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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 6

Do Kyung-Soo touching Nam Ji-Hyun's cheek as she sleeps in 100 Days My Prince romantic Kdrama
I’m still tripping that the bodyguard is dead (is he really?). We left our couple hiding out from the loan shark in a side alley; but their hiding space is basically cheek to cheek and the close proximity may have jogged Yool’s memory a bit. Seriously though, is his memory really for real back? I would think that episode 6 would be too soon, but perhaps not? So far I really like what this writer is doing, so I’ll just go with it either way.

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Three men on horseback race to the cliff.

CE – The dead body is not the princes body, if he is alive, kill him. You have to bring me his head.

Mooyeon is one of the men and searches all around the forest for the body. he asks one of his men where the body guard fell. They walk to that spot. Mooyeon is told that there was no trace of the body guard. Mooyeon tells them that they need to go to the town.

In the village, Hong pulls Yool to the side so they can hide from the loan shark. He tells her that he is really uncomfortable now. She tells him it is because it is a narrow space. He tells her it is not because it is narrow – I think my memory came back.

VO – If his memory came back, what whould I do? Did he figure out all my lies?

Yool sees something falling over Hong’s head and protects her from it. It is a lot of beans falling so they fall all on them. He tells her that he thinks his body remembers her, just stay there a little bit.

She yells, why, where are you going? But he is already gone.
The assassins get to the village at around the same time. They ask the restaurant owner if she has an empty room available. She happily tells them that she does. The three men go inside and talk about what to do. Mooyeon tells his men that, if someone found the body, then they would report it as unknown. We need to go to the city office to find it out. If he is alive, he should not be able to move du to his wound. We need to visit all the doctors to see if they got treatment.

Cut to Yool. The loan shark tells Won-deuk that he is so moved that he would rather pay the debt than be considered stupid. But Yool just asks him if it is true that he said he would sell Hong Sim. The loan shark is all like, yeah, we can get a lot from her. Yool tells him that he makes him uncomfortable. The loan shark tells him that is normal since he is in debt, don’t worry, I will find a nice second wife position for Hong Sim.

But Yool is steady staring down the loan shark so the loan shark tells him to put his eyes down. Yool does ot and continues staring at him. He says he has no memory of fighting. The loan shark says he only has a memory of hitting people. He grabs Yool by the collar. Yool asks him if lowering his eyes *this much* is okay? the loan shark asks him if he is joking right now.

Meanwhile, Hong has left her hiding space and is concerned about Yool. She looks around for him, but in doing so she passes right by her brother! They miss each other in that Kdrama way of turning their heads at just the worst moment, but she turns again and starts following him. However, she is blocked and losses him.

But it seems like he was actually hiding from her! He waites until she is gone and then walks out again. Hong shows up in front of him! She asks him if he is hr brother and says her name. But he says that he is misunderstanding something. He walks away but Hong follows and pulls out a make shift sword to fight him similar to the way they were when they were little.

he beats her in the same kind of way. Now she knows that he is her brother. He tells her, you are still not good at sword fighting. She tells him that he is alive like this, why is he like this? Why didn’t you come to see me? Did you forget our promise to meet at the bridge? Why did you do that? Why? Tell me! Tell me something at least!

He hugs her quickly as she starts to cry. She tells him that she missed him and he tells her that he missed her as well. But then he notices that his two men are approaching them so he pulls Hong tot he side to hide her. Then he tells her that he has to leave. He has to solve something, but after that, he will find her.

he does not want him to leave and grabs his arm. But he tells her that they are two people that should not be alive in the world. After finishing what I am doing, I will come and find you. It will not take too long. He lets go of her hand and walks away. Hong runs out and yells at him that they have a house with a plum blossom tree, keep your promise this time!
Yool sees her looking longingly up the street and wonders why she is looking like that, did you eat guk bak without me? he takes another good look at her and asks her….did you cry?

She clears her throat and pulls his arm, but he tells her that the guk bak house is not that way. She gives him all the money and tells him to eat. He asks, did you give me all the money? Then I will eat meat pancake aslo….and dried fish.

