marriage, he is not even her real husband, so why does this hurt my heart so much?

She keeps walking around, but then she sees Yool standing by the stone fence. He sees her as well and walks over to her slowly.

He stops right in front of her and they look at each other for a moment.

I thought you were not coming back? Did you recover your memory? When you recovered it, I thought you weould not come back.

He walks even closer to her until he is right in front of her face. He puts his hands softly on her face and kisses her. She is a bit hesitant at first, but then closes her eyes and kisses him back.

they keep kissing for a long time. She holds onto his clothes tightly as they keep kissing.

Fade Out

Give me all the kisses today. This show is a healing drama.

Yool – I want to see you, I want to touch you.
Hong – I hope you close your eyes.
yeon – You shouldn’t’ sleep this late, the sun is already high in the sky.
Yool – Why are you looking at me like that?
Hong – Because you are handsome.
Yool – You can keep looking at me.
Yool – I don’t want the mayor to be involved with my wife anymore.
Hong – Are you jealous now?
JY – I am trying to steal someones heart, so I have to take a risk.
Hong – Where is my husband?

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