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100 Days My Prince: Episode 14 Live Recap

DO in historical noble garbs in Korean Drama 100 Days My Prince
Everything about Hong Sim came flooding back to Lee Yool’s mind on the bridge yesterday. Calling her name and seeing her turn in acknowledgement confirmed it. But, are all his memories back? That is the big question because if he remembers everything then he knows that the Vice Prime Minister tried to kill him and all the people surrounding him will try to do it again. There is so much story to get to but only one week left!

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Yeon paces, he is frantic about where his daughter is right now. But then Lee Yool shows up to the house and stands in front of Yeon. Yool calls him Won Deuk at first but then bows to him and asks for his forgiveness. Yool kneels and asks where she is right now.

Yeon asks him not to do anything to her, he tells him that Hong lost her family to rebells and her family was accused of being rebels. Please don’t do anything to her! Yool tells Yeon that he has to meet her right now.

Cut to the bridge, Hong is on it looking at the sky. Yool walks up to her, peaceful and shocked at the same time. he stands there and sees an image of Hong as a child smiling at him under the plum blossom tree. He calls her name, Yi-seo. She turns at that name.

he says it is right, Yoon Yi-seo.

She asks him how he knows that name. he tells her that it is him, palpoongi. that Palpoongi that could not read that small book. You gave me your hair tie. Flashback to that day where she gave him her hair ornament and she asked him what he likes, snow or flower rain. he said he liked her. We also see all the events that lead to her family getting killed.

Hong knows this all well, she just did not know it was him. She asks him how he still has it. he says he has it because he missed her his entire life. Hong tells him – you are really palpoongi (stupid). he says that he is palpoongi, I did not know that you were alive like this, you were next to me but I did not know it was you. Now I knowit.

Did you recover your memory?

No, only you.

they continue looking at each other on the bridge for a moment, then he starts to walk slowly to her. he keeps walking past her, right by her, but he stops just over her shoulder and tells her that they are separating like this now, but I will find you soon. He keeps walking away, quicker this time. She turns to watch him.
Back at the house, Je-yoon shows up to a frantic yeon. he tells him all that happened. Hong Sim left and the prinec came! How did he know that we were here? It made my heart fall it almost killed me! Yeon wants to find his daughter, but he does not know Seoul. Je-yoon tells him that he will find her. But when he turns around to do just that, she is already standing there.

Yeon pulls her inside and tells her that they should pack up, they need to leave. they need to go into hiding and find her brother. The pricne came! If he comes again then we are in big trouble. She tells him that she is not leaving. She will stay there until she sees her brother. Yeon asks her what she is thinking. She explains that she told him about palpoongi all those years ago, they could run away because of him. that palpoongi is the prince. He still has my hair tie. I even forgot about that hair tie.

Yeon takes this in for a moment. how can this happen? Hong says that they had fate to meet each other again. Yeon tells her that the King killed her parents. And you hid ever since. Hong says it is ot about the prince, it is about the King. She knows how it is, but I want to see him.

Yeon explains that he does not hate Won Deuk, it is just that he is the prince. The King is his father, I worry about you. Hong says that she worried as well. Everything is strange.

Elsewhere, the eunuch man kneels in front of Yool and tells him that everyone. Yool finds out that everyone working for him is not on his side. They just pretend like they are working for him but thy are spyie. Yool tells him that he is a eunuch, he is not serving him, he is just like a rebel that is using tax money. The man says that CE does not want him to have his family back and is holding my family as a hostage. Just kill me please. It is better to be killed by you. If CE knows that my family will die as well.

Kwon Hyuk pulls his sword, but Yool tells him to do his work. Yool will do his work as well. he has Kwon Hyuk remove his sword and tells the eunuch to leave. He is not forgiving him. The eunuch leaves. Kwon asks if he is still keeping them all around? Yool explains that he cannot kill them and mutters that the palace is a lonely place.

Elsewhere, the pricness meets with Moo=yeon in a field. She asks him if he remembers when they came there. he asks her if the baby~. She says can you take me and leave? But he does not say anything. So she tells him, don’t worry, this child is not your child. She walks away from him, but she walks right by his hand as if she wants him to hold it. He does not.

