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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 8

Do Kyung-Soo hugs Nam Ji-Hyun in Korean Drama 100 Days My Prince
Okay y’all, this show knows how to do cliffhangers which is aggravating and satisfying because it really elevates my expectations for the next episode but also my stress. Luckily we just had to wait one day to find out what happened after that arrow was released on our two unsuspecting loves about to share a nice moment together.

We are recapping Where Stars Land (Fox Bride Star) right after this episode! The first episode was great and really makes me wonder what in the world is going on in that airport. We still need to watch The Beauty Inside, so hopefully we get a chance to catch the first episode today so we can figure out which one we like the most.

Drama Food: Lee Yool’s favorite Beef Pancakes!

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

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Yool opens the shoes in the barley field and happily looks at them as he waits on hong. Hong walks up but stops before she gets to him. She thinks about what her father, Yeon told her.

He told her that Wond Deuk is not actually Wond Deuk, I had to save you, it was better than getting tortured and dying. Hong wants to hurry and tells Won Deuk, but Yeon wants her to just live with him. He knows martial arts and is smart. But She thinks his family members are looking for him.

Yeon tells her that he almost died, he rescued him. He would be dead if it was not for her. But Hong says that she cannot live like that. She also tells her father that she has never been dissapointed in him in this life, but this situation is really bad. She turns and leaves.

Out in the barley field, she looks at Yool, but he does not see her. The bow man pulls his string back. Then Yool looks up and sees Hong a sshe walks to him. She gets close and the music accelerates. Then the arrow is released.

Yool feels it and quickly turns around, then he throws himself at Hong. She saw it as well. They both hit the ground and get straight to figuring it out. It was an arrow, right! Maybe SD sent the gangsters again, we need to tell everyone. But Yool tells her that they should not leave, there might be more arrows, he will go. But she tells him not to leave, stay with me.
The King is stll trying to see if it is true, is the princess really pregnant? CE says that it has been awhile, but she did not want to let the King know just in case she had a miscarriage. They think it might all be due to the Queens curse, the talisman might have taken the baby king too.

But the men on the Queens side say that they need to be careful, now is the time to be stable and quiet for the Princess, lets call the doctor. CE tells them that they can do it. A Confucius book says that if the King does not behave like a King then the citizens will not think he is the king and he will not be the King anymore.

The King tells them that they need to have rules, they can divorce a normal woman, but the head of the country needs to follow normal rules. Give me some time. But CE says it takes time to get trust from the citizens. Losing the trust, however, is very easy. CE is asking for the order. The King goes back to his seat and thinks.

Meanwhile, the Queens people are so stressed out. They think they need to sway the peoples decision somehow, but the people will be angry if they find out that all of this was done because of the Queen. She wonders if the baby is really the Kings baby? Everyone knows that they do not have a good relationship. Sayeob says that she will get poisoned if she says this publically. But the Queen says that it is all because of his step brother, what are you doing with him? He apologizes. But she says this is not something that you can just apologize for. She thinks she needs to see the King now. They tell her that she should not go like that, she should wear funeral clothing.

Meanwhile, JeYoon is all tied up to a post in jail. He tries to get out, but he also asks the guards to give him some food. The worst death is starving to death after all. The gates open and someone comes in. It is his brother Sayeob. He asks if his brother is going to kill him now? The brother asks why he did that. They talk back and forth about the Queen and being used bythe vice prime minister. The brother says that the Queen is nto the one behind the Princes death. I am her brain that plans everything and I never planned that. jeyoon asks if his brother came there to proclaim his innocence. The brother says that he does not want Jeyoon to do anything anymore, it is too big of a deal for him to step in. he gets up to leave, but Jeyoon has a request, an official uniform and a flower carrier. He pleads that his life is in danger.

