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100 Days My Prince: Episode 16 Live Recap Final

The delightful village people in 100 Days My Prince
Of course Hong Sim would go and get herself captured so CE could gloat about starting a war that Lee Yool had to go along with if he wants to see her again. Ugh, CE is that kind of evil male character that you just want to see slapped with a glove. I will be very happy when he gets his comeuppance. Publishing this one early; the actual recap starts at 9 am CST!

We loved recapping this show with everyone here! Let’s cross our fingers for a good ending. We plan on recapping Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter next week! It will premier in this time slot. So many romances are coming out, I love it.

As mentioned yesterday, the official photobook is out! You can find it on Amazon. It houses the CD with lyrics, photobook, cards, and a tracking number. There is also another one floating around Amazon that is not official, but it looks exactly the same which makes me think that they purchased from the original in bulk and now are trying to sell them? I’m not sure, but it is about $4 cheaper. That version says it has a poster included.

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CE stands up and looks at Yool with his blank stare. He says that they have a message that there is a war. A lot of their citizens are hostages. As the prince, you should save them. Yool yells that he knows it was all his plan. CE says he must be hooked on this trap, he cannot do anything because he has Yoon Yi-seo.

Yool asks who Yoon Yi-seo is, I do not know that person. CE calmly says he thought he recovered all his memories. But if not….~. He starts to walk away. Yool tells him to stop lying to him with a cowardly plan. CE asks if he would like her wrist? Then you would notice. Yool asks where she is. Tell me. Or I will have your throat cut now. CE is calm and says that if anything happens to him his people will throw her into the mountains after killing her. YOu won’t even be able to have her body, it will be eaten by animals. So if you want to see her then you need to bury all the secrets you know.

In the palace, the politicians are telling the King and everyone that the Jurchens are killing a lot of their citizens. They want the King to come pay for ranson money, or they will kill their people every two years. The other politicians wonder why they are starting a war with them. They were at war with China. Someone else says that Korea made the arrows that China is using, so they started a war with us too.

Someone asks who should go to the border to see on this. The King says that CE should go. CE calmly says that he could go, but do you think that they will listen to me? How can I represent the palace? If something goes wrong then people will blame you. But other politicians says that the King cannot go to the border. CE tells them that the prince should go. He is the only one that represents you.

But the good politicians don’t want to send the crowned prince. CE says that he will go with him and serve him well. So please grant this.
Cut to Yeon talking to Yool. Yeon tells Yool that no one knows where Hong Sim is. Can you please find her? Yool tells him that he should not worry, he will find her. He turns, Je-yoon is right behind him and tells him that he needs to go back to the palace. The result is serious.

Yool goes to meet with the King. He tells him that the vice prime minister created this war because he can sell weapons and get a lot of money. He will not want this war to end soon. He does not care about the lives of the citizens. I have to go. But the King says he does not want Yool to go. He still does not understand why CE wanted to kill him, please tell me. Yool says that he cannot tell him. The King asks him if he still does not trust him? Because I am here because of his help? Yool explains that a lot of people will be hurt if he reveals the truth. This is a problem between me and CE.

The King tells him that the Vice Prime Minister will set the same trap and try to kill you again. Are you still going, knowing that? Yool calmly says that he is going to do what he wants him to do.

Cut to Yool standing under an awning as it rains. CE told him that he will wait for him at the wall with the woman that he likes. Yool thinks of this as he reaches his hand out to touch the water. he walks off with determination and tells his people to prepare the horses. Then he takes off to the wall. But Je-yoon stops him and tells him that he cannot go to the wall. If he goes there, then he will die. Yool tells him that he is going there to die.

Yool says that they cannot bring soldiers to the wall or they will think that we are joining the war. I will go there by myself, wait for my order. He takes off. Cut to Yool walking through a destroyed village were a lot of peole are dead on the side of the street. He sees one person who is moving so he dismounts his horse and walks over to him.

This man is not long for this world, he is bloody and barely hanging in there. Yool checks him, but then a lot of soldiers surround him. These men might be Jurchen soldiers. Yool starts to fight them all with swords. It is a dozen men against one. But then Je-yoon shows up, he and Yool go back to back as they talk about how Yool did not want him to come. JY says that Yool looked at him so longingly as if he wanted him to come. Yool says he did nothing of the sort. But they have bigger things to do so they both start fighting the Jurchens.

