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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 3

100 Days My Prince Sageuk Korean Drama
The first 2 episodes were fun and serious. But I think these next two might be fully on the fun part. Or at least maybe just this one episode will be heavy handed on fun. I’m ready for it.

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Recap of the previous two episodes. Lee Yool recognized Yi-Seo when she stood in front of the plum blossom tree. he wants to find her. He cannot forget her becuase his father is the one who had her father killed. He did not want to sleep with his wife so he had everyone over 20 get married. He also found out that his wife was pregnant with another mans child. Assassins try to kill Yi-Yeol due to all of that. He runs away and hits his head on a rock. Yi-Seo’s father finds him and prtends like he is Won-Deuk so that his daughter will not be tortured to death for not marrying someone.

Now we open with Y-Seol walking into the mayors courtyard as Won-deuk.
The mayor asks Lee Yool if his name is Won Deuk. He says yes, but he is speaking in banmal so the mayor is upset. Yeon says he is not himself due to his injury, don’t be upset. Yi-Seo (Hong Sim) tells them that she should be allowed to marry him since she is the last person that is not married. The mayor is all like, oh yeah…okay.

They unwrap her and stand her up. her father and Goo Dol ask if she is okay, but all she can do is just look at Lee Yool (who is now Won Deuk).

They take her all the way home, her father is worried about her poor booty that was beaten. He asks her if she is okay, she tells him, of course I am not okay! Then seh looks at Won Deuk. All the towns people look at Lee Yool in admiration since he is so pretty and stately.

Hong-Sim is worried that the towns people will find out that they are lying, but the father thinks it will be fine right now, he already told Won Deuk. Hong-Sim thinks they should survive first since it seems like there is a scheme to make her Sun-Do’s 5th wife. She thinks they should get married first.

her friend tries to touch Won Deuks face and comments that his face is so pretty. He tells her, how dare you! Another woman hits Kkeut and tells her that he is already taken, his future wife is right over there! They ask him how he feels meeting Hong Sim.

He asks them if he is the only one uncomfortable, this house and everything is so dirty, I do not want to stay here anymore. He starts to walk away but slips and falls right in a lot of poop.

Everyone starts laughing.
The Queen is so happy that thinks that asking for something from the god(s) is so great, He really listens. But her brother tells her that she is the one that everyone suspects the most, so be quiet. She says that she did not do anything, she just had a talisman. But if she did not do it, who do you think did it? But she thinks it is not improtant, anyone to take the prince out is enough.

Her brother tells her to keep her voice low, don’t smile or eat too much and don’t wear a lot of cosmetics. She screams, okay! in an annoyed way. Then she goes to meet the King.

When she meets the King she acts like she is so sad and falls to the ground crying. But she stops when she sees that the wife is there. The King tells her that he called her to soothe the princess. The Queen stands up and says, how can you be soo calm even though that cruel thing happened to your husband, it makes me so sad.

The princess says that she will not cry because she trusts that nothing happened to the Prince, he will be back strong. I will not change and will be as I normally am.

Won-Deuk stands up from the poop looking disgusted. He tells the father to bring him holy water to wash with! No one knows what type of water that is, but Hong knows so she tells him that they have one place with that water. the father takes Seol to get the water which is in a brook. He can clean all the dog poop from his body and get married.

But Seol says he will not get married. the father is all like, don’t you remember? Flashback to the father telling him that he is Won Deok and he is going to marry his daughter. But Lee Seol tells him that is nonsense, he has a feeling like feeling about it. It is a super uncomfortable feeling. The father tells him, look at this guy, I saved your life from death, you should not do this! take a bath! the life I saved I will end here so jump in.

Seol tells him that he does not want to get in, what if he drowns. The father tells him that it is so shallow now due to the draught. The father tells him to trust himand goes into the water. He tells him that it is nice and super cool, so come in. But Won-Deuk dissapeared (I’ll just call Lee Yeol, Won-Deuk from no on whil ehe is in the village).

Meanwhile, Hong is at home with her hurt booty. The towns people want to see her booty so they can guage what to do, but she will not show them. She is actually noble so she shouldn’t show them her booty, but all of them don’t know that (or any of them). They think that they can have the marriage ceremony later.