The two sit in the field because Hong is worried. Yool is happy that she is worried so he says he needs to send someone besides himself. He picks up her old shoes and throws them in the air. Nothing happens. So he stands up and looks around, nothing happens. He tells her that everything is fine. But she is upset because he threw her shoes! Why didn’t you throw your own shoes! How do I find them now? She goes to find them, but he just shows her the shoes he bought for her. He wanted the plum blossoms but they did not have that particular one. he can put them on her if she wants. She tells him that she can do it. While she puts them on, he smiles and tells her that it looks good on her. But she looks concerned and tells him that she has something to confess. he stands and tells her that he knows what she has to confess….you were noble born.

She stutters, what are you talking about? He says that she knew the book he hid had all the sins of the mayor in it. You can read but you did nothing with it. You could have made a lot of money with it. Maybe you are hiding your identity. And you knew that the poor aristocrat was undercover, that is not easy to notice. And sometimes you have a Seoul accent. Hong has an excuse for all of his facts. So Yool tells her that she does not have to say it if she does not want to. It is okay for him to find out about her slowly. then he asks why she looks so sad, do you not like the shoes? She says that is not it…what if SD gives us a hard time? he tells her that he has a plan, so don’t worry about it.

Then he takes in the air around them. It smells good. He forgot what happened between them, but he will never forget this moment. However, the brother is still on the top of the hill. he looks concerned as he looks at the two of them.
JeYoon is in a womans carriage and is being snuck into the palace. The guards want to see inside the carriage so JeYoon shows him his ID and tells the guard that it does not matter why he is in this carriage. he is let inside. (the palace/Seoul area has several walls so he must have been outside one of them). JY goes to a library and reads a lot of books that explains what happened in the palace.

Little flashbacks to visually explain what was happening int he palace. for instance CE talks to the King about the weather ceremony and then Yool tells his father that a cruel thing might happen to his son. JY thinks that the prince did not want to go to the ceremony, but CE forced the prince to go there, so CE might be the killer? JY goes to CE and gives him the letter that the Prince gave him. He tells him to check the handwriting patern. CE asks him what he wants, the position or money?

JY tells him that he wants his heart, he wants to be his person, not the prince. That is why he is giving this secret letter to him.

Hong and Yool get home later because they went to the doctor. Yeon asks them why so Yool says that Hong was concerned. Hong speaks up and tells him it was about his arm. Yeon is happy about this. Yool tells Yeon that men should protect his women, of course, but if you think I did a good job then can I have guk bap? I did not eat all day. Yeon is so happy and says he can have two! he orders two at the tavern and then asks Hong if he can talk to her for a second.

He pulls her to the side and asks if she told him. She says that she could not. Yeon tells her good job! It would be too shocking if you told him that he is not Won Deuk. Hong says that she did not decide that she would not tell him yet. Appa says that everything has timing, his memory will come back some day. Hong wonders what kind of memory will come back, they keep lying to him. First Won Deuk told her that he is not Won Deuk but she ignored him. We cannot be like this, we have to help him recover his memory.

Inside somewhere, Yool thinks about the arrow in the barley field. He wonders what he should do, if he warns him improperly, then he will send more thugs. But then someone yells for Won Deuk to come outisde. He opens the door and sees GooDol and Kkeut. They wonder why the two of them came out from different rooms. Hong mentions that she had to talk to her father. Kkeut tells them that they had a party because the mayor was fired, but they did not come so she brought them food. It is dog ddeuk.

Yool asks if they really made ddeuk with a dog? The two of them laugh and hen GooDol tells Won Deuk to follow him. they walk away. The ladies look at them leave but then get on with their own lives. Kkeut gives Hong the ddeuk and wonders about her new shoes. Hong says Wond Deuk gave it to her so Kkeut tells her that she is so envious. Then grumbles about her own life.

A little ways away, GooDol tells Yool to use black berry alcohol for man power! Yool is all like, how do I use this? GD tells him to drink it! Like this! He pretends to drink it. But Yool tells him that they are not in that kind of relationship yet. GD is shocked, huh? You are not in a relationship like that yet? This is why we don’t have rain because all of those unmarried people are married. It is because of you! Won Deuk, are you monk born? Yool tells him that he has all his hair….