She walks to her servant. The servant asks her what will happen in CE knows. She tells her that he will not kill her. I am not worried about house arrest. The palace is a cell to me anyway. The servant tells her that her carrier is far away, so they need to walk to it. But then Moo-yeon comes back and grabs her arm.
The eunuch tells the doctor that he will serve the prince today, they have to talk about something important. he sits the medicine in front of Lee Yool and tells him that he will drink his medicine from now on. he drinks it all and then leaves. Yool wonders why the Vice Prime minister is trying to keep him from recovering his memory, what memory did he lose?

Int he field, Moo-yeon tells the princess that she cannot leave with him. If she does then her family will be destroyed. If you still do not regret it then I can do what you like. We can leave, tell me when you are ready. he watched her leave, but then something hits him and he passes out!

He wakes up with CE standing over him. CE asks him why he did not kill the prince. MY asks if he is going to kill him. CE says he is not, if he told him that the prince lost his memory then I would not have been nervous with the fake funeral. I brought the prince here because of you, that is a good thing. MY says that he does not think he kidnapped him to tell him that. CE tells him that he wants him to do one last thing for the princess.

CE kneels at eye level with MY and tells him, you should have already guessed, the princesses baby is not the princes baby. You should find the father and kill him. Can you do that for the princess? MY grips his side closely.

In the palace, Yool wakes up abruptly. he had a memory come back to him of Hong Sim’s father getting murdered. He also remembered CE tell him that today is the last day he should cry.

Yeon tells Hong Sim to tell the ajumma back int he village that he is okay. Hong is all like, Yang CHoon-tae? Yeon tells her to just say hi to her, you know….~. Je-Yoon tells him that he will tell eveyone that they are okay, don’t worry. Yeon thanks him and says that it is all because of him that he saw his daughter again. He does not know what he can give him.

It looks like he is about to bow, but he moves into a full on arm saranghae heart. Je-yoon tells him that is too much, I will only recieve this much *finger heart*. Je-yoon then tells then to leave a not under his desk that explains where they are going for emergency purposes. Hong says that she will. je-yoon confirmed that they are not lying with a smile and tells them to be careful. he is about to set out back to the Village, but the prince called him with a guard.
Je-yoon goes with the guard to the palace and meets with the prince. Yool tells him that he is first and Je-yoon is next. He remembered something. He met Hong before him, he is sure without a doubt. JY tells him that it was bad for him to lose his memory and he remembered his important person this late, but did you call me to tell you this? Yool tells him, of course not, I want to know who you work for. Are you CE’s person? I heard he made you the mayor. But you are step brother to Sa-yeob, so are you working for the Queen?

JY asks him if he still does not remember that he wanted to be his person from the beginning? Yool asks how he can trust him. Jeyoon tells him that he can test him to see if he is his person or not. Cut to Jeyoon talking to CE. CE asked him why he came to Seoul. JY says that he came there to get his permission. CE asks him what he needs permission for. Je-yoon explains that the prince offered him a position in the library. CE knows that this is an important position that is close to the prince. Why would he give you that important position when you are just a mayor?

Je-yoon explains that the prince does not know anything in the palace but met me in the village so he is comfortable with me. CE tells him to refuse it, I will find someone else. JY tells him that the prince is suspecting him and does not trust the people around him. CE tells him that he will handle that, just go to the village. JY says okay. CE tells him, if I were you, I would be on the princes side, because he will be King soon.

Je-yoon explins that CE is the one that will control the next King. I grew up as an extra marital son, I can read things. CE tells him that his mouth is light (says things too easily). JY counters that he will be smarter than what he thinks. CE decides that he will trust him. Serve the prince, you should not take your eyes off of him, tell me everything that is going on.

meanwhile, GooDol and the other village people are cutting fire wood for SunDo. They think it is ridiculous, why are they doing this hard labor. They want to go tell the prince how they are living. BE comes out and tells them that they should keep working. But ajumma, Kkeut, and GooDol do not want to do this. BE explains that SD has the weight of CE behind him. if they do not do this then he does not know what will happen, they might get punished. he is also not happy about it.