But father comes back and tells them that Wondeuk dissapered. Big trouble! In addition, they will not get married at home but will get married in City hall since an inspector is coming to watch the last couple get married. Bok-Eun tells them to find him now! Or your will all die! Find him!

Theya ll run off to try and find him. But Hong wants to talk to her aboji, right now. They go to the back to talk. Father tells her what happened. Hong asks him if he is hiding something from her, tell her the truth. Father says that, actually, Won Deuk is….
(Seol = Yool, just noticed I was writing the wrong name)
CE sees his daughter and says that she shuold not be outside of her room in this situation. She wants to know what happened and says it is normal for a daughter to meet with her father. She asks what he did. He asks her if she is even worried about him. You made all this trouble, I was so angry, now do you know how big what you did is? There will be news about the prince, but it is not the news that he is alive, it will only be his death news. So go back and wait.

So feel the pain of your blood drying up and all your intestines falling out.

She turns to leave but sees the assassin, Moo-young in his normal clothes. he tells CE that he will go to the mountain if he does not feel comfortable. CW says it is better for the royal army to find the body.

The princess asks Moo-young if he wants to leave, then he should have done this job properly. She walks off.

Hong walks up to his own wedding ceremony on accident. He just walks into the mayors courtyard roaming around then he sees some water and thinks he can wash his hands.

The two men who had the water pour it all inside the bath and talks about how a 60 year old rich man is getting married to a daughter that is his granddaughters age. But they think that they will have rain when they get married. But the other guy is slike, so did we have rain a couple years ago because no one was married. It’s gross, because of this prince this old man can be this happy.

Yool goes into the room and tests out the water after the two men leaves. He sees the new clothes as well. Cut to him in the new clothing after taking a bath. He happily roams around the courtyard in these crips white clothes. Then he sees women carrying some food.

Cut to Sundo and the mayor talking about how the mayor had her hit so many times to marry him, it is not his fault, he cannot help it now that she will marry that other person. They have an inspector coming! But Sundo says he gave him money, not the inspector.

They go inside and see Yool eating the food. He tells them he ate it all because he was uncomfortable, but the food should be cooked more and the fish is too salty. he gets up and leaves.

But they catch him and asks why he was there and is eating, you are supposed to get married. Yool says he did not say that. Cut to everyone looking for him in the Village. No one can find him and continue running around. Wond-Deuk!….Won Deuk!….

Hong is also running around to find him, but she limps due to her booty pain.

She finally finds him talking to Sundo and tells them that he lost his memory! In military service you had a huge injury to your head, you don’t remember? Sundo asks if he does not remember that he is engaged. He says yes, he cannot marry someone that he does not remember.

hong tells him to remember her, remember one thing, there is one thing you cannot forget, the water mill. That night…..

Everyone – Water mill….that night….!

Sundo goes off angry and tells them to get married. how can those low class people not top themselves. GooDol tells Yool that he is a bad guy and the father slaps Yool. Yool is amazingly shocked.
The King thinks he cannot just sit around and wait like this. He wants to see the soldier that came back from the mountain, make him come. But the man he is talking to says that the soldier died in the hospital after getting treatment. The King is upset, he is the only person that saw what happened. The man apologizes.

the King thinks that he put this important thing to other people. The man says that CE is the father in law to the prince, so trust him. But the King says he should have done it all from the beginning, prepare an undercover trip. I am going to the mountain by myself.

The King takes off to the mountain, but they are stopped by men in black. they tell him that CE sent them. CE comes riding up right then and tells the men to bow to the King. He tells the King that he has no guarantee that this will not happen. Outside of the palace is this dangerous so you should be in the palace.

he tells the King not to worry, he will take care of everything and the King should go back and be in his chair to take care of the government work for the country.

The marriage is being all set up. Hong is in her room putting on her lipstick and looking in the mirror. She starts to tear up a little. Her dad comes in and sits. He says he is already sorry that he raised her poorly as a precious noble girl. And now you are getting married like this.
She tells him that she does not blame him. He is the one that saved her, she is so thankful for that. But getting married does bother her because she does not even know if her brother is alive.

He gives her something and tells her to take it as her brothers gift to her. They both start tearing up, she says that she is thirsty all of a sudden and gets up. Outside, GooDol tells Yool not to run away, if he already went to the windmill then it is all done. Don’t you know what people do over there?

