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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 7

Do Kyung-Soo shooting an arrow in 100 Days My Prince
We are about to see Lee Yool kick some bad guy bootaaaaaaay! I am here for this. This show is so wonderful so far with a nice mix of conspiracy eeeevilness and hilarious amnesia. With unexpected deaths happening all around, that adds that extra bit of interest. Who is going to die next?

We have a lot of premieres popping today! The Beauty Inside and Where Stars Land both premiere today. We are going to try and cover both of them, but we really only have space for two a day, so one of them will probably be a quickcap that we post late at night or the next morning. There are a lot of shows we want to cover on Monday/Tuesday and not that many on Wednesday/Thursday, so we may end up doing that.

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We open with Yool riding to save Hong from these dastardly bad guys. But then we cut back to Hong’s home. Her father has come home to see the disaster and collapses on the floor as he wonders what happened. Her brother is there as well looking at it. he thinks about what the doctor told him about treating the patient who is someones son in law.

GooDol shows up and tells Yeon that the hosue is not the problem! Some guys took Hong! Now is not the time to be like this, you have to rescue Hong! Stand up! Stand Up! GooDool is able to pull Yeon up to go rescue Hong Sim. The brother sees the plum blossom tree on the ground and thinks, is this Hong Sim my sister? He grows in alarm.

In the woods, Yool shows up to save Hong. She tells him to run away, but get slapped for her mouth. Yool is in beast mode, but he is veyr calm and asks why they abducted her. They tellhim that seh looked nice so they will have some fun with her. Yool calmly grabs a branch. He tells them that this is a tree whip for little kids. This should be okay to discipline bad kids. He takes off all the leaves and practices wsinging it.

The bad guys pull our their swords, and they all fight!

But Yool is the better fighter and is able to dodge sword swing after sword swing while simultaneously hitting them all with the wooden branch whip. However, one of the bad guys pulls his sword and it triggers a memory from Yool. This distracts him long enough for him to get cut.

Meanwhile, a lot of townspeople are looking for Hong Sim, they are in the woods and are calling her name. Yool has recovered by this point and continues taking out all the men. Hong helps him out by hitting one of them on the back and Yool takes out the rest.

He grabs one of the swords as all the men lay bleeding and bruised on the ground. then he tells them that now is a good time to run away since he has a sword. They do just that.

He turns to Hong and asks her if she is okay. She looks at his bloody arm and says she should be asking him that. He thinks she should not go home, she should go to the restaurant to sleep. he will follow them before it gets too late. But before he leaves, she grabs his arm and tells him that she wants to dress it for him before he leaves. He tells her that she needs something else to wear, what about her skirt. But she just says her skirt is nothing.

he lightly brushes her hair from her face and smiles as he tells her he will see her at the tavern, then he rushes off.
At the palace, Jung Je-yoon is in all kinds of trouble. He is in all white and being interrogated by a lot of people with even more people standing guard. the maid is also in all white and being interrogated by the same time. She says she wanted to return her toy that she borrowed from her friend. Je-yoon says he got lost.

CE does not believe either one of them and starts torturing them by ripping their joints apart. they do that for a few seconds and then ask them questions again. Why were you at the house? Jeyoon tells them that he does not know, he has nothing to do with that talisman.

They are about to keep torturing him, but then three politicians come in and tell them to stop the torture. One of the head maids says that she searched everywhere and did not see a talisman. So the politicians tell CE that he is making people confess to nothing by torturing them. (I think these are all the Queens people). They tell CE that they will tell the King that he is misusing his power.

But CE just tells them to bring 4 more chairs. this is great because he wanted to interrogate them anyway. He may as well get started now. CE asks them how they can explain Sa-yeobs brother snuck in. SY says that it was an affair. He looks at his step brother and says that Jeyoon did not behave well since he was young. He was actually kicked out of the house and went there to have an affair with that woman. You can get ahold of him because he went somewhere where he should not be, but until you have the evidence and the reason, you cannot torture the maid.

Jeyoon tells them that if the talisman is the evidence then he will find it for them. His step brother tells him to shut up, how can you find a talisman that never was placed? But Jeyoon tells him to give him a chance.