GooDol yells and rips off his clothing. He says that he is so upset and will work the hardest! He starts chopping the wood again. Kkeut thinks that her mother told her that blue frog (the frog that does everything opposite). Ajumma asks what she is talking about. Kkeut says that he is stopping her so she wants to go to Seoul more.

BE meets with SunDo, SD is so upset that the firewood is not ready yet. You have 3 days to have it all ready. Then he tells BE that he has 3 days or he will be fired. Prepare the wood at all costs. BE walks away and thinks that now is a good time to quit, the prince told him to work in the government. Maybe I should find the mayor and apply.
back in the city, Hong walks around the house carrying something. She hears a voice that says, I will visit you soon. She pauses for a moment, but then goes to a room in the house to start writing something. Yeon asks her, what if anyone sees it?

Hong explains that this is their secret code, even if someone reads it, they will not know what is going on.

Elsewhere, MY gets advice from the other assassin who tells him that he should leave CE knows everything and will kill you. MY thinks he can buy some time to find someone else that CE can suspect as the father. He thinks that he can do this because he has someone to protect with his entire life.

MY goes to the market area and sees Yeon putting up the post on a wall. He reads it.

Notice: Summer night, without the full moon. I will wait on the bridge with a red heart.

Inside the palace, je-yoon explains to Yool that the two woods seperated are Foot and Heavy. I found were your foot steps became heavy. Every spring you stopped in front of the plum blossom tree near the bridge. The princess asked to cut down the tree. I think, the quiz was related to the princess so I went to her place. But I found the bad talisman that the queen placed. Maybe you wanted to say that if something happened, it was all because of the queen. Is my guess right?

Yool says that he does not know. Je-yoon wonders where his smart prine is that he used to know. Yool asks, are you saying that I am not smart anymore? JY is all like, yeah, you are not smart. I need to check it. he writes something and presents it to Yool. What is the fill in the blank? JY says that what he wrote there is a fish net. What will you put?

Yool explains that this is a shallow idea, but he would put it the other way. he would have the normal citizens to embrace 10,000 wishes. je-yoon tells him that he is still smart, he is relieved. The character in the middle changes to what Yool said. Yool asks if he is the only one uncomfortable, i am really uncomfortable. Je-yoon says he is the one that is uncomfortable, I am not uncomfortable at all.

He presents the secret letter again and asks why he gave it to him. Yool says he does not know. Je-yoon sighs. Maybe they should leave the palace under cover. They leave, he tells him that he thinks CE’s people will follow them, but KH will take care of it.
They go to a wizened mans house who stops and bows. he says that he did not recognize him, he has grown a lot. Yool asks why he was brought there. je-yoon tells him that he has to meet someone. The old man says that yang opened his eyes, but he can’t think or speak. He is the one that served you for more than 10 years.

yang turns his head and recognizes Yool, but then he cowers in the corner. The old man says that he has been the only one to visit him for more than two months. Yool kneels in front of Yang and asks what happened. Je-yoon says that he did nto follow him during the weather ceremony and was arrested. I heard that he tried to kill you because of that. Yool removes Yang’s hands from his face and asks if this is all because of him, what is the prince?

Yang tries to tell him something, but he cannot speak. Yool asks him if he wants to say something? yang nods. Cut to Yang writing what he wants to say (it is so pretty!).

Note- I am really glad that you are alive….. I did not commit suicide, the person that tried to kill me was the Vice Prime Minister……I told him that the dead body was not you.

Yool asks, so what happened before I left for the weather ceremony?

Note – find your diary.

Hong waits for her brother behind a tree but is looking at the bridge. He walks up behind her and asks why she is doing this. She turns and asks what he is doing. She does not trust that he will show up, she wants to know what is going on. he says that it is not that he did not want to see her, he did this to protect her. In order to protect her, he could not see her. Please listen to me, I beg you.

Hong says okay, i will listen to you and leave. MY holds her hand and asks her to please be careful.

meanwhile, Yool talks to je-yoon at the palace and mentions that it drives him crazy that he cannot remember. Je-yoon tells him that he has to find his diary. But Yool does not know where he would put it. Je-yoon says that the diary has all the answers, so he should find it. Yool tells him that he is afraid of the truth he will find out and what he will do at the end.