She tells him to do whatever. But he complains that he is uncomfortable eating alone! You said we would share!

Yang and Sooji talk. Yang is a eunuch at the palace. Sooji asks him how he is alive, I thought you followed the prince? Yang tells them that he had a lot of goosebumps/hives on the body so the prince did not take him to the ceremony. It is a dream right? Is he really dead?

Sooji hits him upside the head, it is not a dream. Poor Yang breaks down crying pitifully on the spot.

Everyone in the village reads a sign (or has a sign read to them) explaining that the prince has died. They think he is too young to die. But maybe God is punishing him since his father wanted to be King and killed so many people. Kkeut grabs Hong and asks what they should do, the prince is dead! If he died like this, why did he order for us to get married???

Hong kind of trips or grows weak in the knees. Yool is there as well and asks Hong if it is that shocking to her that the prince is dead?

The dead body is dressed in it’s funeral garbs and the politicians and nobles are inspecting and grieving in front of him. Flashback to the doctor telling CE that he messed up the face so no one will know that it is not the prince.

In the present, they bring Yang in. He is like the prince’s #1 eunuch/butler-ish person so he will inspect the hands and feet of the body to make sure it is the prince. However, CE (and maybe some others?) grummbled, why is he still alive? Sicne he should have been killed with everyone else in the party.

They did not have anything to worry about thugh because yang starts crying immediately when he sees the body.

Later on, Sooji and Yang talk in the princes old room as they clear it. Sooji says the prince was so mean to yang, why are you so sad. But Yang is dedicated to the prince and says he had a hard life and his heart was hurt when he was young. he goes closer to desk and grabs a book that he remembers. He is about to cry even more, but then he remembers something!

He told the prince that he needed to clean his body before going to the weather ceremony. The prince asks him if he thinks he is not clean now? He also accidentally cuts the princes finger nail.

Yang stands up and tells Sooji that something is wrong! The fingernail! I definitely ~. But before he can say it, some henchmen come in and arrest Yang. They pull Yang out with him asking, why are you doing this!
Meanwhile, Hong is a bit depressed and also possibly stunned that she saw her brother. She is just laying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Her father comes in and tries to find out what is wrong. Of course he blames Won Deuk immediately and asks if he caused more trouble at the market.

But she says that she saw her brother. Yeon tells her that this is a good thing. But she says he left, they did not even have a chance to talk. Yeon asks how he can do that, she waited ten years to see him! Hong says he said he would come back, he had to take care of something, he promised me. Yeon tells her to just stay with him. But Hong thinks that Yeon will be in danger if they figure things out.

Yeon asks about Won Deuk, what about him. Hong says it was a fake marriage anyway and the prince is dead as well.

However, Yool is listening from outside! He wonders what they are talking about and thinks back to seeing Hong with that mysterious man in the village.

Later on that night, Yool walks around the village and runs into GooDol. GooDol immediately thinks there are household problems with Won deuk and Hong. he starts to talk about how Yool is probably curious about how to move his body the way he wants….the details…how…~. Yool asks if Hong met someone else when he went to the military. GD tells him no, a lot of guys hit on her but no one was successful. I don’t even think she made eye contact with anyone. Kkeut says that Hong never met anyone. My wife did not even know that you two were engaged.

Yool asks, so you did not know that we were dating? So if she had another guy then you would never know?

GooDol thinks that makes good sense. But he tells Yool not to pay attention to it. Past men have no power, you have the power now. You are the husband and she is your wife! But Yool tells him that he does not understand what he is talking about. GD tells him that he has to get a lot of points tonight because you are the man….so ….first of all ~.

Je-yoon sits at his desk pensively and Kwon Hyuk asks him about it. (they say a Korean phrase about daydreaming/hitting that does not make sense in English). Kwon asks him if he solved the case yet? is that why you are like this? He says that it is that he could not solve it not that he did not solve it. But he is already dead so my answer does not matter. Even if I have the right answer, I would not get promoted anyway.

