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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 2

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I really enjoyed the first episode. It had a bit of playfulness and also had some dire circumstances. I mean, the people believe that the draught is due to the prince’s pent up man energy, so the prince ordered everyone to get married over the age of 20 (and hence consummate the relationship) so that all the man energy in Joseon can make it rain just so that he did not have to sleep with his wife. That’s hilarious.

The dire circumstance are that his father had her father killed, but if Come and Hug Me can work through that problem, then so can these two. I have hopes, y’all.

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We open a the ending of the last episode where Hong-sim stopped to look at the plum blossoms falling. We get a brief rememberance of the time they were both children and Lee Yool told her that he will marry her.

She takes off her cape and tries to catch a blossom as if walls. Lee Yool looks at this and looks like he remembers her. But then she sees these two men looking at her and runs off. Lee Yool chases her and runs into a young scholar. That is enough of a moment for Yi-Seo to hide under the bridge.

The scholar they bumped into taps her on the shoulder, she hops.

Lee Yool thinks that this is that girl from his childhood, he thinks that a person would be her age if they are still alive. His guard tells him that she shouldn’t have survived, why don’t you just forget her? But he says that he can’t forget her, his prince position and her life was exchanged.

he looks at his hand which had a petal in it and floats it in the air.

Meanwhile, Je-Yoon and Yo-Seo talk, he wants to know why she was hiding and wants to search her bag. She says okay, but then she tries to run away again. He grabs her so she does a little martial arts move with makes him comments that she is goo at martial arts as a woman, that makes him even more interested in her. Why are you here?

She says she came there to meet someone. He asks who. She says that she promised to meet her brother here every full moon, why? Why are you inerrogating a regular citizen without a crime.

I am interested in you.

She pauses….huh….he smiles….she turns and walks away….he follows….cute music plays.

She turns around and asks why he is following her. He tells her that this is not her bridge. He came to see a full moon tonight…..ah….the moon is so pretty.

She tells him to never think about hitting on her. he says he will protect her, maybe her brother forgo about her?

She turns to leave so he tells her that he will see her during the next full moon….bye bye.
Meanwhile, DJ tells the prince that the assassin escaped and the witness died. he wonders what they should do. Do you have any idea? The Prince tells him that the will throw a party.

Cut to the prince getting ready for a party, he has all of his princely clothes put on by his servants and tells them, let’s start the party now.

Outisde in the courtyard, the festivities are going on. It is a very mundane party atmosphere. The politicians wait on the side and the performers sit in the middle playing traditional music. No one is dancing.

the King is happy and tells his son that he is happy that he is happy, but why is your wife’s face so pale? The wife says that she is sorry, she could not sleep. The queen says being super pretty does not matter, you should take care of your wife. he says he will process teh next event.

The King says that he is in a hurry, do yu want to recieve archery? The Queen wonders why he wants archery so much. He tells her that he likes archery since he was little.

But actually, we see a flashback where DJ and the prince talk about all the archery makers in the Kingdom, they are all different. The one that killed the nurse had a pattern, there should be a big family to give an order to an assassin of that caliber. We should be able to find out this big thing with this tiny plan.

At the party, the king is presented with the archery materieals one by one. He looks at them all as they come to the front. he comments on all of them and says that they all look good. But then, his younger brother comes in with his archery gift.

he puts it in front of he Prince and apologizes for being late. It took him a long time to find this precious archery gift. The King says it is okay, he also wondered.

The younger prince then tells his brother that he wanted to see him when he was sick, but he thought he would not welcome him. Lee Yool tells him that of course that would not be true, even though they have different mothers. The young prince says that he is presenting this to him in honor of the Queen.

Lee Yool opens it, it is not the same as the one the assassin uses. He says that this is bamboo…thank you for preparing it. But in his mind he thinks that he does not have the evidence to catch them.

Another man comes up and says that he heard Lee Yool was a good archer. This man is CE. But CE did not give a present. The King asks him why he did not prepare anything. CE says he did not and what he has is not special so he is worried that it will not make the prince happy. His servant brings the archery gift.

CE mentions that it is just a regular archery set. he opens it and the gong rings in Lee Yool’s head. This is the one that killed the nurse. He asks if this is his regular set. CE says yes, he uses it when he hunts. Lee Yool wonders if he is really the one that tried to kill him. he thinks back to CE killing Yi-Seols father and telling his guards to kill his kids too.