Flashback to the shaman on the street who said someone had a bloody sword.

back at the gates, Hong followed someone, but was stopped by an assassin. Yool sees this as he walks up with Je-yoon. Je-yoon tells Yool not to interfere and then tells the assassin to stop messing with this woman. But Yool also steps in and beats the assassin away. the assassin ends up running away. Yool asks Hong if she is okay. Je-yoon says that he could have saved her. Yool says he would have had to end up rescuing both of them.

Je-yoon explains that it is already a huge issue for Yool to leave without a bodyguard. But Yool just pulls rank and tells Je-yoon that he is the one that gives the orders, don’t you remember? He helps Hong up and walks away with her.
They walk away hand in hand. Hong says that she came there to find her brother. Yool says he can find him. She mutters that he is bragging that he is prince again. You can’t use your power for personal purposes. But you like to use your power, I knew this because you ordered everyone to get married. Yool tells her not to say that to your husband! But it is playful. Hong looks at their hands and asks if he can let her hands go. he asks her if she does not like holding hands with him?

She says, when we walk like this, when do we see each others faces. Yool smiles and tells her that it is difficult to come out undercover like this. it is a rare chance so you can look at my face. She says that she will.

They take a moment to just gaze at each other.

hong tells him that he should have a lot of delicious things in the castle, how come you are skinnier than before? He explains that it is because she is not in the palace with him.

Je-yoon goes back to his house to Yeon. yeon is all like, why did you come back so late? Je-yoon tells him that he does not have to worry about his daughter, but yeon says that is not it! he looks to his left and wel see that the gisaeng is sitting there.

The gisaseng and Je-yoon go inside to talk. She tells him that it is not easy to like someone that does not like you. They start to talk about what he will do since he loves the prince’s woman? JY says he can’t really do anything about that. The gisaeng asks if he will ruin everything because of love? Je-yoon wonders, loyalty or love, which one should I take so that I do not have any regrets?

Outside, Hong tells Yool that she looked at him enough so he can go back to the palace. he does not want to leave. She tells him that seh can walk with him to the front of the palace so they can stay together for 30 more minutes. She starts walking. he catches up and walks backwards. if they walk like this then they can see each others faces for the full 30 minutes.

Hong smiles, but then she stops and says that they need to take a detour. Yool looks back and sees a gateway. He says that he heard that story, if they pass through that gate then it means they will never separate. She does not want to go through it. Yool takes her arm and pulls her through the gate. Then he tells her that he loved her the first time he saw her. He loved her throughout the 20s that he did not see. And he will love the many days from now on.

hong tells him that from tonight, it should remain as a good memory. She will remember this day as a good moment. Yool tells her, the person in front of you is not the prince, he is Won Deuk.

He Closes the space between them and kisses her passionately and deeply.
The next day, Yool meets with his father. He gives him a document to appoint Je-yoon as his librarian. The King tells him that he does everything without his advice and mentions this mayor guy. Yool says that he stayed in that town when he had a life and death situation, people were nice in that town. He wants to send them a good mayor. He also needs to solve this question of who tried to kill him and why his death is buried, I need him to help me find this out.

The King tells him that he should not hire any more people from CE. Especially not for that purpose.

But Yool stays firm, he asks the King if he is afraid that the people behind it is Seowon and the Queen? Covering up the truth as the King of the country is not the right thing to do.

Cut to Je-yoon talking to CE. he tells him that the prince is trying to recover his diary. I heard that he wrote everything in this diary. If he finds it then he will recover everything and know all the secrets tht should not be revealed. CE asks him if he knows why secrets are secrets? he will ask al lthe eunuchs to find the diary. Je-yoon tells him that Yool is smart, he will notice all these people moving around. Let me do it. CE agrees and tells him to report it to him in a timely manner.

In Yool’s quarters, he remembers the conversation he had with JY about the diary. he thinks that it might be hidden somewhere. Perhaps he gave him a quiz that was useful to Je-yoon’s level. But he solved it based on Yools level. The answer might not be the prince. You can solve it with 4 squares. Je-yoon asks, lets find the letter with four squares? But Yool tells him no.

he thinks for a moment and then thinks that it is a door. the diary should be hidden somewhere where we have to pass 5 doors from here. je-yoon starts walking to find this area.

