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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 11

Do Kyung-Soo hugging Nam Ji-Hyun in Korean drama 100 Days My Prince
We ended on that comforting hug where Hong told Yool that she wanted him to come with them and Yool told Hong that he did not want to recover his memories, he just wanted to be with her. So the feelings are really out there and accepted by both parties. What will happen now?

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The fight is on as CE battles for his life amidst this swarm of assassins with only his two assassins to help him. But he has old man strength, so he is tearing er’body up. This man is good. However, he is still outnumbered so he might not make it.

In the village, Yool tells Hong that he is going out. She asks him if he is avoiding her. Why are you just standing there, you should have done something, you are not that kind of person (aiming the arror). He says he should be like that as Won Deuk. But she tells him that he is not Won Deuk, you said you recovered your memory. You went all the way to Seoul. So why are you sitting here like this?

He looks deeply into her eyes and tells her that he does not want to recover his memories, because he wants to stay next to her. But she looks sadly at him and tells him that she planned on leaving him there when her brother came. Her and her father were going to leave him there. She will have to hide forever once she sees her brother again. But, if you are okay with that, then would you like to leave with us?

He quickly hugs her and holds her for a long moment without saying anything. She asks him what this means and pulls his arms away as she looks at him again. Why aren’t you answering me? Did I say something I should not have said? He just replies that he already told her that he wants to be next to her. She smiles and sniffs away some tears as she holds his hand. Let’s go.

But he does not move. She asks if he does not like it. He tells her that he said he is the only one that can hold your hand without your permission? He says that he wants to pack somethings. She almost killed him once because he spent 30 coins. She laughs and says that they are not leaving right now, her brother is not here. All those poeple are looking for you, I have to tell them that you are okay.

They both leave hand in hand as they happily walk to find all the people looking for Won Deuk. But they pass a woman on sitting on the street who looks like a shaman. She tells them that they should not go that way, they should go North West (or South West?). Hong asks her if she is a Shaman? Maybe we should ask her questions. They kneel and asks her which way is best. The shaman tells Hong that she has a good man, he has only loved one woman since he was little, there are no men like this.

Hong tells her that they just met, but she tells Hong that she is actually the same. Let me see…she closes her eyes and tells them that it was a very cold windy night…snow….Hong tells Yool that they should leave. But the Woman tells them that they should run away, they had swords and the sword was pointing at you. Run away! Run away and you will live!

Yool pulls her away and says that he does not care. Hong tells him that she does not think that she is right but Yool tells her that she was right about one thing, I am a one of a kind man. Hong just shrugs and says that all people are only one, there are no two of the same person.
But trouble is brewing at the palace as one of the assassins runs back with the other assassin on his back. they run into Soo-ji but they don’t tell him anything. In the King’s palace, a person tells the King that CE got away. The King is distraught, he might raise an army and attack the palace! Sa-yeob tells him that he should be strong and not think about fear, that will cause failure. Be strong.

Meanwhile, all the politicians were asked to gather, but they must have been standing for a minute because they grumble back and forth about how long they are supposed to wait there and why there are there to begin with. One of them mutters that they don’t see the Vice Prime Minister or his followers, it is strange. they feel insecure without him there. Should they send someone to his house? This does not look normal.

The King comes in right then with breaking news. he sits at his throne and tells them that he cannot see his ancestors because he is not fullfilling his duty as the King. leaving the princes seat open is not a good thing, so I want to put Seowon as the next prince.

Everyone tells him that he shouldn’t , it is late, you cannot decide this without the prime minister. The King just ahhs, so you are serving the Prime Minister and refusing the Kings order? Does that mean you are against me? Do you have a seed of rebel in your heart? The polticians change course and say that they will process it quickly.

Yool sits outside in the dark and thinks about what the Shaman told him about the sword pointing at them. He covers his head as he thinks about it. Hong comes out and wonders if he is thinking about something? Yool says he is not but then says that he was wondering if her brother would like him. Hong smiles and sits as she tells him that her brother is good and great, he would have passed the highest exam in the palace if he grew up normally. But…maybe he would not like you. You dont have good manners.

