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100 Days My Prince: Episode 13 Live Recap

D.O in 100 Days My Prince Kdrama
Will they meet or won’t they, that is the question! This show has done a great job of subverting what Kdamas normally do, so I have a feeling that they might just meet (because in every other Kdrama they wouldn’t). But of course because the writer has changed up how her Kdrama operates, does that mean that they might not meet? Argh, the wait is getting to me. The recap starts at 9am CST!

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Lee Yool rides the horse to his old house. While riding he remembers Hong asking him if he is going to live as Wond Deuk since he is not won Deuk. he told her that he does not want to remember anything, because he wanted to be next to her. He gets to the house and gets off his horse. Hong sees him and hides right away. He runs into the building and opens it to see nothing inside. But she is hiding at the gate and sneaks out without him noticing.

Yool closes the door sadly and starts to walk out, but he sees thta the gate is open and hurries out. He says, STOP. Hong stops, she is around the corner. She turns to face him. He tells her that he is glad it wasn’t too late. She asks why he is there, the prince, he heard that he went to the palace. Why are you here?

Because I missed you. I couldn’t live without you.

So, what are you going to do? Are you going to make me your second wife?

I can do that, because I am the prince.

you will go back to your palace and the first thing you will do is bring a woman?

Are you okay living like this? Seperating like this is nothing for you?


So, all the time we were together wasn’t love….then what is it?

Your wife knows that you came here? You should go back to the palace, please. (he moves) Don’t come near me. Not even one more step. This is the end of our relationship.

She bows to him, grabs her things, and continues walking away. He watches her but does not follow. Hong walks around a corner and stops. She has to sit and catch her breath. But that turns into tears that she tries to hide.

Yool is still standing in the spot that she left him. He is still looking in the direction that she walked away.

Hong cries a bit more, but then stands to go back to him. Her brother shows up and grabs her arm to stop her. She tells him that she can’t send him away like this. He holds her tightly as he cries into his chest.

Yool is still standing there like a statue. One of his men comes to his side, Kwon Hyuk, and tells him that he should go back to the palace soon, please. Yool steps back toward his horse, slowly. But then he looks up and sees Je-yoon.

They go to a room to talk. Je-yoon asks him what something is. Yool asks him why he is asking him that. The sheet is the answer to the quiz that he gave. Je-yoon explains it to him. Cut to them walking out of the mayors office. Yool has a request, find her and protect her, wherever she goes and whatever happens. Je-yoon says he is busy as the mayor. Yool asks if he should fire him so he will have a lot of free time? Je-yoon asks if he is being threatened? Yool tells him it is not a threat, it is an order.
Yeon and Moo-yeon talks in the woods. They wax poetic about dandelion seeds still flying. Moo-yeon thanks Yeon for raising his sister. yeon just smiles and says that she is good, she is nice with everything. What we went through is shocking, but she will be okay, she is a strong person. Moo-yeon kneels and says that he has something to tell him.

Back at the palace, Yool has to kneel inf ront of his father and get yelled at about leaving the palace in the middle of the night. He is disappointed. He is also irate. Yool asks him if he is sad that he is back? The King stands, what??? CE tells the King that everything is his fault, please blame me instead. I could not support him well.

CE and Yool leave. In the hallway, Yool apologizes for the Kings anger toward CE due to what Yool did. CE asks him to tell him where he wants to go before he leaves. They talk about the Prince going places. Yool apologizes if it affected the princess. CE says that his well being is enough for him.

Outside, someone is getting whipped for what happened. The man doing the whipping tells his servants to see what happens if you do not serve the King properly (?). In his studies, Yool remembers what Je-yoon told him about the quiz. If he remembers the quiz then he will remember who his enemies are.

Meanwhile, Hong and Yeon walk with one of he assassins. This assassin is guarding them instead of Moo-yeon. MY thinks something must be up and she also thinks hr father knows it as well. She tells them that they have to tell her the truth or she is not leaving. She plops on the ground in defiance.

