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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 5

Do Kyung-Soo touching Nam Ji-Hyun's cheek in 100 Days My Prince romantic Kdrama
Me thinks the fun will continue in this episode. I’m excited to find out and a little scared that it will take a turn to the dark side. But episode 5 should be too early for that, right?

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We open with Yool laying in bed. He is still passed out Yeon and Hong are sitting next to him with another man who might be a local doctor. Yeon tells the doctor that he did not know what happened to Yool from military service, he had an arrow wound. The doctor tells them that the injury has reopened and is back again, that is why he passed out.

he checks Yool’s wrist to check his pulse and tells them that he passed out because he has not eaten enough. Yeon hits his chest because he cannot understand the doctors jargon, he tells him to tell him in easy terms. So the doctor says again, but in an easiery way, that Yool passed out because he did not eat enough. He is hungry.

Hong yells that he made his own injury worse. The doctor tells them that he can perscribe medicine and give it to him, but it will be a little expensive because it has deer horns. Hong is all like, deer horns???? The doctor says he needs it to get strong and to eat. But Hong says it is okey, he is just a ghost that wastes all our money.

Later on Yeon tells Hong that she should not have sent the doctor away like that. Won deuk needs medicine. But Hong says they can’t afford that deer horn or whatever, I haven’t even pooped because I haven’t eaten. If he wants deer horn they I will go catch a deer with horns. We already owe 30 coins, no one will give us meat for free.

But appa is concerned, they have to help him. he should not just lay down every day. But he also chides his daughter, what if he dies, who will pay for the debt? Should I pay for it….Hong sighs.

She goes back to Yools room and grumbles that he is her arch enemy. Then she sets off to the forest. She goes all the way up the mountain and starts to harvest medicinal plants. She sees a bird and pulls out her slingshot to get it. She does! So she makes chicken soup with it at home and feeds it to Yool spoon by spoon.

He is still passed out, so she feeds him the broth part sowly and wipes his mouth delicately. She checks his forehead and then puts a damp cloth on it.

The next day, appa sees his daughters shoes outside next to Yools. He thinks it is good to be sick, at least they spent the night together. Whatever happens, I should put them together and step out. he whispers tot he door that he is going to the mountain for guarding duty.
Inside the room, Yool wakes up and rolls over to see Hong sleeping next to him. he reaches his hand out and lightly moves a strand of hair from her face. Then he touches the cut on her cheek delicately.

But she wakes up suddenly so he pretends like he also woke up and is a bit in pain as he sits up. he tells her that she said they should stay in a different room. She is all like, you are still saying that after I took care of you all night? You passed out, you broke the vase also. You looklike a healthy man but you can’t even carry the water? Why did you break it.

He tells her that he had a big headache when he went to the mountain. he couldn’t breath and his chest was very stuffy. He thought on his way back that he did not know what kind of past he had. Tell me, what kind of person was I?

Hong tells him that…..um….he was a good guy. Yool wants to know if now detail. Hong starts to tell him…um….well…she remembers asking her father how he was. Like what did he do well? What can I ask for him to repay the debt. Appa says he can be handsome. Hong is all like, what? is that all he can do?

In the present, Hong tells Yool that he can do everything faster than others. But Yool tells her that this is not what he asked. She wonders what she can tell him but then hops up and uses the excuse of boiling water to get away.

She goes outside and thinks that he does not even know himself, how can I know you (that is from a song). then she goes to stoke the fire for the pot. But Yool goes to the room as well and watches her for a moment before she notices him. She asks what he isdoing so he mentions her father going to guard duty. She tells him that she went up the mountain to find something good for him, it was hard.

He asks her if that is how she injured her cheek? She kind of brushes it off and tlks about the food she is making (Earthdragon/Earthworm). She puts it in the soup. He is al llike, that is what I ate?!? She holds one up and tells him that this is a special earth worm with a white neck.

