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100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 1

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Coming in to this one cold, didn’t even watch the 5 minutes trailer, eep. But it looks all kinds of cute from the teaser trailers. Dramaland, please give me a delightful drama I can happily fall right into. I need something cute and playful to fill the spot My ID is Gangnam Beauty is about to leave.

We are staring this recap at the top of the hour (11 am CST) so we can take a tiny break from our Still 17 recap that just finished. See you then!

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We open on a rainy day in the palace. The camera scrolls to the prince and watches him from a distance as he looks at the rain. But then he it goes closer to him as he puts out his hand to touch the water droplets.

He walks with passion across the palace and tells someone to bring him something.

Cut to him outside riding his horse with his guards. But someone stops him and says that he cannot go to the war, if he goes like this then he will die. he tells him that he is going there to die. He takes off riding.

A little guy yells, I am young! But I am a brave general of the soldiers! Joseon’s brave general! I am going to defeat all the outside forces and save Joseon! We are going to war now! Follow me!

he runs off with all his other friends through the woods. They chase the Jurchen kid (playtime) and the boy hits him. that kid falls. But another girl hits the prince and tells him that he is the one that makes kids cry!

The boy turns around and says he didn’t hit him (agin) only stupid people torture others with no power. The girl tells him that he is stupid, he uses his fathers power and hits slaves. Let’s go.

She pulls that kid away. The boy is left wondering, how dare she hold the hand of a slave? But then he tells his friend that he wants to play detective now. (The girls was little Hong-sim/Yi-soo).
Cut to two noble men talking. The man in purple says he found a sacred stone, it is useless (the letter on it) I found it. It means that we should change the royalty. The man he is talking to is the future King. He tells the purple man that he should not say this. The purple man says that he should dump his wife and take his brothers seat. A person who is afraid of the tiger will not let the son o the tiger live.

(The man that was talking was the nephew of the King, the purple guy gave him the stone and said that he can make him the king, he should do it for his son because his son is the son of a tiger But his wife will not be the queen.)

At his home, little Won-duk is playing and his mother talks to him. His mtoher does not want him to play a lot, she wants him to study more. he says, Play is important but the people of Joseon are important as well! His mother is happy to hear it and tells him to run off.

he runs off and runs into the purple man (CEha-eon). CE tells him to be careful, you don’t know what will happen in the future. He walks off, the mother looks at him questioningly.

Little WD runs off to play with his little guard-friend (maybe DJ). The friend found out about Hong-sim, her father is head of the royal guard and her name Yoon Yi-seo. DJ asks him if he has fallen in love with her already. WD is all like, nOoOoOoOo. They run to find little Hong-sim (Yi-seo) and tell her that a little boy got abducted by the butcher. She goes to get her friend, but the butcher’s place is super scary.

The butcher comes out and approaches her slowly, she falls. The other two boys run away. HS screams!

WD goes home to study but his mind is on what happened. he runs out and runs all the way back to the butchers place in the dark. But he trips and falls on the way and injurs his arm. However, he is not deterred and continues forward to the butchers house.

he gets to the house and peaks inside the gate, then he opens the door and goes inside. He looks around for a moment and steps on the same thing that HS stepped on. The butcher opens the door and nods, then HS looks out of the door and tells WD that he is lucky.

So apparently, HS became friends with the butcher, he did his hair and told him to smile more. The two walk back together. WD tells HS that there is a law, she should not hang out with lower class people. But she says that her father told her that soldiers protect the people of joseon, those people dont only mean nobles. WD is all like, huh? So she calls him stupid, you don’t know what that means?

She is about to trip so he tells her that she called him stupid but she is stupider. Then he tells her to be careful. She sees his arm nd notives that it is bleeding. he says it does not hurt at all, but then he yells in pain when she touches it, IT HUUUUURTS!

Cut to her treating his wound a tiny bit. They sit on a log in the forest as she does it. he wonders why she is not upset with him since she took him there to trick him. She tells him that she should not be angry at someone that refrets what they did, it is not the way of the righteous. He is all like, what? is that from a book? He names a few books.

She asks him if he didn’t read that book? Your this old and you didn’t read it? (There is a list of books that they are supposed to learn step by step, but he didn’t read it yet). She starts walking away.

they walk through plum blossoms falling. She says it is pretty right? All the petals fall around her as he watches, he is mesmerized. She holds out one hand and a petal falls in it.