GooDool just leaves, thoroughly annoyed. Later on, GooDol and Kkeut talk about Yool. GD thinks something is off about him but Kkeut says he is okay, he bought Hong shoes. GD is a little jealous about that. But then they run right into Mooyeon. They are a bit shocked at the sudden appearance. Mooyeon asks about Hong and Yool. GD says they are married. MY asks how so GD tells him about the order from the prince to get married. But Kkeut is suspicious and wants to know why he is asking. MY says that person looks like a person that he knows.

GD tells him that Won Deuk lost his memory. He did not know his name and did not know Hong Sim. Maybe if he sees someone he knows it will trigger his memory. Lets go see him. But Mooyeon thinks he does not need to se him, it might not be the same person, he might just look similar. He walks away. Kkeut grabs her hubby and asks why he told him everything. GooDol thinks, well, he asked?
Cut to Yools house. Yool is outside thinking about what GooDol said about him being crazy for not sleeping with Hong yet. He stands up when Hong comes outside. Hong just starts talking about how she prepared his dinner with the Guk ddeok and also tells him that it is not prepared with dog. He asks why they made it that name. SHe asks if he has never tried it? he tells her that it is not his style, even without the name. She asks him what he ate normally. He thinks for a second and says that he is sure he liked the beef pancake. She asks him where he ate it so he says SD’s house.

But she says that this should not be the first time you ate it. So Yool thinks and then quickly says that GooDol gave it to him! But Hong tells him not to strain himself and just eat. She needs to talk to her father. He tells her okay, today is the last night you will sleep with you abogi. Nearby is Mooyeon looking at the two of them. He tells his bad guys that they can wait at the hiding spot, Mooyeon will check. they wonder if he thinks this is nto the prince? MY says the person with the prince is his sister so he needs to check it.

the Queen is in all white and begging in front of the Kings house. She is on her knees on the stone begging for her sons life. The King walks up behind her. The queen is steady crying when her son walks up to her and tells her not to do this. But she tells her son that she needs to protect him. The King is still not scene by them and tells them that he needs to leave the palace.

Change scenes to CE and his henchman. The two try to figure out what Yool wrote and what it means. But CE does not actually think it matters and burns the letter that Yool wrote. They both watch it burn. But then someone says they have a guest. CE tells him that it is too late, this person has no manners, tell hem to come back tomorrow. But the door is opened, CE tells them HOW DARE YOU OPEN THE DOOR. But it is the King so they all have to stand. The King tells the henchman to step out, please.

Cut to the King and CE talking. The King says that he abandoned Yools mother in order to save Yool. that was his comfort. But he lost Yool in the end as well. He does not want to investigate who is behind it. CE mentions, even though your queen and prince did it? The King says that he cannot abandon his wife and son again. CE tells him that the King should not be emotional, the country can be in danger. You should also not give a brak to a sinner just because he is your son. What do you think the people of the country will think.

Th King thinks, people? People? With everything happening, I know that you are the one behind it. Can you stop swaying the publics opinion? CE asks why he should do that. The King asks why he just did not become the King, why did you put me there? CE asks him if he wants to step out now? The King says that he will not remove the Queen from her position. he also promised CE that the princesses baby is the next Prince in line to the throne. CE thinks and takes a sip, then he asks, do you think this is all that I want? The King asks what more he wants. CE says that he will think about it, please go back and wait.

It is morning at the mayors office. A lot of people try to fix the area from the pandemonium from the day before. Bokeun is trying to straighten out the office to prepare for the next mayor. he pulls out the arrow and throws it away on the ground. Then he picks up a marriage booklet family registry and sees that Won Deuks name is actually not Won Deuk, his last name was Na, not Won. What is this? At the same time, Yool picked up the arrow that BE threw to the side and looked at it.

Cut to Yool looking at the Village from the mountain. It looks like he is going to try and shoot the arrow with the letter. Hong is with him and wonders if he is okay, his arm is still hurt. He says that he might kill someone. He pulls the string back and aims it at SD who is sitting with two other people. Then he tells Hong that he is sure that he shot an arrow before and that he was good at it. He fires.

