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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 4

Do Kyung-Soo looking confused in 100 Days My Prince
And so they’re married! I love how fun this drama is so far. I hope it keeps the nice pace between fun and mildly serious scenes. Starting next week we are moving this aftercap up to 9am CST! That is our earliest recap time this fall for weekday recaps. It will most likely stay at that time until the finale.

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We open right with them rolled up together. She asks him where he is touching! He says he is not touching, he is removing his hands. Sh ethinks they can’t get out like this. They need to roll together. I-2-3 but he says, WAIT. I – don’t want to roll.


I want to be like this.

Why? You said it is uncomfortable. Are you enjoying this situation.

Behind you, there is a mouse. It is a cute mouse, it is coming toward us, I had eye contact, what should I do?

It is just a tiny mouse.

What if it comes to us and bites my face?

We will just roll and crush it! 1-2-3 roll!

I am not rolling – AHHHHHHH

They roll.
In the woods, Yeon waits and looks concerned. he meets with the two thugs and asks if they blocke dthem? The thugs are all like, yeah! We did it, don’t worry.

Flashback to the thugs thinking about tying them up with something and seeing the burlap rug.

The thug says they should have a nice time together. Then he asks the father for money. He gets paid and the thug says if he has any more to do then just tell me, I can block them from going across the mountain!

Appa runs to the shed feigning concern even though he paid for them to get tied up. Yool says he took a life! He crushed a mouse, thta is the worst cruelist thing to happen to him. It is all your fault! Why do you want to go to my home town!

She says it is not for her, it is for him, she wants to get his money. But he tells her that he does not ever ever want to go to his home town. The father thinks that is great. Appa says that they should go home and is about to hld out his hand. Hong thinks he is holding it out to her but acctually he held it out to Yool. But Yool is pretty upset and just slaps it away and walks off.

The Queen has the Kings favorite food made. But the King hits it to the floor and says that this is his son’s favorite food. How can you make it! Are you insane! As a father, even if I eat less, it is not enough. But I am eating meat?

The queen tells him that it would be worse if his health is compromised. The King asks if she is being truthful or do you wish that he does not come back. She asks if she would really do that to make her son the next prince in line? If anything happened to him, then everyone will suspect me. When he got hurt after falling from a horse, everyone said that….because of our curse. No, it is not me.

The next prince speaks up and says that his mother only worried about his brother coming back healthy. Just in case people thing we are behind this, it will threaten my life. So please understand her.

The King says he went too far, Queen, don’t think of what happened today.

Outside, a man mees with the military minister at the site. But they do not think it will work. They did not even find his bodyguard, what if he went to the nearest town? The military minister thinks this should be secret. But the other soldie wants to search in the town. But the minister is corrupt and tells the man that this might not work, if it does not work then you are responsible! Just search here! Everywhere, under rocks and behind trees!

Yool is depressed and does not want to go anywhere because he does not have parents and has no money. Hong tells him he should move his body when he is upset. He says he can’t move his arm. She was about to hit him so he raises his arm to block. She tells him that his arm is okay. He says it is his other arm.

They keep talking like this back and forth. Hong tells him that he has to at least be worthy of what you ate. He says he did not eat. She is about to hit him but her father yells to stop. Then he happily goes to Yool and tells him that the two of them can rest, he will leave. he happily walks away.

Hong goes to meet with her friend and another town lady. The town lady thinks Hong is like this because she did not sleep last nighhhhhhht. What kind of guy is he. Good during the day or good at night? Hong tells her he is bad at day and at night.

They keep talking about how you can’t complain with that handsome guy. Hong tells them that he has no money. They tell her that she already knew this right? She grumbles about it and then gets a bad omen on her hand (bleeding).

At their home, Yool is suposed to dig up the compost, but he does not want to and compains about his place being an uncomfortable place.

BokEun yells his name, but Yool does not answer. He says the name Won Deuk is strange to him. Bokeun tells him that he is also strange using this yangban accent. Yool thinks he must be a yangban from Seoul. Bok Eun tells him to just give him the wedding clothing back.

But Yool does not want to give the clothing and shoes back because it is comfortable. He does not like the hay shoes. He takes off running. BE follows, but he is not in shape enough to keep up. So he bends over weezing and wondering how Won Deuk doesn’t have a memory or common sense.

