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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 10

Do Kyung-Soo kisses Nam Ji-Hyun in Korean Drama 100 Days My Prince
The kiss finally happened; and let me tell you, it was a mother of a first kiss for our sageuk couple that hasn’t even held hands yet. Lee Yool (aka Won Deuk) must have heard something wonderful from Moo-yeon because he came back home and had hearts in his eyes for Hong. Did Moo-yeon tell Yool that Hong Sim is his long lost love? Or was Yool able to put two and two together himself? Or maybe Moo-yeon did not tell him anything but the fact that he is a crowned prince whereupon Yool wanted nothing more than to go home to a warmer, calmer, and more straightforward life.

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We open at the kiss. Yool kisses Hong passionately. She lets herself be kised and looks like she might enjoy it as well. But then it starts raining a little bit. Hong stops kissing Yool and exclaims, it is raining? Is it really raining? ITS RAINING!

Am I the only one uncomfortable?

We haven’t had rain for awhile, what is so uncomfortable?

I don’t like getting wet.

Hong takes Yool by the hand and leads him away. Everyone in the town is so happy that it is raining………We don’t have to fill the well, yay! …… from my calculation it should rain at a different time……yay!…….

Hong and Yool ran to a building, maybe the water mill? They are not at home. Hong thinks she needs to start making dinner and all those things. But Yool tells her that it will not stop raining any time soon. He tells her that he heard from her father that her family members died from a wrong accusation.

Hong tells him that it all happened a long long time ago when they had the cue. A lot of people died and my family was one of them. they start to talk about her brother. Hong says he came by but they need some time to live together again. they need to wrap up things, and things like that. So….did you recover your memory in Seoul?

No…I didn’t. I did not know HanYang was so big. i just got lost.

Flashback to GooDol telling Hong that Won Deuk will be back safe, he looked like he knew his way around.

Yool asks Hong if she was worried about him? He thought about staying there and living there, but he had a reason to come back. He promised he would give two little coins to that boy, but he did not yet so it bothered him.

Hong looks at him for a moment then says he looks tired, so they should go home. She stands up and looks at the rain. But she thinks it will not stop anytime soon. It did not rain for a year so maybe they will have all that rain today.

yool comes up and hold her from behind. He tells her….until the rain stops. He hugs her and they both stand like that for a moment.
The King is out walking around in the rain, he wants to welcome it. His people don’t want him to, they think he will get sick. But he really wants to walk in the rain. However, somone comes to him and tells him that he needs to see his queen.

The King goes to the Queen, she is weak. She tells the King that the vice prime minister threatened to kill her and her son. She cannot sleep or breath after hearing that. He did not even care about me or my son or you. Why did you give your stamp to him?

The King says he did it to save her and the Prince. But The Queen tells him that CE wants everything. He wants to kill her and the prince and become King on his own. DOn’t you know how bad he is? You need to kick him out or we will die. The King says that will not happen, he will save them both, no matter what it takes. They hug, but it looks like the Queen might be mostly acting.

Meanwhile, Moo-yeon lays in the woods, possibly unconcious, and the rain falls on him. His arm is all boody.

Hong and Yool get home. He tells her to wash first because she looked Chilly, but she tells him to wash first since she he had a big trip today. But he says that they can wash togetheeeeeeerrrr? She says no and runs inside to wash. he smiles happily, but then thinks about his run in with Moo-yeon.

Flashback to Yool asking Moo-yeon who he is, tell me who I am. You look familiar to me, why do you want to kill me? MY tells him that he is a dead person already in everyones mind. So don’t try to come back. If people know you then a lot of people will die. Moo-yeon tries to take hiw sword back from Yool, but Yool easily hits him away. He does not kill him though, he just leaves him there outside and leaves his sword as well.

Back at home, Yool is thinking about this so hard that he does not even notice Hong come out of the bath. She asks him what he is doing, but he just asks her why it takes so long for a woman to come out of the bath.

He goes into the bath and sees that Hong prepared all of his clothes for him. He looks at them warmly. It looks like she made new clothes for him.

The assassins found Moo-yeon. they think someone else attacked him, but they don’t know who or why. CE tells them that they are hiding something from him. One of the assassins says, Kill Me! I shot him because I did not want to leave you. I thought he would change his mind after being in the hospital. But I missed. CE tells the other assassin to put detain him with no food or water.

He sees his daughter, he is worried about the baby. She tells him to go to the palace. The thing with the Queen is not finished yet. CE tells her that he will order them to finish that up quickly.
Hong goes into Yools room and tells him that he looks good in those clothes. he tells her that some people look good in whatever they wear. She grumbles, that is what you tell me? it took me a long time but you don’t even say thank you?

