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100 Days My Prince: Episode 15 Live Recap

Do Kyung Soo looking at the princess in 100 Days My Prince Korean Drama
My goodness, y’all. We are in the last week with so much to get to. Lee Yool found his diary last week, read all about his princess having another mans child in her womb, and told her that he wanted to stay with her for a long time tonight. I don’t think it will be the fun affair that she is picturing. But it does help us get to our happily ever after with Hong Sim. Though I am still not sure how that is going to play out.

Lee Yool has Je-yoon as a confidant, but CE is a tricky bastard that I don’t think Je-yoon is equipped enough to handle. I’m happy that Kwon Hyuk is Yool’s right hand man now in the castle, but I wonder if he is a match for Moo-yeon who might have to try and kill Lee Yool again? I don’t think he will though, right? Not unless his sister is in danger. Did the preview say she would be in danger?

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CE gets home, Hong is there (she was talking to Sooji). He stops and asks who Hong is just as Hong thinks about the night that her father died and her family was destroyed. CE tells her that they look familiar, have we met eachother before?

hong tells him of course not, she lives in the country, this is her first time coming to Seoul. CE tells Sooji to tell her to leave. Then he walks off. Hong tells Sooji that CE’s eye gaze is not normal, SOoji says he can’t even have eye contact with him. Hong asks him if he knows of someone called Moo-yeon?

Sooji asks how she knows his Mooyeon? Then he corrects her pronounciation of the name. She says that she coud be mistaken because the pronounciation is similar. He tells her to leave because his father asked her too, so she walks off. But she knows something is going on there.

Yool sits with the princess who talks about the fire in the lkibrary. What should they do about it? Yool mentions that the diary he had since he was 10 burned. He wishes he had it. She tells him to empty his heart about it. He asks her if she can control her heart as she wants? She sys that she should not have told him that. He asks her about the baby she has, why do you think it is a boy that looks like me?

She says that she had a dream that the full moon came into her body. That is why. He wonders what they should do. He does not think that he can see this boy. He had a woman while he was outside the palace for 100 days. They slept together and woke up together, they had so much love but he can’t even sleep tonight because he misses her.

She asks why he is telling her that? Are you going to go out and sleep with her? He says he could do that. She tells him that she is pregnant with his child, that would be cruel. He softly tells her that she is very pretty, it would have been better for her to marry someone else. But she should not be jealous or have any of these emotions because he is the King (or will be the king). He tells her not to embroider too long every night even though it is good for kids.

He gets up to leave. She tells him that he cannot go to her. Your father in law is vice prime minister. He will be the father in law of the King, he will not let you do it. Yool tells her that they will see, he wonders what he will do.

The prince leaves, the servants wonder where he is going, but he does not answer them. Kwon Hyuk comes up to him and asks him to tell him something, it is almost midnight. He can prepared him other clothing, it is dangerous for him to go out like this. Yool asks him if it is safe for him in the palace?
The King comes out at that time and tells Yool that there are a lot of unlucky things that happened this year, it is all related to you! I told you not to make any more trouble. Why are you doing this? Yool turns around and asks the King why he did this to him. Why did he make him have a relationship with the VIce Prime Minister.

They go to another rooom. The King asks him if he wanted to erase the ties with the Vice Prime Minister? Yool says that he is the one that tried to assassinate me. The King stands and says that it should not be him, he wants you to be the King, he should not want to kill you. Yool says that he found out the answer to that, he did not remember it.

Yool tells te King that he will do all of this himself. He will not let anyone else take his revenge. The King asks him what he will do. Yool asks the King to give him all the power.

Elsewhere, Je-yoon wonders if this is a dream. The camera cuts out to reveal all the village people at his house. It is a comedic scene as he looks at them in disbelief. They are all just lounging around the courtyard of his home and commenting about how he ditched them int he village. They all want some connections and things. There are a lot of jobs int he palace. But Je-yoon tells him that big power has big danger, the responsibility of the prince is not like that of normal people. However, Je-yoon also finds out that Sundo told them that the Vice Prime Minister wanted Sundo to prepare the firewood.