Yeon kneels and tells her that it is nothing! he is just going to do something. But he ends up telling her that he went to Hangyan (Seoul) just for something really quick! Hong stands up, Seoul!?! In Seoul, Moo-yeon bumps into Soo-ji. He asks him if he is going to the palace.

At the palace, the King tells the politicians to prepare for the Chinese ambassadors. Sa-yeob says that the same ambassador is coming and loved the gift that the prince gave him last time. What was that gift? The other politicians answer for Yool. Yool says that if he liked him, it wasn’t because of a gift. They found common ground. Sa-yeob tells the King that the Vice Prime Minister should not join them this time. Yool says that they should resolve their misunderstandings, they cannot avoid this diplomatic situation.

The King asks CE what he thinks, he does not think he will be a good help. CE says, if he is not helpful then he will not go. Later on, Yool meets with CE and a servant in his quarters. They unravel a scroll. Yool does not remember anything that happened between him and the diplomat. CE tells him that this is the poem that you shared with Hwang two years ago. There were only two characters that you wrote. Do you remember which ones there were?

In the Queens room, Sa-yeob tells the queen that Yool does not remember things. Two other politicians are there as well. They mention tht the doctor said he lost his memory. The Queen is pretty happy about that and tells her politicians that he will look very dumb in front of the diplomat. But that is not it, they need to prepare a surprise for him.
Back in Yool’s quarters, CE tells Yool that he will have someone transcribe everything that happened in he last meeting for him to read. But, there should be no mistakes when you meet him.

Later on, Yool stands outside as the princess comes out into the court. He has a flashback about CE telling him that getting kicked out of his position is not just his problem, your son will not be allowed to live because your son will threaten the palace.

Yool asks the princess if she would like to go for a walk. While walking, she tells him that the baby is kicking, she thinks he is a strong boy, just like he was when he was young. This catches his attention, he asks her how he was when he was little. She says she heard a rumor that he did not read books and played make believe a lot as a soldier. he tells her to tell him everything.

But then they see Moo-yeon in the distance. Yool is about to walk to him, but the princess grabs his arm firmly and tells him that she feels dizzy because she walked too much. That allows Moo-yeon to quickly get away as Yool escorts the princess arm in arm.

Outside the gates, Hong and Yeon show up to get inside the outside gates of old Seoul. But they are stopped at the gates becuase she does not have her husband with her, only her father. They want to open her things. But je-yoon shows up behind them and says that this luggage is his, they are carrying it. he also tells them thta her registry is not done yet because I was a little busy.

he laughs a bit and tells the guard that he likes him becuase he works so hard, what is your name? But then he says sternly, I want to remember your name. The guard bows his head and lets them in.

Inside, Je-yoon continues walking with them. Yeon asks how he can show up so perfectly? Je-yoon jokes thta he has something to do in Hanyung, maybe they can help him with it.

Back in the village, Bok-eun gets called to Sundo’s house. Sundo wants him to gather a bunch of people and get a lot of firewood as if BE is his servant. BE tries to tell him that makes no sense, but SD just starts yelling about how he is the right hand to the sea and all that stuff with the VIce Prime Minister SO JUST DO IT.

BE hurries off.

Meanwhile, Kkeut sits with GooDol at Hong’s old place. Another friend is there as well. Everyone is bummed. Kkeut says that she wants to go to Seoul. Hong Sim is not guilty even if Yool performed treason. They start arguing. Kkeut says that Hong got married against her will because of the princes stupid order. GD says they got married becuase of thta too so calm down. But she says that she won’t! i will go to HanYung.

They keep arguing about it. Th eother woman stands and tells them that she did not want to tell them this but — Won Deuk is the prince.

They are all stunned.

She tells them that she overheard thta Won Deuk is the prince. Hong Sim is in hiding so the people from the palace will not find her.