VO – The building where I have to pass 5 doors.

He searches in the library and in the weapons room.

Meanwhie, Yool walks around the palace and runs into CE. CE bows to him. Yool walks up to CE with a blank face. But in his mind is the murder that CE committed. CE asks the Prince how he is so busy everyday. Yool says that he is walking around the palace to recover his memory. They talk about his memory coming back. Yool tells him that he is in a hurry, he almost made a mistake with the Chinese diplomat. CE tells him that he will tell the doctor to give him more medicine. Yool smiles and says that he will recover his memory since CE worries about him so much.

Elsewhere, the princesses servant asks MY if he is crazy. She came out because he called her, but how can he call her in this important time? MY gives a note to the servant and asks her to give it to the princess. There is a change in the plans. But someone sees this.

The princess opens the note that explains that her father might know what is going on. he will wait someplace 3 days later.
CE comes in right then and tells the servant to leave. then he sits to talk to his daughter. She smiles and asks what is up? He says that he feels pitiful with a recently dead person. he told her to kill the father but she took an innocent persons life. The princess says that she does not know what he is talking about. CE asks to see the letter, he has Moo-yeon.

The princess says that she thought he left. CE tells her that she was with him for more than half the day. he had someone following them. Why didn’t you date someone on the street. Why was it Moo-yeon. The princess tells him that he can’t do this to Moo-yeon. CE tells her that she cannot run away, whatever happens she must be the Queen and seduce the princess. We are waiting for this big project that we prepared ten years for. Dont make me upset. If you become an obstacle then Moo-yeon and the baby will be killed. Your love will disappear eventually so remember that you are just like me.

He gets up to leave, but she starts talking and tells him that she hates him. Why does he live like this? Why does he go that far? isn’t this enough? When are you going to stop? What more do you need? CE asks her if she eats wild rat because she is hungry? Eating bad food and dying, have you buried your parents that were killed? I don’t know what I have to eat or what I have to have to make this empty mind filled.

The princess tells him that she hates being his daughter. CE explains that he gave up on his son, you are the only one I trust. I do not want to lose you also so wake up. he leaves. She screams all her frustrations at the empty room.
Cut to the market in Seol. Kkeut and GooDol are walking around. They are amazed at how big Seoul is, but GooDol basically tells her to keep her wits about her in Seoul. Kkeut wonders where the palace is, her feet hurt. GooDOl crouches to give her a piggy back right and says he cannot just let his wifes feet hurt!

But he falls over when she tries to hop on and they both go tumbling to the ground. GooDol runs away and Kkeut chases him. But then they see BE eating at a restaurant. BE tries to hide from them but they call him out and yell at him. he told them not to go to Seoul, so why is he here! BE says he is there to take the exam! BE says that he wants to report that they need to chop 100 bunches of fire wood to the mayor.

Kkeut smiles and says that they can stay at his house, it should be big! they don’t have to stay at a tavern. Do you think he will let us stay? We are citizens of the village, of course he should let us stay there. GooDol says his wife is so smart and asks BE were the mayor is. BE yells, IF I KNOW WHERE HE IS THEN I WOULD NOT BE EATING HERE LIKE THIS.

At the house, Yeon tells Hong that he thinks her and the prince have a God given fate. It is not that easy to love someone for his entire life that he saw when he was that tiny. I also did not know that he was a prince when I saved him from the mountain. Hong asks what he thinks they should do? yeon says that he is just sad that they are seperating. hong smiles and says that they are not separated, there hearts are connected. Yeon is all like…..okay….me too…~. But then Kkeut and the rest of them show up. it is a happy reunion.

back in the palace, they failed finding the diary. Yool needs to confirm something with Yang. je-yoon meets with yang and asks him what the title of the diary is, can he remember it? yang thinks back to when Yool was writing in the diary. he remembers it. he writes the title of the diary – DuBot(?) DuGoo(?)

Je-Yoon goes to find it. he goes to the library. It looks like the 4 doors where the squares inside the library (he had to pass 4 squares which were bookshelves). Je-yoon looks at the bookshelf and finds it. the henchman sees it and reports this to CE. CE tells him that no one should read this diary nd heads out.