The prince takes the gift, he asks him if he should have the music played too, but Lee Seol tells him he does not have to because the party is over now.
Later on, Lee Yool tries to figure things out in his room. CE is behind the murder of the nurse and tries to cover up poisoning him…why? But then his wife comes in so he puts his diary away. he tells her that it is late to show up. She tells him that she has something private to tell him. Can he excuse his people.

he tells her that talking privately makes him uncomfortable. But he ends up making everyone leave.

She sits. He tells her that he has to read a lot of books because of the party, so make it short. She tells him that she heard that he went out under cover, she was worried. Are you really sick? Or are you pretending so that you do not have to sleep with me? He says he will not use that stupid thing to not sleep with her.

She mentions that her father tried his best to make him prince. Lee Yool says he put hislife on the line? His life…he got a lot of land. I heard that your family is richer than the palace, it is a rumor that is not a rumor.

Is that the reason that you refuse me? Not my father, but the King asked us to get married.

Lee Yool wants to know why she is making and issue with this, it is obvious.

I know that you don’t sleep because you don’t want to sleep with me. You try your best to be the perfect prince, but if you do not hae kids then you are not perfect.

So you want me to make a kid with you?

Yes, this is my first and last request of you. Tonight, please, let me have your embrace.

She gets up and walks to his side. She grabs his hand and puts it on her cheek. he softly rubs his thumb over her lips and wonders….how hard was it to say that to me. But what should I do…my heart is…I can’t control it. I am not smart enough to think about the future. Please leave.

She leaves and walks the hall, but then she stops. is father there?

CE is in his room and wonders, why did he look at me like that? His daughter comes in so he stands. Whats up? She tells him that their plan did not work out, we do not have enough time. He says he understands what she means.
Outside, Yi-Seo walks int he woods and bumps into BE, he tells her not to go that way, there is a ghost! She is all like, no! But he tells her to listen to it. There is a noise. he says this is all because of her! All the unmarried people! We have a ghost now.

YiSeo goes home and wonders why her father waited for her? He tells her he didn’t wait, just eat and …. from next month, don’t go to Seol. You know your brother didn’t come, that is why you are here alone. It is not the time to think about your brother, our mayor came and tortured me with your marriage. i am worried that something might happed.

She is all like, don’t worry, I told him I have Won-deuk (her made up person).

it is morning in thepalace, Dong-joo asks the prince if he found out who the archery person was. The prince says that the scorpion that crosses the river on the back of a frog, stings the frog.

He picks up an arrow.

LY – They will die together.

he does not know why he did it, it is a difficult question for him, he wants to know the answer to it.

He shoots his arrow and cuts right through another arrow (like Robin hood).

The guard goes to the clinic. The doctor tells him that a couple of days ago someone showed up and took everything. DJ goes back to Lee Yool the news. Yool wants to kow where the doctor stays. they head off in that direction.

But while walking, they pass the riddle, Je-yoon is still looking at the riddle so the Prince walks up to him. he tells him that is the right answer, and it is the wrong answer.

DJ tells him that Je-yoon is the police man, Jun je-yoon. JY tells him that he took the police recod because he is investigating the nurse case. They go somewhere to talk about it. JY says that this was not about a grudge and there is no contact with neighborhs so his guess is that this was a planned death. That is why he looked at the medical record.

WHile talking, we see what the nurse was doing.

VO – She was a trainee, she just became a nurse. That is why she does not do the night shift. But one day, she replaced the other nurse.

The doctor is falling asleep in this flashback and tells her that he will take a nap, she says okay and keeps working.

VO – February 14th, night, something happened. There is not a record of it, but she became a nurse for the Princes (So-hye). This is a sudden promotion, it is not common. On the night of her death, two people saw her….

But Lee Yool stands up and tells him not to matter with this case, this is his order. he walks out.

He wonders, if someone wanted to kill me then of course his wife should be a part of it, what is she hiding. Does she want to kill me? On February 14th, she called the nurse.

He imagines his wife calling the nurse.

VO – But they did not do the check up the next day as planned and she was appointed as his wifes own nurse. Maybe…

Lee Yool looks at the princesses medical record.

VO – Because of preparation, there is no check up…because of the fathers disease, there is no check up….she skipped her check up for two months.

He looks at the riddle on the page.

DJ – Did he solve your riddle?

YS – Maybe I knew the answer from the beggining.

The princess is in her room when Lee Yool comes in and sits. he sits at her desk and seh stands. The maid asks if she should prepare a snack. he says there is no need, he needs to talk to his wife privately. She says that she is so sorry and leaves.