HS – What do you like more, snow or flower rain?
WD – Me? You – I will marry you.

But then they hear some people searching for them. She says that her father is strict. He says it is okay, his father gives him a hard time too. She tells him that she will not tell them what happened so don’t worry.

She takes off running to her father, her entire family was out looking for her. WD looks at them and thinks that she has a very nice family.
WD goes home and wonders who will marry that tomboy girl. His is with his mother. She says she is good because she made him read that book. He says it isn’t about her! I just wanted to read this book! his mother asks if she is pretty, he is all like YES I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT PRETTY OF A GIRL IN MY LIFE.

But then he realizes what he said and hits his head on the desk. His mother just smiles. She has to go to the temple to pray for a few days, but she cleaned her hair adornment for him. He tells her that he will study hard until she comes back.

Montage of little WD studying hard, like really studying hard.

he finally reads, “As a human we should serve our parents” and he closes the door. He is about to go outside, but he remembers his father telling him that he should not leave his room today. However, he leaves anyway.

I think he goes to WD’s house. A guy tells him not to tell anyone that he opened the door for him. WD is all like, okay, thanks!

Then he sees HS walking around, she sees him and goes to him. First she asks how he got in then she pulls him tot he side and says that her father told her not to open the door to anyone, if he knows he got in, then all the servants will be punished. He tells her that he came there to give her something.

He is about to give it to her, but someone starts to bang on the door. OPEN THE DOOR, IT IS THE KINGS ORDER. They bang this over and over again. the servants are all like, you have to tell me who you are.

But the door gets knocked in. They ask for the master, but the servants don’t say anything so they kill them. Little HS screams which draws WD’s attention. he sees the men with the swords appraoching HS. They ask if she is the daughter, it looks like they are about to kill her.

But her father stops them and starts fighting them. They had an order to kill the rebel, but he says that it looks like they are the rebels. They fight and the other servants show up to help. The brother shows up as well.

The father tells them to run away and he keeps fighting the men so that they can. The son and daughter run away while yelling their fathers name, appa keeps fighting until he can’t fight anymore, he puts his sword in the ground and sees his kids running away. He is about to get his last blow, but Cha-eun shows up and everything stops.

he tells them that they should not treat an improtant person like that. The father says that he thought CE was his friend. CE tells him that this is why he is there, to say goodbye. Don’t worry about your kids, they will follow up.

The father yells, but CE just stabs him right in the heart. He dies quickly. WD sees all of this.

CE tells his guards to follow the kids, no one should be alive. But then WD runs out and yells for them to stop. I AM LEE YOOL, THE SON OF THE PRINCE! IF ANYONE MOVES THEN I WILL PUNISH YOU IN THE NAME OF THE PRINCE!

CE just picks him up like the little kid he is and carried him away under one arm. he carried him all the way back home. His father is there so WD runs to him. His father tells him that he told him not to go out of the house. But WD yells that they killed people! You shuold help!

His father tells him to just go to this room. WD stands behind his father as CE appraoches him.

WD – Is he going to kill us?

CE pulls out his sword, but he bows with it in front of WD’s father.

CE – As you ordered, I killed them all, from now on, the world is yours your honor!

WD is shocked.

Cut to WD in the palace, he is with two servants and asks where his mother is. Where is my mother? They tell him that she will be back after the Kings ceremony. But he hits all the clothes they carry away and tells him that he does not want them, i want my mother!
Meanwhile, his father looks out over his palace. CE is by his side. The father asks CE if he thinks he can rule the country well and do politics well? CS says that they only need dignity, lower people like CE will take care of the politics. The father asks CE what he needs, he did a good job. CE says he wants to be father-in-law of the king. The father asks, you want my son?

CE says that he had to tell him something bad on this good day…the queen misstepped on the hill and died. You should keep this secret until the ceremony ends.

But Wd is standing right behind them. He asks them what they mean? Does the queen mean – my mom? He takes off running and yelling Umma! Umma! Umma! he runs through teh palace yelling and has to be chased down by two servants. he yells for them to let him go, he is going to his mother!

The father comes up and tells them to let him go. he kneels in front of his father and tells him that he will be the prince of the country and the father of the country, the father of the country should not cry.