The arrow hits right at the men and sticks in the post. The men were talking abotu Won Deuk at the time and all jump when the arrow hits.

Letter – I know that you hired those thugs. If you do it one more time then there will be no more mercy. I am watching you. (Undercover agent).

The men all look around and wonder what they should do. maybe they should pretend that they are not doing anything right now.

Hong tells Yool that it is fun to pretend to be the undercover agent. She was right. At least he will not bother us tonight so, lets clean the room. They go home and see that a lot of their friends are helping clean the house. Hong is so happy to see her friends there helping them out. GooDol goes to Yool and tells him that he will decorate his house nicely *hint* *hint* you can also make glue for the paper. But Hong Sim tells him that he can stay there, she can do it. He tells her that they can do it together. BE looks on and thinks that something is suspicious.
CE kneels in front of the King in his palace and tells him that everyone stopped protesting. They will not talk about taking the Queen down anymore. The King asks him if he thought about what he wants. CE says he wants the Kings stamp. The King wonders, do you want me to give you the position of the King?

The loan shark shows up to Hongs house looking happy. Everyone wonders why he is there. The loan shark says that the mayor who was on his side, became like that. So he is in a hurry, give him all the money or give him Hong Sim. Yool said that he promised him but the loan shark says that he is nto the kind of person that keeps a primise. He pulls Hong away. But the father tries to keep her. However, he is punched and falls. The loan shark says that he has a ship waiting! Lets go! Hong bites his finger and runs to her father.

Then Yool comes up and kicks the man in the stomach or leg or something. He tells him that it is illegal to sell someone with forgerized documents. he looks at BE and asks him why he is not doing anything? The mayor is not here now so it is his responsibility to solve this. But then they realize that the loan shark is not breathing. BE runs to him and proclaims that he might be dead. Everyone thinks this is nonsense, did he die that easily? BE thinks no one should move, this is a murder scene!

In the palace, the King is still shocked that CE wants the authority of the King. CE wants the King to stamp a blank sheet of paper, he will decide what he wants to put on it when he wants to put it there. But don’t worry, he will not look for the Kings position, if he wanted it then he would have had it 10 years ago.

Back int he village, no one is moving. Also no one is touching anything until the police comes. BE tells won deuk to come with him. But Yeon says he is the one that killed him. Hong also says she is the one, she pushed him! BE tells that it is a murder case! It is serious! GooDol, bring me the rope. GD gets the rope so BE tries to start to tie Yool up. But everyone starts saying that it is an accident and the bad guy started it. But BE says that murder is murder, and Yool should pay for it. He takes him way.

Everyone is concerned as Yool is led away. Outside, BE tells Yool that his punch is not normal, it is sharp. But Yool says he did not hit him with all his strength and did not hit his dangerous spots. It might have happened because he hit his head on the ground. This is an accident so I will not have a fatal judegement, dont you think so? BE says he talks well, what is your identity?

The tavern woman comes up and asks why he is arresting Won Deuk? BE says nothing, nothing, he is taking him to the government office. The wman says, even if you take him there, you should have a snack first because I heard you were fixing the house so I prepared Guk Su. BE is interested, will you have leftover? I should eat. Yool asks if he is really eating int his situation? BE is all like, yes. They go back to the house.

The loan shark is still dead on the ground. Appa is crying pitifully about screwing up Won Deuks life. Then the loan shark wakes up and grabs Hong’s leg, he was faking the entire time.
BE gets back to the house with Yool and everyone sings happy birthday, lol, it was all a stage for a surprise party. They present him with a bowl of food and tell shim that it is his birthday! Yool is all like, what? What is going on? Yeon didn’t know either, he is all like, this is a surprise party? Hong also didn’t know. The friends are all like, no one should die that easily. How com eyou two didn’t remember Won Deuks birthday? Lets eat!