Kwon tells him that this is not like the Jeyoon that he knows. The Jeyoon he knows always tries to do things no matter what. But Jeyoon is a bit depressed and says he will stop. Kwon tells him that it is his life so he won’t force him. Kwon starts to leave but Jeyoon asks him what happened to his walk. Kwon says he has new socks that hurt his heel. This gives Jeyoon something to think about so he follows his frien and looks at his heel as they walk.

JY asks Kwon if he thinks Yang is still alive? Yang knows the prince the most. But Kwon thinks there is no guarantee that he is. Jeyoon stops him…no guarantee???

It is still night, Hong walks around and looks at the moon. She thinks about the bridge and Jeyoon who sent off the lotus flower boat for her to meet her brother. She thinks that she might have met him because of JeYoon.

Yool walks around at this time too and thinks.

VO – Hong looks like that when she misses someone. And her body motion is as if she has waited for something for a long time.

he clears his throat and apporoaches while thinking about what GooDol told him.

GD – Just walk toward her, walk walk, but your eye gaze is important. Your eye gaze must be burning..

Yool – I don’t want to.

GD – Okay, you don’t have to have a burning eye gaze, just have a heart pattering eye gaze. Also, get some pretty flowers, I never saw a woman that did not like flowers. Give them to her.

Yool gets to Hong and gives her the flowers. het ells her that he picked them up on the way back, they look like her. Hong is all like….it looks like me? This is the flower that dogs pee on (the name of the flower is literally “dog pee”). Yool did not know that. Hong tells him that this flower has a strange smell so all the dogs pee on it. That is why no one touches it ever.

Yool stares at the flower and drops them, then he stares at his hand. Hong tells him not to pick flowers, they are prettiest in their original position where they are. Go in and go to sleep, I will get some fresh air and go to bed.

Yool tells her as she is walking off, I hope you do not leave. She pauses but keeps walking away. He walks up to her and grabs her hand to pull her closer to him. Then she puts his hand on her shoulder for her to pay attention to him. She asks what he is doing. He says….you don’t make eye contact with me…. Then he walks away.

The father was watching this entire exchange with bated breath and asks Won Deuk why he did not kiss her! You were right there! Yool says that he did not want to kiss her, he just wanted to confirm something. He read her eyes. Yeon is mesmerized/annoyed. You can’t just read books but you can read eyes too! Sigh, whom should I blame, I was the one that dragged you and made her marry you.

But then he realized what he said, his eyes grow wide as he tries to step it all back and tells Won Deuk not to think about any of that.

But then Three men come in with happy eyes at Yool and holding books.
Yang is still alive and in jail. He yells though the gates that he needs to talk to the king! He needs to see the King!

A Henchman goes to CE to tell him what is going on. Yang is causing trouble because he wants to see the King again.

The three men came there for Won Deuk to read the books for them. They says that it looks like he can read letters. Yeon tells them that he is busy. But Yool says he can read it all for them, but not for free. 2 small coins each document and 5 small coins for a book.

But the men say that they do not have money. Yool tells them to find someone else, he is busy. But Hong come in right then and says, don’t do it. Don’t do the thing you have to do right now, just read their things.

Yool tells her that she told him to make money, why are you doing this now? She tells him to look at them. He says he is trying to recover what he did. It is for Hong also. But Hong says that men should not take advantage of poor people. Yool says that, because it is late, he did not have good judgement. Of course he should volunteer to help others with his knowledge as a man. The men thank him so much.

Yang is kneeling in front of CE in the jail. He tells him that he is not guilty. You suspect me because I did not go, but my prince told me not to come with him. CE asks if he can do everything that he asked him? yang says yes. CE tells him, during the interrogation, you just need to answer two things. Whatever I ask you, you need to say, the queen.

Yang agrees. CE asks him what the important thing is that he wants to tell the King. Yang thinks for a moment and says well….that is…the dead body….I think it is not the prince. CE asks him, how dare you say that here! But Yang says he confirmed it himself. He cut his finger nails himself before he went to the ceremony. I made a mistake on one of his finger nails, but his nails are too even.