Yeon comes up at that point and tells Hong that she does not know what she is talking about, my son-in-law is the perfect man. But he also wonders why they are talking about her brother. Hong smiles and stands as she tells him that they decided to go together. Yeon tells Yool that he should change the way he talks to him, he needs to drop the banmal and call him like a normal father-in-law. Yool tries to think of what he should call him, it looks difficult.

yeon tells him that he should call him abonim. Yool pauses for a moment and says a-bo-nim. He also tries to add “-yo” at the end of his sentences. Yeon is beaming with pride and jokes with Yool about not letting it make him uncomfortable as he tries to tickle him.

Later on, Hong and Yool go inside to help fold clothing items. But then Hong asks him, why aren’t you – holding mea nymore? Yool puts his things down and asks if she wants him to hold her? She says NOOOO. He tells her that they had a fake marriage, they even knew it, so when her brother comes he wants to have a real marriage. It will not be too late then. Hong tells him that is a good idea…hahaha….your a good husband. But she leaves in a sour mood. It was all the right choice, but why do I feel bad about it?

In the mayors office, Je-yoon looks at this form with Yools handwriting and handprint, he wonders why this is here when the prince is dead. But he gets a shock when he sees that Bok-eun is looking at him in a bitter way. Bok-eun is upset that the geisha came there to see him. Je-yoon tells him that they have no relationship, she just came there to give him something. But he does have a question about Won Deuk, who is her. Bok-eun tells him that he can just ask him if he wonders about it. then he bows himself out.

in the morning, Yool asks Hong how much they can get when they sell this house? But Hong tells him that they are living secretly, you aren’t too briht right now. We an’t sell the house because we are running away over night. She mentions that he looks palpoongi. Yool thinks that he was called palpoongi since he was little. he runs off to talk to Hong about selling a drawer or something like that but Je-yoon comes to their door. he wants to see Yool.

Hong asks why he is there, she is still pissed about him trying to kill her husband with the arrow game. Je-Yoon tells her that they have a misunderstanding, Won Deuk suggested this. Won Deuk also explains this to her. Hong is all like, what? How can you think of these kinds of plans, what if you get hit? You said you would be next to me forever, what if you made me a widow? Je-yoon asks then to stop their bickering because he is there for business. Hong apologizes for yelling at him so Je-yoon smiles. But Yool stands in front of her and tells Je-yoon that he should stop looking at his wife, you said you were busy (she was perfectly hidden, lol).

They go inside Yool’s room to talk about documents for sending things to Seoul. He says that he ruined the paperwork and wants to get a new signature. Yool tells him that he was a little confused because of his old memory, but he is okay now. Je-yoon asks him about his old memory, but Yool just tells him that he will just give the handprint now. He gets the paperwork ready so Yool can sign. Yool was about to sign the paperwork, but then he traces his hand instead.

Je-yoon says that he wrote his hand last time, why do you give your hand this time? Yool tells him, of course I would not write my name. Je-yoon asks, so you didn’t do it? Je-yoon tells him that his room is very upscale for a commoner. Yool tells him that a loan shark got one over on him. Je-yoon asks to read a book that he has. They both think in their heads about each other. One wonders why the other is hiding that he can read and write. the other wonders why the other is there at all. Yool ends up telling Je-yoon that he has to cut the grass so Je-yoon tells him that he wil get out of his way, but he has a question. Yool asks him what his question is. Je-yoon just smiles and says it is nothing.

Meanwhile, The King meets with his queen and other son about the order. But the prince is not all good about this decision, he wants to know why he is appointing him like this all of a sudden. Why isnt’ he waiting until the birth of the new prince? The King tells him that he is not great so there are bad people around, it is all because of me. The prince asks him how he can say that. The King tells him that he wonders what kind of King he will be in the history books. He will be the King that is easily swayed by the Vice Prime Minister. If I give the new prince the Kingdom then I will also give the Vice Prime Minister the Kingdom. I want to stop it. Do you want to stop me from doing it? I am afraid that he will come here and remove me with is own soldiers. It keeps me up at night, I want to put you as the Prince and to have everything fall in line. But you are refusing?