He puts out his arms as if to hug her, but then he asks why his right arm sleeve is shorter? is there a reason? She says they are the same, but then she sees that they are actually shorter. She tries to stretch it. She changes the subject to his legs, do you have blisters on your feet? Did you eat anything? Are you hungry?

He tells her his feet are fine and he does not want anything to eat.

She asks if he is chilly, do you want a fire? he tells her that he has a thick blanket so it is okay. She mees and maws for a moment until Yool tells her that he understands her. Her husband left home for 4 days so she should miss him and want to touch him and talk to him. But if you don’t sleep here, then you shuold go to the other room.

OH! I was about to leave! SO GOOD NIGHT, you should be tired, HAVE GOOD DREAMS.

She hurries out and he smiles. In her room, she tells him that he is really good at making people uncomfortable. What? Miss him? Touch him? Ha. I was really tired. I am going to sleep here! She lays down to sleep but then pops back up ad grumbles. He wanted to sleep with me before….but….why did he even kiss me when it was raining? She thinks about that kiss.

In his room, Yool lays awake thinking that he is a dead person in everyones mind, so he should not try to remember. the assassin said, when people figure out who you are, then a lot of people will die.

Meanwhile, Moo-yeon is being nursed back to health by the princess.

the princess goes to the holding room and tells the assassin that her father will torture him so he can run away now. But the assassin does not want to leave or the situation will be worse. It looks like she was the one that ordered for Moo-yeon to be shot.

VO – I had a bad dream, so I could not wait. I need to put the most precious thing far away. (Flashback to her putting the letter under the house.)

This letter is assumed to be a love letter. The other prince’s aid (SY) saw it and took it. He gave it to the prince and asked him if he loved the princess. Seowon says he loves her and everyone in Joseon. having an heir for the royal family is important so dont make any trouble. I won’t just let anything happen to that baby.

SY tells him that the next prince in line is empty right now. Don’t you want that position? But Seowon tells him not to talk about that. If he has to use an unfair way then he does not want it. So don’t make all those plans to remove the princess, this is my order.
In the morning, Yeon is so happy to see Won Deuk that he cries and hugs him. Yool tells him not to hug him, it makes him uncomfortable. Yool wants to know why he cares about him. yeon says he cares about him, of course, he saved him and he is his daughters husband and all that. Yool tells him, since he is thankful, I want you to do something for me.

Cut to Hong waking up. yeon and Yool are sitting outside working. Yeon happily tells her that she needs to eat something, he already made his son in law breakfast. Whoo hoo. Hong is all like, what are you doing? Yeon tells her that they are making rope. Won Deuk is so good at making rope. Hong is all like, um, no. But Yool tells her that he is good at it now, look at this. I asked Yeon to teach me.

Then he tells Hong that he asked Yeon to teach him everything about making rope and chopping wood and all those things. yeon pulls Hong to the side and tells her that Won Deuk woke up and asked him to teach him everything. Perhaps he wants to live as Won Deuk. When he went to Seol, he did not want to be called Won Deuk, but now he is okay with being called Won Deuk. When your brother comes, we can leave with Won Deuk.

Meanwhile, the mayor, Je-yoon, thinks about Hong on the bridge in Seoul. He thinks about the wish boat and what she said to him. But BE comes into his record room and ruins the mood. he asks him if he read that book all night? Je-yoon asks him how he knows if he read it all night? they start talking about all the records. Je-yoon tells him that he reads the records to know what happened. But something bothers him. This thing with Hong Sim.

BE asks him if he is interested in Hong Sim or her business (the we solve everything business). JY tells him he is interested in both. BE tells him that Hong Sim used to be the one that solved every problem in the town. But now she has the good for nothing husband that made so much trouble as soon as she got married to him.

Elsewhere in the village, Yool carries a lot of grass on his back very proudly. But the little boy throws a rock at him and tells him that he was supposed to give him two coins! Yool tells him that he needs to answer his quiz, if he does that then he will give him ten coins. It will be easy. What do you call an adult that is older than you?

the little boy starts crying right away. Je-yoon comes up behind them and says that he should not make a little boy cry as an adult. What happened? The boy says that he was supposed to have two coins if he did his errand, but now he is not doing it. Je-yoon tells Yool not to do that as an adult. then he gives the little boy two coins and tells him, if this guy bothers you again, then go to the mayors office. He also tells Yool that he thought he was a good guy, but he was wrong.