They all start to eat and have fun. Hong is all like, this is not fun. I thought he really died and something really bad happened to Won Deuk, how can you joke with someones death like this? Hong and Yeon are so sad. The loan shark says he is the one that should be upset, he was the one that was hit really hard. Lets have fun for the birthday. But Hong is too upset and walks off. Everyone wonders what they can do to fix the mood. Yool asks to release him first.

Yool goes inside to talk to Hong and asks her if she was really surprised? Why? Because you might be a widow? Hong tell shim not to joke now. He asks if she is angry at him? Today is his birthday, he will be next to her forever so don’t worry, I am not going to leave you alone because I am your husband. Lets go to eat noodles. he extends his hand to her and smiles. She takes it and stands with him, then he leads her out.
Now the Queen and the Prince are both in all white and begging the King not to go through with this. CE steps out and says the Kings order. No one should talk about the Queen stepping down. So stop doing this and go to your room.

the party is really popping as everyone sits around and drinks for Won Deuks birthday. It is night now and food is on all the tables. BE tells them that he saw Won Deuks registry information, he is 35, the same age as the loan shark. No one knows how that makes sense, how can that face and this face be the same age? Yool says he also does not believe it. Something is suspicious. Yeon kind of starts to talk abotu says that he looks young, you know.

The tavern woman wonders how he can have skin like that. Yool tells her that she makes him uncomfortable. BE tells him that he says this in a wrong way, you need to change the way you speak. We will have a new mayor soon, he should not get mad at you too. GooDol says, Hog Sim, you are so pretty. Yool looks at Hong and tries to say it but he says it makes him uncomfortable. But then he turns to her and say “Hong Sum, you are so pretty” with saturi. Then someone else says “COme and I will hug you” so Yool says that as well. Everyone laughs and claps and tells him that he did a good job. Then they all talk about how they can eat so well do to Won Deuk, lets all drink!

The night passes. BE is stone drunk and has to be carried out with the other people. Kkeut runs up to Hong and tells her, why you havent slept with him yet right? Hong says she has but Kkeut tell her that she is lying and hiding it from her. Why do you make your husband sleep alone? Hong says he lost his memory, it is strange because he is like a stranger. Kkeut says she likes him though right? You two really love each other. So just take this. She gives her perfume and tell sher that men go crazy with this smell. She also prepared her room very nicely for it. So have a good time! She runs off before Hong can say anything.

But then she sees her brother. Cut to the two of them talking. She asks him how he lived, she always wondered about it. He tells her that they can talk about it later. He is happy right now because she looked comfortable. It should nto be easy to live like normal people. Hong says she has lived longer as a Yangban now so she is adapted to it. Did you finish what you had to do? He tells her that it does not matter anymore so he is leaving tonight.

Inside, Yool sees the room, it looks very nice for the two of them.

Outside, Mooyeon tells her to pack so they can leave together. DOn’t you want to? She says that she does, she dreamt about it a lot. MY asks if it is about her husband? The man you married is not good for you. Hong tells him that she made a mistake, she needs to wrap it up well. She is friends with a lot of people and needs a few days. he tells her okay, but no more than ten days. Hong hugs him and tells him that she is sorry that she made him wait. he tells her that it is nothing since he made her wait. They say goodbye and Hong walks back to her house.

But something sinister is out. Mooyeon turns around and sees one o his guys behind him. He says that he let the other guy go, but this bothers him. What are you going to do? CE is waiting for you.
Hong goes back to her place and waits outside. She looks at the door. Yool comes out and tells her that she should come in. So they go inside and sit on the ground together. She asks why? he says that is his question, today is his birthday so why didn’t you give me anything? She says that she did not prepare anything. Their home is all messed up and I was abducted. But she used banmal so he says that she should talk properly to him since he is a lot older and they are married. She ask swhat she should say to him.

he says “my husband”. she is all like…um….I will call you that next time. But he wants her to say it since she did not prepare a present. he waits as she tries to say it and kind of wills her to say it. She says it once but it is quiet so she says it again and it is indeciferable so she says it a third time and practically yells it several times. Yool is very happy about that and then asks what this smell is. Hong quickly tells her tha Kkeut gave it to her, goodnight!