All the townspeople find Hong Sim. Father yeon is so relieved. The rest of the townsmen chase after those gangsters as Yeon stays with his daughter. GooDol tells her that he will give her a ride and tries to piggy back her but she just hits him away and says that she is okay, it is just a little scratch. GooDol asks where Won Deuk is? I thought he went to rescue you? She says that he came…..

But she does not finish her thoguht and just tells them that she wants to go back to the village.
VO – If they did not find teh talisman even though all those maids are looking for it.

The men all go back to the building in search for the talisman. Je-yoon asks for sugar so he can find the talisman. They wonder what he is doing with that sugar but they think that he has nothing to lose since he is digging his own grave.

In teh Queens house, the brother wonders what if they find the talisman? The Queen tells him not to worry, the people who created the talisman themselves, would not be able to find it.

But, Jeyoon sees that the ants are not going into one stone. He lifts up that stone and the talisman is there. He picks it up and tells the men waiting that ants do not like the material that is used for talisman, it repels bugs. They tell him that he is not bad….but still, take him to jail.

Je-yoon is all like, what the heck? I just found the talisman for you. CE jsut tells him that he was apart of the conspiracy, that is why he could find it. They try to take him away. Jeyoon tells him the truth, the prince told him to go there. That is why he was there. CE tells him that the prince died. Jeyoon tells him that he wants to see him in private, otherwise he will tell him right there.

Cut to Yool in the village at night time. He followed all those bad guys to the mayors office. The mayor is in disbelief, how can all those men not beat one guy. But the head thug says this guy was in a different league than the typical thug. If he did not run away then he is dead. The mayor and Sundo yell that he got so much money from him! The man gives back the money.

Elsewhere in the village, the usual friends all talk about Won Deuk and how he is missing now, those men abducted him! They are all at the tavern with Hong and Yeon as they talk about this. The tavern woman tells them all that they should drink to calm down a bit. Drink is the best thing when you are nervous. Hong was quiet this entire time and decides now is a good moment to have some time alone. She steps outside to the street and looks at the sky.

Yool walks up the street at that moment and asks her, are you waiting for me? She turns around startled and asks him where he went? he wonders i she was worried about him. She tells him of course! He tells her that she saw his martial arts skills, she should not be worried.

She tells him that he needs to take off his clothing, he is a low class person, people will talk. He tries to take off his hat, but his arm is in pain. So she tells him to wait and then she starts unraveling the bow to take off his hat. It is a touching moment as he watches her take off his hat and then undo his noble outergarment to take it off. But then his arm hurts when she pushes it.

he asks why she is touching it! She laughs and says he was bluffing in the mountains. She starts to remove it slowly but he complains a bit every time she moves it. She tells him to stop pertending so he laughs.

Jeyoon kneels before CE as he explains all that he was investigating from the princes letter. He cannot show him the letter, it is secret and was left only for him. CE wonders, this is a secret letter that you cannot show to anyone. Are you lying about this letter, does it not exist? How come the prince left a letter to you! if there really is a letter, you should prove it.

Hong and Yool go inside so she can dress his wound better. She cleans his arm and then wraps it. But tells him that it would be better if she had a different medicine. He tells her that he does not think this situation will just go away. He will not leave it alone. She tells him that it is okay, revenge is only for people with power. Not people like us. He asks what kind of people “people like us” are. She tells him that they are people but they are not treated like people in this society.

He tells her, from now on, don’t get hurt fighting. She bows to him sarcastically and says she will not do it anymore. But then she asks him if he still does not have a memory, did this remind him of something? He says he had a memory of being good at martial arts. He thought he was just great at reading, but he is great at martial arts too. She tells him not to break the roof with all his bragging. He holds her hand and lightly tells her not to sleep in the other room tonight, it is his order.

jeyoon meets with the geisha and tells her that this might be dangerous, just keep it. Someone might come here looking for it, it could be dangerous. She just smiles and says, with her life she is not surprised if she dies at anytime. the only thing I ask you is to have a picnic to see flowers before spring ends. he says that is not difficult, but he already likes someone. She tells him that his body leads to his heart, so come with your body first.