The little boy tells him that the answer is Hyung-nim, now give me the ten coins. Yool is so annoyed, but he gives him the coins. He asks if it is true that his mother is sick, but the boy just says she is dead and happily takes the money. He says he will eat guk bap with it. But the boy also says that he should not tell the mayor things becuase he made the towns people do stupid stuff when Yool was not there and he tries to talk to Hong a lot.
Cut to Je-yoon talking to Hong Sim. He wants to hire her. But she does not want to be hired. So he tells her that he could invetigate why she was dressed like a Yangbaaaaaaan. She says hse will take it. Won Deuk comes up at that time and asks them if he is the only one that is uncomfortable? He stares at the mayor. Why are your faces so close?

Hong Sim tells Yool that the mayor is giving them work, good bye! She pulls Yool away. the mayor shakes is head and mutters, why she is married to that kind of man?

Hong pulls Yool away to talk to him about everything. But he is jeaous and asks her why her face is red and why did you touch his face (or why did he touch your face) and what do you think you would feel if someone touched my face? Hong shrugs and says she will feel nothing.

Hong tells him to lay down because he has a sun burn. He lays down. She tells him to close his eyes, but he does not want to, he wants to see her because he did not see her for 4 days. She covers his eyes with her hand. He opens them again and smiles. So she overs them again and he keeps his eyes closed. Then she puts plant nectar on his skin and tells him that his eyebrows are so thick. He tells her that he did not grant her to touch his eyebrows. But maybe you are the only one that can touch them without permission. He opens his eyes to look at her, but then he closes them and holds her hand as he lightly rubs his eyebrows with them.

Then he lets her rest her hands on his forehead as he rests his hand on hers.

Meanwhile, the maids at the palace talk rumors about how the prince is still alive. They wonder if he is really alive. One of them thinks it is so and the other thinks it isn’t. But CE comes up to them so they both have to bow. He asks them who would make that kind of rumor?

Kkeut looks at Won Deuk chopping wood and happily thinks that he can do anything well. GooDol is looking at her like, um, I am YOUR husband. They both talk to Yool about doing house work and how Hong is so lucky. But GooDOl is a bit defensive, he says it is difficult to take care of these big fish that he caught. It is big and scary to take all the intestines out! But they think Hong Sim can do it.

Yool tells them not to give that difficult work to Hong Sim, he will do it instead. they are surprised, how can you do it? Cut to Yool looking at this huge fish. But he is way in over his head and tells them that they should wait for Hong Sim…..where is she?

Hong Sim is walking somewhere with Je-Yoon. This is the task that he wanted her to do for him. He tells her that he is trying to win someones heart.

We cut back to GooDol, Kkeut, and Yool waiting for Hong Sim. Yool decides to go look for her.

Hong Sim peaks over a high fence for some reason. Ah, this is Sun-do’s place. She has to stand on Je-yoons back to do it. He asks her to get off, his back is breaking. So she sighs and rolls her eyes and tells him that his back is weak. He hops upand says it was strong before she stepped on it. then he tells her that the woman he liked already got married so he just needs her help in this one thing.

he knew it would rain so he thought they could just pretend to fill the well. She wonders how he knew it would rain? he says that his back hurts whenever it rains. So she tells him that his back really is bad. Je-yoon just wanted to check on SD but Hong wondered why he wanted to do that. He tells her that he does not know how to get back to the office, so she laughs and shows him.

As they walk away, we see that Yool was watching them from a bush.
At the palace, the King is deep in thought about his situation. He tells Sa-yeob that everyone will be in danger if the King worries about himan relationships, so he should be cruel. He will be cruel from today. Sa-yeob tells him that it will take a lot of effort to serve this cruel King. The King tells him not to tell anyone about his order. You should kill the Vice Prime Minister for me.

Its the next day in the village. Hong sneaks in to Sun-do’s house and tries her darnedest to steal his cat. he is sleeping outside, so it is relatively easy as she only has to show him some jerky to entice the dog to her.

When Sun-do wakes up, he sees that his prized noble dog is gone.

Hong runs away but bumps into Yool. The dog falls and cutely walks away. Yool asks her what she is doing. She says that it is a long story….but…OH WHERE IS THE DOG? In the background we hear SD say, WE HAVE TO FIND THE DOG!

At the mayors office, Je-yoon and BE talk about why Sun-do came all the way to that village. BE tells him that CE was behind it and it has something to do with corruption. What is the relationship between CE and SD? But then Sun-do runs to Je-yoon and tells him that his dog is missing! HE IS MISSING.