The father grabs him sternly and tells him that today is his only day to cry, okay.

he stands and gives his son a tiny head nod then walks away. Little WD falls to the ground and yells his little heart out. UMMA! UMMA! UMMA! I WANT TO GO HOME! I WANT TO GO HOME!
WD is walking with his people.

WD – Am I the only one uncomfortable (Korean joke), this situation is very uncomfotable.

Yang asks him, why are you so uncomfortable? They start walking again.

WD – The last one ont he right side.

he turns around and everyone else also turns around. he walks through it.

WD – I am uncomfortable because of you, why can’t you step with others?

She smiles and apologizes and says that the birds flying are so pretty, that is why.

WD – I spent 60k hours and I never smiled here, but you are not even here for one day and are smiling? You laugh because of that bird? You should remove all of the birds int he palace so you won’t see them.

She says, but how can I remove all teh birds? If I kill them all, they will just fly in again.

WD – Is it better for the bird to die, or for you to die?

Cut to WD studying. Someone is reading a lesson on death.

WD – Am I the only one uncomfortable here?

One of the bobles stands up, Soo-ji, he says that he is sorry but he is meeting his friend.

WD – That is why you laughed? As I congratualted you, I will give you a problem to solve.

He starts writing something.

WD – If anyone knows the answer then I will promote you regardless of your current position. But if no one answers it then no one can get out of the palace.

he tells Soo-ji, if you want to see your friend then you must solve this question.

he walks off and everyone walks off behind him. Yang tells him, if you are this scary then no one will be able to be around you as King. WD tells him that he will be even more uncomfortable, because of you. What is the schedule?

he is told that today is his day to sleep with his wife. A lot of scholars want him to sleep with his wife since there is a draught. he is a young person but he reads all the time so all the energy is in his chest and he yells at everyone. But i will shut up now. They are in the sauna like bathroom with rose petals and everything in the hot water. yang runs off to get more rose petals, but shen he runs back in, the prince is gone.

In a back room, his wife sits waiting for him, but she knows that the prince ran off again.
WD is in the library reading a book, his father comes in so WD tells him that this book he is reading is a Ddokebi book, this ddokebi says that he enjoys everyday of his life. The King asks him if every moment of his life is uncomfortable to him? You messed up the dignity of the royal family to read this book?

You told me to read books.

We haven’t had rain for several months, you should know the worry of Joseon. If you don’t sleep with your wife then we don’t have the harmony of Yin and Yang, that is why we don’t have rain!

So it is my fault that ew don’t have rain? Is that what you are saying?

Of course not, everything is all becuase of me…are you saying it is because of this stupid King like all the citizens of Joseon?

I never wanted to be a prince, so don’t force me to do anything.

Enomu jashik (you little brat)

Is the one making you uncomfortable the people of Joseon or The Vice prime minister.

Do you hate your wife so much? (Because she is CE’s daughter)

Do you think she is the only one I hate?

He walks off and goes back to his quarters, but he has chest pain before he gets in the door. Yang runs to him and asks him if he has chest pain again? WD tells him to call the ministers.

WD meets with the ministers outside under a pergola type building. He had something nice cooked for them with a flower that he likes. He tells them to enjoy. But he is not eating because he has a restricted diet for his chest pain.

Soup is put in front of him.

WD – He told me that I shuld take this bitter medicine everyday.

he drinks it, everyone else stops eating.

WD – I am already sick, but you want me to sleep with my wife, so that means you want me to die?

Minister – If you refuse the yin and yang harmony then we wont have rain.

WD – do you think I am the only one? there are so many people in Korea. What if all those people have yin and yang? Then we will have a better chance at rain. Let’s make all the unmarried people get married. I will be a part of this. have all unmarried people get married, no exceptions…..and I think you worry about draughts so I tried to save water. That soup is made of my bath water. It had genseng and rose so my skin is a lot better now.

he walks off but he really has chest pain so he collapses. Everyone yells, MY PRIIIIIIINCE!!!!! They all run to his side.

Cut to Hong-sim gathering plants in the forest. She is with a friend who tries to cheer her up. HS thinks that she should not eat only plants or she will die so KN tells her that she shoul dget married, then her husband will feed her. HS thinks, all the men arent’ worthy. her friend thinks she is too negative but HS says she is realistic.

They find some medicine so HS thinks they can sell it for a lot of money. But then two guys approach them and argue with them about getting all the wild genseng. Go away, we won’t be able to find genseng with you picking it all. You unlucky unmarried woman, just leave!