The prince apologizes, he says he was stupid and did not consider what the King thought, I will follow your line.

Elsewhere in the palace, Sooji and So-hye talk about their father. Sooji is worried because their father did not come back from his trip. His sister (the princess) tells him to watch his mouth. But Sooji is worried about what will happen when Seowon becomes prince. The princess tells him to find aboji and everyone. But Sooji tells him that Moo-yeon is missing, the other assassin said that fatehr needs Moo-yeon, but I think he was lying.

Sohye asks him why he is okay thinking about this now when he was always sick when he studied in the past. He tells her that he is really sick now. She tells him that he needs to go find aboji and come back with him before the next prince ceremony. Sooji agrees and leaves. But So-hye has a pain in her belly. Her nurse asks if she should call someone but So-hye says that she will go see the King now. She walks to the Kings quarters but is not let inside. She yells through that door that she has the princes son in her womb, the prince died young, he is watching from Heaven and wants his son to be the next prince. Please take your order back. My only wish is to put the Princes son to the throne, that is the only wish I have.

Won Deuk looks at his cabinet while they are with the loan shark. It looks like he really likes it and does not want to sell it so the loan shark says that he does not have to sell it. But Hong says that they are selling it. However, they find out that they will sell it for a lot less than they bought it for. Yool apologizes to his precious drawer and then tells the loan shark that they paid him back for everything. Did you remove it from your documents?

The loan shark says, OF COURSE, but he grabs for his book when Yool grabs it. They open it up and see that he did not actually remove it. The loan shakr says he forgot, you know, people don’t change easily. Hong removes it and tells him to stop selling people, he looks like he is a good person that can serve the country. The loan shark is so happy about that and touches his face. Yool tells him that he should give him one more coin since he read his face.
Outside, Hong asks how Yool can read faces. Yool tells him that fate is in the persons heart. You never know, he might become a good person based on what I said. Hong stops walking and stares at him. She tells him that he looks good. He asks her how often will she Zing to the same guy so often. You can keep looking at me. He turns his head and poses so she can keep looking at him. She laughs but then someone comes up to them and asks Yool to help her. She lost something precious. Can you help me find it? Hong tells her that she can do it. But the geisha says that she wants Yool to do it. It is a very precious thing, if you find it for me then I will pay you enough.

Hong does not want him to do it, but Yool tells her that she said she was okay if he talked secretly with another woman, right? he smiles and Hong sulks. Yool walks away with the geisha where she tells him about the fan she got from a high official that is only given from the King. He tells her that they should follow her footsteps. The geisha asks him if he is from Han Yang (Seoul). the way you look and behave is like a noble. His behavior is so dignified.

Yool tells her that he went to the military so this behavior became his habit, I am sorry if this bothers you. She says it does not. He tells her that her smile is uncomfortable because he has a wife. They keep walking. But Hong is pacing, she wonders if Yool will be seduced. Je-yoon surprises her as she wonders all this and asks her if she is wondering if the gisaneg will hit on her husband? Hong says she thinks the gisaeng will fall in love with him.

Je-yoon reminds her that she said they don’t have a good relationship as a married couple right? Maybe you like each other now? Hong changes the subject and apologizes about what happened last time. he tells her that she should help him do something if she is so apologetic. They go to a bookstore where Hong asks him if he wants to buy a sexy novel? He is all like, I want to see what citizens think and the sexy novels are the best at that. it reveals all that they think. Like this 50 Shades of Grey man…it has good handwriting.

Hong asks Je-yoon a favor. She says that her husband did a dangerous thing for him which means that he was doing a righteous thing. Please realize your dream but don’t give the regular citizens a hard time. The people here are nice people and are very regular. They will not cry even if they cannot eat but they will cry do to a yangban. Je-yoon promises that he will not make them cry as long as he is mayor. hong tells him, in addition, this Grey Man book is pretty funny.

The bookseller wakes up all of a sudden and asks Hong where Won Deuk is? He does not take any more orders but what he copies is the best. Hong is all like, um, I have to go grocery shop, enjoy your sexy novel! She runs off. The bookseller tells her that he will pay more! Don’t run off! Je-yoon asks the bookseller what book Won Deuk did. The bookseller says it is the one that Je-yoon is holding.