Cut to CE and his right hand man talking. CE tells the man that he should join China. His mission is keeping the promise with China. The prince issue is my own thing. I started that bad relationship so I am the one that should finish it this time. I will tell him good bye myself.

Outside, a spy hears everything.

Cut to Yool and Je-yoon. They fought off everyone and made it to the border. Right now they are all sitting in a huge tent to talk war strategy. Yool looks at the arrow and says that this arrow really is from CE. He created this war. They talk about how 300 of their citizens are in China for ransom. One of the guards give him a letter. The letter said that they want to negotiate with them. But the problem is that you would have to go there yourself.
Later on, Yool watches the moon. Je-yoon comes up and asks him if he is thinking about his citizens or a woman? Yool asks him if he likes snow or flower snow? Je-yoon wants to know if he can joke like this? The letter is fake, there is no evidence that they have hostages, you should not go there yourself. Yool asks what he would do, would you not go?

Je-yoon says that he would go, but he is not the prince. I don’t feel good about this.

An arrow shoots at their feet. It ha an arrow on it that Yool reads. The assassin makes sure that Yool reads it and then dissapears from the rooftop. Yool tells Je-yoon that he has to go to the city, the Vice Prime Minister is waiting for me.

Yool goes all the way to the border wall. He is with his men, but he goes through the gate by himself. it is empty, but he sees a woman lying on the floor. it looks like Hong. He walks quickly to her, but it is not Hong. Footsteps come out in the near distance. Yool notices them and stands up.

It is CE. CE asks what he should do, the woman he is looking for is not there. Yool asks where she is. CE tells him that he will die before he gets a chance to see her. Several other men run out with their swords up. Yool asks if he called this many men to kill him? It looks like he will die, but what will he do, he does not want to be a victim the same way twice.

Several other men come out from the rooftops and shoot many of the assassins. Yool tells the other to drop their weapons. Another assassin gets shot by an arrow. Yool tells the rest to drop their weapons or the arrow with penetrate their throats. then he tells everyone that CE’s sin is trying to kill the crowned prince, creating a war, and putting all the citizens in danger.

CE walks up and grabs a sword on teh ground. The arrows all point to him as he walks toward Yool. Yool yells for them not to shoot him. They start to fight.

it is a fantastic two man sword fight that ends when Yool slices CE’s arm. He tells him to stop, he will not be able to use a sword anymore with that hand. He walks past hima and tells his men to arrest him. But CE is about to pull something out of his pocket. Someone yells to shoot him.

Yool spins around and sees CE approaching him with his hand in his pocket. He gets shot by several arrows. he is able to get to Yool and gives him a letter. Then he falls to the ground.

CE – I don’t want to live with nothing as you want me to.

He falls onto the ground and dies. Yool grips the letter strongly and stares at CE dead on the ground. In the back, the assassin tells Hong that everything is done now. She is standing behind him.

Flashback to the assassin walking up to Hong in the woods when she was holding her brother. Hong asks the assassin why he just showed up now and watched him die. Why! Why! he tells her that he did not know what he was doing. he asked him to protect Hong instead of himself. Hong looks at her brother again and hugs him lovingly as the tears flow freely.

Later on, she buried him in the woods. The assassin tells her that her brother prepared a house for her, he can take her there. Hong says no, she is going to finish this.

In the present, she looks at Yool who is staring at the dead CE on the ground.
Yool tells Je-yoon to fing Hong Sim, she should be around here. Je-yoon asks if CE really took her here? Yool says no, she was helping him from nearby, she is the one that sent the lettr yesterday.

They walk around the village looking for her. Then Yool hears a little girl crying. He walks to her sound. Hong is kneeling with her. The girls family all died so Hong tells her that she should cry. If you hold it in then the pain will last longer. So go ahead and cry as much as you want. It is okay. She hugs the little girl and lets her cry a lot. Then she wipes her tears and tells her that her father will come back safely because the prince is very brave and smart, he came here so just wait a little bit. It is dangerous to be alone here, so lets go to the overnment office. You can be brave, okay?

The girl thanks her and runs away. Hong stands up and then turns to see Yool watching her. He comes up to her and stands in front of her.

Yool – I worried about you a lot, in case the Vice Prime Minister did something bad, why did you come to this dangerous place?