Yool has no idea. GooDol asks if he really doesn’t know? Follow me. Yool tells him, how dare you raise your voice! But GooDol just tells him to follow him and is really about to hit him upside his head.

Elsewhere, Hong walks out in her marriage dress, everyone thinks she looks so pretty, like a goddess. All the village people run up to her and comment on how pretty she is. Yool walk up too, along with GooDol. GD says that Hong is so pretty, he envies Yool. He tells him to just go over there.

Yool looks like he really can’t be bothered.

Sooji and the other aristocrat look at the riddle, they wonder if it is the correct answer. The aristocrat says it is correct because the prince solved it. Flashback to that night the prince told him not to be involved with this case. the aristocrat says he is sorry, but he wants to know why his answer is wrong.

Cut back to the riddle. It is not a question of knowledge but in how smart you are. there are 5 squares so in the blank there should be three squares, that is the answer. I did it so I am right, but the prince said he was wrong. Yool told him that he used his smartness but it is not the complete answer. Yool starts to write extra things and tells him that “Hwey” is the answer he wanted “Embracing Hwey.”

The citizens have 10,000 things in their heart. He was looking for someone to complete the answer using the three squares. Sooji thinks that the Prince is always uncomfortable so he missed it. The king told the aristocrat that he did not get the full answer but he was very close so he is smart, he will use him.

The aristocrat says he is a bastard child born. The Prince told him that if he was not that, then he could be envious of him.

The aristocrat says that he is envious as well, he wants him to come back quickly.
Goo-Dol takes Yool to the windmill and tells him that this is the only mill around in this town. So, you guys did…you know…those things here right? Yool asks what he is talking about. Goodol tells him to look around, he willknow what he is talking about. Look here, here. But Yool says he does not know.

GooDol tells him that he probably saw her at night, she was standing there, you hugged her, after hugging her, you wanted to untie her clothing….you guys fell together.

Yool tells him no no, I shoul dnot have done it.

GooDol starts another story, maybe you were here. Hong Sim openned the door and came in. you were going to military service and wanted to break up, but Hong Sim is unmarried so she does not want to let you go, so she made up her mind and jumped on you. You were seduced. (Image of the mill going in and out in a suggestive way).

Yool says no, he should not do that. Goodol asks how he can be that way, he was unmarried until recently. he really wanted to get married. Right before, he thought a lot, but after married it was great. There are a lot of good things. Remember the long long lonely night. If you have someone next to you…

Yool – Thinking about it makes me uncomfortable.

GooDol tells him to wrap his heart up and then frolics off.

Elsewhere in the village, Hong tells a tomb that she will endure it. She will bring persimon (but then a rock falls). She then says she will not bring persimon, maybe another snack. I know you are watching me, but don’t look at me tonight. Your daughter is getting married without her father.

GooDol shows up and tells Hong that he took him to the windmill to help bring his mind back. He might ned alone time. Hong runs to the mill, alone time?????

She runs all the way there. He is still sitting (like a noble) and tells her to come to him. he has no memory of her or feelings at all. She tells him he lost his memory and his feelings ~. She also says that he can’t not get married because it is the princess order.

Cut to the forest, a lot of soldiers in the royal guard are looking around. They think they have to find the prince, he might be injured and laying somewhere. But, some of them are also trying to clean up any trace of the assassination.

Back to the mill, Hong says that they will hit him also, do you want to see how messed up my butt is? Marriage is better than dying. But Yool stands up and says that he wants to go home, you should remember my home, take me there.

Hong – Save me! If you leave then I will have to be the 5th wife of that old man. Even though I am low class, I do not want to marry someone that is the same age as my grandfather. Save me.

In the city, everyone waits for the marriage. it is the biggest event of the town. But no one knows where the two of them are.

back in the windmill, Yool tells Hong that they can run away to avoid it. But Hong says nothing will change, she will be an unmarried woman wherever she goes and have to marry and be someones second wife. It will get worse. If she does not show up then her father will get all that torture.

She starts to leave but trips, he grabs her and lifts her back up (not sexy as at). he tells her that she is 70% (like palpoong-i and chilpoong-i when they were young). He tells her that she should take her steps well. Then he tells her to lead him.

Hong – I can’t take you home, I told you.