His wife sits in front of him.

SH – My head maid is embarrassed becuase you visited me like this.

LY – You also look pale.

SH – Does my face make you uncomfortable?

LY – Yes, that is why I prepared something. (He tells his servants to bring it here).

The servant brings in the medicine. So-hye grasps her dress a bit tighter.

LY – I thought you were a little pale, I saw that you skipped your check up twice, so I worried about you and arranged for the nurse to come. Nurse, please diagnose her and prepare the medicine.

The nurse agrees and starts to start to do the checkup. But the wife is so nervous and grips her dress even tighter, she also tries to hid her hands.

LY – Do the check up quickly.

The nurse is about to touch the princesses arm, but the princess just starts talking.

Princess – I have indigestion so I should be different than normal, after it goes away, I will get the medicine and it will go away.

LY – The queen asked me to take care of you, that is why I made this time. I am really sorry. Okay, you may be excused nurse.

The nurse leaves.

The situation is a bit tense in the room as they both stand. Lee Yool starts to walk about, but then he stops.

LY – Princess, we never even held hands together, but you are pregnant?

I don’t know what you are talking about?

Actually, it is about my friend. He asked me what to do with this untrustworthy woman.

Why are you asking me to answer that tragic thing.

Tragic? Yes, it could be recorded in a history book. A lustful woman who ruined her family.

She pauses a moment and then asks, what are you going to do with her?

You and your family are done. But I would give her some time before I said it, because we spent time for her to make her own choice.

You are a really smart prince.

I am a really unfortunate prince also.

he stares daggers at her and then leaves.
The king is still worried about the draught and talks to his politicians about the rain ceremony. He thinks they should have rain before a certain event, he feels pressured. One of them thinks that the King should not come to the rain event, what do you think people will think if it still does not rain?

Outside, the prince walks to meet his father.

he goes to see his father who tells him that he should go to the rain even instead of him. But he asks for him to take his order back, he has an urgent matter to attend to. The King asks him if he is looking down on him, the people of Joseon are angry becaue there is no rain. Everyone is sending letters and blaming me. Now, you are refusing my order? this is the worst thing ever.

Why didn’t you ask the reason?

What is more important than the rain event?

I am your sone even before I am the prince of the country. But can’t you think that I have an unlucky cruel thing happen to me?

Even if you are having that hard a time, it should not be harder than mine. But let me listen, what is this thing that is stopping you form going to the rain event? Tell me?

Never mind, compared to what you suffer, it should be very light.

Do you think I am a joke? Since all those years ago, you always looked at me like that. Your gaze that looks down on me after killing so many people and becoming the King.

His father can’t handle this confession he just made. He tells his son, after he killed his other brother, I was the next target. If I did not do it, then you and me are not alive like this now. I will have to kill him in order to not get killed. So at least you are not qualified to blame me….

No, I am going to blame you. Today as a son I will blame you. But after today I will not see you as a son anymore so there will be nothing to blame anymore. I am going to go to the rain event as you ordered. But whatever I do after this event, I do it as prince of the country, so don’t discourage me any more.

he goes back to his quarters and writes in his diary that he is not a good son. his grudge to his father did not temper at all. he puts down his pen and picks up the hair tie that Yi-Seol wrapped around his arm and his mother cleaned. he thinks about Yi-seol.

VO – You won’t come back alive, it will not lift my heart. Even so, I have to get my revenge. I will make them pay for killing you and humiliating me.

She sits in front of her desk and pulls out something in a pouch, then she meets her father and holds a medicine. It is cianide. She tells him that she is pregnant and it is not the princes child. her father asks her if she is going to kill herself? She tells him to give her some time, she will find a way to protect this family that he made. If it does not work then he or me, one of us should dissapear.

he asks who the father is. She tells him that it is none of his business, whoever the father is, this baby will be the prince.

In front of her desk, she thinks that her and her family will be done. Will she have to use this poison? Someone walks in and tells her that the prince is going to the rain event. She says that is good and then tells her servant to throw the puch away.

VO – So, why were you so cold to me? You started it so you do not deserve to blame me anymore.

The father, CE, is outside cutting a tree. he talks to his guard who asks who the target is (or the assassin?). The father asks the assassin why he never asks the reason. He says he never asks for the reason, but this time he needs his word.
At Yi-Seo’s place, her father falls to sleep while sitting and then wakes up abruptly. She is all like, whats wrong with you? He tells her abotu this unlucky dream he had about a dog that was following her and he had to hit it away. She just tell him that it was an unlucky dream, it won’t happen.