In the palace, Yool tells his father that he needs a sneaky plan because CE is sneaky. The King asks him if he can help him as a father. Yool wanted him to answer his old question. His mother. To be the King, his mother was in the way becuase she was a relative of the previous King, did you order to have her Killed.

The King says no, he did not know that CE lied to him and committed murder. Until that point, I did not know that he was that bad. I am sorry Yool.

Hong sits alert outside in the courtyard. Yool asks her, didn’t you sleep? She hops up, surprised to see Yool walking to her. He tells her that her handsome prince was not with her so she couldnt’ sleep. He understands that. She asks why he came out of the palace so early. He explains that he anted to see someone. She tells him that he should not do this.

He playfully asks her if she knows who he wanted to see? She brings up Kkeut and GooDol, they would love to see you! But he says that he will see them next time. He has to go do something, but he will definitely come and find her and bring her back. Do you remember that day 16 years ago? That night the plum blossom flowers were flying around? Do you remember what I said? What did I say?

HS – “I will…marry you.”

Yool – I will keep that promise.
Yool goes to the woods were he had to run away. Flashback to his guard telling him that he has to run away. He has to protect him, that is his job. Yool tells him not to do that anymore, you should protect yourself. DJ apologizes and says that whatever he says he will say that it is uncomfortable. He holds a sword to the princes head.

Yool is taken out of his memory by Yeon who presents him with a white bundle. Yool unwraps the bundle on the ground and looks at the clothing inside.

VO – Take off your clothes and give them to me.

Yool – DOn’t die for me.

DJ – My prince, you were my first friend. But that friend went to the palace and became the prince and I couldn’t see you anymore. From that time ,my dream was to become your bodyguard and protect you. i will survive, I will be next to you when you become King.

Yool holds the clothing in the woods. A tears start to bubble and fall onto his cheeks. He thinks about practicing sword fighting with DJ as kids and adults. Yool was able to get the better of DJ as a kid and an adult, but it was fun. Yool laughed and they started playing again. All the memories of DJ come back to him at that moment. Je-yoon, Kwon, and Yeon watch quietly as Yool grieves for his lost friend.

Hong talks to GooDol and Bok-eun about them helping her with something. GD tells her that with her age and face, she is like his big sister, so tell me. She says that she has to rescue her brother. BE asks, wait a minute? You have to rescue him so he is not there for fun? Um…I will just leave and give up everything. He leaves. But GooDol says that he will help her! You are like my sister so after I help you, will you tell the prince about me? BE comes back in extra dramatic, wait! Outside is safe, so what should I do!

In the woods, Yool tells the three men that a lot of people died because of him. Kwon tells him not to blame himself. They need to arrest CE. But Yool just says that death is quick, I want to make him feel like death everyday and moment. They ask what they should do.

In the palace, CE finds out that the prince went out secretly. They went to the ChongJae mountain. CE mumbles, how dare he lie to me? (I think he might be talking about JE). CE tells his right hand man to call everyone for the secret meeting.

Walking back, Yeon says that he was miserable hearing about what happened to the prince. Please make everyone who did it have blood tears. Je-yoon asks Yeon if he likes the prince that much? He smiles. yeon smiles as well and says that his daughter likes him so how can I not like him. Yeon says he also thinks he is a pitiable guy. Je-yoon says that he has to do some work, but Yeon says he has to see someone.

The ajumma starts running up with the loan shark bothering her. Yeon hits him over the head and tells him to stop being so bad, how can you do this to this woman! Cut to the loan shark telling Je-yoon that Sundo told him to gather all the fire wood. I dont’ know why. Je-yoon tells him that it is a secret, but he is undercover from the prince. The loan shark tells him he doesn’t have to trust him, WOn Deuk trusts him already. Je-yoon says he is the prince! The loan shark says, I know, my Won Deuk….*heart eyes*

Meanwhile, back in the city, Yool meets with Sooji at his home until CE comes back. He says it is a good chance because he wanted to talk to him more in depth because he is the brother of his wife. Sooji is so happy to hear that because he always heard “am I the only one uncomfortable” when he came to him. Yool tells him that he is still uncomfortable, it would be better if we had this conversation over snacks.