But in the courtyard they see a smoke over one of the buildings. A fire has broken out. Je-yoon tells CE that he was in a hurry, he could not help it, the diary was removed forever. CE asks if he read it? Je-yoon says that Dugoo was the name of the diary, it means: do not talk. He did not read it because he did not know what would happen if he read it. Yool watched this conversation from nearby.
Back at Je-yoons house, the village people joke about how everything is better in Seoul. The fruit is sweeter and the moon is brighter. They ask Hong why she is at the mayors place? hong says that it is complicated. they wonder what will happen if she becomes the princes second wife? Hong does not look like she wants to wax poetic about that. GooDOl tells them that they came there to see the prince, BE came there to bring the mayor back. Yeon tells them thta the mayor is not the mayor anymore, he is serving the prince.

BE yells about the mayor being a bad guy. Ahhh, my stomach! he rolls over.

In the princesses quarters, the princess asks her father about the fire in that library. He tells her that the prince was looking for the diary, the diary should hold their secrets, but it was burnt so dont worry. Go to the princesses house tonight. Even if he is cold, he should be soft toward the baby. She tells him that he needs to keep his promise. CE tells her, of course.

Outside somewhere, hong follows a man in black. Possibly her brother? he goes into a large building, so she follows him and goes inside as well. She steps into a large courtyard area and looks around. Sooji is there and asks her who she is. Hong quickly says that she is sorry, she is at the wrong house. Sooji is all like, okay. But then he asks her if he saw her with Je-yoon?

Hong mutters, y-yes? Sooji asks her if she is looking for someone? i am going out, I can show you around. Hong tells him that it is okay, but his house is great, who is your father? Sooji tells her that she will be surprised, he is Kim Cha-eon’s son, the Vice Prime Minister. Hong immediately has a flashback to that night her father died. She is frozen.

behind her, CE shows up. Sooji runs to greet him. CE hops off his carrier and steps right in front of Hong, curiously. She cautiously looks up at him.

Meanwhile, Yool waits for Je-yoon. He asks JY if CE suspects him. Je-yoon says he does not think so. He also says that he found the building but not the diary (oh, he did not find it?). the prince gives him another hint. They have to pass 6 more doors from that building. Here.

They turn to another room inside the room that they ar in. Yool tells him that it should be here because he likes plum blossom trees. I made this box with the plum blossom tree that the princess chopped up. He opens it – the diary is inside.

Diary – I feel better without the medicine. … the suspicion of my chest pain and the medicine is not wrong….there is no one I can trust….nothing is wrong with the medicine itself, but if it meet my favorite snack then it becomes poison…..I think it is attempted murder, who wants to kill me?….I opened the party to find out who is trying to kill me, Kim Cha-eon is the one….I am sure he did it to hide his poison attempt, but why does he want to kill me?….I know all the secrets but I am so sad I cannot do anything. There is no one this unfortunate….I thought my father-in-law, my wife’s father, is trying to kill me because he should cover up this secret. The secret he had to cover up, even if he had to kill me.

Yool walks outside on the courtyard and sees the Princess.

VO – The princess is pregnant with someone else’s baby.

Princess – I am going to your place.

Yool – Well, I was going to your place.

Princess – Maybe we had a connection.

Yool – Yes, maybe.

He walks close to her and whispers in her ear.

Yool – Tonight, I think I will stay with you for a long long long time.

Fade Out

Only one more week left! how can they keep up this memory loss storyline for this entire show and still have me interested? I don’t think we ned to worry about a full one hour epilogue with this drama. It seems like there will be action all the way to the end.


Yool – If I have to kill him, then I will do it by myself.
Hong – Did you try to murder the prince also, brother?
CE – Yoon Yi-seo, I have that girl.
Hong – I will marry you.
Yool – Don’t worry, I will find you.
Yool – I am going there to die.

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  3. Shell
    October 24, 2018 / 10:08 am

    Next episode is going to return back to what we saw in the beginning. Somehow I sense a happier ending from one of the scenes in the recap where HS says she’s going to marry him. I suppose that’ll happen in the ending half of next episode hopefully after all the melo feel.

    • V
      October 24, 2018 / 7:43 pm

      Right, you know they are going to keep us waiting until the very end of the episode for that.

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