But he runs out to throw up. She runs out as well to talk to him about it and tells him he ate it really well. But he says he didn’t know it, I was passed out! She just sighs and tells him about the story of a man who drank delicious water in a cave, but in the morning he realized it was water inside a skull. Do you think he tried to throw up? No, he realized that everything depends on your heart mind and body.

He asks her if she is teaching him now. She just retorts that he is juding honest things. He tells her to eat it. She says she will not eat it, of coures it is not her type. He is so irate and says, I will punish you! He points his finger at her but she just grabs his hand and says that she was really worried about him, but now he can even yell so she feels better. Your body is not only your body. Your body is MINE until you pay off the debt!

He tries to pull himself away. Let me go! Let me go!
Meanwhile, Appa gets to the soldier part of the mountain. One of the soldiers asks Yeon if he is there for signal fire duty. Yeon says he is, who are you? The soldier say she is a royal guard from Seoul and asks if he sees a strange person there. Yeon says he only saw animals, not humans, this is a very deserted path. Who are you looking for?

The soldier is about to tell him, but then another man runs up to pull him away. As they are walking away, appa says that he is not sure who they are looking for but they will never find that person. (I think this royal soldier is Kwon Hyuk, KH). The other soldier tells him that he thinks they found some clothing downstream to the river.

Hong shows Yool all the wood. She tells him that this is all for him to remember who he is. He thinks she just wants him to chop all the wood. She gives him the ax and tells him that he will remember this when he does it. His body will remember it. Like not running for a month but then running when a dog chases you.

Yool starts to kind of sort of try and chop the wood. He is horrible at it. So then he starts to make hay string, but he is bad at that as well, so he tries to harvest wild plants, but he is really really bad. Hong has to hold her temper. They start to walk back. Hong is sad at her curcumstances. Yool tells her that this instrument is dangerous….everyone is born differently…..we all have different talents…..it makes me uncomfortable when you don’t answer!

Hong sighs and turns around. She tells him that everything about him is uncomfortable to her. Especially the way he talks, like a yangban. Just carry this and follow me!

Yool’s hat is found by the riverside. CE holds it and thinks that they can find him soon. Someone in the near distance yells HERE, so they go chasing to that spot. They see someone laying by the river in the princes clothing. Someone yells to search the body, but CE says he will do it himself.

he walks over to the body….kneels next to it…..and starts to turn it over……he sees the arrow in his chest, but the face is all blue, maybe it is not recognizable. But CE stands and says this is the prince! Bow to him!

Yool keeps walking behind Hong and making her upset. He tells her that his throat is hurt do to all the dust, he wants something cold to drink. She just keeps walking. But when they get home they see two men waiting, the loan shark and Bok-eun.

Bok-eun wants the money for the pot that Yool broke. The loan sharks wants his money. Bok-eun and the loan shark start arguing about who holds who money. BOk-eun is so upset, how can they give you money when you are an illegal loan shark! How dare you! (he does a really good kick, lol). They keep fighting like two men who never fight.

But they are dangerously close to the flowering plants so Yool tries to push them away from it and protects the plant. Hong sighs once again.

They all go to the mayors office. Hong tells them that she cannot pay for the debt. The loan shark shows the mayor that Won-deuk signed for the documents with his hand. He pulls out the hand print to show to the mayor. Hong says that this does not work, remember that girl that died and wore flowers on the head (she was crazy)? She stole something from someone, but no one said for her to give it back. What is the reason? Because she was crazy.

The mayor agrees with her. Hong says that this woman was stupid and my husband is the same. Yool looks at her with anger. Hong keeps talking about how stupid her husband is and how the loan shark said that he looked so stupid that he could not even sell him as a slave. Yool tells them he is not crazy, I am normal!