Sooji claps and says he will go have the servants prepare some. When he leaves, Yool starts to look in the draws. He sees some letter and then goes to another cabinet and sees a bow and arrow. he walks around to a third cabinet and sees a small box inside. inside the box is the stone that CE showed that Chinese ambassador. Yool thinks that this is not just for looks.

Outside, CE comes. Sooji tells him that he took him to his room. CE looks nervously upset and hurries to the room. He bursts in and sees Yool looking at one of his swords. Yool asks him if he makes him uncomfortable. CE tells him, of course not. Yool comments on the sword and says that it is nice. CE says it is nothing like Yool’s sword. Yool unsheathes the sword and asks if he would like to practice with him?

He used to practice with someone but does not remember him. I am not happy because I have not been able to practice. As head of the country I should be diligent with my martial arts.

In the city, Hong, BE, GD, and Kkeut all put dirt makeup on their faces and make themselves look like beggars. But then they start to talk about how they cant do it, GooDol thinks that he can’t pretend to be a beggar, it is his face, if he pretended to be an aristocrat then, yeah, but no one will think I am a beggar. Kkeut is basically like, shut up.

They start practicing the beggar song that they will be singing. Hong voices over for her brother to wait, she will save him. Then, everything will be okay because he will protect us.

Cut to Yool outside witha sword facing CE. He tells CE not to be too easy on him. CE smiles and says,yes, as you wish.

They start to fight. CE is very good and only uses one hand to fight Yool who has to use both his hands. But Yool is able to throw CE. CE pops up. Yool tells him that he heard that his fencing is better than his fathers old bodyguard. It looks like it is true. CE tells him that there was a kid called Dong-joo. Your body guard and your friend. You should practice your fencing with him, but he is dead so I will find a replacement.

Yool’s gaze is strong as he tells CE that is okay, he will drink something inside. he goes inside, but then an arrow shoots right by his head. Several assassins come out. CE tells them to take the Prince inside. Sooji takes the prince to the safest room in the house. Yool tells Sooji that he should protect his father as his son. Sooji is nervous about that, but he leaves.

Yool grabs a sword and steps out of the room and into another room. He kneels and starts to go through all the cabinets on the floor. Then he goes to a shed and looks through the hay. Inside, there are bows and arrows that look just like the ones he has been searching for.

Outside, the fight continues as the assassins and CE’s people sword fight all over the courtyard.
Outside-outside, Hong and the beggars wait outside CE’s gates. They have their hair down and looks a mess. GOoDol still does not think he is a beggar, but the other ones think he is a natrual born beggar. Hong tells them to start singing so she can run in. They start singing to create a distraction, but then all the assassins run out. They all run and hide behind a stone wall. Hong tells them that maybe today isn’t the best day, you should go home. But she will stay and look around. Kkeut tells her to be careful.

Inside, Yool finds a locked room. Inside, Moo-yeon tied up on the hay. Flashback to Yeon telling Moo-yeon thta he should have killed the Prince if you knew that the baby was not Yool’s. I trusted you and wanted to keep my promise with you. He is chocking MY, but then he drops him. He says he wanted to kill him, but he will not do that. You should live. So-hye will do anything to save you. So you should live. Forget about all of your dreams. She will be in the palace and give birth to the princes son and become the Queen. I will decide how you will die. That is the price for loving my daughter.

Moo-yeon is able to escape when he hears that someone is breaking into the room. Yool walks in and sees MY there. he asks him if he is the assassin? MY runs out but he runs right into Hong. Yool is right behind them. She asks her brother what is going on, I worried about you. She also asks why Yool is there. Yool asks her, is he your brother?

She says yes, but she is confused and asks what is going on, how do you know my brother? Yool tells her that it is nothing, I think he is the wrong person. He turns and starts to walk away. Moo-yeon looks pretty low at the entire thing.

Inside, CE sees that Moo-yeon escaped. He wonders if this was the princes plan all along, perhaps you recovered your memory?

Cut to Yool thinking about that night that Hong’s father died. He is in his quarters and is brought out of his thoughts by Kwon. Known tells them that they were able to get in and out safely. Did you find what you needed? Yool tells him that the one that was trying to assassinate him is his lovers brother. now, he is not sure how he should proceed with his revenge.