She tells him that she cannot turn around if he looks at her like that so he tells her that he will turn around first. have a nice evening. He leaves her smitten. But as he walks away, he feels someone following him. And sure enough, there is an assassin following him.

The geisha goes back to her room, the assassin is waiting for her and pulls a knife on her. She tells him that she is a low class Gisaeng, but he still should not touch her body like this.
Awkwardness galore as Yool and Hong both lay on their backs in bed together. then they both turn to the right side. But then Hong turns to the left and sees Yool laying looking at her. He puts his arm on her shoulder and tells her that his wounded arm is all woozy so he has to keep it elevated. Whats wrong, you can’t sleep?

She tells him, noooooooooo, I can sleep. But then she tells him to stop looking at her, she cant sleep. So he closes his eyes.

the assassin finds the letter and gives it to MooYeon who is in a hut somewhere. But he tells Mooyeon that someone in a circus drew it. They should be able to find them soon.

Mooyeon gives the letter to CE. CE opens it and sees an image of someone and then a letter. But he crinkles it up immediately and says that boy is playing with him. this is not the letter from the prince! Bring him in front of me! When Mooyeon leaves, CE mutter, my prince….what did you leave behind.

Hong is having the toughest time falling asleep. All she thinks about is what happened that day with Yool saving her life and then touching her cheek. She sits up and lightly puts his arm to the side, but she holds it instead of letting it hit the floor.

Later on, she meets with the man that tripped the maid earlier. Hong tells him that her father is supposed to be sleeping there. He hops up and puts out his arm as if he is about to fight, but then apologizes and says that her father is not there. She leves and wonders where her father went this late.

Cut to her father digging up the clothing that he buried.

Elsewhere, MooYeon walks out of a house and immediately has a flashback to the night they were escaping from the soldiers. they were about to be caught because his sister Yoon Si-yeo was about to pass out from being too tired to continue. he burries her in sleaves and says he will run away in the other direction, when all the dogs leave, be sure to run in the opposite direction.

But she says she wants to just die and see Aboji. He tells her to shut up, aboji told them to live, you have to follow his order. She grabs his arm and tells him not to leave, what will she do without him? He tells her that when they are seperated, they can always meet each other at the bridge. When the dogs stop barking, be sure to run away, remember that, okay? he finishes covering her in the leaves and then runs away. They stick the dogs on him and run right past Yi-Seo (Hong).

the brother is able to a nobles house and has a girl by the sword. he might be at CE’s house and he might have his daughter as the hostage. CE tells them to move all the soldiers away. Wooyeon tells CE that his sister is dead, don’t search for her. But CE says they need the dead body to have a funeral. But the boy says, if you don’t retract your army then you will see your daughter die in front of you. CE tells him, if you can kill her, then kill her. there are casualties in war. If you are like your father, then you are brave, but you are also merciful.

The boy pushes the girl away and attacks CE but is Judo thrown to the ground. He is about to die. He tells him to kill him, just leave his sister alone. You already have the world, what can you do with that unimportant girls life?

MooYeon thinks about this while kneeling in front of this house, but his colleague comes out and tells him that he should sleep. Mooyeon tells him that he cannot sleep, his mind is full. The colleague asks him why he does this cruel thing, why kill the prince? Mooyeon tells him that he had a deal. He should not kill people forever until we die. Especially to me, I have my sister waiting for me. Did you find where he is? The colleague says yes, sun Joo Young (the town Hong lives in).
Yool wakes up and laeves right away. He walks with determination somewhere. Cut to Sundo, he is in front of the Mayors home and tells him that he wants to bring Won Deuk in and torture him. But then an arrow shoots right by them. It has a note on it.

They grab the note and look around. Who sent this? Sundo thinks this is a good chance. It does not matter who sent it, just bring Won Deuk in, I have an idea.

Yool ended up going to his home and sees it is disrepair. He looks at the plum blosom tree on the ground and then tries to find the book, but it is gone. So he angrily leaves, but just outside his home are police searching for him. Yool runs away but he is soon overwhelmed by guards. he ends up having to tell the young boy they always talk to to go to the tavern and find the poor aristocrat. he will pay him for it. Tell him to come to the city office. It is in a hurry! then Yool runs away again.