BE suddenly yells, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? He is at the gate. He tells them, what? Won DEuk is the prince and I gave him that hard time? Ha ha ha *passes out*
In Yool’s quarters, CE tells him that they will have a lot of men that are good at poetry at the event, they will help you so don’t worry. Yool tells him that they should not do that, there should not be a reason to have their help.

Yool ends up meeting with the diplomats in person in his quarters. The diplomat speaks in Korean and tells Yool that this is an unprecedented event that he died and came back. Yool jokes that he prepared heart medicine for him. The diplomat says that Yool should take it because he heard that he is different than before. He wants to evaluate him.

Yool asks who this person is next to him. The diplomat says this is his son (he looks like a woman though). He is curious about Seoul.

Yool smiles and says that they can move to their other location.

Elsewhere in the city, Je-yoon and Hong talk. Je-yoon brought them to his own house. They are impressed. His parents died so he is alone there. He says that houses without people’s hands lose their charm. Hong tells him that she will clean it everyday to make it shine. he tells her that he didn’t mean for her to do that. She is happy to though becuase he helped them so much. He tells her that whatever she does, she should do it slowly, that wouldn’t be bad.

They go inside to their own room. Yeon is very tired, so Hong lays him gently on a pillow to sleep. Then she starts to think about her brother. The other assassin says that he did not know the details about why her brother went to HanYeon. Hong asks them if they are assassins? He asks her why she is asking that? Hong pulls something out and says that this was in their luggage. No one gives this much money unless it is dirty and shameful and dangerous. The assassin asks if she will leave Moo-yeon now? Hong says no, she wants to find him even more now. Tell him that I will not leave Seoul until i find him.

Outside in the courtyard, Hong tells Je-yoon that she will look for a job, she can’t just stay still. He tells her that the house has been empty for awhile, so let’s go grocery shopping! She smiles.
In the city, Sooji walks around with the diplomats “son”. He thinks people will be angry that he took her to the market, but he also thinks that she can learn culture the best in the market. The son tells sooji that she just wanted a break from his father so that he could breathe. Sooji agrees, his father is the same. The son is so happy thta she met someone that she could talk to easily. He is happy as well. She leans in and tells him that he should help her. She wants to buy a present for her lover, but it is a secret place so she needs to go there with him. He asks about the body guards. The son says that Soo-ji will have to draw their attention, then she will go to a shop and hide.

Sooji tells her that he is good at that and starts to ache about his stomach and cause a big commotion. She sneaks away. Sooji stands up all recovered and says that he does not see the young master. Find him, quick! The guards run off. Sooji goes to the shop to look for the young master, but she is not there. In fact, she never went there.

Elsewhere in the market, Hong and Je-yoon walk around happily. He tells her that he has a lot of people that help him out because he is a good person. he smiles and tells her that he can help her find her brother easily. They can spread his face around. She tells him that she has her reasons why she cannot do that. She also does not want him to go out of his way to help her.

Sooji comes up to Jeyoon and pulls him away. he needs help! He whispers that the son of the diplomat is gone. If anyone knows about it then they are in big trouble. The diplomat is trying to figure out if the prince is okay, he does not trust him anymore. If he knows that his son is gone, we will be in big trouble.

Je-yoon tells him that he needs to tell the prince, they cannot hide something like this. Sooji tells him that the son is about yey high and looks like a girl and *sob sob sob*. Je-yoon tells him to stop crying and then goes to Hong and tells her that he has to do something urgent. Hong tells him that she wants to go with him, let me help you.

In the palace, Everyone meets under a huge ornate and gorgeous pergola. They all sit and talk about a poem. But the diplomat says he wants to know the poem that he said last time. But it was an off the record private conversation. The diplomat wants to know if he remembers it. Yool says that he remembers it, but he wants to write it down together. No one knows that poem so the diplomat can say that it wasn’t the right poem. We should write it together. Lets start. Grab your pen please.