But he tells her that they can go to the city office, he does not remember how to get there.

Cut to them outside walking back. But Hong is running and he is strolling. he says that he does not think he was born to run around like her, it is his feeling of feelings. She runs back and grabs his hand. they have a moment where they look at each other in a romantic kind of swoony way, but then some bugs buzz around her which messes up the mood. She pulls him away and he runs with her with that same romantic-ish feeling.
In the village, BE thinks the two of them might have run off. The mayor thinks he should arrest them because they are not showing up. BE looks concerned, but then the two people in question run in. Everyone murmurs.

The ceremony can start!

Yool and Hong prepare to get married in front of everyone. They start to go through all the customs. Suddenly there is rumbling and there are about to be rain clouds. BE thinks this is a good sign. They continue the ceremony. Hong’s booty still hurts as she bows to Yool. They tell Yool to bow to her but he is so hesitant. he finally does it.

They both kneel in front of each other to drink. Yool is hesitant the entire way. But then it gets bright again, everyone is all like, hold up, it is bright? Hong glares at BE. BE is all like, well you aren’t married yet. We have to finish it.

The aristocrat (I think this is Je-yoon) is in the courtyard. Someone asks why he is there. Today is the last day to get married. He says he needs a woman to get married right, he cannot do this by himself. The man grumbles that yangban’s don’t listen to the Princes order so only low class people are tortured. He tells Je-yoon that he looks happy.

Je-yoon tells him that his life might be happy, because of the prince he is promoted and might get married.

Elsewhre in the city, the aristocrat goes to the bridge and thinks about the woman he saw there (Hong). The assassin is also on the bridge thinking. He is thinking about Hong as a kid! The assassin is her brother! He told her to stay alive, sicne appa died, does that mean you won’t listen to him anymore.

She holds his arm and says that he should not leave, what will seh do without him? he tells her that if they get sepearted then they should meet at the bridge on full moon day (he goes in the day time and she goes at night). He tells her, when the dog barking fades away, just run away. She is partially covered in leaves so her brother covers her even more until no one will know that she is there.

Yool should be married now. She is sitting outside by herself and might be crying. her friend comes up and asks her what she is thinking and if she is crying. he is not a stranger, you were already engaged with him right? Hong says yeah, she is crying because she is happy.

Kkeut tells her that she is envious since she married a guy that she likes. Your husband is waiting so go inside.

Hong goes inside and sits at the wedding table in front of Yool.

Yool – Am I the onle one feeling uncomfortable.

Hong – no, I also feel uncomfortable.

Yool – I married you for you, but my memory did not come back so don’t ever think of touching me.

Hong – Okay.

Yool – This house and everything is uncomfortable.

She takes moves the table away and appraoches Yool.

Yool – I told you, don’t ever think of touching me!

She tells him that they are married so they can’t help it. She looks at his ties and unwinds them. Then she opens up his clothing, but he stops her and holds her arms. He pushes her over to the floor so that he is partially on top of her.

Wait, maybe fully on top of her. Outside, someone pokes a hole in the door to take a sneak peak. they see Won Deuk over Yool an think he might be a little macho. But the father sees this and tells them all to go home. They tell him not to misunderstand, we were just wondering about Won Deuk, what if he forgot to do things at night, he lost his memory you know.

The father tells them that he can do everything well, just go home! he grabs a branch to beat them all so they run away.

In the room, Yool tells Hong that he told her not to touch him. She says, who is touching whom? he sits up and tells her, i warn you, don’t be a sexy devil.

She says there is no benefit to getting married. She starts to take off her wedding clothing to sleep (they use a lot of contemporary words). She tells him that seh does not care about someone at all, she will sleep over here. het ells her that he is not going to lay down. She is all like, whatever, I am going to sleep because I had a long hard day.

She makes up her pallet on the floor and tries to go to sleep. He wonders what he should do for this long long night.

Later on, it is very dark outside and Hong wakes up. Yool is asleep so she goes up to him and tries to take off his clothes without disturbing him (I think).

Elsewhere, aboji starts to dig something up.

Aboji – I am sorry, but I don’t want Hong Sim to become the 5th wife or to leave me. Your memory should not come back. The two of you should live together forever.