But Hong says he has evidence. Goodol starts talking about how Won Deuk did not know the water mill and he carried water so strangely when they went to the mountain. The restaurant ajumma said that he winked at her for payment for his food. I thought he was super stupid, I was so mad. Another woman says he held her hand and put it in poop. Bok-eun says he ran away from him becuase he wanted to wear the boots from the wedding. Kkeut tells them that there is a rumor that Won Deuk is asoonam (a contemporary word for a guy with no use).

The mayor says this sounds like he is indeed dumb. So a document for this kind of man is not valid. Hong asks the mayor to make the righ decision. The loan shark says that – . but then the mayor gives him a signal. The mayor then says that Won deuk borrowed the money and bought a lot so he needs to give it all back.

Wondeuk says he will not return anything because he cannot accept that he is a stupid crazy guy. he does not want to be released from debt only for that reason.

So they leave the mayors office, still in debt. All the friends where walking with them, until Hong turned around to confront Yool. Everyone else made themselves scarce.

Hong and Yool start to argue about how he is not normal. Yool tells her that she said he was good at everything. He is just having issues becuase he lost his memory but seh did not even try to cover it up. She tells him that it will be a lot of money. 30 big coins.

He asks her why she didnt’ just become someones second wife? Why not? you did not want an old man, you wanted a young man.

She slaps him. He looks up slowly and says, how dare a woman hit her own husband. But she stands her ground and then walks off in a huff.
Yool sits outside at home and thinks about how everyone in the town thinks he is a guy with no use.

Hong walks to the large mound of rocks and puts another one on it.

Hong – Why don’t you keep your promise? You told me you would find a husband just like you. Are you not taking me as your daughter anymore because I am Hong-Sim and not Yi-Seo? If you were alive then I would never meet someone like Won-deuk.

The King gets news from the mountain and finds out that his son is dead.

Elsewhere in the palace, the queens brother tells her that the King looked like a dead man after reading the letter. He thinks this is bad news about the prince. The queen thinks this is good news for them, just focus on gathering more people.

In the princesses quarters, she finds out the news as well. Flashback to little Yool yelling that he hates CE’s daughter. But his father says that CE is the only one that can save them.

In the present, she wonders, if they did not meet as husband and wife, then they would not be like this. Please go to a nice place.

In the woods, Aristocrat JY thinks there is something going on, this is not normal. He talks to the wife or daughter of the arrow maker. She says that someone found him dead, fallen from the cliff. She cries and says she did not know why he went there.

JY goes to report this news. But his superior tells JY to go handle something else. However JY tells them that the bow maker was killed because someone knew that he was investigating it. His superior tells him to stop investigating it. JY tries to tell him that there is a big thing behind this case! But the superior says that someone already confessed.

Cut to the man who confessed sitting in front of JY. JY is holding the arrow and awnts to check if he is the criminal or not. They go outside so the man can shoot the arrow into a moving target. He is able to shoot it into a chicken in the air on the first try. JY tells him he is a good shot. A man asks what proves this? JY tells him that this man is not the killer, but can you put him in jail? Today is full moon day.

He nods and then walks off to the bridge at night time. Hogn is waiting there once again for her brother. She looks at all the men walking by, longingly. Then she sees JY and is immediately annoyed. He tells her that her brother is a bad guy. he promised his sister, he should keep it.

She tells him that he should not hit on women like this, it will not seduce them. He says he does not do this so she retorts that she is the first? So annoying. She is about to say some more, but then he points to a little paper boat flower on the water. he tells her that he is here to help her realize her dream. Then the lotus flower boat goes to the sea, your wish is realized, so I did this for you. I hope you will meet your brother.

But the lotus flower boat gets caught on a grass blade and starts to capsize. JY runs to the side and tells Hong that he will go inside, wait here! But he takes too long to get undressed, so she goes in and grabs it quickly. After grabbing it she tells him that he is so slow. Then she reads it and says that he told her that he wrote her wish but he actually wrote his wish! “I want to meet that woman in Songju city.”

He says she has to look at the other side! He shows her where her wish is and says that he had a lot of space left over after writing hers so he also wrote his. See, yours is a lot bigger than mine!