In another area, Hong asks MY if he is CE’s assassin? How can you do that and be like that? MY says he did it to save her. The night they separated, he tried to kill CE, but it was not a good idea. I couldn’t kill him and I had to beg him. I told him that I would work for him if he let you go. I would do anything he asked of me. I killed people, do you know how I felt doing it?

Hong tries to figure it out and says that the Prince followed you before. So, where you the one that tried to assassinate the Prince? MY says yes, it was me. Hong backs up a little and asks him why he did that cruel thing? Where you trying to get your revenge because of our father? MY says no, CE asked me to. He promised that we could live forever if I assassinated the prince.

Hong thinks that is nonsense, how can he do that to his own son in law? MY explains it is because the baby inside the princess is not his child. He lost his memory so he will not remember that as well. Hong asks why he came back to Hongnam, was it to kill the Prince incase he recovered his memory?

Scene change to Hong barely walking outside. She collapses in the street.
Je-yoon and Yeon area also walking outside. Yeon tells Je-yoon that it is hard to walk far distances after getting old. JY tells him that he can carry him. Yeon says he can’t dare make him, but, if you wanted to, you should have done it way before. We are almost at your house now. But then they see Hong passed out outside. They both run to her.

They end up calling the doctor and take her inside. Kkeut thinks that she should not have let her go to CE’s house alone. Je-yoon asks them what is going on. They kind of mutter about disguises but don’t really say what all happened. Je-yoon tells them that they should leave, the noise won’t be good for her. They all leave. Je-yoon stays and dabs Hong’s forehead.’

She slowly wakes up and asks what happened. he tells her that she passed out in front of the house, what were you doing? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but why are you doing this difficult thing by yourself. Hong tells him that she has a question, can you answer it? he tells her to ask him whatever. Hong says, the prince recovered his memory right? He went to the mountain because of that? So does that mean he knows who tried to kill him and why?

Je-yoon tells her, maybe. But he asks why she is curious about it. Hong says that she has a trustworthy guy next to her right now, so can you help me? I need to go to the palace.

CE is inside his chambers when one of his men show up. he says that he heard CE had an assassin attempt. CE thinks that it was the princes plan, he might have recovered his memory. The man says, but the eunuchs said that his condition did not change. He also does not have his diary so maybe he is looking for evidence. CE tells him that MY ran away, but the prince might not have done it, he would not be this quiet if he did. MY will want to see my daughter first, so find MY, as soon as you find him, kill him. If the prince knows the princesses secret then we are all dead. I did not create this war for fun. Our citizens will all die. When we have a big war in the country, this tiny thing will not be that important before. What happened with the meeting?

We will be the only ones at the Gisaeng house.

At the gisaeng house, CE tells them that China will attack the Jurchens, they will be a part of this war. The men love that. Sundo is there as well and tells them that the preparations are going well. the citizens dont’ know what they are doing, they just want food. They ask CE about the border. CE says that when the citizens die, the prince will go protect them. i will send him to the wall, that is the job of the prince.

In the palace, an eunuch gives the prince a letter from one of the maids. The maid is Hong. She bows her head as she talks to him and says that she will deliver the letter. he is shocked to see her and tells her to come inside. She goes in with the eunuch. She gives the letter to Yool and tells him that this is the letter that she was ordered to give to him. But she looks at him so the other man tells her that she should not dare do that.

Yool tells the eunuch that he will talk to her so empty the room.
The eunuch says that this maid is new, we cannot trust her. Yool just tell him that it is an order. the eunuch leaves. Yool whispers to Hong and asks her how she got there. She whispers back and says she came there to give him the letter. He thinks that is nonsense. She also says that she came there because she missed him and asked Je-yoon for a favor. Yool is stunned. She asks how long she should talk that quietly.

He kind of smiles and says she is daring. She smiles as well and says it was a good choice because she could see him wearing these cool clothes. he says he was cool before. She tells him he was a palpoongi that could not read books, but now he has read all these books. He tells her that he did it to brag to her about it. She smiles but asks him if he recovered his memory, thta is why you went to Song Joo-yun right?