Sh eturns to leave but he stops her and tells her that he told her last night was her last night with her appa. he does not want to let her go tonight. He moves in to lightly kiss her but she turns hr head and says that he told her that first night! Your memory is not back yet so I shuold never ever touch you! He thinks about it and says that he does not remember. But she says that he is lying, his ears are red. He touches his ears and says they are already red.

She tell shim, if you want to sleep with me then you should remember everything! he tries to say he can remember later but she is already out the door.

Outside, she wonders how their lives would be if she was really Hong Sim and he was really Won Deuk.

Yool sits on his fence and looks at some birds when GooDol runs up to him and asks him how it went. Yool says something poetic about birds but GD is all like, what does that even mean, what happened? Yool says he did it to himself, he said that she should not touch him unless his memory came back. But he does not remember. GooDol tells him that he has a way!

The politicians tell the King that a lot of citizens are dying due to the drought. The Palace should send something. The King agrees to it. Then the King mentions that the mayor was fired. The politicians mention that a person named Na Won Deuk gave the undercover agent the book of wrongdoings by the mayor. The King thinks Won Deuk is a good person, he will send him four rolls of silk. They talk about who will be he next mayor. CE says he has a person. It is JeYoon.

But Sayeob tells him that he is extra marriage born (bastard born). CE says he knows, the reason he recommended him is to be fair in appointing people. Someone says no, so CE continues and says that the princess should stay in his house to clear the curse from the talisman. That shuts everyone up. The King tells CE to do whatever he likes.

In the library, JeYoon continues to look through all the books and clean and everything. Sooji comes in and asks him why he is doing al that? Didn’t you hear? You became mayor, my father recommended you. This is a surprise to JeYoon. He was really recommended? Sooji says yeeees, I spoke well about you, do you want to pay tonight? If you dont’ come then I will get mad!

JeYoon runs out and tells CE (who is on a carrier) that he needs to talk to him. CE asks him if he does not trust him? You need to prove that you are my person. I will call you back. JeYoon thanks him for the promotion but says that he wants to serve him closely. CE asks him if he wants to be one of the men that carried his carrier. JeYoon definitely does not want that so he steps aside.
CE goes to his office and is met by Mooyeon who tells him that he brought something back, it is a hand. He says that it was too difficult to come back with the entire dead body. CE asks how he can prove that this hand is the princes hand? MooYeon says he buried him on the mountain so if he wants to come to confirm, he can. CE tells him that is not needed. He closes the box with the hand in it and says all his worried are gone. Mooyeon then brings up CEs promise and asks if he can leave him now?

GooDol walks Yool through the village merchants and tells him that this is how all couples start. It is the way to love. Yool walks to a hair ornament store and tells GooDol that he remembers something. He looks at the ribbon and then tells Hong that he should have given it to her. (maybe this is later?). then he takes Hong to another location with a swing and tells her that they played there.

Cut to GooDol, who told him that everyone sits on that swing on a holiday.

(Ah, I see, he is just telling her general things to “get some” later).

Hong tells him that she hung that swing a few days ago. So Yool stutters a bit and says that it was not this swing, maybe another swing. It rained and we went to the water mill and spent the night together. I remember everything!

But Hong says that is not enough memory. Yool tells her, that is not enough? Maybe I can remember more later? Hong asks him if he really has memory with her so that means he is Won Deuk? he says yes and is very happy about it so he tells her that they can go home now. he starts walking off.

Hong looks at him walking away. He turns and asks her why she is not following. She tells him that she has a request to do something in another town. If he goes there then he can come back tonight and she will prepare his dinner.

Later on, A lot of people stand in line at CE’s house because he is about to be super powerful due to his daugher carrying the baby of the prince. Mooyeon just sighs and keeps walking way. But then one of the maids sees him and stops the carrier. Cut to he and the princess meeting outside privately. She asks him where he is going and wishes that he has a nice house somewhere with flower blossoms. She also envies him since he can leave. She gies him something and thanks him, this is the price for what he did. He bows and congratulates her for getting pregnant, but he does not take her gift.