Appa burries Yool’s old bloody clothing.
Yool wakes up, he is naked. he asks Hong what she did last night! as he covers himself. She smiles and tells him that hse took off his clothing. She also mentions that, if you want to leave, just cut the tie and we are seperated.

he tells her that she is the one that asked to get married.

Shet ells him that they can live together forever.

He accepts the proposal and tells her that he wants a new jacket. She points to the side. He says those are never washed clothes, I will not wear them. She is all like, fine, if you want to be naked all the time.

She smiles and leaves.

He puts on the old clothing and reluctantly goes outside. He also complains about the clothing, they are too short and aren’t sewn well. But her and her father tell him that he is handsome enough to wear anything.

he sits to eat with them and complains about it all. This is not food for humans, it is for dogs! Hong asks if he says they are animals? His fahter says it looks bad but Hong is a good cook. He tries to put the spoon in Yool’s hand. Yool speaks banmal, how dare you touch me! Hong yells, how dare you use banmal to your father in law.

But then she tells him that he has to eat in order to go to his home. Father is all like, really?

HOng says yes, they should have a change of clothing and take him there. But the fahter says that he did not tell them but Won Deuk lost his parents when he was young and lived by himself on a mountain but it all burned down so that is why he went to military service.

Hong – Did I marry a guy with nothing but himself!

Yool – Are you saying that I have no parents or anything? No, I don’t believe this!

Cut to him sitting inside in the corner trying to believe it. But he can’t even touch anything becasue it is so dirty.

Outside, appa thinks they need to feed him something, he did not even eat. Hong thinks he will eat if he is hungry. How can he be alone (she uses saturi country accent in the village but to a Seoul accent when she sees Seoul people). She asks how he can introduce someone like that to her. Appa says he is a good guy.

Hong tells him he has something, he has military service, he already did it 3 times, even for a very high official noble man. I am going to the other town, maybe a yangban will give him money, I will go get it. She runs inside and tells Yool to stand up.

Cut to them walking through the woods to the nearest town. he says he does not remember what family he did military service for. She tells him that he did military service for someone so follow her, they need the money.

As they walk, they run into two bandits who want their money to pass. Hong sighs and tells them that seh traveled this way so many times, hundreds of times, what are you talking about.

the clumsy bandits tell her to pay for all those times too. But he can’t add. Yool adds it all up right away. Hong asks the bandits if they think she will be scared with this kind of nonsense? Just go away.

Scene change to the two of them wrapped together in a burlap rug. They are both facing each other. Yool wakes up first and tries to escape, but it is hard. She wakes up next and wonders what happened. He says he is wondering too, it is so uncomfortable. She tells him that she is uncomfortable as well.

What are you touching!

I have to touch something to take my hands out!


What is the solution?

Let’s roll together


Wait, I don’t want to roll


I…want to stay like this.

He looks at her and she looks back at him.

Fade Out

Another adorable episode that had some surprising moments. The biggest one for me was in finding out that the aristocrat was not the brother but that the assassin was. But it makes sense for the brother to cut a deal with CE in order to keep his sister alive. It also complicates things a lot. But, I assume this will be the reason that the brother turns on CE at some point in the future.

I love how Yool (ie Won Deuk, ie Lee Yool, ie The Prince) still behaves like a prince and has the feelings of a prince. In that regard, it also makes sense that he still has these feelings for Hong Sim (ie Yi-Seol) that he cannot explain. If he had his memories, then he would know who she reminds him of, but since his memories are gone he only has the feeling that he likes/knows her from somewhere.


Banner – As long as you pay us, we can do anything for you.
Hong – It means, if you pay me, I will do anything for you.
Yool – The house is so dirty and filthy so I asked them to clean it.
GD – Did you get money from a loanshark?
Hong – I will destroy everything.
GD – Now you are really dead.
Hong – You are really a stupid person.
Yool – You think I am a super stupid palpoong?
Hong – When I see your face, it makes me super duper angry. What can I make you do to repay the debt?
Yool – Don’t move at all without my permission.

The top Image is by tvN and edited using PicMonkey.

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      I forgot all about the second lead thing! Yep, he does have it written all over him.

  4. JoAnn
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    I suspected the assassin was her brother. I don’t understand though how his hatred for CE allows him to work for him unless he’s patiently waiting for the day he can pay him back fo4 what he did to his family.

    Thanks for the recap.

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