HS picks up her tiny digging skythe and tells the men, when an old unmarried woman has a grudge, you will have snow in the spring (old Korean saying) so you should not do this. Should I release my grudge and ust jump? You will fall from the cliff and break your leg or maybe a poisonous snake will bite you.

He tells her, how dare -! But she stops him and says if his hand hits her face then it will be the end of his year.
Cut to the city, the two friends walk int he city and grumble that people give them a hard time. Why do they do that, I am already sad since I am not married. But HS says that she did not get married, it is not that she cannot get married. They both laugh. Kn talks about, what if a handsome guy tried to marry you! That rich looking face!

But then they see a cheap looking face and yell, that cheap looking face is over there.

The man that they are talking about tells them that they have to go to the office! He is the mayors henchman and is super out of breath.

Cut to the mayors office. All the single people are standing in his courtyard, miserable. Bok-eun (the mayor) asks them how old they are. The first guy says he is 26 but the mayor thinks he looks 40. Another person says her age, 23, he tells she is old enough to have two kids now. Then he calls out Hon-sim, seh says she is 28. He is all like WHAT? She tells him that her face value is 20. He yells, how come you did not get married!

She tells him to calm it down, they are almost dead due to the draught and almost homeless. He tells them to pick someone and get married. She is all like, what is going on? BE tells them that the prine told them that all single people over 20 need to get married. She is all like, what? The prince is crazy.

The mayor argues with her back and forth….watch your mouth….why did he order that?…..I didnt’ order it!

two other scholars watch them and think that they are about to have a big headache, they covered something else up last time so do they really have to make all these low class people get married? We have to do our best or be punished, but what do we do? We don’t even have a good number of people.

HS and bE keep arguing, she asks him if he says that the draught is because of them? He is all like…..it’s not that! there was a thunder strike on a sacred tree! And a bunch of other things!

She is all like, so I am ddokebi? I have those powers? I didn’t know I could do all that.

BE tells her to just shut up and do it. But she asks how they blame her, how can the King do that? But in the meantime, all the other people matched up and left. She is the only one that did not have a match.
Cut to Goo-dol telling people that he is getting married, it is an order from the prince! But KN is outside in her bridal attire, crying pitifully. HS is all like, just don’t marry him. But KN says that she has to marry him or they will just hit her with a stick 100 times….

HS is about to give them a piece of her mind, but KN tells her not to do it, her life will just end here, this life is super screwed up.

Later on, HS walks back to her home. BE (mayor henchman) walks next to her and tells her that the falling sun is like HS. You are the only one left, you are next. HS tells him that it will not work, KN got married and there is no rain. he tries to tell her that this is a good time to get married, the government is supporting them with money.

She tells him to support his daughter to get married. He says she is only 15. They don’t have any more eligible men in the town, if you resist then someone will take you as a second wife so think about it.

HS yells, I have somene I want to get married with! His name is Won-deuk! My father arranged it a long long long time ago! But he is a soldier right now, he can’t come back, so what do I do.

BE is all like, you are lying.

HS tells him to check it!

When will he be discharged?

I don’t know, but this is the reason I will not get married. Tell the mayor.

She walks off grumpily and says the same thing she said to the prince when they were little. (“you are stupid”).

Back in the palace, the prince is sick in bed. His wife is next to him and asks the doctors why he is not getting better! They apologize to him and says that he passed out and threw up a lot so he could not take the medicine.

She tells them that is why he is not getting better! Are you really doing your best?

they say yes, seh looks at them for a moment and then looks at her prince. She tells him that he needs to get better. Wake up. Her life depends on it.

the high officials all meet in front of the King. They think that the #1 prince should not be #1 anymore. They want another prince as #1. They keep arguing about that. he is always sick this time of the year, but they also think this time it is different, he cannot wake up.

CE tells them, how dare you raise your voice in front of our King? then he addresses the king and tells him that the son is young, he should be okay soon. The King agrees and tells all the politicians to stop talking about his disease.

Cut to Sa-yeob talking to the queen. They kind of talk about taking down the prince. The queen thinks that her son should be the one in power. So it is the start of a kind of cue. The queen tells them that she makes the law, she did something. Finally my effort is flourishing. She smiles as she thinks about it.