But someone clals them from outside.

they both go outside and are greeted by Sun-do (CE’s henchman). He is there with a servant and gives the father something. The father wonders why he is giving this to him. SD says that a lot of people are starving so he wanted to share this with them. Food is more delicious when you share it.

There are a lot of picked herbs and medicinal plants on their property.

he tells her to eat it all, don’t share it. then he coughs and asks for water. The father runs off. SD asks Yi-Seo what all this is. She tells him that it is medicne. She asks if it is good for man power? i will buy it all!

But she says that it is not ready, it is not dried enough. he says that it will dry quickly because they don’t have any rain, he will wait for it…huh huh huh. He walks away happily.

Yi-Seol leaves the palace and is on horseback with his guard and other people. He is on his way to the festival. DJ tells him that they have undercover body guards just in case.

Lee Yool tells him that he heard they have a super draught, but the mountain is pretty.

LY – Have you heard of a bug cased serious bug? If you are serious all the time, then you will make me uncomfortable.

DJ – When you say that, then I am uncomfortable.

LY – Lets forget what happened in the palace while we are out. Because when we go back, we will draw a lot of blood.

They keep riding, but they stop when they see a deer. They all breath a sigh of relief thtat it is only a deer. But the archer is in the woods. He shoots an arrow at the prince. Lee Yool sees it and is able to just dodge it.

But then a hundred assassins runs up and surrounds them. They all shoot their arrows at the gaurds, several people die right away.

Lee Yool and the archer shoot their arrows at each other, They both dodge them but they are both cut by it.

DJ goes to Lee Yool’s side and tells him that they have to run away. the assassins all charge and start fighting with their swords, but the head assassin sees them running and tells several of the others to follow him.

They catch up with them and shoot the arrow, it hits DJ in the leg.

They have to stop and hide. DJ tells Lee Yool that they will have back up if they wait. But LY says that they will not come. This is the same archer that killed the nurse. I have 5 archers, if I kill two at a time then I can kill them all.

But DJ says that there are more than 30, don’t forget I am good at sword fighting also. Now is not the time to be brave.

The archers have almost found their hiding spot. DJ tells Lee Yool that they are close, you should run away. I will be here and stop them. It is my job to protect you. But the prince tells him not to protec thim anymore. I want you to protect yourself as your friend.

DJ tells him, I am sorry, whatever I say will make you uncomfortable. He pulls out his knife to the prince.

Then we see the prince running away. Two assassins follow him.

One assassin follows the body guard running in the opposite direction. He shoots an arrow at him and hits him. The body guard falls and rolls, he hits a rock.

The prince gets to the cliff, but we see that it is not the prince, it is the bodyguard dressed as the prince. there is no way for him to go but down. he turns to shoot an arrow at the assassins, but is hit by an arrow and falls into the river.
At Yi-Soo’s house, her father is having stomach pains and probably has to poop a lot. He runs into the forest to do just that. He thinks he does not eat well, but he poops well, what should he clean his bottom with?

he looks around and sees a bloody person.

At the fight scene, one of the guards wakes up and sees all the dead people around him. he runs back to the Kingdom and tells the father everything that happened. He did not see the prince. The King yells for them to find the prince with all of his soldiers and find out who did this, I will kill them!

But CE tells him that he should not do this, the citizens are unstable with the draught and natural dissasters. If they know that this happened too then they will be angry. We did not find the prince yet, maybe he is still alive. Let’s keep it quiet and investigate it quietly.

Sa-yeob thinks something is up. The King tells them to do it quietly then.

In her room, the princess sews and thinks that the prince should come back as a dead body in front of her eyes.

The Queen bows and prays for the prince not to come back.

At Yi-Seos house, YS, her friend, and GD talk about how that guy needs all of this male energy medicine? YS and KN pack it all up and joke that he has like 4 wives.

She takes it to SD and charges 20 coins. He says, what about 2000? If you become mine then 2000 is not a lot. She is all like, you want me to be your 5th wife? he tells her that she will be tortured if she is not married by tomorrow, so I am rescuing you.

he tells her that he does not know when he is coming back, you will die.

She says it is none of his business.

So it is better to die than become my wife?

I shall leave now.

He tells her not to leave empty handed, he will buy the medicine so please put it in the storage.

YS puts it in storage and wonders if that old dog from her fathers dream is that old man. But hten someone locks her in storage, it is SD’s servant. he tells them not to open the door and don’t feed her either.