She thinks for a moment and then wonders why he is so nice to her. he tells her that, since he was little, he could not remember peoples faces. To him, faces are like wet paintings, blurry, but you were different. Your eyes and lips….I could notice it right away. It was weird in the beginning, then it became strange, then later I thought it was my destiny.

They look at each other for a moment until she tells him to hurry and put the boat back in the water. He finds a deep location and goes into the river, But he accidentally trips and knocks over another persons lotus flower. Unfortunately that flower might belong to a gangster. The thugs go into the river to confront JY about it. JY tells them that he is a high official.

The thugs try to fight JY anyway so he tricks them, puts the flower back in the river, and runs away with hong. But Hong is way faster than him and takes off.

Later on, JY walks back over the bridge as if he was running for a long time. He looks back and wonders if he has to wait another month. But then he sees a letter on the bridge and moves to pick it up.
Hong walks home.

Letter – Thank you for the light. It has been a while since I received a gift that moved my heart. Even if my wish is not realized, it is okay. For me, it has been ten years since I have gone to this bridge to see my brother. I had hope on the first few years, but after time passed, it hurt more and more because I was just confirming that he was not alive anymore whenever I went. Stop coming to the bridge to meet me because I will never go there anymore.

Yool tells Kkeut that Hong did not come home fora few days. Kkeut tells him that if she had a husband like him she would not come home either. But then she says it is her joke and tells Yool about Hong going to the bridge every full moon. Goodol shows up and happily starts to talk to Yool. But Yool says he is not his friend because he made him look stupid in front of everything. GooDol just stuffs Yools face with food and tells him to eat. It is delicious right? I kept it to give it to you. But the rest if for my wife.

Yool grabs his hand and asks him where he can get it?

Cut to them going to BokEun. GooDOl is there for his salary, but Yool is there to eat the meat pancake. BE laughs. GooDOl tells him to just give him a little bit of work, he does not want any money, he just wants to eat the food. BE laughs a bit and wonders what he can do for Yool to work? He hits him on the butt playfully but Yool looks at him in alarm, HOW DARE ~.

Later, Yool and Goo-dol walk around with large pots that are half the size as they are. They walk past Sun-do, the richest man in the city, who is getting presents for his birthday. GooDol says this is the guy that wanted Hong as another wife. But don’t look too long at him. Lets go.

Yool starts to walk away, but then notives Hong working at this birthday part. Hong looks at a little noble girl and smiles.

Flashback to little Hong when she went by her name Yi-Seo. She was in trouble because she played with her appas sword. Her brother told her to play with a needle to sew. But she says that she does not want to play with it! He tells her that he knew that so he prepared a big needle (a sword). She is so happy.

Hong smiles at the memory. Yool thinks she is smiling at him and smiles back, but she is not and frowns when she sees him. Yool walks around and sees a precious meat pancake on the ground, he calls it this precious thing and picks it up. But Hong is right in front of him so he tells her that he was not going to eat it.

She tells him that he makes her uncomfotable, leave. But he is there for business. GooDol comes up to them and says that he brought Yool there because he wanted to eat meat pancakes.


Hong says, okay, okay, so you didn’t want to pick this up from the foor? Why don’t you just eat this and then go home my husband. She gives it to him and leaves. GD asks if he was really going to eat that from the floor? Yool tells him no, you eat it!

Meanwhile, we learn that Sundo is 60 now. The people sitting next to him shoot lots of compliments his way. Yool looks at them and has a feeling of feelings that he should be sitting over there. BE sits next to him and tells him that he has a feeling of feelings that he will not be able to eat this meat pancake! This is why people say you are stupid! Work!

At the birthday table, a man reads a letter and comments on how it is a very nice poem. BE comes up to them and tells them that they have swallow birds nest soup prepared. A woman comes in with the soup, but she is tripped by a man (secretly on purpose). This is shocking because this soup was imported from China and is super expensive.