Outside, Yool and the geisha find the fan they are looking for. She is happy about it but Yool knows that this fan is not a good fan, it is a copy. He tells her that this fan is a copy, if you do not trust me then you can check it. Don’t trust your friend that gave it to you. She starts to talk to him a bit more about giving her heart to another man or something like that. She smiles.

But she runs off and tells Je-yoon everything. She says that this man is not normal, he knew that this fan was fake. I didn’t even know this was fake. Then she gives him a painting of Won Deuk that she made. But she tells him that he does not recognize him so why does he need it?

Suddenly, Sundo comes in so they sit for tea. Sundo says that they should not go to Seoul right now. He heard that the Vice Prime Minister is missing and the other prince is appointed at the prince. But the princess is pregnant so they should delay it. However, the King changed his heart. What is really going on? Je-yoon asks if Sundo can do him a favor, he needs to go to HanYang (Seoul).
Back at their home, Hong prepares something for a festival as Yool watches her. But he tells her that he made more money, look at this! He happily presents her the money but she just tells him to grind the mill, so he sits and does it. Hong just tsks and wonders how pretty that geisha was. He says that looks aren’t important, the heart is important. She is all like, so that is not me? He says that is definitely her. She asks, so my heart is pretty but I am not pretty? he laughs and says she is pretty. She says she feels insecure so don’t go anywhere, or recover you memory, or look at other people, just stay with me or I will grind you in a mill.

He chuckles. She says it isn’t funny so he asks if he should put his handprint as a promise. She says that is good and hops up to get something for his handprint. But he stand and grabs her arm, then he kisses her and tells her that this is his handprint.

Yool goes to the mayors office and gives Bok-eun rice cake duk, which is expensive. Bok-eun asks him if he borrowed money somehow? Yool says that he sold his dresser. BE tells him that is good, you are sane now. Yool tells BE that he heard that he worked for this office for a long time, he should apply to work at the Palace. BE says that is not easy. But Yool tells him that he organized these documents well, he can be at least a 9th grade gongwon.

BE is happy to hear this but then realizes that Yool mut have read a document, so he takes off his shoe and tells him that he told him not to read that document! Yool just walks off. Elsewhere, Hong gives Kkeut and GooDol gifts. Kkeut realizes that she must be leaving and hugs her as she tells her not to leave. GooDol just enjoys the food.

Meanwhile, The King paces at the palace. Suddenly, CE appears at the door with his sword drawn and bloody. He walks all the way to the King and swings his sword back to strike. The King cowers, but his servant asks him what he is doing? The King asks him how the guards are! His servant tells him that they are doing their best to protect the palace. The King tells them to do more!

Elsewhere, the aristocrats all meet somewhere to talk about what is going on. They think the Queen will kill them all once the prince becomes The Prince. But then CE comes in like he was just gone on Holiday. He sits at the head of the table. It looks like he was the one to send the letter for everyone to meet. They wonder what they should do about all this. CE tells them that they should help the King to put Seowon as the next prince.

CE meets his right hand man who says that it is obvious that the King tried to assassinate him. CE tells him that the King will waste so much time to put Seowon as prince. In the meantime, I will put my grandson as the King. So prepare the assassins, I am going to go to SongJoo.

Cut to Moo-yeon waking up. The other assassin tells him what happened. One of their guys died. Moo-yeon tells him that he has to go to SongJoo, his sister might be in danger. But the assassin says that he cannot go. I will go with you.

At the same time, Je-yoon rides up to the palace, he wants to see one of the royal guards. They dont’ want to let him in since the palace is on lockdown, but Je-yoon tells them thta it is important and it is in a hurry.