Yool runs to the city and walks around the market where everyone is selling things. He sees garments that he likes and then sees expensive silk bed sheets. He tells the woman that it is expensive silk but not a good color combination. The woman tells him that he has high standards, but can you even buy this?

He tells her to bring all the pillows and everything. She happily runs off to get it. It is 15 coins but she is giving him a discount. No less than 15 coins. He tells her that he has no money now. Her mood changes, how dare you come here and asks.

But he throws the words right back at her, how dare you tell me that! She throws salt on him.
Someone runs and grabs Hong to run to another location. In this location, there are noble kids torturing non noble kids. The noble kids kite is on the top of the tree. They wanted this non noble kid to get it but that kid was scared so that is why they are kicking him on the ground.

Hong runs up to save the boy and tells the young masters that she can get it. She gets a sling shot and hits the kite out. Then she tells them, if they have another probelm with kites, tell me, I will get it down.

The other little boy that was hit gives Hong a big hug and thanks her. This might be the kids neighborhood sister. Hong tells him that she told him to run to her when he had any trouble. He says that he tried, but he fell. He asks why she is so kind to him. She says that she used to have a little kid in her neighborhood when she was growing up. She isn’t sure if he is still stupid. But this little boy reminds her of him.

Meanwhile, Yool goes to a restaurant and eats gookbap. Two bigs guys wink at the owner and walk out. He finishes it all and heads out. But he did not pay. The owner says he is new there, how was the food. He tells her that he was hungry so he ate it, but the taste was bad.

She tells him that he can’t just leave. he says he paid (with a wink) but then he says, do you want me to pay twice? (he winks twice). He starts to leave but she tells him that he can’t wink at women at this young age! (he winks again).

Elsewhere in the town, Hong’s friend tells her that she meddles in other peoples lives too much. Hong says a proverb from that book she used to study. Kkeut does not know what she is talking about. What is that strange name? Hong jokes that it is someone in another town.

But then they see Yool being held up by that restaurant lady. They run up to him. She says he did not pay! But Yool says that he winked just like that guy. The owner is all like, well, me and that guy….who are you?

Yool starts to say who he is, but then asks, who am I?

The restaurant owner wants to go to city hall, but Hong tells her to just stop, here is teh money. She gives her a few coins. The owner asks Hong why she is paying for him. Kkeut has to explain that he is Hong’s new husnabd. They all look at Yool so Yool wonders why they are looking at him like he is stupid.
At the palace, Jeyoon wonders why the prince stopped him from investigating the case. His superior comes and asks him why he is looking at that again, it is a closed case, that is an order. He walks off. Then Sooji walks up and asks JY if he is busy. JY says he is, he is investigating the nurse murder case.

Sooji thinks he has no one to drink with so JY tells him there is a proverb thta you can take a detour if you are busy, I want to take a detour today.

Hong talks to Yool about being stupid and tells him that drunk people never think they are drunk and stupid people never think they are stupid. She also asks him where he got these clothes from. He pushes her hand away.

they get home to a lot of people. He says that the house was so dirty, I asked some people to improve it. there are plants everywhere now and fine things in the house. Hong wants to know where her compost is! It took her months to make! How did you get all this money?

Yool tells him that he met a hyung-nim in the town.

Yool says that the hyung-nim wanted to be friends with Yool becaue he looks like he will be important one day. He wanted to have a brotherly relationship so I gave him my handprint.

Hong tells everyone to stop! Leave! Then she tells Yool that he is really stupid, there are no free things. I will talk to you when I get back. She runs off. Yool tells them all to keep doing their work.

Hong runs to the village and sees the man with the mole that Yool calls hyung-nim. He is a loan shark that is yelling at a woman right when Hong sees him. She tells him to take everything back. The man says he can take everything back, but he still has to pay the interest, your husband is so stupid, so prepare to pay it. If not then I will sell you, your husband seems stupid so no one will buy him, but I can sell you. Keep this document.

Hong gets the document and looks it over. Her rage starts to build towards Yool whose handprint is on the paper work. She will kill him.

At home, GooDol relaxes with Yool and says that his house is great now. Who said they would give you money? I want to be friends with him. He says a man with a mole Appa says that he is a loan shark! He tricked you! You need to kneel in front of Hong when she comes back and beg her forgiveness.

Yool says he won’t do it, but GooDol says if he does not then he will die. A bunch of wood falls in the background as a bad omen.
JY and Sooji go to a gisaeng house. JY looks nervous. A gisaeng sees JY and smiles but it does not look like he recognizes her. they all go to a room where a popular gisaeng wants to entertain them.