The man who tripped her is highlited by the camera. The woman says she can make it again! But the men all yell at her and tell someone to wrap her to hit her. Hong runs up on this and says that today is a good day. The mayor should not see blood from these stupid people. Please calm down.

But the mayor asks her if she knows how much this food costs? Hong says she did not know, it was a mistake. They keep arguing about that with hong asnwering each question. The mayor wants Hong to be taken out as well. SD tells the mayor to be quiet and asks Hong to prepare a drink for him, if she does that then he will take it as he had the soup. If I can hold your wrist then everything is okay. So what are you going to do, help me drink or be wrapped together?

Hong thinks about this. She speaks angrily and sarcastically.

Hong – thank you for making the price so high for my unimportant wrist.

She goes to stand next to the table. But Yool pulls her hand back and tells her not to move at all without his permission. then he addresses the table and says that high class people should not play with a married woman. The honor of this party is so rude so we are leaving.

he starts to walk away. SD tells him that he thinks he is a man so he is brave in front of his woman, but he has a big rumor that he is nto useful for anything. But now you want to be a man in front of your woman? They laugh.

Yool – You made a point just like a 7 or 8 yaer old kid. Who do you think is stupid.

SD – You dn’t even know how to read!

Yool starts to recited the poem that the other guy read. It is a kid song with red red flowers and yellow yellow flowers. (It is a famous poem for 7-8 year olds so it is making fun of that guy). Yool asks him if he thinks that is a good poem?

SD says it is great! yellow yellow flowers and red red flowers! You make a poem then! If it is not good then you and your wife are in trouble.

Yool starts to recite a poem. They show the man who tripped that woman, he starts coughing as if he knows that poem and is shocked. But no one else knows it. Yool asks them if he has to tell them the meaning also? The bathroom mouse is surprised often, the shrine mouse has a lot of suspicions, and the government office mouse is wasting rice in storage. So your greediness, you want to eat a lot and be full. When the world changes, you will be in danger.

SD yells at him, how dare you make fun of yangban with something you heard somewhere! Do you know the severe sin of making fun of yangban!

Yool tells him that he just followed his order of making a poem, how is he making fun of him?

But SD yells to put them in the city office!

However, someone runs up to them and tells them that the vice prime minister found a corpse and went back quickly. I think thta dead body is *whisper*.

They wrap up the party immediately.
Everyone leaves. Yool puls Hong away. She asks him where he heard those things before. How does he know all of that? What did you do in the military service? Yool tells her that if he knew that then he would not have a lost memory.

She asks him if he knows what will happen if he is against nobles? We are dead.

But we are alive now. Were you about to serve his drink? To that old man? You came to this man that was going to make you his 5th wife. Why did you put on lipstick?

I wanted to look nice for him.


This is a party, they wanted me to dress nicely. I can work and they will give me money. Are you jealous?

If this uncomfortable feeling is jealously, then it is jealously. DOn’t go to that house anymore and don’t put on lipstick for any other man except me. I was having trouble becuase I did not have any memory of you. I felt stuffy. But one thing is for sure. I am not stupid because I knew that poem. Ah~ the meat pancake, I didn’t even eat. I should not have done that.

He walks away.

The King walks to meet CE. CE asks him to please kill him. The King says this should not be his son, his son should not die like this. I want to see him. The body is lying under a cover. They tell him that the body has already gone bad, so it is tough to look at. But he just yells at them to step aside!

They remove the blanket and the King falls to the ground in shock.

Hong makes soup for Yool and tells him that she will work at that guys house to get money. Yool stats to eat the soup and says that it is so bad. But they say bitter medicine is better for your health……he starts gulping it down.

Later, all the ladies talk about how cool Won Deuk was and repeat what he said, “Don’t move without my permission,” they all giggle and think that they should not obey everything that aristocrats say. They start to wonder how Won Deuk could know that poem.