His face falls, he says that is right. She tells him that he can ask her for anything before she leaves. he says anything? If that is so…

Cut to them going to the kitchen. His wish was to eat the juk that that he ate in the village. he says he really missed that juk. Their cooks are very good here so no one can recreate that taste. She smiles and says she understands, she will make her horrible juk. He smiles and asks if she can make that black juk with these ingredients. Hong says they can if they have the earth worm. He is all like, did you put that in the juk!

He flips around and accidentally knocks over the salt. The two of them have to hurry and hide as two guards come in. They see the broken salt and keep looking around. But then one of them thinks that they might say that they broke it, maybe we should leave.

Yool held Hong close to him as the men were looking around, but then they parted a little bit when they left. Hong sighs a sigh of relief. But then she asked what he was thinking? You ears are red. He backs up and says it is b-because it is h-hot.

She smiles.

Cut to him eating the juk that she prepared for him. He eats it all quickly. She tells him that he ate this so well, but why are you so skinny. He tells her that everything was so uncomfortable when he came back. Sleeping, eating, everything. Without the cue, we would be married already and together like this every day. Things should not be this difficult.

he pushes the table away and then rests his head on hong’s legs. Hong tells him that she thinks it is time to leave. But he tells her, wait. Then he rolls over to look at her in her eyes.

Yool – I will be happy if I was really Won Deuk.

She lightly rubs his forehead. he closes his eyes as she softly touches his eyebrows, then he cuddles back up in her lap. She pats him on his shoulder as he sleeps.

Later on, Yool sleeps happily in his bed. He wakes happily as well, but Hong is gone.
Yool sits up suddenly and sees a note from Hong

Note – Our life does not flow the way we want. But it flows the way life wants. I wish we became like fate, but the bad fate between us since the cue has separated us again…

She starts walking out of the palace.

Note – …my brother wants to see you. Don’t hesitate because of me. Do are you wish. Follow the flow. Our bad fate that started since the cue, just cut all the strings of this bad fate. You are the only one that can do it.

Yool meets Moo-yeon in the woods. Moo-yeon kneels in front of him. Yool tells him his real name. MY says he forgot about that name, he is just CE’s assassin. Yool asks him if he became an assassin for the man that murdered his father? MY explains that he lost his family in one day and became the son of a rebel. Everyone wanted to kill me and my sister. To survive, I had to do it.

Yool asks what he got to kill him. MY tells him that he got his sisters life. He tries not to cry as he tells him this. Yool tells him to be the witness and tells him everything that CE did to kill him. Then I will find a way to save youa nd your sister. MY says he can’t. Yool asks why. MY says that the reason CE wanted to assassinate you was, me.

Flashback to the palace where the princess saw MY. when she was standing with Yool.

Yool asks him if he is the father? MY says he is the sinner so punish me and rescue my sister. Yool tells him that he will decide, all of this tragedy originated from Kim Cha-eun. You took the reason I had to punish him from me. I am going to punish everyone related to this.

He starts to walk away, but MY grabs his foot. Several guards come up to him and hold a sword to MY’s head. Yool keeps walking away with Kwon as his bodyguard.

He walks all the way to the princesses quarters. When he gets inside, he sees a red bracelet that she is holding. He remembers this bracelet around MY’s wrist. Yool tells his people to take her out of the palace. She went out to see another man at night and was killed, that is the story. The main maid does not know what to do. Kwon goes up to the princess to escort her out.

The right hand man goes to CE and tells him what is going on. The princess left the palace secretly.

Cut to the princess being carried away in a palanquin. She is dropped off in the woods. Kwon tells all the guards to leave and tells the princess to come out. She comes out bravely. Kwon pulls his sword, she kneels.

He tells her that he is sorry. She holds her belly and waits. he pulls back his sword and swings it toward her.
But she opens her eyes. She is not dead. Kwon tells her that the princess has died. So you should disappear. This is the princes order. He leaves. So-hye is shocked and braces herself on the ground.

But then MY comes out and hugs her for a long time.

VO – I did not forgive them. But, this is the thing I can do for you Yi-seo. I could not take your brothers life myself. (he writes this in his diary)

At Je-yoon’s house, Hong sits next to her father who is sleeping.

VO – Thank you so much father. Because of you, every day of my Hong Sim life was a gift.