Sooji comes right at that moment and says that the son is missing. Everyone’s eyes widen.

In the market, Hong thinks that this might have all been planned. Maybe the son was kidnapped to make the prince look bad. he asks someone if anything happened. this man says that some thugs took a girl. Je-yoon says that it isn’t a girl. But Hong says that it could be.

In the palace, everyone talks about this. Yool says that he can find the son himself. The diplomat says that this will be his evaluation. If you do not find him then you will not be the crowned prince and Soo-ji’s life is not guaranteed. Yool asks, if I find him, will you give me what I want?

int he village, another woman says that the Chinese guy changed his clothing and became a woman. They wonder is it a man in women clothing or a woman in mans clothing? How do we find out? But they think they have a way. they hurry off. Je-yoon talks to some strong thug looking men. These are the gangsters that he met before on the bridge. He asks them if they abducted a woman? they say that their boss does not do things like that.

Je-yoon tells them that this woman that is standing with them is the best assassin from CHina, but she does not have a good temper. He gives Hong a pole and Hong makes this motion like she wants to kill them both (lol).
Cut to the Queens chambers, the servant says that the son wasn’t a son. maybe the diplomat wants the prince to find the son to hide that she is a daughter from everyone else. Keep her until dinner. (She they abducted her!). The Queen happily says that she will think about how to use her.

Elsewhere in the palace, Yool asks the servant to the queen where he took the diplomats son. Is it better to tell me or die? Kwon Hyuk holds a sword to the servants throat.

In CE’s quarters, his #1 asks him why he is so calm. His son is related to this, what if something happens to him? If anything happens to the son then the dipomat will be very angry. They think that the Queen has him. CE had an informer that the Queen was preparing a present. This is a good chance to investigate the Queen more. Just go back, I need to meet someone for a big job. It is time to move (maybe a cue?)

Meanwhile, the diplomats son is in woman’s clothing (because she is a woman) and all tied up. She tells the person that captured her that they should let her go! She is not a Joseon person! no one will pay him!

Outside, Je-hoon and Hong watch the area where she is kept. He says he will draw their attention and Hong can rescue him. Hong asks if he speaks CHinese because they have to check if the son is inside. Je-yoon says he just thought about that too. She just nods and tells him that she is the best assassin is CHina so he does not have to worry about her.

Je-yoon goes strolling up to the house and asks the son if he is okay (in Chinese). She says she is okay. The guards all come out and pull their swords. Je-yoon tells them that he is there to rescue that guy that they are holding. He pulls out his sword, but then he runs off. they all follow.

Hong runs in to free the girl, but a man is there. She has to fight this guy off and succeeds at first. But then she has to pull her sword and keep fighting him off. It does not look good.

Outside, Yool walks with Kwon Hyuk to the house. He says that the diplomat had a secret that he wanted kept. The secret is over there. He motions to the diplomats son who is now all okay and dusting herself off outside. Hong is also okay and is outside. je-yoon walks back to her and asks her if she is okay. She says that she thinks her ankle is sprained. She tells him that she is okay, he can take the son. you said that the prince will be in danger.

The daughter says that hse is not leaving until she sees a certain man. This was all to see her lover. Je-yoon basically tells her that this was a very stupid reason, their coutnries can become enemies becuase of this. She tells him that she does not care, she heard he was very sick. je-yoon is still like, you are crazy.

But Hong stands up with a pole and tells Je-yoon that they can get going. Different people have something improtant to them. Some people it’s power, some it’s family, and some it’s love.

Kwon asks Yool if they should take him to the palace. Yool says no, they will bring the son back, lets go. he turns and leaves.