In the Kings chambers, he wakes up. He mutters that he thought he would die from boredome. His guard comes in and tells him that he was sleeping like that for a long time in the same position. The prince mutters that someone should be happy now. he looks at the medicine.

The prince goes to the pharmacy person and says that he suspects the medicine. Somedays he could not take it because he was so nautious and then he felt better. So he threw away the medicine and now he is much better. The pharmacist says that nothing is wrong with his medicine, but perhaps someone wants to poison you. It might be the medicine plus your snack that you like, then that might be poison. I stopped the snack, but someone keeps sneaking it in. I do not know who.

DJ asks what they shuold do. The prince asks the doctor, who is in front of you? The doctor says that he did not meet anyone today. But one of the doctors dissapeared. Later on, the prince tells DJ that they should investigate and play detective. he can’t trust anyone, he can’t even trust his father. It does not matter if Seo-son takes his seat, he needs evidence. DJ tells him that he will prepare for this secret investigation. the prince says that eh wants to know who gave him this precious thing, he wants to give them a present as well.
Outside, Soo-ji and his other friend look at the riddle, Soo-ji really wants to solve it to go home. But he can’t think of it. There is a word that makes sense, but he does not think that the prince would give him that easy of a problem. If he is wrong, then it would be so uncomfortable. What if I become an unmarried man that dies here! The friend tells him…well, at least you are not a virgin.

The friend asks what if someone solves it? SJ tells him, regardless of class, they will be promoted. The friend stands up as if anointed and smiles.

In the city, HS plans to go to Seoul. But her foster father tells her not to go, what if someone notices you, it is dangerous. HS tells him that it will be okay, it has been so long, I am so much prettier now. She stands up and tells her foster dad to eat and not skip meals. It looks like she is going to the city to find her brother or maybe WD. he asks her if she is coming back. She says, of course I am coming back, my appa is here.

Day turns to night in the palace and the guards help the prince sneak out. They go to someones room, but it is empty. DJ thinks they shuold ask around. But WD (Lee Yool) does not think so because they have a fly following them.

They walk around the city and try to ditch the person following them. DJ tries to draw the attention. They are able to get the person and find out that it is one of the nurses, she looks like she was tortured. She tells them that she was kidnapped and snuck out. She will be a dead person. Please forgive me.

He asks her if she is the one that snuck in the snack?

She asks him to please save him.

You tried to kill me and you want me to save you?

I don’t know anything, I just followed that person’s order.

What person? Come closer to me, who wants to shut you down and kill me? Who is that person?

That person is –

But an arrow goes right into her neck. The prince tells DJ to follow the killer, he was not the target. DJ runs off; Lee Yool lays the woman down softly.

Its a chase as Dj runs after the assassin. the assiassin is able to avoid DJ, but then Lee Yool shows up. He asks the assassin who ordered him to do that?

They fight with swords and flying over trees. Its pretty serious. But Lee Yool is able to hold his own for a long time. However, the assassin maneuvers and puts his sword right on Lee Yools neck. It might be over. But DJ comes back and throws a knife at the assassin. It hit him right in the arm/chest, so he runs off.

The two chase him to the city, but it is dark and hard to find him. On top of that, the he changed his clothing to noble clothes. But he was bleeding though his clothes and Lee Yool might have noticed that.

But he does not persue him.

At the same time, HS gets to the city and to her old house.
She remembers a happy memory of training with her brother in the house as their father watched. The brother teased her…are you going to marry that stupid? She yelled at him and chased him away. The father laughed. But she is pulled out of her memory by guards who tell her that the house she is in front of is a rebels house, bad guys congregate in front of there.

She quickly walks off and goes to a book store. She goes inside (this book store owner might be a person who is one of her helpers). She changes into yangban clothing, the same style from when she was little.

Meanwhile, the prince continues walking through the city. A man is selling books and tells the prince that he has a new book that is all about the Kings order to make citizens get married! (a romance novel, lol).

HS walks past him, he notices her right away and follows her.

She stops to look at the flower petals falling. he sees her and remembers when they were kids. He thinks back to telling her (though he does not know it is her) that he wanted to marry her.

He takes a step toward her but stops. She reveals her face from under her cape and holds out her hand to try and catch a falling petal. He looks as if he nows her, does he recognize her?

he takes another step toward her, but she sees him and covers her head and runs away.

He chases after after her.

Fade Out

So far so good! We have to run, so if there was a preview we will translate it later!

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