She holds his hand and tries to blink back her tears.

Hong sneaks into CE’s house again. She takes a bucket and pretends like she is one of the servants. She is able to go all the way inside. She even has a knife at her side. But Sooji comes in, super curious and asks what she is doing? How dare you come into my room like this. Leave, I will let you go becuase you know Je-yoon.

She starts to leave, but then she hold the knife to Sooji’s neck and asks where his father is. Sooji says he went to rescue the princess because Moo-yeon kidnapped her.

Cut to CE riding with his people to find the princess. they find a clue. He tells his people to search everywhere, the princess should not get hurt.

The princess and Moo-yeon are walking in the woods, but she is in her third trimester and cannot walk that quickly. She stumbles. He asks her if she is okay, but then all the assassins come up. She tells them that they should not hurt him.

MY unsheathes his sword and starts fighting them all. Hong also runs to this location, but she is not there just yet.

MY fights all the assassins, he is very good. He tries to protect he princess because he does not know why there are all there and is actually able to kill them all.

He looks at her to see if she is okay and then grabs her hand to walk off. But he gets hits by three arrows in quick succession and falls to the ground. So-hye tells him not to die, I will not forgive you if you die like this. He tells her that not being reborn as anything was a lie. I will visit you. Whatever I am reborn as, I will visit you. Even if I am reborn as the wind, I will visit you.

SO-hye starts to cry a she holds Moo-yeon. More assassins run up to her and pull her away as CE comes up as well. He pulls out his sword and stabs Moo-yeon with it as Moo-yeon looks at SO-hye screaming as she is pulle away. Blood gushes from his mouth.

VO – Before there was a super flood, The entire world was under water, so even dandelions were under the water. A little dandelion asked the sky to rescue it. There was a sudden wind and the seas blew to a nice sunny land. Soon, a new flower grew again. When you fly with the wind, it will be able to blossom somewhere.

Flashback to MY pulling up a dandelion and blowing it as So-hye watched on.

Hong shows up on the scene, but everyone is gone. Her brother is dead were he laid. She walks up to him and calls to him…brother?….brother?….brother? But he does not answer. Hong starts to tear up as she sees all the arrows. She holds her brothers head in her arms and cries as she looks at his face. What s-should I do….w-what should I do….
In the palace, there is a letter from the loan shark. It says that SD is getting iron from the mine to purify it. Je-yoon tells him that they are making a lot of iron. It is an order by CE. Park threatened people using CE’s name. But it is illegal for someone to make iron without permission. They use all the people in the region to make iron. Yool wonders, doe she want to start a war?

An eunuch comes in and tells the prince that he should leave. The prince leaves and goes to the princesses quarters. He is stunned to see her there and wants to know what happened? Why is she back in the palace! She tells him that Moo-yeon died. Her father put his own sword in his heart.

Yool leaves and thunders to CE’s office. He said that he thought the best revenge was forgiveness, but now he realizes that it is not for him. He throws his diary on the table and tells CE that he is done today. CE is calm and asks what that is. Yool says that it is his diary where he wrote all the bad things that CE did.

CE picks it up and asks how he can prove that it really happened? Who will prove it? Yool says that the princess is the evidence. You should have just let her go. Your own daughter that you dragged back here will testify for all that you did. CE is still calm and tells him that it is not time to focus on those personal things. There is a message that there is a war. A lot of our citizens are taken as slaves. You should rescue the country.


CE – You will be in a trap because you cannot do anything. Yoon Yi-seon…I have her.

Yool stares at CE as CE looks calmly at him.

Fade Out

Wow, so the brother died even though Yool tried to save him and the princess. I am not so sure there will be a typical happy ending for our duo. But I kind of still believe there will be a happy ending? It might be one of those dragged through the sewers of hell until we popped into the light type of happy endings. But they can still make it there right?


Hong – Don’t forgive me. Don’t do anything for me.
Hong – Why! Why!
Yool – I will do what the Vice Prime Minister wants.

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    I’d been living my Monday and Tuesday waiting for your recaps , honestly! Thanks a lot 😂

  6. Jo Ann
    October 29, 2018 / 2:54 pm

    Many thanks for the recap

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