The daughter goes to see her lover. They are both happy to see each other and hug. Je-yoon looks pretty touched at this and looks at Hong. But then he tells the daughter that they should leave before the prince is in even more danger. Hong looks at the couple hugging and then tells Je-yoon that he should return the son to the palace before the prince is in even more danger.
Meanwhile, Yool gets back to the palace but says that he does not have the son with him, but they cannot cancel the party. He goes to the party and stands in front of the diplomat. The diplomat says that the prince did not keep his promise. Yool tells him that “until the party“ does not mean that it is until the party starts. If he does not come back until the party ends then you can do what you want.

Yool pours him a drink. The diplomat drinks it. They all start drinking. It is a quiet drinking affair as they wait.

But the dimplat stands up after the dessert comes and tells them his decision. he is happy that the prince is back, but he is not sure of his abilites as the prime prince. However, the son shows up running in right then. She says that she went to the market but saw so many interesting things that she became distracted. Yool happily tells her to sit, they prepared her favorite dessert.

The music is still high strung as she sits and everyone waits.

Afterward, Yool walks with the diplomat and asks him why he brought his daughter there, the Chinese King will not like it. The father says that his daughter always cried all the time, I thought it would be nice to take a trip there. I did not know she was sad because of love.

Yool asks if he can give him what he wants? The diplomat says that his mouth is as heavy as a mountain and his ability is higher than the highest mountain. You are very qualified as the prince. But, for you, can I give you advice?


Be careful with your father in law and his people. What we talked about before secretly wasn’t a poem, it was actually about your father in law. What does he really want?….So, when will we meet each other again? Perhaps when you become King. Until that time, please recover your memory and get your revenge on the ones that tried to kill you.

The diplomat bows his regards and leaves.

Je-yoon shows up right then and tells Yool that he is happy they made it in time (but he says it in a sorry way). Yool asksk him if that is the only thing he should be sorry about? Why didn’t you tell me she was in HanYung? When did you start to like her?

Je-yoon says it was before the Prince. He will followed his order in public, but personally, he will follow his heart.
Meanwhile back in the village, the four friends all drink about Won Deuk being the prince. Bok-eun is flushed and yelling as he continues drinking. Soon, the prince will take me and kill me because of my s-s-sins. GooDol drunkenly says he will go to the Palace and see Won Deuk! (you have to call him the prince)…….I will go see THE PRINCE and asks him to give me a position.

They tell him to just shut up. Kketu tells them that they all went too far, don’t they worry abotu Hong Sim? Kketu starts wailing. Hooooong Siiiiim.

In the city, Yeon nurses Hong’s leg and yells at her at the same time. Je-yoon comes up and tells him not to worry, he brought some food for her injury. Hong asks if everything went well for that person? Je-yoon says it did, don’t worry.

Back at the palace, Yool thinks about Je-yoon putting Hong’s shoe back on her foot when someone comes in to his study. They carry a letter and unroll it for him. He asks for his stamp.

Yool takes out his stamp and asks if this is his stamp. The man says that it is new. they removed all the old things that he used. Yool tells him to bring him all his things if they aren’t burned. He agrees. Then he tells the prince that it is time to visit his princess.

Yool thinks about the diplomats warning about being careful with his father in law’s family and people.

He goes to meet the princess. She presents him with a book but it looks like he does not like it so she asks him if she should prepare something else. He says it is okay and flips through it. But that pulls an old memory from him of his mother cleaning Hong’s hair ornament and telling him to return it well. He asks his wife about the dandelion embroidery. She says that she heard it was good for kids so she is trying it out.

Elsewhere, CE meet with the diplomat. The diplomat tells him that he works hard so late at night. CE presents him with a black box and tells him that he should not discriminate people. The diplomat says this is too small as a bribe. He opens it. It is a stone.

He asks why he is giving it to him. CE says he wants him to deliver it to the old Eunuch (in China). It will give you a big victory. The diplomat asks him if he is joking with him. CE tells him that he is asking for a war.
Elsewhere in the palace, the princess goes to her secret location to find a letter. But there is not one there so she leaves one and sadly walks away. Moo-yeon meets her there and tells her that he was waiting for her because he had to check one thing. Why did you ask to shoot me?