Later on, Hong has a Book “50 shades of Grey Man” she asks him if he can read it. He asks, how come this grey man has 50 shades? Hong is shocked, you can read? She starts to show him titles.

50 Shades of Grey Man
Gong Yoo and straight forward Woman
(she has a stack of the same books)

Yool says he knows that these novels are sexy, he does not even need to read them. Hong is so happy. She actually hugs Yool and tells him that he is a super cool man now! He tells her that her smile makes him uncomfortable.

The Kings order is read by CE.

Order – Killing the prince is the same as killing me. This is a very bad rebel act. I am making a new department to hunt down all of them. Set an example. Vice Prime Minister is the head of the new department. Only a few people will be at the funeral. I do not want too many people to see my princes tragic body. Also, make the funeral short and succinct. I worry that it will worry the people of Joseon.

Later, several nobles on the queens side talk about how this is strange. But it is good for them. The King will accelerate the appointment of the next prince. But perhaps they should have stopped CE being the head of the Hunt department. It is obvious that he will blame them and the Queen. Without the prince, CE is like a tiger without teeth. Many of his followers will betray him. The queens brother believes this. They should also attack with a good plan so the King will be on their side. Because they have his only son.

Meanwhile, the queen is so happy. She sees her son and tells him that it worked. He will be the next prince. But the prince wonders what happened to his brother and what will happen to his wife? His mom tells him to get real. There are a lot of eyes and ears in the palace. If anyone hears them, then they are both dead.
Elsewhere, the criminal is released. JY does not think he is the murderer. He thinks that, even though he said he had used that bow and arrow for two years, it looked like he was new to it. Maybe he did not think we would ask him to try it. Also, he did not go tot he mountain, all his shoes have black mud.

But why did he release him? Someone asked for him to be turned in. JY tells this man that they should not torture each other as humans. Following him will be easier than torture. So go follow him now?

They head out to follow this guy. JY walks around looking for him thorugh the town, but he lost him. He wonders why he is like this recently and turns around, but then he bumps into someone, a woman.

the woman asks if she saw someone with a black vest? This woman is the gisaeng and says that he does not discriminate based on face but recognizes people based on their voice? You should be careful from now on, the prince has been killed so you have big blood drawn in the palace.

But JY did not know that. The gisaeng tells him about the post in front of the palace.

Change scenes to CE’s room. MY is there kneeling. CE tells him that he deserves to die, he made a big mistake and deserves death. The guy that dies was not the prince. MY says he is sure that he shot him and he dies, it might have been the bodyguard. CE tells him that the hunt is not over yet. He throws a button or something on the ground. CE tells him not to kill his hunting dog becuause the hunt is not done yet.

CE tells him to remember the price of his mistake. Go to the mountain, if the prince is still alive then kill him and bring his head to me.
Kwon Hyuk and JY meet up in the city. They had not seen each other for a few days because KH wet undercover to find the prince. KH gives JY a letter and says that the prince gave it to him before he left. He told him to give it to JY on the full moon. He wondered why the prince gave it to him since he could give it to him directly. But in retrospect I think he meant, if I do not come back, then give this to JY.

Y goes somewhere to read the note.

It is just one letter “Elbow.”

Hong wants Yool to copy all the books so they can sell them. They get 2 coins per book so they will be rich soon! All these books are macho men romances stories. Must read books for noble women. he starts reading it “ I want to be your brother, hold me closely before I jump you,” I don’t want to read it.

Hong starts to read it. A person went to a lookout shed to get out from the rain. YeonHee’s face was so pretty under the moon light….she keeps reading it and Yool writes.

But Hong might be getting a bit too into the story because she tells Yool to read it. He tells her to finish it if she wants to make money. She reads again.

“ Released Yeon-he’s clothes and Yeon-hee’s skin was……soprettyanhekissedherlipsandthesoftlipswere….