Hong – It is not about you.

Yool – I heard about your brother, I am sorry.

Hong – You don’t have to be sorry, you did not do anything worng

Yool – I wanted to save him, to run away and dissapear.

Hong – Why? Because he is my brother?

Yool – You don’t have to live as Hong Sim anymore. Your letter helped, I can recover your identity again. You can go back to before our marriage.

Flashback to Hong finding out that the princes child is not the princes child. Her brother told her about it. But Hong still asks him why he came back, to kill the prince incase he recovered his memory? Her brother says it was not that. She asks why. he tells her that it was to protect the person he loved and the baby. She is not a princess to me, she is just a woman with the name So-hye. I am sorry Yi-seo, I can only live as Moo-yeon because I have to protect the two of them.

In the present, Hong tells Yool not to forgive her. Don’t do anything for me. I am a sinner to you. Yool tells her, how dare you not listen to my order. Hong says that the person who made him this unfortunate is her and her brother. Yool says that it was all because of the cue. He lost his mother and his love. You also lost your abogi because of me, since then, I have never felt comfortable.

Hong says that is the past. Forget me and the past and everything. I hope you return to the palace safely. She starts to walk past him. He asks her, is this the only thing you want to tell me? Can you just tell me that you love me? You don’t care about anything and you want to stay with me. That is all I want to hear from you.

Hong starts to talk, she tells him that she cannot give him what he wants. then she continues to walk away.
The head eunuch approaches the King with a letter from the border. The Vice Prime Minister died. The King asks what happened to the prince! The eunuch tells him that the prince is okay. The King sighs his relief. The letter is actually from the prince.

The King opens it quickly, but a sad tone covers him when he reads it.

CE – Now I finally decide where to use your empty letter. I think I have to get what I really want to get.

he picks up his brush and starts to write on the empty letter.

VO – All the Vice Prime Ministers Sins will only be for him and not his children.

King – This is the order as the King….

he crumples the paper and mutters, Vice Prime Minister…you tried to stop me even after death? Do you think I will keep this promise with you?

The princess is laying in her bed and not eating. Yool meets her. He asks her why he kept her alive. He tells her that the person he loved his entire life is her lovers sister. it is not like he cannot kill her, he just cannot kill the baby in her womb. he will decide what to do with her after the war, so stay alive.

She sits up and starts eating. Later on, the other prince comes in and apologizes with the bad news, CE died. A cue tried to kill the prince. She asks, is that so, then I will not be alive either. The other prince tells her to stand up, it is not the time to be like this.

He hurries her out with the help of her maid. It looks like he is looking for a hiding place for her. But the King shows up with several guards. He asks what they are doing now. Seowon says that her mother is looking for her, so they are visiting her. The King approaches the princess and tells her that he knows everything about what she did. Are you trying to run away after committing that crime! You want to be alive after what you did!

Cut to the war at the border. It is still going strong with hundreds of people fighting on horseback and on foot as fires burn all around. Yool is still there fighting passionately.
Goo-Dol shares the battle stories with everyone. Yool went into the Jurchen area alone and killed them all! Thousands of them! He killed everyone! Our prince is the best sword man in Korea. The other villagers think this is a tall tale. The loan shark asks, not even 17-1 but 1000 to 1? GooDol tells him it is the truth, he also rescued all the citizens and went back to the palace. But the princess is dead. The reason is – she killed herself.

Kkeut says that she is pregnant, she shouldnt! But the other people say that the baby was not Won Deuks. they think that she shouldn’t! Won Deuk was too handsome for that!

But then Soo-ji comes out in normal people clothing and asks, is he the only one that is uncomfortable? Don’t talk about the princess like that. Goo-DOl yells at him and says that he is the son of the rebel! (They are the people watching him to make sure that he will not run away). GooDol yells, aren’t you going to eat your dinner today!

GooDol says not to talk to him, why did you volunteer to do this? GD says that they are paying him, he didn’t know that he would actually live with them. Kkeut thinks they should stand up (she is pregnant!). The loan shark stands up and says that he is going to China, if you need anything then tell me, my merchant shop is so busy.

Soo-ji tells him, when you go to China, meet the old Eunuch and tell him about me. Tell him to rescue me. But they tell him that he is already dead, what do you mean rescue you? And you crossed the line.