She asks if this is the only thing he wanted to check out. He says, no.

At Je-yoon’s place, Yeon and Hong start talking about Yool. Yeon wants to know if she met him again? She says it wasn’t that, it was something to do with the mayor. He asks her if she came here for her brother? Hong asks if he thinks she met the prince and not her brother? yes, I came here because of that just in case I might see his face.

He tells her to take out her hair and put it in a pony tail (so she is not married anymore). He tells her that is was a fake marriage, he is not your husband, you did not even sleep together. Just become single again! But she says that she does not want to do that. She loves him and misses him and does not want to accept it.

he tells her that she should forget about him, it will only hurt her. But she tells him that it is not that easy to forget. If it was that easy than she would have forgotten her dead father and mother and everything. i am trying to forget so stop telling me to forget quickly.

She leaves in a sullen mood and walks around the city.

Meanwhile, Kwon Hyuk meets a noble outside the palace. The noble is burning something. Yool walks up to them as well. He asks the noble to open what he has. The noble slowly turns to open it. He also asks what the reason is that he lied to him. the noble bows and says that he could not help it, he had to survive.

Yool walks up to what the noble was about to burn. Ont he top is the hair ornament. A flood of memories comes to him!

VO – It will prevent the owund from getting bigger……I finished the small book in 10 days….good job my stupid….you came here to show off? You are really stupid….My favorite flower, that is why you put it here?……we promised each other, you will make me happy and do anything for me when we get married……do you like snow or plum blossom rain?

VO – I like you…I will marry you.

Yool remembers it all on the spot. He stands up and tells KH to take the case to his room. He needs to go somewhere.
He walks to the bridge and sees hong standing there looking at the night sky. He is stunned and watches her as she watches the sky. An OST starts to play as he remembers all their moment together when they were little kids and into the present. He especially remembers the plum blossom petals snowing all over her.

Yool – Yi Seo

She turns

Yool – You were right, Yoon Yi-seo

Hong – How do you know that name?

Yool – It is me…palpoongi (stupid).

They both stare at each other in disbelief.

Fade Out
We are almost back on even footing with our couple. I love how Hong is still out there helping the prince, even though he is not supposed to know. And I love how the prince knows that she is out there helping him, but is more concerned with Je-yoon putting the moves on his woman.

It seems like everything that Yool does is to get back to Hong in whatever way that he can. His memory is hurting him and helping him at the same time. For instance, he has confirmation that he should not trust CE which I think is something that he feels anyway. He also has small memory flashes at opportune moments, like when the princess presented him with the book gift and when he saw the hair ornament.

But now the memory of Hong is back! It is not clear whether all his memories are back yet, but she is back and boy, you know he will not let her go now. But he will probably let her keep living at Je-yoon’s place, because that is the closet and safest place for her.

I think everything might be about to come back in the next episode. My goodness, I did not think it would take this long for his memory to come back, there are only 3 episodes left for goodness sake. But this writer has been able to pull us along in a very convincing way. I feel enough emotion for his memory coming back as I do for a first kiss, it’s crazy.

It might be because he fell in love with her in her present state. But will have all these memories of falling in love with her int he past as well, so it is like a perfect storm of emotion that will hit Yool right on the bridge. What is going to happen next?

Yool – I was the first, you were second.
JY – What?
Hong – Should I tell him not to be the prince and run away together?
CE – The prince should not get ahold of his diary.
Yeon – Because we are seperating, it hurts my heart so much!
Hong – We didnt’ seperate.
CE – If you are a nusance/disturbance then you are dead.
Yool – I am afraid of the truth that I will confirm. And what I will do knowing that truth.

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  1. October 22, 2018 / 10:43 am

    i can’t believe this drama is almost at its end! two episodes left and they are just now realizing who they were as kids! 🙁

    • V
      October 22, 2018 / 11:04 am

      It really does not feel like it should end next week!