Hong is not home yet. Yool thinks that he wants to put more things around the house. GooDol is like, Won Deuk, not is not the time to think about putting anything around the house, you need to think about kneling and begging and rubbing your hands together. He shows him what to do and tells him to follow him. But Yool says he does not want to beg.

they try to reason with him but then Hong comes back and yells at him. Yool says, if he knew then he would not have fixed this house, he would have bought a new house. Hong is incredulous and goes to get a huge knife. the father or GooDol kick Yool knee so he falls to the ground just as Hong is about to slice him.

Father pulls Hong aside and says that the will not be able to pay for this for years, she will be sold as a slave! Father says he will pay for it. But Hong says that he shouldn’t, Yool should pay for it!

She pulls Yool to another room and tells him that he has no conscience, he only bought things for himself, how can you be this way? He says that it is a small room, but it is not an eyesore, it would be better if I had some paper.

Hong looks at him and is mesmerized for a moment. He has a good face and nice fingers, if he doesn’t open his mouth then he is good. He also has good thighs, and man power….

Yool tells her that her gaze is very uncomfortable. He is also hungry and wants food. She tells him that he will also have to make money to get rice. But he says he decorated the house. She tells him that he decorated it with the loan money and needs to pay the interest.

he says he is her husband. She says, husband???? Forget you! She goes to her appa’s room to sleep. He tells her that she has to sleep with her husband. Hong tells him that she will pay for this debt and keep him as a worker and not her husnand.

Soo-ji says that he should not say this, but it is a secret in the palace. JeYoon says he will eat honey everyday and not say anything. Sooji says that their prince is lost. He is so worried, it drives him crazy because I cannot tell anyone. I don’t know what happened to him, if I knew then I would not come here to drink. If something happened to him then my family is all done. My sister and me and everything.

JeYoon says that he passed the highest exam, he should be okay. But Soojin whispers that actually, he switched the answer sheet. then he passes out. JY thinks that the prince is missing….

But then the gisaeng that was watching him comes in. She tells him that seh is a lot prettier than before right! She comes in and sits by his site then takes down her hair into one long braid. She tells him that he saw that face 3 years ago in the spring. She adds some lipstick gangjang and asks if he recognizes her.

He jokes with her and says, if you are a ghost then tell me who you are! But he tells her that it is a joke. She says that she does not have that forgettable of a face. She has been waiting for him, if you tell me to do something then I will do it. JY leans in and tells her, tonight, can you make him pay for the drinks?

Cut to JY carrying Sooji out of the gisaeng house. He runs into his step brother Sayeob. It does not look like they have the friendliest of relationships. Sayeob asks what he is there for? Jeyoon says he is there accompanying his friend. The step brother says, if you are not someones dog then you cannot imagine being promoted. Do not come here again, it is not for low class born.

He walks past, but JeYoon tells his step brother to stop coming here as well. They have a turbulent era so you should keep yourself lower. JY walk soff.

VO – As i heard, he is an impudent guy. How dare he as an extra marital son.

JY hears this, but keeps walking. Then he remembers a conversation he had with the prince.
Hong puts up a sign and says it says they will do anything perfectly. Yool says he knows that, but her father did not. They ask what it really means. She smiles and says – It means…..

Cut to her telling the village people that she will do anything solong as they pay her. Like catching maggots or going to Seoul for you or anything. Kkeut says that people should help each other, these things were free until yesterday, but now you are charging? Hong tells them that there are no free things in the world, you know.

Later, Hong, her father, and Yool wait for someone to ask them what they can do. Yool says he did not agree with it so Hong tells him that he did not run it by her before he bought all that stuff.

A village woman runs up and asks Hong to help her. 2 coins. Hong runs off but Yool says his feeling of feelings does not feel good. Hong says, do you have this feeling…if you do not go then you will get killed by the sickle.

In Seoul, JY investigates the bow with the bow maker. The bow maker says it is not a normal bow. It looks teh same, but it is different. It is expensive but difficult to handle so take another one. He tried to give him another one, but JY is only looking for who made it. The man says he does not know.

JY is all like, you don’t know? I saw you sneaking out after cerfew, where is your wife? the man starts to speak then and says a name, but he does not know any more. Moo-Yeon sees this conversation and the bow maker actually might have seen Moo-Yeon as well.