CE kneels and asks, if the dead body is not the princes body, then maybe he is alive? Yang looks relieved and says yes. CE asks if he told this to anyone. yang says no, he did not say it to anyone. CE laughs and says good job, if he did not come to see him then he would be in big trouble.

Yang asks if he is setting him free? he smiles happily at CE, but CE just pulls out his dagger and slits his throat immediately. Yang is dead, y’all.
CE then goes to see his daughter in her chambers. He bursts in and tells all the servants to leave. His daughter says that he looks mad, everything is wrapped up now.

But CE just walks to her and grabs her face. He tells her that he made up his mind when he killed the previous king. He did not want to kill anyone else by himself, but it all collapsed now because of you. I live like a pig, I was like a butcher, my position was made with blood and tears, and now I am losing it because of you. Who is the father of this kid?

He grabs his daughters face tightly. She tells him that he is dead, she shares the same blood as him. But CE says that she did not kill him yet. No one died that he is aware of and she would not just meet someone on the street. She tells him that she caused this trouble so she will take care of it herself.

He gives her 3 days. If he does not hear of any aristocrat or royal blood death notice, then I will move by myself.

She tells him that he has a lot of time in this new Chase department. Your job is to kill the Queen and prince. I will do my job, you do yours.

He squeezes her cheeks even tighter and tells her to bring him the evidence of their death. She says she will. he storms out and she breathes and drops several tears.

CE walks out and sees a maid looking extra stressed, the maid runs off. He tells the head maid to clear up things around the princess (like change the people and not leave any maid, get rid of all of them).

Meanwhile, the queen tells her maid that they need to find things out before this investigation gets going. If she does not find it out then they will all die. No, before that happens, you will die by my hands first.

In Seowon’s room, he asks his maid if the talisman cursed the Princess also?….dont’ notify her. I am not confident to see her face right now.

At the jail, Jeyoon runs up to the guard and says that he has a question for Yang. But the guard tells him that he is too late and show him the body.

In the village, Yool sits and reads a document for a man. He tells him what the document means. It means, you will sell yourself as a slave if you borrow 3 bags of barley. If you do not pay tomorrow then you will be sold as a slave. the man is overcome with emotion and wonders how he can make that much money. Yool tells him that he is lucky, take this to that guy first. In this document, nothing says that you have to pay it all at once, give this to him and buy some time. that man thanks him so much.

The next person comes up so he reads the document and tells her to go home and leave the house. Tell your master to pay you your salary. A few years ago, your son died saving the master right? Then the government tried to take you out from slavery status because they pitied that event. This is that document. You are not a slave as of one year ago, but your master lied to you. You should get a salary for one year that he did not pay.

She thanks him so much and grabs his hand. But of course he says, how dare you hold my hand! But she is so happy and tells the long line, WHO SAID HE IS GOOD FOR NOTHING, HE IS NICE LOOKING AND READS WELL, HE IS THE BEST MAN. She tahnks him so much. He tells her…well, you already held my hand…so….

Another man comes up and asks Yool if he can fix something for him. Yool is about to touch it but the entire thing falls apart before he can. The man complains so Hong says hse can fix it and Yool can go back to doing his bragging. Yool is all like, what? bragging? Hong tells him to forget it, sorry. She smiles.

he tellshr that she is smiling, you are pretty when you smile.

But then Bokeun runs up to them and tells them to go home, gather your tools and go to the moountain. We have an order to get the fur of a stoat (or martin). Hong tells him that they haven’t had a stoat in 5 years, how can they find something that does not exist. Bokeun tells them that he is not the one that is ordering them.

Yool – Am I the only one that is uncomfortable? That is so stupid to catch a stoat. There are no more stoats in the mountain. Can we just give them something else that is found in the mountain?

Hong – If you say that, then do you think they will listen to us? The King asked the other town to give them salt. They don’t even live near the sea but the King wants salt from us? He does not even think about us as normal citizens at all. he is so stupid an greedy.

Yool – He is not that kind of person! He is – the King is – …

BE – The King is….? Do you know the King? If someone hears this they will think that you have a relationship with the King. Why don’t you ask the King to hunt stoats also. Hurry Hurry! This also kills me.