But as he walks away, he gets shot by arrows! She looks on in horror.

Later on, Yool leaves to a village to meet a woman. He asks someone a question, is this the town where the Halmae that curse a lot lives? I need to get a rooster. He tells her that she is over there. Yool turns and sees a woman calling his name. Won Deuk ah!

Cut to the main village. Hong is cooking for Won Deuks birthday. Her father asks if she is really going to live with him? He will just go to GooDols and work….GooDol’s GooDols….he leaves. Hong prepares a nice meal for Yool who shows up just as she lays it all out. She asks him how work was?

But he is stoic and asks why she sent him there? She says it is because he should know something. He asks if it is the truth that he is not Won Deuk. She says yes, you are not Won Deuk. They both looks at each other, one in shame and the other in somewhat repressed anger.

Fade Out
Okay, who thinks the brother is dead? *raises hand* If they did not kill off all those other people (the best friend and the best Eunuch) then I would think he was perfectly fine and would somehow drag himself back to the village and his sister. But this writer has alrady established that no side character is safe. With all that said, I hope he is still alive.

I love how JeYoon is going to be the new mayor! that was something that I did not see coming at all. But it makes perfect sense. It also increases this love triangle that is really not a love triangle since The Prince and Hong has basically established their strong feelings for one another. But perhaps JeYoon can help the prince re-establish his memory.


Yool – I need to know who I am, then I can decide if it is okay to stay next to you or not.
Hong – Go away, move…
Hong – Are yo insane? You jmet me once and you followed me all the way here?
SJ – I saw someone that looked exactly like the prince
VO – A rumor that the prince is still alive?
CE – I should go to that town.
Yool – I don’t like you feeling normal
Hong – I used you to pretend that we were getting married.
Yool – What are you going to do with my heart?

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    FWIW, I loved the first episode of The Beauty Inside and quite enjoyed Fox Bride Star.

    • V
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      That is a real problem to have, there are so many good looking dramas that just came out. Hopefully we can watch The Beauty Inside tonight!

  2. Melissa
    October 2, 2018 / 10:23 am

    I’m not totally invested in it yet (I thought I would because I’m a fan of Nam Ji Hyun and strong female leads) but I’m really enjoying your recaps so I will keep watching it 🙂

    • V
      October 2, 2018 / 2:31 pm

      Good to hear 🙂

  3. Melissa
    October 2, 2018 / 11:06 am

    OK, I love the preview XD!

  4. Tiramisu
    October 2, 2018 / 2:09 pm

    Thank you you’re the fastest for recapping wow.
    So Hongshim will leave Wondeuk for her bro, that’s why they do goodbye kiss. Or wondeuk regain his memory that’s why he can touch her and bam rain.

    But seriously though without leeyool everything gone messier

  5. JoAnn
    October 2, 2018 / 4:49 pm

    Gah, I don’t like love triangles so I’m more hoping for the prince to gain an ally in JY. They killed off his trusted eunuch and bodyguard so really it would be nice if he gained at least one person he can trust.

    Well, I’m not sure if MY is alive but I can’t say I would be shocked if he actually died. It would be more interesting if he survived though.

    That blank letter though with the king’s stamp. I wonder if it will be used as a pardon for the scandalous princess. I still can’t believe how crazy it is that she’s pregnant with someone else’s child and passing it off as YW’s heir.

    • V
      October 2, 2018 / 6:59 pm

      That is really scandalous. And people can’t call her out for it either because that would put their life in danger.

  6. Jo Ann
    October 2, 2018 / 4:50 pm

    Oh and thank you for the recap.

    • V
      October 2, 2018 / 6:59 pm

      🙂 🙂

  7. ek
    October 2, 2018 / 9:34 pm

    Is it just me but I think is the brother is the princess’s baby daddy.. messy messy but love that dynamic.

    • V
      October 3, 2018 / 8:46 am

      That is definitely what they were alluding to in this episode.

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