  2. Anonymous
    October 22, 2018 / 12:26 pm

    Thank you very much for your recap.

    • V
      October 22, 2018 / 12:38 pm

      You’re welcome, we are here to help 🙂

  3. Fran King
    October 22, 2018 / 12:36 pm

    Thank you for the recaps. Miss watching on Dramafever.

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      October 22, 2018 / 12:37 pm

      I know 🙁

  4. Jo Ann
    October 22, 2018 / 12:49 pm

    I’m a little worried at this point because I cannot imagine how they will get rid of CE unless they assassinate him. He has too much power.

    As always, thank you for your hard work in bringing this recap to us.

    October 22, 2018 / 4:40 pm

    Life caught up to me and I haven’t had time to watch a drama since Misty. First of all thanks for your live recapping, as always appreciate your efforts!

    After a long break, I finally decided on which drama to watch and I chose this one. Tbh I have some mixed feelings about this drama, I love the lead couple and the romance while the rest (or most of it).. could’ve been better. No offence. The chronology of the drama is really frustrating at times cause they cut in random scenes so many times while we’re clearly having a sweet romantic moment between Won Deuk and Hong Shim, just unnecessary ~_~

    The drama was a bit slow to start, Won Deuk was so demanding and kept causing trouble in the beginning in his amnesia and I was just losing fate in the drama at that point. I mean fair enough he has amnesia while his noble personality stuck, but he caused too much trouble for Hong Shim. It just dragged on for too long and I felt sorry for Hong Shim. I get there has to be some kind of he’s noble and has to get used to live as a pleb.. but the amount of times he caused trouble was overdone imo.

    That being said, I stayed strong and kept watching for Won Deuk and Hong Shim cause I totally adore this lead couple! And the scene between them as children when Yool proposed to yi seo was beautifully shot! And their moment of looking at each other on the field as well.

    I love Hong Shim’s step-dad!! Srsly, it’s impossible not to love him haha – he’s the biggest shipper Won Deuk and Hong Shim and I love it! Hehe, I call him the captain of this ship 😉

    And then there’s JY, I find JY annoying as hell.. the guy just can’t take a hint *face palm* but I guess they need someone for the love triangle to keep going. Just stop trying bruh, you’ve already lost lol

    As for the King.. ayyy.. huge sighs as he admits he’s useless. Everytime I see him I think useless, useless and useless. How did he become king in the first place? He’s been CE’s pawn from the beginning..

    As for how CE goes out? I can’t tell yet if he’ll be killed or arrested and put in prison for life. My gut says it’s the latter cause I feel Yool may be too nice but I hope for some sweet justice in the end.

    I can’t remember if we’ve been definitively told that MY is the father of the crown princess’ unborn child yet or not. If not the hints are def leaning towards that he’s the farther. And that just makes this family tree so complicated cause if he’s the father then he not enough tried to kill his sister’s husband but also impregnated his sister’s husband’s wife (from arranged marriage) xD – although Won Deukie’s and Hong Shim’s marriage may also have been arranged.

    I will however hope that MY is the father of the baby, in case that the drama is gonna make a thing where Hong Shim is gonna leave Yool bc of his pregnant wife. Then MY can admit and explain he’s the dad instead of driving our couple further apart. And tbh, if he’s the father, it wouldn’t really surprise me seeing how the crown princess was neglected as a child by CE and when MY chose not to kill her when he had her hostage. Also she may also have reminded him of his little sister somehow, I dunno.

    What I’m really wondering about tho is if CE had a finger in the death of Yool’s mom.. and is she really dead or held captive somewhere? But as it’s ending next week I feel this is case closed, her death was maybe just used to scar Yool for life and create this personality of his as an adult.