They all leave.
With everyone gone, Yool asks Hong what he should take with him. She asks him to stay there or he will not be any help at all. But he says that a lot of people want his help and lined up. She tells him he has something to do at home. If someone comes to visit me, can you hold that person?

Yool asks if it is a man. She hesitantly says, yes. He tells her to tell him what he looks like and his age and all those things. She tells him to just stay home, don’t leave. Okay? She runs off to find the stoat.

Night falls. The camera cuts to Moo-yeon who is standing outside the doctors office. The doctor tells him to come back later, he lost his needles and cant’ help anyone today. MW asks him if he healed anyone with an arrow wound last month? The doctor says he does not remember because he is old, but even if he did he would not tell him. Good bye.

Mooyeon slices the mans cheek and asks, do you still not remember? The man nervously tells Moo-yeon to ask him anything.

At Hong’s home, Yool reads one of the books and wonders how this woman can have feelings for a slave but not for her own husband? Who is that guy? What kind of relationship do they have? She asked her own husband to get ahold of him. He sees someone outside and wonders, is he finally here?

But that someone is a little boy. Yool says, it should not be you, he looked like a big guy. The little boy sighs and says all the normal people went to the mountain, how dumb are you that they did not take you? Yool says, how dare you, you are younger than me!

The little boy just walks up and gives Yool a lotus leaf sam bap. Hong wanted him to give it to him. He leaves. Yool smells it and thinks he has a familiar feeling of feelings. He thinks, he will know if he tries it. But it is half eaten. He mentions that this boys name is “after eating” so that means that he ate some of it first (Mok-gu=after eating).
All the towns people are still in the woods. They have taken a break and sit around a blazing fire wondering why theye are there. GooDol wonders if they should just say what Won Deuk said. there is no stoat out here. No animals at all!

But then they hear a wolf’s howl. Maybe there are no animals because of the wolf? Bok-eun stands up, makes an excuse, and runs back to town. GooDol says he will bring him back! But Kkeut tells him to not even think about it.

GooDol says he is too scared to stay. Hong stands up and says that they should at least do something, she has no time to waste. Lets check our traps and find anything. They all go searching for their traps.

Hong looks for her traps in the woods, but then she trips and find a ginseng leaf sticking up out of the ground.

Sun-do and the mayor grumble about all the help that Won-deuk is giving to the village people. The entire town is upside down! it is true that we tricked those illiterate people, but it is okay to lie to low class people!

Bok-eun and Hong walk up right at that moment and tells them that…well… ~. Hong lays something on the floor in front of them and tells them that this is stoat fur/leather to send to the palace. Hong tells them that this is wild ginseng, they can take it to Seoul and get 32 stoat furs with it if they make a good deal.

But the mayor yells at them, I told you to get stoat! Hong counters that the mayor should already know that they do not have stoat skin. It makes sense to take this to Seoul to exchange it. Please notify the government.

The mayor yells for her to shut up! But Sundo tells him to stop. Hong tells SunDo that he use to work at the palace. We can prepare what they ask but it has to be something they can find in the mountain. Please help, the citizens will feel better. SunDo says he will think about it. Hong thanks him and runs off.

Mayor asks him if he will think about it? They need the stoat fur/leather. SunDo says this will be big trouble if no one knows about this so they need to take care of this quietly. You know, it is not uncommon for low class people to die….

Hong runs all the way home and looks for Won Deuk. She asks him where he went, she told him to stay home. He tells her that the yard is also the house. Hong asks if anyone came? Yool says a tall handsome nice looking guy came by. Shea sks where he is. Yool tells her that he left right away.

Hong runs off to the restaurant woman and asks her about it. She tells Hong that three handsome guys came three days ago and left. They might have left to the mountain. Hong runs off again, but she runs into the loan shark! She apologizes and says she was in a hurry.

He tells her to go ahead then, you are in a hurry. She asks him why he is like this? The loan sharks tells him it is because of Won Deuk.