Sooji looks at his foot that is partially across the line. SJ asks what happened to that woman, the woman that the prince picked, are they going to get married.?

Cut to Hong int he woods. She meets with another noble person in the woods. He tells her that it is always nice to wait for a lovely woman. She wants to know what he wanted to tell her. He grbs her and says that they are getting old so lets have some fun. She grabs his arm and twists it around his back.

But then BE comes running up and tells Hong not to to that, you might get hurt. BE is the mayor. They take this man away. it looks like Hong helped them capture a serial sex offender. BE thanks Hong Sim. Hong tells him that he has been a mayor for a long time, but still talks like a secretary. BE tells her that she is Yoon Yi-seo again. You recovered your name. You area a noble girl…well, you are too old to be a girl, but how can you fight that man!

Yi-seo asks him, do you think that money comes to people if you don’t do anything? She holds out her hand to get some money. He looks for his wallet but then yells, TIGER, and runs away when Yi-seo turns her head. She chases after him.

In the village, Yi-seon puts out a sign that says that she can solve all the problems. Then she goes to sit. While sitting, she thinks that it woul dbe the best if she drank Baesuk (the princes favorite drink). She starts to think about him.

VO – Wherever we go, we can make a pretty flower wall. DOn’t worry, i will be bext to you forever. I am not going anywhere without you because I am your husband…..do you want me to sign it (he kises her) this is my stamp.

Yeon comes out and sees his daughter thinking on the lawn. he asks her what she did, you look like your soul flew away. She smiles and says that she made money, of course. Yeon tells her that she is a yangban once again, so live likea yangban. Yi-seo says that she does not want to live like a lady, that is no fun. She wants to live with yeon.

But her father says that is not the reason she is not leaving this house. She tells him, okay, I am not leaving because of Won Deuk, are you happy!
Cut to the mayors office. BE tells his people to lock up the noble perp. Then he tells the servant to bring his writing equipment. SunDo is the servant, lol. SD says that he will kill him when he recovers his identity. BE yells that he thought the prince was too easy!

The undercover guy from before wrote a letter to Yool saying that he captured a lot of robbers. Yool reads this to his politicians outside. he gives them a few orders. he wants to bring the undercover guy to him and use him next to him. Je-yoon says that he will tell him to come. Sa-yeob says that he replaced the King for half a year, but you need to be a good exapmple of the palace….it is not raining….

Yool asks him if he is talking about this again? This happened last year. Another palace person says that they have a rumor, it is too bad so I cannot even say it. So I won’t say it. Another one calls for the end of the meeting. Yool stands up and says, if you worry about the draught then you should find a way to make water. See you this time tomorrow morning.

he walks away with his people. Je-yoon says that what he said makes sense. Aren’t you sleeping alone for a long time. DOnt you feel lonely. Yool says yes, but it is okay, you are next to me. Je-yoon tells him, even though you are next to me, I am still lonely. (yang is behind them!). Yool tells him that the busy bee does not have time to be sad, so I will give you more work.

He starts to leave and bumps into Yang. Yang can talk again! He tells the Prince that his scholarly meeting is cancelled bcause he needs new clothing. Yool says that he does not need new clothing. Yang tells him that that makes him uncomfortable. I almost died because of you! Cough Cough cough! Yool tells him that he will do as he asks.

Cut to Yool getting measured for new clothing. The person measuring him is a woman. She tells him that his fingers are so pretty (or his body?) she gets very close to him. Yool asks her if his father sent her? She backs up and says that another place sent her. He tells her that he smells the most expensive perfume. Did they give that to you to seduce me? Do not touch me at all.

he walks away and goes to his fathers quarters.
His father is busy reading. Yool tells him that he tried all the noble girls so he is sending him maids now too? The King is all like, so you didnt’ like her? I picked her after thinking a lot. Yool complains, father! His father tells him that he showed him many dozens of women, everyone is complaining about this. I am embarrassed. Are you really going to stop our royal bloodline.

Yool says that he told him that he liked someone. His father yells that he should put here in his heart even with a healthy body like yours! Are you – dumped???? What kind of woman! HOW DARE SHE! Yool says that, well, he is dumped, but the reason is not because of him. Can you wait a little bit? I am also waiting for her.