Je-yoon asks him, the Chinese royal dog? Sun-do says he actually is not his dog, he is taking care of one of the ministers dogs. I will be in big trouble! Je-yoon tells him that he will find it. In the background, BE tsks, now we have a mayor that will look for a lost dog, tsk tsk.

Yool talks to the mayor as the mayor waits in his lawn. He tells him that he was hitting on his wife. They stare each other down and Yool even talks banmal to the mayor. they argue about being polite for a moment until Hong shows up and tells him that she lost the dog. He says they have to go find it now, they can go together. But Yool tells them that he will help him find the dog, he does not want the mayor involved with his woman.

Cut to the two of them setting a trap for the dog. Yool thinks the dog should not be too far away from home becuae he is old. And that kind of dog likes meat a lot so he should smell it. He also tells Je-yoon that he should think about what to do for the people, but he is only being the dog of SD. He basically starts to school Je-yoon about how to ba a good person. You need to teach people and learn from them but you cannot be a great figure when you do things like this.

Je-yoon thinks that he must have met Yool before, his voice is so familiar to him. But they catch the dog at that moment. Yool tells him that he caught the dog so Je-yoon can take it and be SD’s dog. I don’t need any money. Je-yoon thanks him but then talks about the book that fired the last mayor. It was the tip of the iceberg, he wants to remove the root cause.

They talk back and forth about this. Yool wonders if he is going to torture him like the previous mayor? Je-yoon tells him that they shoul dbe friends. He is a bastard child so they can be friends and I apologize. But Yool tells him that he does not want to be friends with someone who is not smart and uses stupid plans.

the mayor is confused. Yool tells him that he can find the dog and be SD’s dog and get his heart. But do you think that is enough to find the root? What will you do with a smarter person?

Meanwhile, CE sits in his office looking at scrolls and talking about one of his politicians about al the illegal trade things they have planned. But some of these plans are falling apart for some other reasons. The aristocrat asks CE if he heard the rumor that the prince was alive? But CE does not want to hear it, he just wants this man to remove this note so the King will not see it. (So they are removing all the letters that they don’t want the King to see).

However, someone comes in and says that they found out who is spreading the rumor.

Cut to CE’s son, Soo-ji telling all the cute young maids about Yool coming out of the grave. It is kind of a horror story that becomes real when CE shows up.

In the village, Je-yoon talks to Sun-do about the dog. Sun-do is happy that teh mayor found it. But they start to talk about a fun event they will have. They will have an arrow competition. Yool sets up the target. Je-yoon says he needs to train Won Deuk because WD is the one that found the corruption book. Sun-do like this idea.

It turns out that they want Yool as the human target. Je-yoon tells them that whoever hits the butterfly wins the competition. Sun-do tells Je-yoon to go first, he wants to see how good he is. Je-yoon shoots his arrow, but misses.

Sun-do picks up his arrow. he is actually famous for shooting arrows (in the TV show). He shoots the arrow at Won Deuk. But this triggers Yools memory of when the nurse/maid died. Yool collapses as the memory overtakes him.
CE takes his sone inside and slaps him hard across the face, hard enough for him to fall to the ground. He asks him what in the world he thinks he is doing. Are you crazy? Soo-ji kneels and tells him that he saw someone that looked exactly like the prince, he thought him about him all the time since then. He was from Sun joohyun, if you saw him then you would think so too!

CE runs to the assassin that is in the hut, he asks him if it is true that he killed the prince? They determine that they have to go to Sun Jo Yun (the village).

Yool is still kneeling at the target. SD tells him that they can stop there. He had good enough entertainment fro today. Je-yoon tells him that he is happy that he is happy. What would you like? I can do anything.

BE runs to Yool sside and asks him if he is okay? Can you stand up? If he was off a little bit you would be dead. How can those bad guys do that to people? But Yool is able to get his composure a little bit and slowly walks to the bow and arrow station. He vaguely remembers the party were he was presented bows and arrows and the King and the princess.

Meanwhile, Yeon tells Hong that the rope Yool made was very good as a first timer. His rope shoes look really good and fit him perfectly. Hong asks him if he likes Won Deuk that much? Yeon tells her, didn’t I tell you this….when [my wife died] we had a baby, we had a big pepper which means it is a son. If he was alive then he would be Won Deuks age. By the way, when did is your brother coming?

Hong says it will be a few days. Yeon says that they need to tell Won Deuk. But then Kkeut runs up and says that there is big trouble! They made Won Deuk the target in a bow and arrow game.