Inside the palace, the Queen gets a secret letter. the letter is from Moo-yeon, he tells her that he can’t see her because he is in a hurry, he is returning her bracelet, it protected him so it will protect you as well. I hope you have a child that looks like you, that is my only wish. Mo-yeon is riding away at this moment. The princess wants to go to him, but she cannot due to the baby. She sits and cries as she looks at the bracelet and thinks that no one is next to her.
Elsewhere inside the palace, Je-yoon is able to meet with Kwon Hyuk. He shows him the drawing that the geisha drew of Yool. Kwon Hyuk gasps and says that this is the prince! Then he tells him that there was a rumor that a person came there with gifts who looked exactly like the prince. Kwon Hyuk tells him that he can stay at his place tonight if needs to but Je-Yoon tells him that he has to go back. Kwon Hyuk asks him who that guy that looks like the prince is. Je-yoon tells him that the guy that looks like the prince – is the prince.

Back at their home, Yool watches Hong as she stands outside. She asks him if she feels emotional to leave. She says that she has stayed there more than 10 years, but the wall is this pretty thanks to him. He tells her that they can make a new flowery wall in a new place. She agrees and tells him that they should pack up.

Cut to the inside where the three of them are packing, but Yool has a hard time because he wants to take all his clothes with thim. Hong tells him that he can’t take all these clothes, we aren’t going on a picnic, we have to carry them all. But Yeon tells Yool that he will carry all his things, my son in law. Hong tells Yool that her brother will not like him if he is very materialistic. Yool starts to slowly pick all the things that he does not need. He takes one thing away and says he does nto need it, then he looks at another and says he does not need it, though he looks like he needs them all.

Yeon and Hong smiles as he parts with all his expensive and nice things. Yool asks Hong why she is not wearing her flower shoes. She says she isn’t wearing them to save them. But he wants her to wear them so her foot will not break. He does not want her to wear the straw shoes. Yeon is so happy about this.

The next morning, Yool sits awake and ready as Yeon sleeps. Hong is not there, she is outside waiting on her brother. Yool goes outside to talk to her. He tells her that her brother probably has something to wrap up as well. But Hong says that he is not like that. He will have a definite erason to go over ten days. Yool wants her to sleep. She is hesitant so he puffs his chest and tells her that seh is not listening to her husband. She reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, her brother is riding on his horse as he tries to get to the town. CE is also hot on his trail. The other assassin told CE that the prince lost his memory and lives like a normal person, he does not know who he is and no one there knows who he is. CE rides to the town with this is on his mind.

In the village, everyone waits for the brother a they eat their morning meal. Hong thinks they should find her brother. She does not feel good about this and can’t just do nothing. Yool thinks they can find him if he does not come. Yeon wants to know how? Hong says that they can go to the bridge in Seoul. They know what he looks like so they can find him later. But not today, lets wait until this evening.
GooDol shows up and tells them that they have a big festival with a circus and magic. Lets bring Hong Sim! Hong does not want to go. But Yooltells her that they dont know where they might live so this is the last chance they have to see this festival. GooDol asks them what they are talking about. Yool tells him it is nothing, he is jut talking to himself.

In the town, notices are up that everyone cannot read. The gisaeng tells them that this is about the prince that died and that a new prince is up. But should she go to Seoul? I dont’ want to go to Seoul. GooDol thinks that this gisaeng is a goddess. Kkeut slaps some sense into him and tells him that she is not a goddess, she is a fox.

The circus comes out and performs. Hong loves it so Yool smiles and tells her that it was good to come out right? She nods. The little boy comes up to them and tells Yool that he had gukbap to eat thanks to Won Duk. He is really kind to Won DEuk and tells him that they should go this way to see some magic. Hong wonders if something happened between him and this boy? They both chuckle.

The three walk to the magic show and sit in the front of the crowd. Yool looks pretty amazed. The goal is to look at coins and check to see if they are real or not. They are real so the magician makes the coins double and double, but that wasn’t the end, he turned the coins into a dove. Yool looks so amazed, lol.

They need a helper for the next magic task. They tell Yool that they should use the pretty lady next to him. Yool tells them that she has a husband but Hong just says that they told her she was pretty. She goes to the front and lays down. The magicians tell the crows that she will dissapear with their spell. They perform their magic and she disappears. The boy asks where she is? Yool tells them not to worry, she will appear again.

But she does not reappear. Yool stands up, WHERE IS MY WOMAN! The men say that he is angry because his wife is gone, don’t worry, she will come back again. They do their magic act and Hong appears again as if she never left to begin with. The crowd cheers and the magician gives her a rose.