The King ends up going to Je-yoon and scares the living bejeezus out of him. Je-yoon hops up and bows. The King tells him that he told him to serve the Prince! How can you just work every day! You are not doing your job! JY tells him that he is sorry, but he has a plan.

Cut to the palace meeting. The King tells Yool and the palace that he wants to make Yool the next King. Yool tells his dad that he is still healthy, how can I be the King. The King coughs and says that his disease is serious (cough cough) I will take a little vacation, but i want to see your marriage! So Marry all the unmarried people, even aristocrats kids. If you do not then they will be hit 100 times, no exceptions!

The queen wonders if the King is really that sick, do you think the prince will really get married? It hink he is gay, that is the biggest weakness. My Seowon still has a chance. She is talking to Sa-yeob about all of this. She wants to ask JY to seduce the prince and make evidence. he is your brother so just tell him. Sa-yeob just sighs and says that he hates his brother, but he is not gay. The Queen says that it does not matter, politics is just plans, you told me that.

But the King comes in and asks her how long she is going to pay attention to the prince. Just stop. The Queen says that she is just worried about the Prince and his marriage. The King tells her that she should just focus on him from now on….I will spend more time with you. Romantic music starts to play. The King tells Sa-yeob that he should leave. Sa-yeob quickly leaves. Then the King starts to speak softly again and tells his Queen to come close to him. He gives her a big warm hug. She smiles as if that is all she was waiting for.

Later on, Yool asks what his fathers disease is, is it so serious that it cannot be treated? His father says that his butt is so mushy since he has been sitting in the Kings seat this whole time. Yool asks him if that is a joke? The King smiles and says that the King’s job is too much for him. He wanted to be strong as a stone but he was more like a reed that swayed in the wind. I actually hated myself. CE was a bad guy, but I envied his strong will. You are the same. I owe people so I couldn’t ignore them. But you are different, you don’t care about your position, that is how you got more respect from them. I lived my entire life looking at how people looked at me. When I was little, it was to my brother, when I became the king, it was to the officials, and I wondered how people would see me after death. I always worried about that.

I only paid attention to how people would remember me as a King. Yool, you should live your own life that you can remember on your own. Your heart is more important that how people see you.
Later on, Yang meets with Yool. Yang tells Yool that Je-yoon wanted him to give him this letter. He left.

VO – After you became the next King, I never had any time off. I will leave for 4 days. Don’t be angry, I am following the Kings order to get married. I am going to the village to get married.

Yang tells Yool that the early bird catches the worm. I did not think you were going to have a one-sided love forever and someone else would snatch her. It is not that bad for you to be written in history as the only unmarried King in the history of Korea. But if you live alone forever then You are just like me. HAHAHAHA. Yool throws something at him. yang tells him that what he said is not wrong. But Yool is newly invigorated and tells Yang to prepare his clothes!

Elsewhere, Seowon visits the princess in the woods. he smiles when he sees her. But she is sad as she looks at the sky. She remembers the story that Moo-yeon told her about the world raining a lot so even dandelions where under water. The dandelion asked God to rescue it, so the wind blew. The seeds blew the dandelion to a new dry place. New flowers grew.

We see the little baby come out. So-hye says that the name of the baby is Soka. She says that it is against the rules, but she wants to remember the name that no one will remember for a long long long time. (Soka might have been Moo-yeon’s original name).

Yi-seo meets with her friends. She made them something. GooDol says that Yi-seo hopes they have a girl because if he is a boy he will look like GooDol and a lot of women will want him. Kkeut tells him that he will be another unmarried man, like father like son.

Yi-seo caught a big fish for Kkeut, but Kkeut has morning sickness. GooDol says that she still has morning sickness because she is old. Yi-seo just tells them that she can eat it. But then Sooji coughs as if he wants the fish so GooDol mutters that he needs a stick so he can hit him.

Yi-seo leaves and runs into Je-yoon. he tells her that he is there to tell her that the King wants all the married people to get married again. She complains, but he tells her that he thinks it is a good idea because he wants to get married. Stop being an old unmarried woman, lets get married.

BE runs up to them and tells them that this is good, both of you come with me to the city office.
It is rewind to the opening episodes. all the single people are standing in front of each other. BE says that he thought they got rid of all the unmarried people last year, but now these people are over 20. However Je-yoon and Yi-seo are both 29 and 31. Yi-seo complains and says that they had rain this year so why do we have to get married. BE tells her that it is not his order, the King wants this! So, just pick your people.