Flashback to Yool telling the loan shark that he faked a document and swindles people. he shuold be hit more than 80 times on his bottom due to the law. I can go to the law right now, but I have a deal. Never ever talk about selling Hong Sim, and never ever threaten Hong Sim, if you do it again then I will not pay you anymore.

The loan sharked asked him if he was threatening him, Yool says he is asking him, man to man.

Hong says, Won Deuk said that? The loan shark tells her that he is taking care of her as his wife. Okay, bye. He walks off happily.

Night falls and Yool is still walking around. He finds Hong sitting on a rock in the woods nearby. She is basically asleep sitting up. He asks her if she drank. She sleepily looks up and says she had one – bottle. He tells her that she shuld not drink, what if she is arrested for drinking? She tells him that she drank it because she couldn’t sell it.

She tries to stand and tells Won Deuk that it is all because of him. Yool says that the person that came to the house is the one that wanted him to read the book. Hong asks why he lied to her. Yool says he wanted to confirm that she had another man when he went to the military service. The problem is that the prince ordered all the unmarried to marry. i do not know the reason, but I came back instead of that guy. So you had to marry me. You drank because that guy finally came back and shook your heart.

he is my brother. We separated 10 years ago. I did not know if he was dead or alive. I met him on accident. He said he had to do something and then he would come back. that is why I was waiting for him. You do not know how it feels to wait for someone so long. How much it hurts.

Yool tells her, no, I think I understand. I feel like I also waited for someone my entire life. Yool tells him that is nonsense, he has no memory. He chuckles a little. Hong asks how he can laugh in this situation. He tells her because he now knows that the person he was waiting for is not her lover. It is a good thing because now you know that your brother is alive and I know that the guy you were waiting for is not your lover. I will let you have my hand since it looks like you are having a hard time.

But she just turns and walks away as he extends his hand further and further to her. I told you I am giving you my hand!

But he catches up and holds her hand tightly. they share a moment were they look at each other. Then Yool starts walking back home hand in hand with her.
The queen asks her top maid why she is alone, where is the princes? The maid says that the princess left secretly to meet her father. The queen thinks that is great, they need to find the talisman that they put in her room, quickly. then she wonders why the Princess went to see her father in this kind of situation.

Cut to the princess outside somewhere in the palace. She puts a secret letter under a house and walks away. But the Queens brother sees it and grabs it.

Elsewhere in the palace, Kwon and Jeyoon walk around. Kwon tells Jeyoon that the prince always stopped at that location because his foot steps became heavier there. Jeyoon wonders what the reasons are. Kwon says they used to have a plum blossom tree there, the prince planted it himself when he became the prince (but now it is chopped down).

they imagine that the tree is still there and blossomed. They alsoimagine the prince stopping on the bridge to look at it.

VO – Every year, when the plum blossomed, he stopped and looked at it for a long time with very very sad eyes.

Jeyoon wonders why it was cut now. It is becuase the princess cut it down. Je yoon runs off to another part of the palace, but it is locked so he hops the wall. However he has no athleticism and falls to the ground clumsily. After he stands up, he hears the gate rocking, someone is about to open the gate so he hides. But he bumps into a maid that is also hiding.

Several other maids come in, the head one tells the other maids to look everywhere. One of them finds jeyoon (lol, so easy). He is arrested.

Elsewhere, the King is still in deep mourning over his son. Another man comes in and tells the King that someone is arrested in this case, they are related to the queen.

Meanwhile, Yool and Hong both work in their yard. They are a bit awkward with each other. Yool asks Hong if she can teach him how to make a straw loft (but he curses a lot due to a play on words). Hong tells him that he is smart, how come he can’t do things with his body. He tlls her that he tried with this i-seki, but this i-seki does not listen.

She sits and shows him how to do it. It is not hard, don’t force it, just go slowly and softly. She touches his hands as she explains it to him so they share another moment. But then she pulls back and tells him to do it, he can do it. He quietly says he did not know she had a brother, how did she get separated from him?

She does not tell him and just plays it off. Then changes the subject to ask for the bag of money. he tells her it might be in the room. She searches his body and finds it in his pocket. But a lot of money is gone. He tells her that he boguht a book. You woul dbe surprised if you see it.