The boy goes to the tavern and tells Hong that he is looking for a poor aristocrat to come to the city office. Hong is all like, what are you talking about? the boy says that Yool told him to say it and he will give me 2 coins. there is no time.

back int he palace, a lot of noble people read a letter to the King about how they are all worried that she believes in hocus pocus talisman stuff. they want her to be punished. They all yell for her to be punished and bow in front of the palace. CE sits smugly to the side.

The King hears his and tells his servant to call all the officials.

Yool was captured and is brougth in front of SunDo and the mayor. Sundo tells him that they got this letter, you are humiliating the mayor with this letter which is the same as humiliating the King.

yool asks if there is any evidence that he sent it? SunDo says this is the poem that you recited at the birthday party. Yool tells him that is not evidence, anyone at the wedding heard that. The Mayor asks him if he thinks he is an aristocrat? I hate the way you talk. Lets give him a good example, put him on the thing.

Hong shows up and asks what is going on! The mayor and SD tells her that this is not her place, not put him over there. But Hong tells them that they know he is a stupid guy, you know that, my husband cannot do anything bad. But the mayor and SD say that they heard him recite the poem and they heard he is good a martial arts too.

Yool asks them, did you send the martial artists? that makes Sundo want to put Yool on the board even quicker. Hong drops to the gorund and yells that she just got married, he is her husband, you want to break his leg! What will i do! What will I do!

This stops things for a moment.
The King frantically searches through letter scrolls. All of the letters want the prince and the Queen to step down. he wonders what he should do. The prince comes in and apologizes for making him worry. But he also tells him that he is the King. This is not even one day after you ordered the investigation, how come one day has passed but they all know about the investigation and sent all these letters? And all the rumors? It is all planned.

The King thinks it must be the prime minister? The prince says yes, he wants to control this country by taking you seat. Teh King tells him to shut up. But the prince keeps talking and says, your wife that you could not protect! DO you want to lose your son and wife again by the Vice Prime minister?

The Queens brother listens outside and happily walks away.

SunDo wants Yool to shoot the arrow, if he can shoot it then that means that he is the guy that shot the letter. Yool tells him that this is a stupid accusation. But SunDo just keeps talking about it and tells him that he should shoot it from far away. After 6 years of living here, I never saw a person shoot like you. Hong tells them that he can barely carry anything. But they tell her to shut up.

Yool tells SunDo that he does not have a memory so he cannot shoot the arrow. SD tells them that he needs to shoot it or Hong will die. If you shoot the target then you did it, if you do not shoot the target then you are hiding your skills and I will kill your wife because you are lying.

Yool asks them if he tortures the citizens here with this nonsense. But SunDo just yells for him to shoot!

Meanwhile in Seoul, JeYoon gets abducted.

In the village, SunDo tells them that he has a temper, he does not want things to move slowly. Yool looks at him with reserved anger and then picks up the bow and arrow. Hong tells him no, we have to buy some time. But Yool just aims the arrow at the target. However, he puts the bow and arrow down, blood trickles down his arm.

SunDo tells him to shoot it now, her life relys on you. Yool picks up the arrow again and aims it, but everyone is worried where he is going to point as he points it at the bad guy. He pulls the string back and has a memory of doing the same thing. he lets go and the arrow shoots at the bad guy. It does not hit him and everyone is surprised.

Yool is overcome with the memory as SunDo tells them to arrest him!

But then a lot of men in white run in and say that they are undercover!!!!! The man who tripped the girl earlier comes in dressed as a politician. he was an undercover agent appointed by the King. he tells the mayor that he is a sinner. The mayor says he is innocent. The man throws down the sexy book and says it has all of his bad doings inside. The mayor grovels at the mans feet. (This man has super power authority to investigate everyone outside the palace).

The man yells for his people to arrest all the men associated with this book! So they do just that and there is pandemonium as people start running every which way.

Hong pulls Yool to the side and asks if he is okay. My heart almost stopped because of you! He hugs her and says that it was his mistake, he wanted to hit the sword that was pointed at her. She mentions that he did not know how to use a bow and arrow. Why did you think about hitting the sword? He says that as soon as he held it, he thought he could do it, it could happen.