VO – Am I the only one uncomfortable?

BE turns around and asks who said that? But then he gasps. It is Yool standing right there with yang behind him.

Yool – This nonsense marriage makes me very uncomfortable.

They ask him why he is there. Yool tells them that he came there to investigate if anyone is getting married when they don’t want to just because of the Kings order.

But he also says that he is also unmarried, so he will be apart of this. He stares at je-yoon who just looks at the sky.

The marriage matching starts. There are 3 woman and 4 men. The men should close their eyes and the woman should stand in front of the men that they like. The men close their eyes.

the woman are all like, can we really pick? Really? BE tells them to be quiet and start!

Yi-seo lookat at Yool and starts to walk over to him. BE tells them all to open their eyes. Yool opens his eyes and sees the mayor standing in front of him. Yi-seo is actually standing in front of Je-yoon.

Yool thinks, yeah, no one can stand in front of me, they are not brave enough. But I can give you one more change. Yang starts laughing.

Later on, Je-yoon tells Yi-seo that she made a good choice, I will not make you regret that you chose me over the prince. Yi-seo has something to tell him. But Je-yoon wants to tell her something. He did not like thta he was born as a bastard son. He hated his dead mother and he hated himself for hating her. He did not think he would fall in love at first sight, but after experienceing it, he believe it. He had to tell that woman that he loved her.

Yi-seo says that he will not have her heart. Je-yoon tells her that the heart is not getting, but giving. But then he feels that Yool is around the corner. He tells her not to move. Then he grabs her hand and puts it to his neck. He says he has a fever. Yool walks up to him alarmed and asks if they can stop. Yi-seo looks from je-yoon to Yool.

Cut to the two talking. Yool asks if he does not have any loyalty in front of a woman? You know how much I lvoe her. Je-yoon says he is doing this because of that. If you do not get ahold of her this time, then I will really propose to her. Yool decides to go find Yi-seo who is at the very large prayer rock mound. He tells her that he is there for his wish, for the one that loves him to stay with him for awhile. She tells him that he might not be happy, she might block his future.

He says that he will be unhappier without her. But she says that it is not true love if you stay together and smile at each other. Me and my brother left you a lot of pain, how can I forget that. He tells her that he does not care. But she says that someone will know it one day and attack you with it.

Yool – If that is a position where I have to give up the one I love, then I don’t want that position.

Yi-seo – Choose to be a respected King instead of becoming your lovers husband.

Yool – I cant help it, as you said, I will go back to the palace. But before that, I want you to find something. I was in a hurry to find you so I lost my books. I heard that you still have your business. It is in a red silk bundle so it will not be difficult to find. I will pay you back with a lot of money, so find it as quickly as possible.

he walks off.
She starts looking for the red bundle. She thinks she finds it, but it wasn’t it. She keeps looking for it and finds it finally. It is on the side of the walking patch. Inside is a lot of books. She looks through all the books.

Elsewhere, Sundo is doing manual labor in a corner as Yeon, GooDol, Kkeut, and BE talk happily. Yeon thinks he got his woman pregnant even though she is so old. They wonder if he can have a kid when his daughter is unmarried. Then they call to the servant to bring their petals that he is plucking one by one. BE yells at him, I told you many times! You have to have a hole in them! Do it again!

SunDo goes back to his corner and mutters that he will recover his position. BE yells I CAN HEAR YOU.

In the pathway, Hong reads the books which are actually Yool’s diary entries.

Diary – Eash step I walk, I see you. I am depressed with that. The other day, I regret that I did not grasp ahole of you. I could not sleep because I was so sad. Today, it was raining. When I saw the snow, it reminded me of you. You asked me if I liked snow or flower rain. Even if you ask me many times, my answer will still be you. Do you remember, today is the day we got married. I heard that life has two paths. One is to live the day as if it is not a miracle. The other is to live as if everything is a miracle. In retrospect, for the 100 days where I lived as your husband. Each moment was….like a miracle.

Flashback to all their moments together as she reads the diary. She cries a littl ebit but wipes it away and looks at the front of the book. Then she wraps it all up and runs to find Yool.