She stays there all night and is finally let out in the morning. SD goes into the shed and asks her if she changed her mind. She tells him, of course not. he tells her to get real now.

At home, her father has dragged Lee Yool home and is trying to nurse him back to life. But it looks like he is still unconcious. He wonders whose son this is, he is so handsome, pointy nose and poofy lips and white face and nice skin….he reaches out to touch his face, but then Lee Yool moves, he is about to wake up.

he turns a bit to look at the father and tries to sit up. The father helps him and wonders what happened to him. What is your name? But Lee Yool does not say anything. The father thinks he shoul dbe hungry and provides something for him to eat.

LY – No.

The father is happy that he can speak. Are you from the town above or below us?

LY – I can not remember (he speaks like a noble).

Father – you have blood on your head, maybe he became stupid after the injury?

Lee Yool looks at the father as if he should not say that again. The father says for him to try the medicine.

But then GooDol runs to find the father and tells him that his daughter might die today! The mayor took her to torture her!
Cut to Yi-Seo being tortured in the mayors courtyard. She is on a cross and laying on her belly and getting hit. They tell her to just get married already and you can stop this torture. But she is all like, I don’t want to get married. Did the prince really say that you shuold hit me if I don’t get married, I don’t beleive it! Take me to him!

The mayor tells them to hit her again. They hit her again.



I will ask you one more time, do you want to get married.

(No with her eyes)

Hit her again!

But then her father runs up! Stop! Won-deuk from military service came back! It is true! WON DEUK AH!

Won-deuk comes in (the prince) and walks to the center as if he is the noblest of nobles. Everyone looks at him as he looks at her.

Fade Out

Really enjoyed the episode as well. I love have the playful moments come with Yi-Seo’s character and the serious moment are with Lee Yool’s character. Now that he is in her world, I expect a lot of funny moments.


Woman – Maybe he is a little stupid? I think he is just palpoongi (born too early)
JY – Why is the prince investigating this case himself?
CE – Outside of the palace is this dangerous.
BE – Find find find
VO – I shouldn’t have asked to marry a woman who looks like that
HS – Won-deuk, you should not forget one thing, you know that night in the windmill!
GD – When I got married, it was good, a lot of good things happened.
HS – E-nom
WD – Worst wife ever.
HS – With my face, you can’t help yourself to just follow me.
WD – Did you fall in love with me for the first time?

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  1. Anonymous
    September 11, 2018 / 1:39 pm

    Thank you so so much! now i can watch the raw video once available without being too clueless as to what is going on! 🙂

  2. September 11, 2018 / 1:52 pm

    just got my drama milk! 🙂 thank you so much!
    i was so excited thinking he would at least get to call her or say her name but of course since it is the first week of the series, a bit of anticipation has to be built.
    but heck i have been waiting for this drama ever since i saw an article that Nam Ji Hyun has accepted a project for 2018. lol!
    i like the pace of the story and the conflicts they are building per character. i can just imagine his disbelief realizing that his crown princess is pregnant and of course he is sure that the baby in her womb is not his. it takes two to tango and he didn’t take any dance step with her so who did she tango with?
    i like DKS’s eyes in expressing hurt, longing, regret and deep sadness. Even more painful is when you see him trying to be strong when layered with that is the knowledge that he thinks he is all alone. His mother is gone, his father is someone he lost his respect to, his first love is possibly dead because of his father’s ambition and now, finding someone who reminds him of her and losing her in a matter of moments is just painfully raw. No one else but his body guard friend is on his side which was why he ordered him to leave as a friend. He wanted to ensure at least his friend is safe and alive.
    anyway, this is long already. it is going to be another week before i get to read from you again. thank you so much and stay happy!

    • V
      September 12, 2018 / 11:04 am

      So far I am crazy impressed with DKS. The only other thing I have seen him in was Hello, Monster and he was super creepy in that drama (in the best way possible). Definite scene stealer.

  3. Jo Ann
    September 11, 2018 / 5:03 pm

    Thanks so much for the recap. The second episode seems just as good. My heart is twisting. On the one hand I’m glad he’s gone from the palace and on the other hand, I don’t want the schemes of those ambitious people at the palace to succeed.

    • V
      September 12, 2018 / 11:06 am

      Right, the palace scheming is about to drive me crazy. Hopefully in a good way.

  4. September 11, 2018 / 7:09 pm

    hey. great post. really appreciate you have put all this for us in details. i love the dramas and so excited to find out your site… loved it.

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