She mentions, if your arm was not injured, then you could hit it? he says it happened not because of his arm, he had a flashback. He is not sure if it was in fact a falshback or imagination, maybe I should not have told you. Hong sees his arm and says that they need to address it, but he says he needs to meet someone first.
CE meets with his team. They talk about the rumors that are posted on the street. But the guards try to take them all down as soon as they are posted. They mention that someone working too hard is bad, the man says that he will let him know. Another man comes in and says that the meeting is delayed because the prince met the King privately, they think it was all due to SaYeob. Their plan is all screwed up now.

CE stands up and says he will visit the princess. They should all go to the palace.

The King meets with the princess and says that he heard the news. A great scholars sone died. She says that there was a fire. She saw it on accident. he tells her good job, nothing is stopping them anymore. She tells him that she is going to see the Queen and tells him to do well in that meeting to wrap it up well. He says he will.

The mayor is dragged out, everyone in the town gets a chance to spit on him. They all happily talk about his corruption and everything and mention that they should arrest SunDo also. They are all very happy and think that they should celebrate. That’s a great idea.

But Bokeum looks a little sad. Kketu yells, why didn’t they arrest BE also? Bokeum turns around and runs back, do you think i am together with that mayor????? I worked so hard to save you guys! I was the one that blocked everything int he middle! He keeps complaining an then pitifully falls to the ground to sob. GoDol tells him that hedid a lot of suspicious things. A woman tells him to stop crying, lets go celebrate together. Someone has some drink that they stole from the mayor. BE stands up and says they should all drink! Lets go!

Meanwhile, Yool meets with the undercover agent. He asks him if he sent the letter and the arrow? the man says that he did. Yool tells him he is so stupid as an undercover agent, because of you we almost ot killed. The agent apologizes and says he did not know that would happen, but by the way, how did you know I was undercover?

Yool says it was so obvious, you stopped by the tavern right? (Flashback)

Yool goes to the tavern to talk to the agent and asks about his wife. He tells him, if you did not trip that woman then we would not have this trouble. the man coughs and says he has a quesiton .You recited that poem, how did you know it? Yool says he did not know how he knows it, he just recited whatever came out of his mouth.

The agent says that it is the poem that he submitted when he had his government test, how did anyone know it?

Because of that, Yool knew that he was undercover. Yool asks him how he got the book of sins. The agent says that Hong gave it to him.

The aristocrats all tell the King that this is an unprecedented event that the Queen believes these superstitious things and wants to stab the prince. You need to remove them. But the other people say this is all nonsense, it is just a talisman. They argue back and forth about the rumors on the street saying that the Queen killed the Prince.

The King tells them that there is no direct evidence. He is going to send SaYeob and Seowon to the mountains to find the evidence. Another politician says that if you have them investigate the evidence then it is the same as making a wolf a sheep herder. They should do it instead!

The King tells them they better not dare refuse his order.

Meanwhile, the Queen meets with the princess. They argue politely and nicely back and forth. the princess tells her that she did not sleep well, she has a present for her due to the Queens “kindness”. she gieves it to her. The queen does not take it so the princess asks her if she thinks she put a talisman in there?

She opens it and sees a wooden hairtie. The Princess asks her if she likes it? It does not seem that you do so I will step out. But as she turns, she almost throws up a little bit and apologizes. then she tells the Queen that she is pregnant, it has been a while. But she could not tell anyone since the accident. The talisman you put, did not work.

In the politician building, the King tells them that he will not deide anything until he finds out who is behind everything. The politicians continue going back and forth about doing it or not doing it. CE metions that he took the position to find out the truth, he did not have any personal things involved. Finally they have evidence. Why don’t you trust me?

The King says it is not that he does not trust him, he has to think about the next prince. If he removes the only prince, Seowon, then what will happen to the country. Don’t you worry about our future? CE says he does not have to worry about it, he has another heir. The King asks him what he is talking about. CE tells him that the Queen is pregnant with the princess baby.