She runs into Kkeut and GD and asks them if the prince is at the city office. They tell her that he left, he said he was in a hurry. Hong (Yi-seo) runs off to find him at the gate, but he is gone. She holds the bundle a bit closer to her and walks home.

She sits on her pyongsang and stes the bundle next to her sadly. But then Yool steps in front of her.

Yi-seo – I heard that you left.

Yool – The prince left, but Won Deuk did not leave yet.

Yiseo – I do not think you are Won Deuk

Yool – Look at me carefully.

She looks at him, the camera spins around them both. On the rooftop, BE, Yeon, Kket, and GooDOl start to throw plum blossom petals over them. Yiseo sees the petals. She wonders, it is not srping, so how come we have flower rain?

Yool tells her, she found his books, they are secrets that no one should see. Did you see them? She says that she did, but she hopes he stops writing those sad things. He tells her not to worry, he knows what to write today. I proposed to the woman that I will love forever and for my entire life. She nodded. So I will live the rest of my life with her with whatever it takes. Let’s go to the palace.

he extends his hand to her

Yiseo – is this your proposal?

Yool – No, I am going to do it properly now.

He lightly touches her face and kisses her softly as the blossoms continue to fall over them.

The camera cuts away to show the friend team making sure all the petals stay in the air as Yool and Yiseo continue kissing.


I am happy with this happy ending. I would have loved it if CE stayed alive longer to get what he really deserved, but at least he is out of the picture. I also wanted a bit more cute moments between Hong and Yool. This show really ended on “…and they lived happily ever after.” Which isn’t a knock on the show at all, I personally just wanted to see something extra cute in the end. Like Kkeut and Hong’s babies taking naps together or something and all the village friends living in the palace as Yool’s most trusted allies.

The top Image is by tvN and edited using PicMonkey.

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  1. Madre
    October 30, 2018 / 11:12 am

    Thank for the recap!
    I really want to watch the last scene..
    How did they make the petals stay in the air??

    • V
      October 30, 2018 / 12:47 pm

      They put holes in the middle of the petals so that they will float more, I think? then they kept blowing them to keep them up. That is my guess.

    • Anonymous
      October 30, 2018 / 4:07 pm

      Maybe a bit of computer animation?

  2. October 30, 2018 / 12:14 pm

    thank you so much for doing this!
    the past 8 weeks flew by and now the drama is over. i will surely miss these folks! their story is so sweet and i look forward to more projects from dks and njh!
    thank you dramamilk! 🙂

    • V
      October 30, 2018 / 12:48 pm

      It really flew by!!!! I cannot believe this is the end. I am pretty stunned. I wish they could have had some more cute moment together in the end, but I am happy where it did end.

      • Anonymous
        October 30, 2018 / 4:04 pm

        Super fast!

  3. em
    October 30, 2018 / 12:16 pm

    it would be nice if hong shim told yool that she loves him in the end. hehe =p

    • V
      October 30, 2018 / 12:48 pm

      That would have been a really nice ending as well. And then we fast forward to them playing around in the kitchen of the palace or something like that. 🙂

      • Em
        October 30, 2018 / 2:15 pm

        Yea that would be really cute! thanks again for the recap! I felt like the ending could’ve been better. I can’t wait to see the subbed version later.

        Although to be honest, I think it’s really the wonshim couple that made me want to watch the show instead of the story alone and cheer them on.

        I was thinking would you think there would be another actor/actress that would be better than njh and dks for this role? I dont think it would have the same feeling if DKS was with another actress though and vice versa. Just want to hear your thoughts! =)

        • Anonymous
          October 30, 2018 / 4:06 pm

          I wish for a better ending too with just a bit more cuteness as well! It was thrills until the end but I didn’t get a proper amount of time to deflate and exhale at the happy ending. But overall I really enjoyed this show.

        • V
          October 31, 2018 / 6:35 am

          I loved both actors in there roles here. I don’t think anyone could have pulled off the “Am I the only one uncomfortable” ness of D.O’s role. It was also nice to have an actress with some stock to her to play a heroine that could do everything herself.

  4. Kayen_SAA
    October 30, 2018 / 8:30 pm

    Another drama has ended and thank you very much for recapping 100 Days My Prince. Although we all hoped for maybe a cuter and sweeter ending for our heroes but at least they ended together. Til the next drama…

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