Later that night, the city is still alive as people walk all around the market. Hong still holds the rose that the magician gave her Yool looks jealous and asks if she likes roses that much? She says this is the first time that she got a rose. He throws it away and says that he does not want her to be happy with another mans flower. Wait here for a moment.

he walks away to get some more flowers. Je-yoon watches him closely. He tries to remember the habits that the prince showed him, like touching his head when he thought. He sees the prince do this.
The prince walks with the flowers he got and hides them behind his back as he givs it to Hong. She asks what this is. He tells her that he is going to marry her.

Hong – You should be a very important person. Your family might be looking for you. But if you live with me, don’t you think you will regret it?

Yool – I think leaving you will make me regret more. Why aren’t you answering me?

She looks at the flowers and then looks at him.

Hong – This is my answer.

She walks in slowly an kisses him on the cheek as fireworks go off in the sky above them. Yool smiles a tiny bit. Hong smiles as well then they both look at the firworks.

Yool – This is all the blood and sweat of the regular citizens, but it still look pretty as if it is celebrating us.

he turns around to look at Hong, but she is gone. He tells her not to play, it was magic last time, but this time you cannot trick me. This is not a joke. But he gets nervous and starts walking hurriedly to find her. He sees some people runnng and turns to follow them for a moment until he sees Hong’s flowers on the ground.

As he goes to pick them up, several assassins surround him. He stands up and looks at them all.

Yool – Who are you guys?

CE stands in front of him. Cut to an assassin running away with Hong over his shoulder.

CE – Can you recognize me?

Yool – I don’t know who you are, but can I leave?

CE – I cannot let you leave. What are you guys doing? Show your respect.

All the assassins bow.

CE – You should go to the palace, my prince.

Yool looks alarmed.

Fade Out

Wow, so he is back in the palace and Hong is back with her brother. It is clear that they will not see each other for a minute. I love this! I love how this separation does not have noble idiocy anywhere near it. Neither one of them wanted to part, but the story built to a point that made them part and made it feel natural.

Okay, but how long will it be before they come back together again? One episode? I think they might not be back until Yool gets his memory back, so hopefully his memory comes back soon.


Princess – Maybe he is lying to us.
CE – This is the best time, just seduce him
Princess – Please love this baby at least
Yool – What happened to that person?
CE – I have to check one thing, so bring him to me alive.
Yool – You told me we should be friends
JY – Now we can’t be friends anymore, because you are the prince

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  1. Shell
    October 15, 2018 / 10:45 am

    I like how that preview showed him show lonely in the end. Stark contrast to when he was in the village. He had friends and a wife he love and a father in law who doesn’t try to kill him and care for him.

    • V
      October 15, 2018 / 12:30 pm

      That is a good spot! He looked so lonely (and dare I say confused?) at the end of the preview. Even though we only saw the back of him, I could feel how his life just got upended again.

  2. Anonymous
    October 15, 2018 / 10:45 am

    Thank you! You made my day! But also made me sad with the end and the preview. Waaah!

    • V
      October 15, 2018 / 12:31 pm

      The preview was so sad 😭

  3. thistle
    October 15, 2018 / 11:18 am

    Oh my goodness that preview! No mention of Hong. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. Thanks for recapping.

    • V
      October 15, 2018 / 12:34 pm

      Hong wasn’t in the preview! I wonder what is going to happen to her. My guess is that she would still have to be on the run with her brother, especially now that the Palace knows that she was married to the prince.

  4. Jo Ann
    October 15, 2018 / 12:24 pm

    As usual, you guys are awesome! I get to know what happens while at work. I hope Yool doesn’t become a puppet for that vice minister. Without his memory he’s vulnerable. I suppose instinctively he can still react the same way he did as a prince and suspect KCE.

    • V
      October 15, 2018 / 12:36 pm

      This site was created for people at work 🙂 I am a bit worried about Yool in the palace as well. My guess is that he might be safe without his memory? He was the only other person who knew 100% that the baby was not his and could actually act on it.

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