    As Won Deuk has gone back to the palace and seperated from Hong Shim, my heart just cries! Endless of tears when I see Hong Shim crying and when she threw the shoes away and back to get them TT_TT

    I really hope they can live happily ever after outside of the palace as Won Deuk and Hong Shim, and not as nobles as noble life is just too burdensome. I feel they’s suit the simple life outside of the palace as normal civilians much better. ^^ and Yool prob doesn’t care about his title crown prince anyway if he can’t be next to Hong Shim. 🙁

    Phew, that was a lot! I binged all the aired episodes yesterday and today, I apologize for coming with all of my thoughts on the drama on this recap, I was 12/13 eps behind. ^^’

    Thanks again for your recap! I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes and finally. I’ll be tuned in on your site tomorrow as you go live! kek

    • October 22, 2018 / 8:29 pm

      You have said it all…. 👏👏…
      I was also thinking of these possibilities especially the fact that the CE has a hand in Yool”s mums death or she being alive somehow…….

        October 23, 2018 / 1:01 am

        Thanks for reading my novel! I didn’t realize it was that much until after I hit send ^^’

        I wish Yool’s mother is alive or that her death will be explained a bit more. I somehow don’t buy the accidental death, it seemed like a scheme from the beginning. However, as the end of the drama is drawing near, I don’t think that the writers want to dwell on it, maybe all she was just a tool / one of the reasons for Yool’s uncomfortable personality? 🙁

        I’m also wondering how Yool could be so easily fooled by the farther-in-law once he returned to the palace. We have seen how he, in his amnesia state, has been smart and critical thinking. Yet when it comes to the enemy he trusts CE’s every word – kinda frustrating. Just drama logics, I guess xD

          October 23, 2018 / 1:06 am

          Although after this ep, Yool will hopefully be more careful now*

      • October 23, 2018 / 3:36 pm

        I am still hoping it’s her death will me explained because all the CE said in the beginning Was The king leaving the wife and suddenly she falls off a cliff which makes it fishy enough but just like what you said it does not seem like the writer focused on that. That being said his critical thinking which went missen was a surprise to me because Yool used to question everything but could not question why the people who came for home were dressed as assassins….

        • V
          October 23, 2018 / 7:58 pm

          Right, he stopped questioning things a little bit and just went with it all, while at the palace.

    • V
      October 23, 2018 / 2:29 am

      Love your thoughts! You have to “comment” catch up, which is aces 🙂 .

      Yool definitely put Hong through the ringer in those opening episodes. He was the most annoying husband ever that actually almost caused the sale/death of his wife. Talk about bad luck for Hong Sim. Those scenes were hilarious to me, but I can see how they would be soooo frustrating on a binge watch where frustrating things happen back-to-back for hours.

      Hong Sim’s father is wonderful in this show.

      I kind of want MY to be the father of the princesses baby, too. Things aren’t looking good for the baby mama though.

      I wonder about CE and the mother as well! That is one of the biggest question marks I had in the opening episodes. As far as CE, it feels like he will be tried and convicted possibly? But maybe he would like to go out in a blaze of glory.

        October 23, 2018 / 3:16 pm

        Yeah, you have a good point, binging was prob not the best decision! ^^’

        I think a lot dramas always follow the same overall tendencies plot wise but in the end as much as we try to guess the ending, there are just no guarantees. We’ll never know how the writers think haha – just like Misty, I’m still not over how it ended. xD

        Gosh I loved watching Misty I even rewatch the episodes while it aired, but the ending, the last 5 min just shot us in the back.

        Aight, I’ll be right onto your recap of ep 14 I can’t wait. I hoped to follow you live but got stuck in a meeting ~_~

        • V
          October 23, 2018 / 7:52 pm

          That epilogue really did destroy that entire drama. I could have probably been okay if it weren’t for that epilogue.

  6. KDrama_Fan
    October 23, 2018 / 3:25 pm

    I thought that Hong Shim already knew that the Crown Prince was the boy she called foolish, because when she thought he had died, she felt sad.

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