JY goes to a house in the woods. it is occupied by a man that is cutting bows. But before the man can come around to JY, MY pulls the man away into the woods. The man tells MY that he did not make a list of sale, he knows that is troublesom. DOn’t worry, no one knows who bought the bow. He is steady being marched backwards.

Moo-yeon says that is good, but they cannot say that there is no record of sale at all, because you know who bought it. The man says that is truuuuuuuueee and falls off a cliff. Moo-yeon thanks him for his service.

Hong thinks that they don’t even poop because they have no money to eat, but he spent all this money for the house. She sighs and looks at the plumb blossom. Yool comes back at that time and asks if he is done. It shuold take a long time to do it.

But Yool could not do it. At the womans house, she asked Yool to find her ring inside all of that poop. It is not expensive, it is bronze. He told her that if it is not expensive then don’t find it. The woman says it was the ring her mother gave her, she wants to find it. He tells her to find it. She tells him that her skin is soft, you find it.

But then she accidentally hits the poop so he tells her that she already has poop poisoning, so go ahead and find it.

Hong asks him if he really is not going to find it even though he will have 2 coins? Yool just sits, complains about a headache, and asks Hong to give him baesook. But he actually does not know what baesook is. He thinks he used to say it a lot. Baesook, baesook, baesook.

Hong sighs, I don’t think you lost your memory, you are just stupid.

Another person comes up with some work. Yool says he is ot doing it. Hong says they have to at least ask what work it is. The man says it is super easy, just standing. Yool wonders…maybe….

Cut to him standing in a river. He asks the man if he just needs to stand there? The man laughs, yes! Just stand there and a leech will crawl on your leg.

Yool asks what that is. The man says it is what is crawling on your leg now! It will drink your blood and when it gets fat I will sell it to the pharmacy. Yool looks at the leeches on him and then screams and runs off.

Moo-yeon meets with Cha-eon and tells him that he has to go to the mountain because someone was asking around about the arrow. If the prince is found pierced with the arrow then i could be found out. But CE says that no one will know, another person killed the nurse. Mooyeon tells him, okay, I will find a replacement (another assassin who killed the nurse? Maybe they are trying to blame someone for it.)

CE tells Mooyeon to follow those guys around and change all their arrows. But keep the old ones. I think we will have good news. Mooyeon asks if he should go to the mountain. CE says he has to see the dead body himself, he will go there himself.

Yool walks back home looking completely drained. Hong asks why he is back so soon. Yool tells him that they wanted him to get stuck with leeches! Look, I am bleeding.

Hong asks if he got paid. Yool tells her to go do it then. Hong tells him that he needs to pay his own debt. They need 30 coins (which includes cents) so it will take 10 years to get that much money. Yool thinks it is better to earn 30 at once. Hong wonders how he can earn that much money at one time.

Some people call Won Deuks name so Yool runs away. Bok Eum says he has never seen a guy like him more than 10 years of working in the office. He is running away because he does not want to return his boots. Hong looks so annoyed and says she will go take them from him now. She finds Yool and grabs him, give it to me!

CE tells the king that he will find the prince himself. The King tells the Prime minister, that he is bothered by what the prince told him. he had a problem to solve. Maybe he knew what would happen to him. CE tells him that he can ask him when he comes back. The King says he would, but why is his heart so heavy. Who do you think is behind attacking the prince?

CE says he will arrest everyone that is in on this case and will kill entire families. Trust me and be strong. The King says he will try, you are my hope.

Cut to CE riding into the countryside with his team.

Yool tells Kkeut and GooDol that he does not want to go home, he has a bad wife. Kkeut tell him he is so much trouble, even Buddha will be a bad wife. GD tells him that he just got married, you shuoldn’t have enough time to even roast sesame (they dont’ have enough time to have a good time). Yool just mentions that he wants to eat sesame mushrooms

Meanwhile, Sun-do walks angrily through the village, everyone bows to him except Yool. It is a dishonor to Sundo but he keeps walking because they see that it is Yool. GooDol tells him that he has to bow or he could get his neck chopped. Yool says he thinks he has never bowed to anyone before and he still has his neck. He does not think he should be here doing this. He pushes GD’s hand away.

GD wonders what he is talking about, perhaps he will create more trouble.

Yool heads home. Hong is already at home and hurts her finger one more time as she sits on the pyong yang. When Yool walks up she asks him what he did all day. He needs to make a straw rope.