Hong runs off to talk to Je-yoon about it. She asks him why he did that. Why did you make someone a human target? He says he had his own reasons. She asks if their lives are not that improtnat? Why did you do that? Why did you do something that is worse than a thug?

But the geisang walks up at that moment and tells Hong not to talk to him like that. Hong is all like, yo just became a mayor and are calling booty calls now? He tells her that she just came, he did not call her. Hong angrily walks off. Je-yoon asks the giesaen why she came today and not tomorrow or something. But the gisaeng is jut interested in Hong, is that the girl that you like?

The Townspeople, meanwhile, are concerned with Won Deuk, where did he go! They all go looking for him.

Back with the gisaeng, she meets with the mayor and says that the baby that the princess has might not be the princes baby. The Queen’s side wanted to spread this rumor, but the plan went bad. There is also another rumor that the prince is alive. Je-yoon asks her if she wants him to believe these rumors? She sits back and says that these are the rumors that she has heard.

BE comes in to get Je-yoon to sign something. He smiles at the gisaeng uncomfortably and tells her that he is not an easy man, then he scuttles off. Be delivered a letter that the mayor needed to sign. Yool is surprised that Won Deuk wrote this and recognized the handwriting. He asks the gisaeng if that rumor about the prince is real? She says it is. that make him think back to someone telling him not to investigate the princes matter further.

Int he woods, CE rides his horse but is shot by an arrow. The two assassins are with him, but they are very outnumbered by many many other assassins.

In the village, Yool makes shoes. Hong asks him why he is doing that, you can make books! But he says that he does not want to do that anymore. Hong thinks something happened in Seoul. But he does not want to tell her and says he wants to go drink some water.

She asks himif he is avoiding her? You just stood there even though the arrow was aimed at you. You are not that kind of person. But he tells her, if he is Won Deuk then he has to do that.

Hong asks, did you decide to live as Won Deuk, even though you are not Won Deuk? I thought you wanted to recover your memory.

I don’t want to recover any of my memory.


Because I want to be next to you.

Hong starts to tear up and tells him that her brother is coming. She thought about leaving him there. Abogi and her planned on leaving. When seh sees her brother, she will have to hide forever. But if it is okay with you, would you like to live with me?

He hugs her tightly.

They stand in this hug for a long moment as Hong continues softly cry.

Fade Out

Love this show! So many twists and turns. Does anyone think that CE will live? I kind of feel like he has to, he is the big bad after all.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our post on Beef Pancakes that they mention a lot in this TV show. It will be the perfect thing to try and make as we wait for next week to come.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 9, 2018 / 9:09 am

    They held hands. It was a turn your head and miss it moment, though.

    • October 9, 2018 / 10:27 am

      yup they did. 🙂 the time he said he will allow her to hold his hand because she seemed in need of support. it was when she drank the wine after talking to his brother for the first time in years. 🙂

      • V
        October 10, 2018 / 4:22 pm

        Ah! That’s right! I forgot that moment.

  2. Anonymous
    October 9, 2018 / 10:33 am

    Soo-ji will be the death of CE 😂

    • Pamela
      October 9, 2018 / 2:15 pm

      Yah, me too. People said that Won Deuk will go back to being a crown prince and leave Hong Shim. I believe that is why they are both crying😭😭😭😭 Ottoke…

      • Anonymous
        October 9, 2018 / 9:48 pm

        Yeah, we should get ready for our hearts to ge broken

  3. thistle
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    Thank you! So glad to read the recaps for this.

  4. Jo Ann
    October 9, 2018 / 1:01 pm

    Many thanks. This was a good read during my lunch break. I can’t even imagine what will happen next since Yool wants to live as WD. He was very unhappy in the palace but I can’t see him not returning there if things between the king and CE escalates.

    I think if the rumor spread that the crown princess’ child is not the prince’s child that might help to take care of the issue of a false heir for Yool. However, his father’s upcoming fight with CE is another issue that would probably prompt him not to abandon his father.

  5. Anonymous
    October 9, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    they just released the preview! 🙂

  6. October 9, 2018 / 11:35 pm

    nam ji hyun crying is just soul-tearing heart-breaking sight to see. :,-(

    • V
      October 10, 2018 / 4:24 pm

      She brought some emotions to those tears!

  7. October 11, 2018 / 10:47 pm

    wonder when they will show the marketplace scene where she said he looked cool and she allowed her to look at him more. 🙂

    • V
      October 12, 2018 / 10:36 am

      Oh, that’s right. Did that not happen in the last episode?

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