Yool – I can’t.

A woman shows up at that moment and asks if this is the place where all problems are solved. Hong says yes so the woman says she will give them whatever they ask. And, she winks at Yool.

Hong is all like, oh no she didn’t.

Cut to a very green and vibrant bamboo forest. Hong waites and calls to the trees, are you done yet! Yool comes out in yangban clothes and says he is done. He asks if Hong is really going to let him become that womans fake lover? Hong says yes, she is giving us 20 big coins. She says she can buy a small house with that. Yool wonders if he is only worth a small house.

Hong tells him, if she does not like this then she will not give us the money, so do it well. Yool asks what he has to do well. Hong looks around for a moment and says, well, whaterver she asks. Yool looks at her seriously and says he is going, really. then he says he will really try his best to be her lover.

The woman walks up at that moment and is stunned at how Yool looks. he looks so handsome dressed up like this! Let’s go together.

Yool looks at her hesitantly and then walks off. Hong looks on in hidden jealously. When she gets back to the city she wonders if she is really going to just pretend like he is her lover? Should I have done it? No, no, no, she gave us 20 big coins. I should find that useless big book. Where did she hide it.

In the bamboo forest, the woman says that he really feels like her lover. He tells her, how dare you. But she just mentions that she already gave him the moneeeeeeey. then a man on horseback shows up.

In the village, Hong has found the book. She wonders why he paid money to buy this book? (My Time Relationship Door – it is a man power sexy novel). Hong is annoyed that he bought this. But then someone comes into her house an starts to destroy everything.

Hong runs out and wonders what is going on. These men are really going to town on her house and trees and plants and everything. They tell her that this house belongs to the Park family, how dare you build a house on someone elses land. Hong tells them that this house was built 30 years ago! But another man hits her on the bad and she falls to the gorund.

Elsewehre in the village, Mooyeon asks the little boy where the house with the plum blossom is.

At the house, GooDol sees what happened. The men says to tell Won Deuk.
In the bamboo forest, The horseman asks her if she is braking up with him because of this guy! Yool says this man should bot have an affair when he has a lover. He will soothe her wounded heart. The woman swoons and says that she already forgot everything. She holds his arm tightly until the other man rides off.

Yool pushes her away, but seh comes up and says that she should not do that, maybe he will look back. And she holds his arm again.

But then GooDol runs up and tells Yool that Hong was taken! They said for you to come to the mountain trail! Yool runs to the horsebacked man, kicks him away from the horse and takes it to go get his woman!

He gets to the trail on horseback and hops off the horse to confront the men with Hong. Hong is all tied up on a tree and passed out. She wakes up and sees Yool there. She says, Won Deuk, run away!

But she gets slapped!

Yool turns on noble beast mode as he stares at these thugs.

Fade Out

WOW, this show just leveled up. Firstly, I am amazed that they are killing off main people in this storyline. First it was Dong-joo and now it is Yang. I really thought Je-yoon would get to Yang first and maybe rescue him? Or at least find out the truth. But the villians have won again. However, they did not win in a stupid way, they won in a way that is completely relevant in how I would think things would unfold. First they arrest Yang for being the sole survivor in the Prince’s party (especially since he did not go) and next they killed him in jail right away. It all makes perfect sense.

CE is also understandably irate because he had to bloody his hands once again due to his daughters stupid actions. She should at least tell him who the father is, right? But no, she is keeping that secret to herself and he cannot force it out of her. I am so curious, y’all. My suspicions right now are Moo-yeon or the other prince. The other prince might be too young though.

Yool is continuing to amaze everyone in the village. He may not be handy with his hands, but he is with his brain. I love how he read all the towns peoples documents because Hong asked him to. But instead of her thanking him for it, she just casually mentioned that the entire enterprise was just for him to brag about how smart he was. The look on Yool’s face….but he had a nice counter when he told her that she was pretty when she smiled.