But he says he will not do it. She sighs, not this again, as a human you mus work. You are healthy, why not do this? He tells her, because I am not Won-deuk.

A little outside the village, Sun-do greets the Vice Prime Minister, CE. They all bow to him. CE tells them that he is not there for a picnic. SD asks what happened in the mountain? CE tells him that they are doing a secret military excercise. It is secret, so make sure you don’t tell anyone and support us. All the nobles agree and bow as CE rides through with all his men.

Meanwhile, Hong asks Yool what he is thinking, you are not Won Deuk? He says yes, he does not think he is Won Deuk. When I first became concious, your father asked me what my name was. He should have called me Won Deuk.

Hong thinks he might have just been checking his brain.

1st evidence, Yool turns around and tells her to call his name, she calls it and he does not turn around so that means he is not Won Deuk.

2nd evidence, he never bows to anyone. But she yells that he has a leech on his leg! So he bows to look. She tells him that he is good at bowing but does not notice it.

3rd evidence, he walks slowly toward her untl she falls backward on the pyongyang. He is partially on top of her. He asks her if her heart is racing. She says no. He also says it is the same for him. If he told her they shuold get married and if they spent the night together, then his heart should not be this peaceful.

He hops up and ays that he cannot accept that he is Won Deuk. The plum blossoms start to fall around her. Hong says this flower is her favorite flower, that is why he planted it there. Then she takes his hand and tells him that he promised to make her precious, you promised that you will do anything for me.

Why did I promise you that?

Because you loved me. That night the plum blossoms were flying around, you told me that you liked me. That is why I waited for you even though I was being hit 100 times. But if you do this now, what should I do? You should keep your promise as a man. the one I loved keeps his promise.

That night Hong sleeps with her father again. She tells him that she is super angry whenever she sees his face. She was waiting for the rope from the sky, but it was all rotten. He is using his brain not to work. He says he is not Won Deuk.

Appa’s eyes get all wide.

Hong wonders how he cannot remember his name. Appa, you said Won Deuk was diligent?

Of course, he was always diligent!

Can he do anything well?


Outside, Yool looks at the plum blossom. He holds out his hand for one to fall in it and says that he promised it to her…

Meanwhile, the queen is conemplating at the creek. Her father told her that he is going to the mountain to confirm that princes death. Until he confirms it, no one should know that you are pregnant.

Yool changes to the commoner clothing, but it was reluctant. He wants to know where his silk is. Hong asks if he just rotates 3 clothes or has 10 new ones. He says, of course he has ten new ones. She tells him those clothes are one of the ten. But Yool thinks, this is not silk!

Hong tells him to just hurry up and follow GooDol so you can make some money carrying water to soldiers. Yool does not want to do it. Hong holds up her sickle and says that her friend still did not find her ring in that poop pile…~. Yool quickly puts on his shoes and asks where to go.

In the woods, CE tells all the men to search the river, now is the time for dead bodies to float to the surface.

Yool and GooDol carry the water to the solder base that CE is at. But GD tells Yool that he is carrying it wrong! Don’t you know how to carry things on a carrier, are you yangban?

The soldiers tell them both to shut up and move forward. So Yool and GD are let in. But Yool remembers something that happened in that spot. He turns his head to a tree and remembers the arrow shot. CE did not see his face when he turned it to look at the tree. But his head is hurt enough for him to collapse.

GooDol runs to him, Won Deuk! Won Deuk! CE looks at this Won Deuk on the ground, but does not think anything of it.

In the village, Hong is sitting with her people when GooDol runs up. Big trouble! Hong goes to find Yool and says that he broke a pot…we will have to pay for it. I really hate the prince, if he did not order that all people should marry then I would not have to marry you.

Yool – You said you like me and I liked you…you were waiting for me.

Hong – I don’t care, you don’t remember it anyway.

She turns to leave but he holds her hand.

Yool – It is difficult for me as well, because I do not know who I am, so remind me of the memory that I like you.

He passes out in her arms.

Fade Out

Yool – What is my story with you. Tell me what kind of person I was.
King – *yells something*
JY – I told you, there is a big conspiracy behind this case.
CE – You have to bring his neck to me.
JY – I am here to realize your dream. When the lamp flies to the sea successfully, it will hear your wish.
Yool – I also feel like I have been waiting for someone my entire life.
Hong – Who really is Won Deuk?

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