The King is shocked. CE tells him congratulations and they all bow and respectfully yell congratulations.
Yool walks by himself while thinking about Hong Sim. He wonders how she knew that he was an undercover agent. Then we see a montage of Hong telling Yool a lot og things that show that she was educated and knows things. Yool thinks that Hong uses saturi and Seol accents back and forth and knows how to read but did not think about making money with that, why? He head off to his house.

Meanwhile, MooYeon orders his people to find WonDeuk.

Yool gets home (or the tavern) and talks to GooDol, he has a quesion for him, how did Hong Sim get seperated from her brother? GD says she does not have a brother, she is an only daughter. Yool says she does. Goo Dol says he is her only brother. But Kkeut says she might have a brother, Yeon is not his real daughter. Yeon brought a girl back instead of his dead daughter.

GooDol is shocked to know this, why didn’t she tell him this very important thing! Kkeut just tells him that he did not ask her. Yool is shocked as well and asks Kkeut to tell Hong to meet him in the barley field.

Elsewhere, Hong is sitting on a path in the woods thinking about Yool saving her life. Her father runs up on her accidentally and is shocked to see her there. She asks him what he is doing and where is he going and where did he go last night? All this stuff is happenening but you went to that place? Do you know why I cam back safely?

Yeon asys it is because she is good at fighting. But she says no, it is all due to Won Deuk, he rescued me. He defeated four men with swords and he only had a stick, it wa not normal. Appa thinks that he must have learned a lot in the army. Hong tells him that they were arrested and taken to city hall, he fired an arrow. If it was his first time then he shoul dnot be that good. Who is this guy Won Deuk?

Appa says that won deuk is just Won Deuk. She asks, really? Then where does he live? Lead me there. Appa tries to say Won Deuk is just Won Deuk. But Hong tells her father to tell her the truth, who is her really? Aboji!

Appa apologizes, and says that Aboji is really sorry.

In the Village, Yool tells a shoesmith that he wants really pretty shoes with plum blossoms on them. The man gives him shoes with flowers but they are not plum blossoms. Yool tells him that they are different. The man did not realize that thee were subtle differences with flowers. he gives him the right kind.

However, Mooyeon is walking through the village at the same time and spots Yool!

Yool goes to the barley field and waits on Hong. he unwraps the shoes. Mooyeon is about to kill Yool with an arrow. He pulls it back.

But then Hong comes up.

However, the brother releases the arrow.

Hong looks at the Yool and then sees the arrow flying through the air.

Fade Out

Wow, they really have the cliff hanger endings on lock! The last episode ended in a way that I just had to know what happened and this episode ended in the same way. If there was not a preview, then I would assume that someone got shot, but since there is a preview, it is safe to say that they are both fine enough to joke around and possibly get biblical.


HS – IF I am really Hong Sim and you are really Wond Deuk, then what would it be like?
Yool – Hey I will hug you okay! Just come here (in saturi).
KN – The real Won Deuk, or a different Won Deuk [you] like him right?
GD – You have been married for awhile but haven’t slep together yet? Drink this and be macho tonight!
KD – Well, it has a good smell so guys will go crazy.
Yool – We are married so we should sleep together, of course, I won’t let you go out tonight.

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  1. Melissa
    October 1, 2018 / 11:10 am

    Thank you for your recaps!!! At least we just have to wait only one day to know what happened and not one week XD!

    • V
      October 1, 2018 / 2:24 pm

      Right! At least it is just one day and they did give us the preview.

  2. October 1, 2018 / 11:14 am

    whoah! tvn is really testing the patience of this drama’s audience huh?! lol! you are right, the cliffhangers are well… literally leaving us hanging by a thin thread! i can’t even begin to think that they will be torn apart soon. they are just too cute together.
    maybe after the arrow is shot, hong shim’s brother finds out they are married and he’ll have to take matters into a different direction.

    • V
      October 1, 2018 / 2:24 pm

      Ooh, that might happen. Good guess!

  3. Jo Ann Liburd
    October 1, 2018 / 5:01 pm

    Thank you so much for the hard work. This episode is very interesting for me. It seems like a ton happened.

    • V
      October 2, 2018 / 2:32 pm

      A lot did happen. This writer manages to stuff these episodes chock full on info.

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