He tells her to stop. She tells him that it is possible to fallin love at first sight. He asks her if she was like that. Why did you like me so much? I know that you liked my thigh, tell me more. Hong tells him that he liked her and followed her everyday to date. That is why she gave him permission to date. But he says that she does not look like a person that he would follow.

She tells him, look at me, this face is a face that you cannot help but to follow.

he is all like, really? Let me see. He moves in veyr close to look at her face.

Yool – After inspecting you…..you are not.

Hong – What!

They take all the book copies to the bookstore and tells him that they were able to copy everything. They get paid. Hong tells him that if he has anything else to be copied, please give us the work! We are fast with good handwriting and no mistakes! But Yool tells him, it will be 3 coins per book from now on.

Hong is so happy. This is the first time she has had this much money in her entire life. She tells him that they can eat guk bap and share it. They will not buy him leather shoes.

She tells him that they could have eaten meat pancakes if he did not borrow money. She walks off, but then she sees the loan shark and pulls Yool away to hide. She tells him that the loan shark looks like a good guy, but he is very cruel. he will just stab you, it does not matter if you are an old woman or young. Be careful. If you see him then you should run away.

They are in a very close area so Yool looks at Hong and tells her that he feels very uncomfortable. She tells him it is becuase it is narrow there. She lets go of his arm. he says it is not because of this place. She asks what makes him uncomfortable.

Yool – My memory came back.

Fade Out

I am about to take a nap, way too sleepy to comment too much. One thing I am shocked by is that The body guard Dong-joo is dead. I really thought he would somehow survive that arrow to the chest and crazy large fall off a cliff. I mean, it is dramaland…


Hong – If his memory came back, what should I do?
Loan shark – Lower your eyes!
Yool – If you want me to lower my eyes, then is this enough?
Hong – If someone comes by when I am not here, then please hold that person.
Yool – Is it a man?
VO – If you get a little closer then your lips will touch.
Yool – You are smiling?
Hong – So what?
Yool – When you smile, you are pretty.
Yool – I got this on my way back because it looks like you.

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      YOU ARE THE BEST. Thank you for linking back to us so more people can find us. I want to give you a gift of some kind. Do you have any interview or clip that you would like translated? Happy to translate it for you 🙂

      • September 25, 2018 / 2:07 am

        oh thank you so much! i have encountered a lot of NJH interviews but i didn’t take note of the links heheh! i just go search them back and hope for translations on the comments. 🙂
        your recaps are already a gift to me. just continue doing what you are doing and that would be fantastic for me. 🙂
        Happily obsessing on kdramas! heheh!

        • V
          September 25, 2018 / 2:14 am

          I’ll keep NJH in mind next time we hunt for interviews 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. JoAnn
    September 24, 2018 / 1:06 pm

    Thank you for the recap. I’m also surprised that he got back his memory but I think he needed to at this point since it’s the 5th episode already. It will be interesting to see what he does next.

    • V
      September 25, 2018 / 2:10 am

      I think they might be trolling us on that. maybe he did not get his full memory back?

    • September 25, 2018 / 2:11 am

      i think on the scene where he says he got his memory back, i think he is having feelings for her now and he thinks he is remembering how he cares for her. remembering the feeling but in actuality, he is just re-kindling the childhood love he has and like destiny it happens to be to the girl he actually had feelings for when he was indeed a child.
      even when hong shim told about the cherry blossoms, she was recounting the time with that boy. she thinks she is telling him this because to her it is partly true. it did happen just not with him. it made her story believable to him because it really happened to her. but as of now, she doesn’t know it was really him when they were kids.

      • V
        September 25, 2018 / 2:15 am

        Oh, this sounds good. That might be the case.

  3. strawberryicetea
    September 25, 2018 / 1:52 am

    i hope this drama doesn’t disappoint and has a good ending . Hoping for more cute scenes and good kisses. LOVE YOU DO and NJH !!!! <3 <3

    • V
      September 25, 2018 / 2:12 am

      Cheers for good Kisses! 🙂

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