It was hilarious when Goo-dol tried to give him pointers on how to approach his woman in a seductive way that fell so flat when he picked up the urine flowers. And it was equally hilarious when she basically sold him to the noble woman as a fake lover. But that back fired on her when she saw how handsome he looked adorned in silk amidst the vibrancy of the bamboo forest.

I was smitten as soon as Yool commandeered that horse and rode off to his woman’s rescue. Several people area about to get their a-whooped.


Hong – Who is Won Deuk, really?
JY – The Vice Prime minister killed the prince!
Yool – Why are you pressing [my arm]…ow.
Hong – You are just pretending.
Yool – I dont want to find any of my memory, because I want to stay next to you.
Hong – Don’t leave, just stay here.
Yool – I will be next to you forever, so don’t worry, I will not leave without you – because I am your husband.

The top Image is by tvN and edited using PicMonkey.

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  1. Bbaek
    September 25, 2018 / 9:14 am

    Thank you so much for the after recap I really enjoy this drama but Would you mind if I asked for the reason why you didn’t do the ‘live’ recap for this drama and what about The third charm (Friday&Saturday following my ID beauty Gangnam) and also Nine room (Saturday &Sunday following Mr.Sunshine) will you do the live recap for them or not ?

    • V
      September 25, 2018 / 11:40 am

      Oh sure, we have morning engagements all fall so we can’t do this show live-live. We can only start recapping at 9am. But The Third Charm will be live-live since it comes on at 9am CST! We aren’t recapping Nince room because we decided to recap The Player instead. It will also give us a tiny break before Memories of the Alhambra airs. We are all over that one!

      You can check out all the shows we are picking up in the next two weeks right here: https://www.dramamilk.com/korean-dramas-premiering-at-the-end-of-september-and-early-october-2018/

  2. September 25, 2018 / 11:13 am

    just one thing i am wondering about this drama.
    the drought plays a significant part on the premise that they had to marry off all singles right? but i have yet to see a scene where the land is dry or barren. every scene featured flourishing plants, trees, shrubberies, a field of flowers even!
    they do mention that the rivers are shallow as it is being dried up by the drought but other than that, the scenery is pretty lush.

    • V
      September 25, 2018 / 11:43 am

      They kind of mention it. In the last episode they mentioned that the river (below the bridge) was so shallow, which is why Hong and Je-yoon could walk to the middle of it to save the lotus boat. In this episode they mentioned that most of the animals are gone due to the drought.

      • September 25, 2018 / 1:25 pm

        yes it is notable about the lines referring to the river and the absence of animals indeed. 🙂 another 6 long days to wait until the next episodes.
        aaaand there was no “almost” kiss. i thought if they showed that, she would dodge it but the scene was completely out of the storyline tonight! heheh! oh well, they’ll have to make up for this trolling next week! and i cannot die in the next 6 weeks! lol! i have to see the completion of this beautiful tapestry of a drama before it happens! jaebal! heheh!

  3. September 25, 2018 / 11:19 am

    once again thanks for the dramamilk! the spoiled dramababy in me is content and ready to take a nap! heheh!

    • V
      September 25, 2018 / 11:44 am

      So happy you found us 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Shayri
    September 25, 2018 / 2:49 pm

    Is 100DMP based on a slice of history or is it all fictional?

    • V
      September 25, 2018 / 6:18 pm

      Oh, good question. I’m not sure about this.

    • Joann
      September 25, 2018 / 9:18 pm

      I heard that it’s a fictional story and therefore the writer has more leeway or freedom to write the story the way she chooses.

  5. JoAnn
    September 25, 2018 / 4:30 pm

    As always, thanks so much for the recap. I’m also very surprised the writer is killing off the people whom the crown prince can trust. Now he has no one except if JY will become a trusted ally in the future. The politics in the court too doesn’t favor him at least from what I’ve seen. There’s the queen’s faction for her son and CE’s faction who no longer supports the crown prince but wants him dead. The crown prince doesn’t seem to have power because even his father is CE’s puppet.

  6. juli
    September 25, 2018 / 9:16 pm

    Thank you very much…so glad to find your page..

    • V
      September 26, 2018 / 6:31 am

      We are glad you found us, too 🙂

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